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12-12 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well as Beijing governor I'm telling you know. It just gets better and better out of -- south ever -- regarding bad that fake signer. The man standing on stage signing on all the important world leaders were saying. And how they should have been able was bottom and why he did. To kind of make amends Smart you can't make this stuff up. As it is region company and Chris and I tried to Apollo little a joke on Tony Tony's always -- you know for a big manly man. He's called all the time and it was really cold in their body and coming and yet so crystal is a jacket off. And bear arms so that it would look like it was tropical but Tony didn't fall Ford didn't you. And where you ever curved as you know we're putting on -- most colds cold in there and usually that's studio in the studio or exact opposites if it's cold there it's hot here right. Susan -- wearing gloves. And and John was was goose bumps on his -- bombs -- rarely call -- that is not I don't know if it's. The air conditioning on heat is off -- is only twelve degrees -- twelve degrees outside now it doesn't. Right a comedy skit like this except it's a serious issue. During the Nelson Mandela memorial service there's a guy onstage signing. That we're used to that okay. What was revealed afterwards that he was a fake. Because he was that he was moving his arms and hands in the same direction all the time. And nobody who understood sign language could understand what it was going now later he said that he was hallucinating. At the time. Now get this here's the -- to look for comedy nuggets out of these things. First of all he apologized. He apologized. Which is right thing to do. Except. He apologized. Verbally. And no one was signing him when he apologized sort of -- offended our death. Okay that's why didn't really want that guy was a -- the death people who didn't understand this and so he apologized verbally. Where the deaf people wouldn't everybody from. So he's narrowed it down now to non lip reading deaf people -- think -- -- -- an -- -- item. So I guess if if you're if you're a -- A non lip reading deaf person. Your still offended I guess the operating deaf people he's off the hook as he's already apologized. And now we as the figure a way to do that so they'll probably get a a person to sign for him and -- -- -- is gone and let's hope this person is in a fake. Now I'll tell you they -- known. He was a fake right away I spotted. You know I was watching I was watching when Obama was talking. The interpreter was going like this -- you had -- and all men are just a simple hand gesture. Bet that this guy isn't the real deal could be as simple. But. They didn't. Believe that the that's what he said anyway. About it as if what sport do you mind. If you decide and -- -- -- it would have been like that it's added that the person from Saint Mary's as a for the death and comment on a -- If you're going to have a world class group of speakers like this saying goodbye to a world class person. Maybe they -- a suspected something was wrong when they interpreter was paid 85 dollars. Now I know visited there may have been -- a difference of opinion. As to what. An interpreter should be paid between like our society and and whatever I don't know I don't know what goes where there maybe there -- different at different rates. But I'm thinking boy -- get a plumber obviously he wasn't union -- non union Baylor here for good things yeah maybe maybe it was like a subtle protest -- been you know I went like this. Rub it in your forefinger and -- meaning anymore money they didn't understand that it did that they didn't get that so I mean and they're citizens yeah. All right so I I get the my guest this morning and my little white. In my own little white light is blinking on my phone okay. Who is it is -- member of the -- now he's whining again it's cold now and he's got a mind should arrange ago can you mention it on the show. He Danny's life there's trains you know that in fact -- I said once what first attracted you to who your wife Marie -- he said -- -- So I knew right there and she's on all of a caboose that you hang a red lantern on call mom when she's honest or whether got to put a license plate on the I'm Sonia yesterday more than two axles. Anyway is that drug trade -- -- going to be this Saturday. From 10 AM to 4 PM. Adults five -- children. Three dollars under twelve. Children under twelve was free. Okay so I guess -- get this straight now. Adults -- five dollars I got that part children three dollars I got that part under twelve. -- -- well if you -- under twelve would you be classified as a child. I don't get that. Says adults five bucks children three dollars under twelve it's free. So I guess is UB UB a child may be in the zone from twelve to what sixteen has something. I'm not really sure. But bring DNA samples because a dejected and via. The Knights of Columbus is where it's going to be held. A 27 -- you've ever been held by the -- -- because you know how much fun that is a 2735. Union wrote in Cheektowaga. And that's that so it's this Saturday December 14. 10 AM to 4 PM. The admission I'm not really sure just go there on Tuesday. The Knights of Columbus it's when exemplary by the union broaching the war and that's that. You pricey Danny little engineer -- and east yeah I idea. They do for fun I -- if they incorporate. Like train motifs and train themes when they get romantic what do you thing probably -- -- couldn't Choo Choo -- I can see it now is a rather massive Nolan does -- Pulitzer Gomez Adams and -- the trains up as the cross the grade I he's an elaborate set of trains I don't know if you know about it non -- yeah yeah he does it's it's big and I'm making this up. That you have to duck under and go into the centers. Section it takes up to Rome. You know it's it's -- -- -- -- -- nice guys. And I think -- he has a via. He has a hat you know the engines and -- and and then he has the red handkerchief and he puts it in his back pocket but I try to explain to him that. If you put the wrong pocket it means something that different than your train engineer. Manger looking for love and all the right places OK so yes -- no right right pocket left part I'm not really sure just altering at the club march yeah exactly or get in free. Also all. Keiko is still a champ now I'm not sure of its -- look Geico KI KO. A -- so -- in New York State. Trying to get certain rights for chimpanzees. Now in order to get the rights they had to settle on the grounds that chimpanzees have enough characteristics. That they should be considered people. Okay and -- just world across this area a state three different judges across the state. Ruled that chimpanzees are not people that a -- and a tougher enforcement. Long hours exactly. Denying the animal rights groups request of freeing them from their -- if there were people. It wouldn't be legally keep them like that and so -- be free. But the judges ruled Melvin of people. The State Supreme Court justice route but NATO the third in Niagara Falls that's that's a new Yorker -- territory Tony. Reject habeas corpus motion on behalf of Keiko. And and that's at saying -- know he's not he's not a person and chimps are people but I'm just thinking. If this judge wanted to put himself on the map what do you ruled that chimpanzees are people. I don't like that now I don't know if that's a ruling that would stand anywhere else but that would be beyond international one -- Because of their people may have their rights. And they have to have employment rights for instance you'd have to edit you have to hire -- -- monkeys the monkeys running your business. Well ahead of the -- we'd be here editor. I'm not -- are you recognize the rule went went ahead and did that. What -- that's how -- that you as I was saying as I -- to our our manager while he was sworn in on the tire. I said -- government. We've got to account is accurate. Greg Reid -- at Christmas time. Equating your Phillies -- on the well equating him to a primate -- on on do that otherwise you won't give me the rest of his banana. I love chimps are really do I love watching them. Because they -- their fund watch and they're very intelligent. In the like TV shows him -- -- away until they started attacking people you know what we lost our innocence with that there. Prime mates -- eight times stronger -- eight times okay. I weigh 300 pounds he knew imagine fighting -- me fighting with some it was 2400 pounds. No I don't think so no I just -- you know bring help. I need extra WO including UK. In your martial arts guy right. And looks like he -- ticker themselves so we've got the toughest group I think I think we auto. Challenged the afternoon crew. I'll take Chelsea politics Yeltsin. While beamer. Share -- Byron we will get aggressive. Do Abuja. At a regular -- extra impact. Our. As Obama vacation and Ford will be more on radio right there W via if you wanna see what Tony looks like. You know because he has this myth of being a -- amendment until you meet clemency these actually you know a little frisky easier. -- picture. -- laughed at the end of the Olson's commercial I was reading the Olson's commercial. And I look up and Tony's a dress like -- -- -- -- -- you -- of those pictures on around -- desperate. In my general one -- put up on -- you put it on yours which -- important on mine. You're not working on this show us this isn't the WGR sports show that you go on Saturday know this is this is our Chicago. So anything you -- on our FaceBook page. Was MySpace. Including after -- -- by judge I oppose that because I know you're not very good at that Internet stuff so I mean Portland coming to show me I will play came to realize. About today's -- day for my bubble apart is -- 150 dollars and to have regulatory skin -- on all a silk appeal. It's a silk appealed to remotely infusion. Business as -- ally and fusion. So it's elegant astray at the silk -- Burma which means skin and limb infusion. As both a sounds like something I'd want. Is both spy 400 locations. They don't have 400 locations it's called the spot 400. And they have two of them that's why it's at both locations. For just 59 dollars see the results of less than an hour with a state of the art system that exfoliate. A way damage skin cells. It makes traditional micro Durham abrasion a thing of the past go to WB and dot com. And click on my buffalo perks logo did you understand any no news OK but we got it done. Now it's a pretty good. The pretty good idea did you not getting along with -- neighbor if you're going through what this today with these two neighbors are going through. This is -- -- talk or Connie but I do not know how to pronounce the name of this town. I thought I was in every town in Western New York. But apparently I missed this one KR IAA and TO -- -- and tone that's what sounds like. Anyway -- we don't care how to pronounce it because the story's important part. This guy and his neighbor don't get along in here and zone and now this guy's in trouble. Because he decided. I think it's really good idea to show my neighbor that I don't like him I think golf fire a Canon Adam. -- fired -- Cameron and his neighbor. Brian -- those 52 years old. Is engaged in a dispute with his neighbors over an easement he fired a replica civil war -- and -- Now welcome welcome welcome and good luck I wouldn't -- Cannon shot at me I think that would ruin my day should dot -- county sheriff's deputies confiscated as Kevin. They gave -- today. I don't think the guy had a cannon -- Permit you know because of the hard to hide it you know I mean people would say. Boy either you're carrying a -- in there or -- we go for coffee sometime I'm not sure. Vision to ever got -- sheriff's department confiscated his cannon and his collection of other farms. According to his attorney. -- his attorney said that the plea deal offered by the should -- county district attorney's office was decline. By his client now wait a minute guy is is alleged to move by Eric cannon -- his neighbor and they are formal -- I mean -- he did Hillary didn't. Get a -- figure out was the cannon fired recently. Is that a cannon ball mark from a house. Is the head missing out of love of the of the next door neighbor it should be pretty easy stuff from thing and I don't think you need to and CI us the figure this one out. He did Hillary didn't have to be dead why they offering a Margaret maybe he maybe he hadn't shot a candidate and putting people of this. It's a first time as well as I do sometimes he got a little angry -- things are going right what's the first minute ago I think I'll shoot a cannon of my neighbor. But they did so I'm so I don't know how this is gonna come out. But the guy's been neighbor. The neighbor I don't know what he says but the guy says he's rejecting nuclear power remind me not the movements -- -- We're back Lamar would be and company under Israeli and I'm thirty W via. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use WB EN dot com. Is that governor yesterday. Yesterday I went for my annual physical because I'm diabetic I have a regular health regiment. In my blood. Tested every three months of my my blood is fabulous. I am diabetic but my numbers are really really good that's good good good. And that things -- turned out really well I'm glad to hear that especially just before Christmas except there was a a rude awakening. Okay now well I I go to doctor David Kowalski. And he's a great doctor and I love I love doctor while he's always available and in Needham. And he's he's hit a lot of home runs out of the Parker regarding miso I'm I'm a fan of doctor David -- okay. But sometimes. Every once in awhile. You kind of look back and Ohio. But because you think of like policeman being older. You think of vote doctors definitely being older I mean because the end of the older you the wiser you are. And you for -- that -- doctors your kid and the doctors are grown person all right man or woman was like that so yesterday we were talking about. He had seen. He had seen the giants of buffalo broadcasting. Or show that we recorded four. Four road the buzz okay we get it done. And he was talking about when he. First heard -- Chain -- chamber -- and he said he used to listen to shame while he was riding around. And I said to him in assembly oh I bet it was cold probably -- first Kyra he goes now. My bicycle. My doctor. Used to listen to shame. While riding his bicycle. Now this is why. I'm depressed. I broke Shane and how abreast MIA. So now I go there I'm not depressed now I gotta tell abundant as these -- what causes depression I said when I found out my doctor -- it was a vision while riding his bicycle. -- -- -- Barack what's up but there. -- I really enjoyed going adds doctor -- because he's a a great guy takes his time you know you never feel like you're rushed out of the office whatever. But we talk about various things it's always interest thing but just before you get to meet the doctors the part that I dread okay especially when. They way you. Wanna know what -- OK and some ties before I can tell the person waiting me. Don't tell me what I way to tell me into what appears wanna know I want it to be a secret object. Luckily. It's metric. That's the reason I never learned metrics because I don't wanna know what -- way they'd been given to -- in collide in kilos okay. But he is always got to keep your eyes off that scale. Because when news and a nurse move. That big game. Walk from the left side of the scale. Overtook the right side of this scale you know you're in trouble you wanna keep that big block is close to the left side as you can as the only time I prefer being on the left side of anything. But yes I'm watching her hands moving moving moving the right and then she called out I. -- brought. Now in trouble you know and I'm in trouble and a one of those bobcat thing comes in and listen what's the block on the scale most of it I can't. -- Scotty ever. But yeah so I don't wait yesterday and know that no I'm not listening. But I -- -- yesterday and it was really nice -- know I don't wade and I still don't -- way and I don't want okay. I was actually some way that doctor. At first but we don't have the big block ways digital on digital. -- You know of the big block -- I guess is very accurate yes -- effect we used to use -- for Little League they used to bring me down to the -- storm put him cattle -- you know trust that. They were the truck without me and then they -- truck with me and -- -- -- what. You have a digital camera you and three (%expletive) who lost homes that your size and so turn around and I just found it okay. And I and they are Roswell to wherever you go away your first yes that's a standard I know that. And first dog person as you start doing. Disclaimers. And so I'm wearing. Really have eight. I would think they -- fifty pounds each and minimum. And headed and yesterday you know -- it was notes on hats sneakers on. And -- -- weightless but they make it take your shoes -- so you don't have that. Now they really -- misses the way it goes that's your real way it dumb bells in your pockets exactly. But we the more they -- that big block away to write a bigger trouble urine on this -- I've moved into that these for you oh yeah so my doctor. My beloved doctor Kowalski useless in the chain on his bicycle. He actually won an album from -- -- oh well. I -- -- now maybe doctor goals he's listening you might like to go -- -- an orchestra. If you like to go to CT SL I have up there are tickets. It's Monday December 30 at 3 o'clock can be a first Niagara center the value of 75 bucks general content rules apply call 6449875. Right now. The tickets are on sale now. At tickets dot com a dollar from each tickets sold goes along lymphoma society. Of Western New York. I when we come back Willis out of the show what we're gonna talk about today. It's it's not an easy -- to set up because there's several questions aren't gonna go over the narrative at the beginning and we'll see what we go from there. It is beach incumbent a man -- -- takes great pleasure that so far the big -- block is not totally over to the right will be back after -- as the live in Boston. Twice before yours each and those of their eight years. And it's just beautiful there but you get -- now the and when I was there I was doing morning so that means I. I left the house and about 3:30 in the morning. And you become a media to nineteen is kind of elevated smoke comes blown over there. I remember one time there's a place where the cop side a news -- -- Ireland kind of thing and I decide does the idea it was so bad. That I can't make it in the work I better pull in the -- when I get there get off the -- original did stop right. When I went by it and never saw it that's how much knows. Like another time coming up that when when that whole oh was of the tolls are still there. And I'm following a truck I didn't realize he had gotten off the through fall from off. So I'm gonna have some severe weather here but that's the thing about them tend to maybe twenty inches of new post now. For Roy southern Erie Wyoming should talk in general Argus that's pretty substantial be thinking about rake leaves on the this week -- and you -- something Tony. As apparent now you have two children as a parent you took umbrage with not only that you were attacked and angry I was 12 degrees this morning we thought we were all freezing until we get the heated cars and what agency. I see our house our past has one house -- sweet home every day. And I've noticed this week little boy waiting for the boss but to pick him up and he's wearing shorts and short sock. Shorts and short socks. Jack twelve degrees. Now if this were if summer and he was in a car. There a child protective agency would be there and just say hey. We've got to take over the situation where you can send in the school at twelve degrees with shorts and short socks amazing. Just amazing earlier. I got this thing going on -- survey here. From overseas from the UK. But it's certainly applies to us as well. You know we love our electronics I don't know -- you -- mine used to make fun of my wife my wife had a computer well before I ever did. As a rule in Florida make the shopping list but once you get when you get hooked on the course. And that now I'm witnesses to optimize the office everybody else's. I have what everybody else says basically and we all have it now and -- certain traits now. A bit carried over from before this technology and now. If if let's say we didn't have computers in my phone rang anyone to voicemail okay. I would have to know who called. There's no way I would not go back and retrieve it or actually answer that -- IKEA I can't do I have to answer the phone. If it rings and I have to retrieve the message if it's already gone to voicemail I just can't do it any other way well blows traits have carried over now to buy into my phone and I haven't I have an iPhone. From AT&T that I mentioned and I do commercials for it to -- -- I have one and though when there's a message on there. Like 'cause I got my email on a true. And tax but mainly email. I have to find out right away who it is. Now I yet probably. I'm sure Tony doesn't -- those two because Chris produces morning's Sony produces the show. I'd probably get 8200. A day. Where that bell goes off that I've chosen to alert -- effect that I avenue. And most of the time. It's joke this stuff I could care less about by the way if Eric Schneider -- Ever decides to retire I'll go to was party you know how many Eric Schneider amends I get a day he's the attorney general -- Thursday. If Eric -- -- Goes to the bathroom I get -- item or not okay here's a guy who obviously. Going to run for some other office because he tells us his every move merchandise Norman okay. So it Eric Schneider and instantly gets deleted but I feel -- need and obligation. To answer and see what's there. And it's almost become as I just set an obligation. Now when I signed up for -- on site and sign up for an obligation. I signed up for something that I'll use when I want to or not is -- one I don't but what we're finding out now according to this survey. Is that phone addicts people who are like I am. Although I don't use a lot of I answer all the time are less likely to be happy. We also find out that those who can't resist the ring. Are also likely to suffer anxiety. -- wonder what is it you know that is especially if you're. If your mind goes a thousand miles who. Could it be that of the foreign minister salaam. Who I was gonna send me twenty million dollars and I said -- my bank account numbers and everything Europe I'm sure it's already deposited I haven't called to check. Maybe that's maybe that's him. -- Tom will Bobby yeah he he's desperately out of the whole universe to give me twenty million dollars on -- mean. Got you know you got -- -- -- get out. -- I think -- split them Walid have tournament. But anyway so I've got one I've got to do that so it's become an obligation. You don't have a choice. In who would -- AME maybe you have a choice but I don't. I got to know who's on my voicemail. Just as I've got to know who sent me the email. Got to know who sent me the attacks in every once in awhile I'll get a Ding and it's from us -- instrument of the garment. Or I'll get a Ding and it from channel two or general full hour channel seven. Their bells ring is much but basically. Who. I'm Gerald to dings -- -- Mary Alice -- finally come to her senses. And once that golf and women you know you never know these things right. -- finish York. But it could -- a picnic in Evers and as Swanson -- you know she's eleven earlier I can tell I look horizon I don't know whether I'd like that personal joke. Thank you very much about. So I look like that and I think -- looked like that to so the big question is. Why don't we do this why are we less likely to be happy why are we less. Likely to be able to have some free time why are we suffering more anxiety. And if you're in the social networks sites now I know I. I live in the social works you know I'm trying to commenced Tony he should do more. You know because I think it's important we reach out to come out of -- that you should but. Why why are we suffering more stress. And then I'm talking to Bob stills and who is a huge. Bob -- okay huge. And he told me some thing. That fits and -- what I'm just talking about now. Bob Dylan who is you know the web -- Olivia like Dylan or not you gotta admit he's got a fertile mind okay. He is really disturbed him because he says he looks around especially with the young people. Everybody sees. As earbuds -- And there are always either listening to music or whatever programming their listening to coming through those earbuds into their brain. He says that people a barrage all day everyday these young people. We have information. And things coming and them being fed into their brain and anything he thought would they ever have a moment three. To have independent thought or look up on a cloud formations or things like that the things we used to do called daydream. They don't there's a demand to entertain or inform every second you're awake and some people. Leave leave audio on that night. Whether it's music on your iPod. Or it's WB am listening to George Noory. That's feature part interactive at her side. Of the -- -- over one day. That's what it that's how long it would last would be one that always come back we're gonna give you more information. So put us on your body -- of the nose but. We'll be back after this.


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