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12-12 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back with the basic idea of setting these policies of this kind of fits into your lifestyle are always slaves. To our electronic devices it seems like we might be is this just another obligation. If somebody told you and assign you this obligation and you would not want it you would say no that's too much intrusion. I don't wanna stand around waiting for that thing to -- being horrible or jingle or whatever I set the tone for. I've got other important things to -- known I don't know. Oh what's happened is I mean we've all become slaves or electronics and as Bob Dylan said it was. I was concerned. Because he said everybody saw ahead ear -- on there listening to music or some kind of content pumped into their head at all times. It's like it's something we just learn. Is that where incapable of having a moment in our lives. Without something going on to entertain us or to inform us and even at night many of view I know why do I put my area. A lot of my iPod on shuffle -- And I listen to music obsolete and it integrates my dreams actually. I know that I'm I'm listening to some music that are part of my dreams and make them part of my dreams. So from the moment I get up from the moment I go to bed at all times -- something going on here. But I don't feel is obliged as some people do to get on social network I get a lot of stuff I don't sent a lot of stuff out. And so what this study out of UK is very interesting. It's as if -- constantly on your mobile phone itself on. Most onlookers might think you have a lot of friends and a busy social life however those attached of the phone are likely to be less happy. And those have to resist the ring or some kind of a message alert. Avid mobile phone users also suffer from higher anxiety. While students either class work suffer -- lower grades than those were able to switch it up because that you'll only have X amount. You have X amount of processing in your brain. You have X amount of retention excellent time to devote to it as seems like more of this is going to be electronics then yeah. Of the humans -- we've we've said before I love the technology. Abusing it and I do use it. But idea I kind of sad. To see that a lot of the person to person communication is gone. The deal is that we don't have a lot of it because it's it's electronic now you send somebody attacks you don't see them. You don't call them an album sentiment Texas faster you know what I mean. You don't even wanna concentrate on driving your car you wanna be on your phone probably why you're driving your car which is a bad idea. Meanwhile the people walking across the crosswalk are also on their phones and didn't notice that the light was green. So I mean if you look at society every aspect of it. Is so. It's in in its deep in this electronic culture. This seems like we've given a lot of -- I said the person the person interpersonal communication skills are gone. That's the way it is. And I've heard stories about how we're losing ability -- to do things that are fundamental to the success of us as adults. Getting activists. This research piece out of UK. Researchers studied more than 500 students to look at their daily phone usage and gauge how it affected their outlook on life. They found far from making people feel more connected to friends the phone only heighten their anxiety. As many felt obligated to keep in constant touch. Because if you if you -- your FaceBook page people documenting it for me it of their -- To be honest with you you know I don't care they got a car with -- Burger King it is of no interest in me. And why they think it's of any interest anybody besides themselves is is beyond me. But you see it you see it every day you if you have detract the only thing I can think of the guys were worried about government surveillance we're doing self surveillance. Weight by posting exactly where are we don't want that easy Rezko is that the government will know where I was driving. So instead that you posted just got out of your way I'm going to Utica lunch -- picked. Apparently and that you can almost. If you put these together -- Caribbean as the day I mean if you put these together you could. You could he should -- together for people who were seriously. On social media. In -- -- the survey. They found users suffered heighten anxiety they felt they were obligated to keep in touch. Others have troubled disconnecting from social media. Sites such as FaceBook. Previous research has claimed that mobile phones improved social interaction and help reduce feelings of isolation. But the latest study by Kent University of Ohio found constant phone use was linked to greater stress. One student said the social networks sometimes this makes me feel a little bit tied to my -- makes me feel like I have another obligation. In my life. As I said. If these were thrust upon you you would not take them. But you willingly take them on on your own you're willing to stand by your phone waiting to hear. Whether you had real cheese or liquid cheese on your burger Webber getting people waiting to hear that. There waiting to hear what you're doing what movies are saying. What car you're driving what -- you know all kinds of information that you thought was important to everybody else and there waiting for. Another complain that having a mobile foment that he couldn't always be contact that he could always be contacted it and time. So you have no chance really to get away. Peace and quiet there your phone's supposed to be on and if it's not. When somebody does get old news they were warrior. Researcher Andrew -- added there is no no meet time. Or solitude laughed in some of these students' lives and that's what Dylan was talking about. -- and was wondering where -- the personal. At a moment's. A loan. And it's important to have that. Are they all the window. Because as I said the example I always use is when I was kid. Many times I would be playing in the backyard -- down on the on the grass and look up the -- And I see the clouds combined and I imagine what those clouds were -- -- a look at that and I'd I'd I'd use my imagination. There anymore nobody does it. So what do you do you're probably go to who YouTube and and hope somebody posted a picture of clouds -- -- -- what they analyzed. So this is what this is what we've come through. Where we're constantly. Lacking in -- time and that's which showed up on this on this study. Those taking part aged eighteen to twenty to allow the study team to access the exam results. And a few systems there were interviewed reported sending text constantly throughout the day from morning tonight. That in itself might be stressful what -- -- there were almost seems like a knee. And then of course you react to everything. Don't we react to all messages. -- there's a message like oh that's funny you know laughed. Alarm anger real -- idea -- on the desk oh that idiot you know we all have reactions to everything that a bit assaults our senses. Some are good some are bad so mark -- classical. Some people spend all their time on line some people spend very little and just use it as a tool. But what this study says. Is that those who are hooked on -- are slave to it and many times less happy. And -- their talked to students eighteen to 22. But I think that goes along all the demos and the demographic in the Psycho graphically landscape. That everybody's that done you don't seek anybody walking around anymore without. A phone and there are without a nearby. And those goofy looking member of the Wi-Fi things when they first came out there where this thing is growing -- -- every year. It's who have a Bluetooth Bluetooth. It looked -- Silva vice Yzerman line. But basically we can't get away from a -- wanna hear from you are you a slave to your electronics. Is it another obligation. What are they go -- while Bob Dylan said do you still have any -- time. We can just undermine ago but who does that I can -- -- does that people who write songs people bit -- write novels and a people who write plays. People who compose things creative people need that time. Because it's important that your mind wander where replacing it with -- electronics and I don't know if that's a good thing will be back after it. I'm asking the question that there's a survey of out of England -- Are you a slave to your electronics do you feel it's another obligation. If they told you had to do that you had to be on constant vigil alert waiting for that next ring tone. You wouldn't do you throw away but instead you embrace it you take it upon yourself. And many people are feeling anxiety. You're more likely to feel anxiety to feel less happy because of it. And so it's it's kind of startling him Bob Dylan says where's the where's the free time to think that random thoughts that going to be creative side of the mine. Let's go to Vinson -- abducted in a while Vince what's going on. -- I think you'd and use it very very serious that the and thinking about it four years it. Probably people who would have a -- boat and then the electronic world we -- in. Where custodians for them when you mentioned about the -- war three different times and -- You know acting industry. And maybe there were working in the -- that happened just it's so it and let them make sure the minister has always right. Well and you mentioned about and watching the clouds and thinking and relaxing. Smoking is the -- around when the weather's a little bit better right -- quite often. And that there the Arctic and our there's smoke in time and joining me so what a beautiful day. -- man was in the another. -- some tulips -- some. Orange total OK and there in India. And it's a good here. Even when Dan activity in the tulips denies that there's there's been linemen. They were fragrant also and we wanna -- people came back and it would waited on. I said I'm looking at the tulips because when I was working. And it notes and -- sit and enjoy them. -- -- and all you're all that's possessing great but now they would do if they wanna -- -- to a -- get a virtual -- up on the computer -- I did it again now here is this serious apparent. Where are we. I'm going to get. In the end it mentions. In groups. To bring it up to the game the kids in classes that are at church I was thinking about. And there must be a council of good churches in -- western new York and somehow bring it up to those canisters beverage some. Very good then. Churchill Downs sermons. And the radio has several years ago real now. But down wherever they're PT aid groups that someone -- of this sentence would take this up and say this is really destroying me children there are people on. I don't know where all where we had the intervention and we at this period grabbed. It is and think about it like this in every area of public gatherings in the movies they have to tell you -- yourself on. You go to church they tell you shut off the cellphones in any kind of performance -- -- the entertainment they tell you shut off your cell phones because they know that unless they do know. They're going to be going off during the performance and people are going to be engaged through those phones this -- -- anti technology -- it's the fact that -- losing a good part of our life were -- we're wasting a good part of our -- we should use -- technology but not let that dominate us thanks -- I'm with -- you know I'm with you looking at the clouds. Try to wonder what they are where they're going whatever -- that's imagination. Where do you think the -- -- -- their thoughts. You know you'll learn. Seriously and and I don't want a I don't want this to be a downturn now. That's not trying to be a -- and I'm not trying to be sensational is telling the truth you know one you'll learn. When somebody close to you guys that's when you line because then for the very first time. When there's a song on you'll know what the lyrics mean. For the very first time you wonder where those clouds are going. Because now your life has totally changed it's not that superficial like you had before now it has some real meaning it's about a gets that that. But when you lose a parent or child or a sibling. Or neighbor our fellow workers below or whatever. That's that's when you re prioritize your life. I think we've all been through it unfortunately we're all will be through it if you haven't you will be. And that's a time when when suddenly your brain says I gotta I -- reset got to put your brain on reset. And program at all over again those things that you thought it couldn't do without our suddenly totally unimportant. Those things -- at the top of your priority list you could care less about. And use -- I think he gives you was sent more of a sense of a feeling what's valuable in your life when you want when you lose somebody. And ask anybody who's lost anybody and they'll tell you that. And Tony we'll tell you -- about his dad I'll tell you that about sending. I'm my folks. And that's the way ago as a way it goes but until then. This this is not anti technology I embrace that I love I love this stuff men I'm. I'm hooked up like arrested view them and so I put my head phones on almost in my music for 45 hours. And can do that. But it's become an obligation. And that's what this study is about it's about the fact that now you are required. When that when that day knowing goes off whatever you've chosen as a ringtone. You've got to find out who it is. And as you've got to fill every waking moment with something being being fed into your headset. So that you couldn't possibly spend a moment without some kind of audio intervention. That's pretty sad actually it's artificial stimulation movement. I'm in your brain should be your grade stimulator. Kind of wondering. And kind of inquisitive instead you'll take it already abate. Prepackaged and ready to feed into your ears that's what Bob Jones -- concerned about that's so what a lot of people are concerned about in this study. We come back will -- I'm sure they'll do it in the noses well but we'll give -- this special weather state board which we've just gotten from the National Weather Service. On news radio 930 we RW -- Your hearing the voice of buffalo WBA and call us now at 80309. Series cell calls are free and star. Or toll free line 1806169236. What's -- -- a good while while penalty you know the amount. I'm so blue. -- All about noon -- the -- anyway and you know -- blue Christmas that's all the chorus does is. Did you do Warren is that I have to analyze today's deal today from my problem parks is there 150 dollars and division or race X -- -- Drama then. Fusion. -- noses at both -- 400 locations so. If you launchers so appealed and you need to do normal infusion mrs. ablaze again it. But just. A 59 dollars. -- results in less than an hour with a state of the art system that exfoliate. And damaged skin cells. Man you will be a chick magnet or ladies -- -- guy magnet in makes traditional micro. Der abrasion. But in the press. There go to WBM dot com. And click on my buffalo perks -- Because I haven't abrasive personality. On I think I should get that that things you didn't get guys to remember Rama comic capitalist tool as the caller. -- -- She'll allies used to because that's what they usually time. Here I was just I heard that and like and I've probably got over -- -- sound good plus public broadcasting. The next segment. Bushels. Are there -- New York. Will be back. After big 42 minutes from. Much. Just remember this violence and those were on the money in New Mexico for me as just the way it goes here Padilla. If you send him in the next time you give -- -- -- -- which we have left over from century that your. Let's go to Wendy and find out of Wendy is hooked on electronics and whether Linda is a slave to our electronics are you Linda. My gag me. I -- and lying he of the need to machine I only himself well when I -- to -- Kuwait I -- then hit a TARP that. It's good to have a for an emergency certainly -- I had been watch TV for years every issue. I do research and read books I learn. Dayne BI. Learn a lot about everything now common to metaphor book. I want to learn. And refocusing my brain -- that both commercial and all the garbage that they teach you. And when I -- tech -- then -- educate them you know not even know what the president. And vice president. It's it is scary there are so hooked in to what's going on electronically. The -- kind of forget that they need a wider background certainly the electronics can help they can help us do a lot of things that we need to do. But they shouldn't be the as the be all and end all we still have to go the traditional learning room. Too I love books being eighty I don't -- -- Nancy -- but I'd I don't I'm not it's I don't like it I missed the -- -- And this week used to be I -- that he he would be -- then I'm under no Brad -- -- you know -- my husband and I called for a walk. You say your husband is an animal and got a common ground. Oh I know -- -- argument well good -- you know because this sounds like you're well balanced and you have your priorities straight that. I'd rather learn more and more it's like my brain is it's normally I know lack. Black people flip out when I column about things they don't believe me. Well I'm glad that you're still aware what's going on there -- you've set your priorities thank you thank you very much. This is not an anti. Tech you know electronic -- at all I use everything I use it every day. But I I think I'm seeing some things disappear among them eyeball to eyeball contact being able to have a -- a real conversation without typing it. Actually hearing inflections and voice there are certain things that really can't be duplicated or replicated. Through electronic media. But just of a slave like right now the sounder I have to alert me to a name element that is that I get 8200 day bro. Usually people want and a book authors on the show and things like I'm sure Tony gets them Christensen as well. But this -- right shows. I'm gonna have changed because drive me crazy it's the one like you know when Robin Hood comes back to the camp. Now or they've been out hunting or something new it. I kind of thing that's what I got -- -- when you get that. And it's and it's -- a staggering tones when you get that and it goes up eighty to a hundred times today it'll drive you crazy I gotta change something a little more cerebral. But that's the bottom line. But I feel obligated to find out who just sent me that. For some reason I can't let it sit 'cause it well truthfully I do get things from Tim where every once in awhile. But. And so I have to see if that's that usually I hit the -- But. And the ones that I don't have to -- By the important. So having that many intrusions in your life you become while aware of it. But people take on their own intrusions if you were assigned this task this obligation. That you got to devote your life waiting for that next message that next quipped that next picture of somebody doing something somewhere that you could care less about. You wouldn't take you wouldn't do that so instead. He's taken on on Euro let's go to Gary in waves -- Guerrier on WB yen. Sandy as usual goodness because if you ask you Eric and I look at things from a little bit different perspective. I -- apply to electronic devices because of my employment. However -- been negotiated in Detroit and over the past 45 years and if you look at. Quarter and FaceBook and what -- else believe the people are using for their short. Conversations. All of that for a limited characters. If you're going to -- somewhat it's actually a message you're limited in the number of characters that you can shut. And they are also limited in the number of characteristic respond to run. And the first site is is becoming. Far less intelligent and cognitive as they used to be I look at all of that. Interface between people. Strictly emotional outburst thinking. A blunt one -- changing their mind before they do anything they've got under forty characters they say something. Remotely intelligent and and there are more Neanderthal than they are cognitive thinking human beings anymore. We'll let you know if it were if it may -- Mars is saying and in our editing process of our speech that'd be good but. What what what we do we play short cuts we do should we we've put the letter you know instead of why don't you when things like that well that's not always applicable in real life. You know I don't think seen pulling her into their -- and thinking in the paragraph anymore -- and some things that might require paragraphs. Pages -- chapters. And they're not everyone's going OK I can fix this in a 140 characters. And then -- -- -- society expecting everything to be our forty characters or lash. Responses for everything. And that's not. Reality. And you know it's almost like. -- batteries first came out and they told you you have to run him down -- the so there almost dead because if -- recharge and surely you're gonna lose a lot of the use of the battery now it's not like that but that's what it was like it's almost like that would the brain where using less and less of it and -- requiring less and less of it because of the electronic devices that make us do things. They. A quicker and shorter but not necessarily more meaningful. Like except emotional outburst thinking is what we're relegated to. And I -- so you are you've got a good grip on that and you've got reality by the neck thank you Gary always -- talking -- -- not Tony your social media a lot -- -- okay do you feel obligated. When that Ding or whatever you are using for a ring. When that goes often you know you've got a text or you know you've got an email. Or you know you got something that somebody contacted you -- do you feel a need and necessity to look at a run -- now the adult now so like it could just sit there for awhile until you're ready to answer your still. The king of your castle. When I get home -- -- cellphone is usually away from me I don't pay any attention to it. And how he wants a while far past our check is okay there was an email. Where there was a taxed and there are sometimes a reply to attacks four hours later. Okay because I can I keep mine next to me. And when it goes off I feel a need to answer why I don't know I really don't it's because I never let things just set. Because it could be you know time -- to maybe you need to give somebody some information like what if you open -- -- -- that. Help me I'm joking I'm in the next room. That would. Take me back after the let's go to. Cabin is next impaneled and Kevin you're on WB and argue a slave to your electronics is this an obligation now. Well man and the air out of the ballpark and -- beat this topic you have to be mean it's it's -- in the ballpark beautiful. Read -- topic that is something. You remember when sting was that the police are rock group back in -- eighteen it was a song be arm. That this it. Very intimate you -- journal I'm considering doing a -- me Tennessee idiots in -- because not agree. Remember. Vietnam India DO issue here a couple of years as a board member cabinet can have a senate that you. That Wendy -- USC of course on the -- for the ball flying -- -- can sort of wrong cleaned. Amnesty and no doubt that -- -- say that. Is that on the -- so you guys in this in this and right now on -- digital has -- -- graphics job not a problem. Yeah you know com. I wish I had confidence. In the American Medical Association. And the American psychological association's. Because this is. Very much. We have like you like zombies among custody. Well because of this you know these -- twit there was something like that. And I really wish to do it used to be and that in and see how this is impact announces that productivity has. Seen the end of that six civil would be in the existence but I don't have much -- -- -- -- because. A new World -- piece which increasingly familiar with. Someone -- them clues to who develop so destructive behavior sunlight -- through. Com this virtue wound. That the way he's been. And they went in to seek professional help. But if it were really. You know. Contribute to be making this statement we don't have. Confidence you know and these two news agency has mentioned. The in part of the you know programs or what is going to be your attitude to you know one. And a week from this destructive lifestyle. In part of the process. On the therapist to -- -- you can go Evans sent one more we of one -- whether it is right. To these people to -- could be a while like we've had a it's -- It's sentencing -- goodbye to long analysts. Friend also is when you don't destruction. Right for the purposes in this so that you know I think this is a series CUC's. I could tell what we're trading convenience. And in the moment for any kind of depth in our lives -- where where where are going toward a virtual life instead of a real life and and there's a reason that those two -- separate. It'd the electronics can be used to enhance our allies when it shouldn't dictate. No we shouldn't and you know basically you know professionals -- descending we have. View of -- -- or is right but doctors we have judges police there. I mean that it is -- individual school. Exist no we need to be it was a they can exist. You know without. Any witness say. -- -- and on FaceBook given -- I don't know two you know get me at MySpace. I haven't -- a broad -- a very good point we'll take a break and we we have an immense whether we're passenger coming up in this newscast. Will be back after.


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