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12-12 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward vision company when I saw this article out of the UK about a survey that was done. With people who are really addicted to their electronics get -- I think most of us use some form. Electronics whether it's of fallen an iPad and iPod who knows what. But basically we know we are all involved somewhat. But it says this study revealed that phone addicts are less likely to be happy these are people who use the phone line. And people who have to answer all the time those who can't resist the ring are also more likely to suffer anxiety. And that's may even though I know it's not important. I know on him and use it I know I'm going to probably just hit delete. I have to find out what that last ring was about and this about that I've fallen in the cycle and I don't think I suffer anxiety from a but it's it's it's a weakness I can't just let them pile up now Tony says he -- is. Pile up and and goes when he feels like it and injects about. Not me. A social network sites are also listed as sources of stress you would think. That that would be a real positive because now suddenly you have vote of people that you either use who's speaking -- -- communicating with. Communicating maybe more speaking. And you be comfortable that but oftentimes is the sources just because everything you learn isn't good. In other words sometimes you like which -- season I'm you don't. If somebody's eating a fine male and there's a picture of -- a finally Ellen your home -- just had been a butter crackers and what help. Freedom butter crackers and also there a fine elements on the line as so. Not always happy so that could be stress related and everything we get we instantly judge -- I get a text you judge you get an email you judge it. You -- you get some for some reason. And I don't know why you're looking at the world's least. Excited shopper are all the major stores I did -- junk mail. And like on my iPad and their zone and there's no way to divert that I wish there war but there have you figured a way to do that no I have to go actually get and the PC I want it and -- there block -- job so you have to do that and now I hardly use my PC at all maybe if I go to once a week it's a lot. It's on the idea. And that the times I can't that I go over there but the bottom line is it can be anxiety filled. And when bug Bob's Olson was telling me is a huge Bob Dylan fan. He'd found that Bob Dylan was thinking out loud about what he was seeing. And he was mentioning that he sought ear buds in everybody's head. And -- as Dylan looked at it that or is those were messages whether it's musical. Information all commercial whatever that were being. Fed into your head 24 hours a day and and his attitude was the same as my attitude. What about the dreamers what about the people and -- solitude. The example I always uses look up at the clouds and and see what they remind you of you all did that as a kid. The engine use your imagination. That's gone now we point and click everything. We Google everything and I mean I I Google all the time but what I'm saying is. You have to have some kind of balance and if you don't I think those interpersonal. Conversational abilities that we -- to have. Are gone. -- you know the one point -- as I'm thinking about this that at least I can. I see myself where I get angry or I'm not happy after -- FaceBook. Is when I see something really stupid especially in when it comes to politics. Someone who I know use to. Working in the media. Recently posted. How she thought it was OK that this year. What he said about Sarah Palin which was discussed which is absolutely disgusting and if she got fired for yeah an -- at their angry over this. Of course -- and engage in -- I can easily torn now person apart. But because I know I'm not going to put it left me angry. Well and showed their virtual. Life is not the same as the real life. A couple of examples remember a few years ago when there was a movement to close zooms. And they say that we. The pitch was we really don't need all these -- and it's not fair that animals aren't supposed. So the the idea was we'll have one -- -- -- Zulu. It'll be a worldwide. Rio -- that you can access on your computer so that if you wanna see you giraffe you go -- -- list of animals and you view. A you -- giraffe and there is a a webcam more real picture of a -- with the information. They thought that was a good solutions so we wouldn't have reels as the UK. How do you replicate a smell -- replicate that feeling how you know people see animals go to some. Depending on your existence for the very first time in a -- we've never seen a real one you see the picture of this of that. So why why are we willing to give away part of our -- for a virtual existence. -- -- could be like. Going for -- through the mud on your computer. Hollow at the mud splattered up guys avoided that ma am I here at the finish line. But at the end. You know our -- onion. You don't have the wash it off you know give that exhilarating feeling of what what I've been throw he had a virtual month tour I mean I don't -- that I really don't. Giving up the the sights and sounds in the fields in the smells of our real life for something on computers. I don't get it I enjoy computers as much as anybody else at play games on them I'm not a gamer but I play poker games like that -- him. But I'm not willing to give that -- and I'm certainly not willing to give up. The opportunity to speak to somebody in person as opposed to -- means ever go to the theater is sitting in the first row and it's a big over the top Parton and -- suddenly your your speed up big. Because the birds are you know is larger than if it three old world. That's -- real deal you can't replicate that on a computer computer into a lot of things. But it can't it -- can duplicate your actual life nor should it. Let's go to gym and find out what Jim thinks about his Gemini north and Wanda -- -- a slave to your technology Jim. Absolutely thought that Iraq. -- I think a lot. Younger people and make them feel like their President Obama. And worked and what they're too -- like you said the guy goes to burger. Well it's important that the whole world you've got a different FaceBook that we would hear. Q what the burger K I'm real. -- Misunderstanding we don't like the film work. -- page story in the spotlight all the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina good I checked into a hotel right. Michael walking in -- dark outside what is going -- -- -- cool Hollywood Germany yours on. Anderson it really hot look in black -- working at the front desk in the lobby so I walk up to revise it to work and the league and from Robert. It's just can I would bomb might debit card. All right I was there for like three days battle room -- -- -- and twenty dollars for three days I don't care -- army ever regret I have. Quite a second effort -- -- a room full of Mexican editor at 42 -- before it -- that mr. Nader are calling it here. Well I'm Robert dinero -- great servers. I saw you know not you and I are the same we use technology -- we don't want to use us. Yeah you know what happened -- -- Seriously abounding there. The only important I noticed at all right without my debit card no -- explainable reason I'd become a -- Oh really okay. -- always -- right up the habit. And they don't cross the street at night when their walking and they see you coming on the sidewalk anymore. Bags -- thank you very large. I -- I saw recently. And it was scary here really wise. As a group of kids and I'm guessing I don't know this but I'm guessing their high school okay it and it looked about the right age group to be -- school. And for some reason there was no. Zing to this group. They were in a group so they were probably at some organized activity but there was no life to the group. And I looked at them and I'm a people watcher that's where I get my material I'm a people watcher. I'm thinking I don't see a smile on anybody's face. I don't seat to these kids conversing with -- each other. Their IA's -- -- It really it was almost like a zombie convention and don't use and you saw a cartoon. That kind of replicate what I just described because I just unreal -- well what -- it was a picture. Of a group of teenagers maybe five or six of them. With their heads down looking at their phones obviously their -- -- -- and there are Texas says the zombie apocalypse is here. Yeah -- if you think about it now here's your homework assignment boys and girls. Go and accept go to a restaurant and people he got a lot OK watch adults with the kids. -- kids are not. Interacting with the adults whether it's mom or dad or whatever there's simply not. The kids are near interacting with the with each other. There each on their own individual trip through cyberspace. They're looking down like Tony just described. And there will I don't know what they're doing -- but that's what they're doing they're using there's probably cellphones. To go somewhere else so even though this may be a family dinner where you go out as a family. What is it really are you doing is picking up the check for the kids. Because there's no talking when mom or dad or each other it's just individual -- your preferred company. Your phone it's in your hand it's your it's your companion if given a choice you'd almost rather have that phone than anything else. What time Geneen I would not to eat and we noticed a table that was not too far from us two women were sitting and it. And -- problem. Were faced down into their phones so they -- doing -- talking with each other they just happen to be of the same -- the same table but there was no interaction the average. They're like man that's a launched. Yeah I think our time they'll see that is though when you got like a guy and a girl and guys trying to lucky so he knows that he's gonna pay attention. -- a because amenable wanna falling get a cyber girl. We'll take a break all of this when you know he's married you know -- Oprah cheaper than buying dinner we're back what are aware of a big company under greater 930 let's go to our Kathy in Lewiston Cathy are you a slave to your electronic technology and. And I I told them. Little political strength to clean -- this I was speech communication TJ it nags at community challenge. And there's about it rendered how to speak at a restaurant. And he says we communicate in three ways. 54%. Of the way we communicate is that terrible. Which means you're you're facial expression. That smile whatever 38%. Of the way we communicated. So out of place. You know whether -- angrier at the or whatever the -- 10%. Is there and be so when you're texting or whenever there's no facial expression. There's no. -- employees. And so you're missing. Almost 90%. Completely human beings -- spoke to communicate. There's no no wants at all I mean you can't. And you know hit caps or something and expect nuanced nuances is -- you century Europe. Isn't it give -- an example you know my -- account you can -- and I -- -- really -- said. Well I'm fine. I mean yes the weren't there you know and -- the -- -- says please says it was -- -- exactly. And no women in combat and so you know and human beings. You know we can believe we get closer federal -- smile and -- -- Well you know. The -- changes. It's -- it's a perfect storm of the wrong things happening to besides the actual communication verbally. We can't write anymore either it's all shortcuts. There's all there's all hit a key things of a three letters or to letters that means something that we hopefully know what they mean. And -- were losing a lot of our skills. That are becoming a slave to this technology. I absolutely but you know my skills and -- Personal relationship and wonderful glances. Who spoke to each other both in speeches and just to each other. And you know that was at thirty years ago. You know where -- missing that it is human beings mean. Animals animals so obviously captain and verbally. And and tone of voice like the whales and dolphins and it's but we humans can't. This one get so ability to communicate. With. Of them. They usually do and verbally and and tone of voice and we've last year. I think we could learn a lot from. I think we could learn a lot from re reading certain of the Berkshire -- to be honest -- -- a semi and it does -- was the real work from there. Presenting yourself presenting your your -- your -- whatever knowing how to do that how to ingratiate yourself how to be angry ought to be happy. You're right we're getting one big blanks there now and people are just looking for maybe a key on their keyboard that'll replicate what they're thinking and that's -- that. Where where is their only 10% of we communicate. And that's where it's just. And there they should put an escalation British people than. Capitalize on an even met you know. It's you can't do this after it didn't. I hear you loud and clear thank you very much of a talk show host so hopefully hopefully have learned that lesson. And she says we use 10% of our ability fusion talked to some of the people we talked to. That's percent would be an improvement will be back after service. -- -- hearing the voice of buffalo WB EN call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start turning our toll free line is 1806169236. Now we're back -- Beijing governor get -- studies that we base today's show on. Is. Four age group eighteen to 22 and I think they have like -- -- of these symbols doesn't think like 500. People eighteen to 22 but I miss home that that would start even earlier than eighteen indefinitely Holmes when he too but that was the focus. Groups sides right there let's go to. Sean in Niagara Falls -- -- WB yen. A fine show what's on your mind. Well I have a teenager -- I weigh in on that yeah sure I'm about seventeen years old -- -- it below that. That targeting but I think what they're -- -- the you know Smartphones these day I think there's two aspects to a team like the -- I you know via FaceBook and Twitter. It's gotten the point where you know what -- with my friend people say. All right you keep you eat out quarter you -- probably yelled at a party years opponent that it it's because. They expect you to -- you're leaving out a vital that speculate not going to be socially involved otherwise like. You'll be left to -- otherwise. That's like 'cause saying have you seen this movie that everybody's seen that in your age group and if you haven't. You feel like you're not aware of it or you feel like him not -- accepted because you're you're not yeah and step what everybody else. And I had argue with the fact that I resent that. They'll immediately social skills that than teenagers that are you know decreasing. In two point aggregate but I also think that technology is a lot -- our eyes and media. Available that we can immortal world and contact -- more people. I totally agree with -- -- let me tell you this just from talking to you for two minutes I can tell you this you are not typical. You obviously have great verbal skills you're comfortable with yourself a lot of people wouldn't at seventeen wouldn't have the courage -- talk show. But you have yourself well my concern is is is not that. That the technology is gonna take over my concern is. There by using -- in relying on it less of those the skills that you already possess the ability to speak one on one. The ability to get your ideas over without a keystroke. That's what I'm afraid we're gonna mess and and if we do we're gonna miss a lot of by human interpersonal relationships feels. I don't agree but I think is it reported teenager. You know that he need to sell order you know maybe not gonna go to that party here Arabia is not and that -- up or. You know you bring up a good point if you harsh -- say you're shy teenager and before the advent of all of those electronics of the we have now. Maybe you wouldn't have tried to reach out at all maybe you have more confidence reaching out a technologically now. And that their competence will build and allow you to expand your horizon and endured verbally as well. That they -- You know they used to that all black pocket clicks you know. They had back -- you know but ninety's and. And that there's a general attitude like well maybe your job you may view of kids there I look at it it's not like that anymore high -- play at first experience you know everybody. Well usually talking everybody but everybody talks everybody because the thing like that. Yeah the only thing is that when there's a tragedy every once in awhile we hear that some of the things that we were not aware of our you know. Kids have always been to have the ability to be cruel to other kids vote we didn't realize. Until we've seen some of these tragedies how it can be on line because you're not very impersonate to be even worse so the technology is great. The use of it is absolutely fine as long as we don't totally rely on and I think. I think you're gonna have no problem at all like that John thank you thank you very much. But he's got together Tony went on the war of bug America's election on seventeen. And and you could tell that he has a self confidence is needed but I understand somebody who shy and -- -- goal yes. Where -- still -- -- yes OK I but I can understand somebody who shy that's a good. Reaching out because it's electronic. You don't have to look somebody in the the first girl I ever called for a date my sister will tell you okay. The first girl I ever call for a date we have one tell flaws in the kitchen. I had to shut off the lights in the kitchen so I could talk year. That's how shy I was regarding that wasn't shy and other things but that yeah. Well let's change but if we have had a electronic. Media then I wouldn't have had to show off lights exploded just. It'll send a message whatever is now so glad that could be easier as long as it develops into something positive. Because you've got to roads. Once you hit the electronic media you can use it as a jumping off point to increase your social skills or you can rely on an even more. Then that then you'd already do and get a -- down that road which I think to be the wrong -- -- we'll take a break and we'll be back more -- beach in company. You're going to kiss and special gentlemen I can't wait you know cement the rule about now like yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- you know now she's passed the boy advance -- and yes she really believe. Let's go to Tammy. In north now -- Tammy -- on WB yen. I'm so glad you're doing this topic my husband and I were just talking about this on Tuesday night. We're going to be first time grandparents in May and were really excited. Broke while we were talking about is our our daughter in law. And our response to that at some point are just so techno savvy. And we weren't really concerned about what's gonna happen with the baby on I can see younger and younger children with. Different kind of -- all the time. You know even my nieces that nothing is fixed by the -- -- they have things that they can play on until and they don't read box necessarily stop. You know it's just something that concerns me I don't really think I don't embrace the technology I accepted the necessary you. Well -- got here and -- still is sank but let's try and of little sunshine on this. Maybe your daughter in law as a new mom will be able to look things up on the Internet they have WebMD. And and -- -- tips for new mothers there's all kinds of things that maybe she wouldn't reach out and and talk to others about the mission might be shy about whatever so she can get a lot of information but I share what you said especially when -- said books. Books that we cannot afford to lose our interest in books real honest to goodness books. And because. Reading is like the best possible thing we can do two. Globally it's it's a -- they're reading at the very first thing everything else comes after that but I am thinking about Tony with his young children and I wondered. What to keep -- -- or what did -- think about how many different kinds of. Things that that offered now for the younger children I -- first Samantha what would -- placebo before he let her. Well let's ask dumb Tony what do you think good -- are jumbled ordered zoning. You know with the electorate electronics are good and they have. -- purpose like. Analyses to them it's not listening he's getting an iPad for Christmas I'm sure next not listening so that is being able to download and rubio put books on it. You know things for under -- -- he loves to read so this is going to be very useful. To us is safe space in the house you don't that you aren't and so many books in the occupied the bookshelves. For Samantha probably the same thing. The thing about reading so it's not just information. It's not adjust entertainment. It is about your imagination. It's about the the way you look at the world I mean there's so much. And in between the covers of a book we cannot afford to lose. I think my neck while -- jamming and good luck with the new grandchild. Okay well -- yeah -- be concerned -- but I do think there's a lot of positives especially for young mothers. Or mothers for the first time. There's so much information out there available. Credible good information on. On helpful things you need to know when -- raising kids not how to ranger here but questions you might have. I think one of the greatest things in this those. One of the best tip so that I received where and how we were expecting nick was to read to him at an early age. So even before he could speak I was reading books game -- would read to him. We still continue do that he looks forward to read means. -- some way people actually read to the babies in the -- yeah you know it you know but I I would do it but it's really hard. He's real small books for one thing I think it. And I thought I'd say -- problem and try to get him to turn the page you know on guard about. It out. It's mobilize every young mothers but I remember when you and thank you -- your family you came to me and you and you said sandy where do babies come from I have to tell you -- I had to give you that information and where I again -- -- -- line. Because I -- -- by the way I never saw the start. Legal for the -- and never as well we found out -- -- -- -- local deliveries and you're just out of the delivery area abide by two tenths of the miles I was pretty close. But we're we're going to have the baby delivered by drones. -- That's modern technology. Birth by drone can you imagine that employers have to be pretty precise. It is who you are there and. The knicks the -- he's getting one. An iPad. Yes I can I panic gas for kids yeah. That's -- he -- he wants it in you know we're looking at all the benefits. The other teams that he's going to be able to play -- can actually load things on 20 yeah we're going to be able load books onto it may affect Cheney's going to read by a few things Orange Bowl before it's cool -- that fact that the charges should do that this weekend events though org break. And I know if the words if the I have to learn and how. So. I don't parental blocking or what -- what job they all have filters that have to learn about that. Now because that's very important. But the thing is you know it's really funny. Is they have all these filters and safety things for parents and when parents hit they hit a roadblock where they go to -- -- But -- -- -- -- -- parents believe me the kids are probably figure out how to get around the -- And I'm convinced they are born knowing this stuff. EO nick knows how to post pictures on FaceBook he is sending messages on FaceBook he can send me text messages. He can take pictures -- amazed that he does that all of the phone. I couldn't beat my daughter at Hong. Which is one wall of they first came kids always I don't know what it is a must be a gene that they're born. Because they have the ability if you're an adult you'll never -- -- Gonna happen. But he is saying we're not saying technology is bad when I'm saying that at all technology's great. And it offers a lot of things that can be very helpful. But you don't wanna get into that into that rut into that hole of depending on -- giving up the other skills which are just as important the best computer you have access to is between your ears. Absolutely. Because you know -- computer doesn't have doesn't have imagination. It doesn't have the imagination the human brain had it can't envision things your brain can envision. Because the the computers only available with things that have been put -- Who put the things android not another computer a human being. And give that up I'm. As I said stay right here all day long and all day tomorrow because we'll keep you and what was going on with the weather lot of stuff going on tonight including Christmas bash. So shall keep you informed that -- we'll see you tomorrow hopefully at 9 o'clock would be to go. They never dreamed could be used.

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