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Snowfall Past, Present and Future

Dec 13, 2013|

Meteorlogist Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More well when there's not even here but we're sort of weather where -- what's going on around here. Does not. Too far from normal I guess in the past couple years we've really been spoiled. Normal snowfall was still you know. Some twelve inches away for here at the airport so we haven't even gotten close to normal yet for around the city itself but things were quite active yesterday we had some lake effect. The Albany area picked up almost a foot of snow and other areas right around the city itself picked up about the four to six so. Pretty messy around rush hour just like we promise -- Let's just say you nailed it yesterday when you warned everybody that it was going to be a nasty right home and it was. -- anymore meandering -- to worry about today. Most of lake effect across the -- southern -- basically from Orchard Park south. The pick up anywhere for young five to ten inches of additional note today. The big story differ from the buffalo where he will be an Arctic cold front will push through during the mid day that'll producer around the white snow may be indenture to. But for the metro area we're pretty much done with the brought heavy self. Okay official -- where do we stand on the warning an advisory department. Whether lake effect snow warnings now for areas south of the southern Erie county Wyoming county down across the southern tier for much of today they -- so they can pick up anywhere from five to ten inches. There's also a winner weather advisories. From toppled Batavia to work words and that'll be force no it'll move in later tonight and tomorrow will be a general. Two proportional fall during the day tomorrow and ventured to the more nights so. It's not going to be nearly as intense as the lake effect has been but it will be enough to make person slick travel over the weekend. OK so that's primarily. Saturday morning Saturday afternoon evening and into Sunday -- -- tonight but primarily Saturday and early Saturday night's. -- -- -- actually up a nice chatting with you thanks again for all your help this -- no problem. National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Hamilton.

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