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NYS Gun Laws; Newtown Anniversary

Dec 13, 2013|

SCOPE's Budd Schroeder

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB a lifeline this morning is but Schroeder chairman of the board forced scope shooters committee on political education. We're looking at the sandy hook shootings a year later it's one year tomorrow the anniversary. And but we're we're glad you could join a scene of the certainly raise the consciousness of Americans on gun control issues. Has it brought forth good discussion or do you think it's all been politicized. It's been politicized so it's say your case where there was nothing in the safe there. Governor Cuomo rush through literally in the middle of the night to assure his agenda. Most of these people that are in favor of strict gun controls used emotionalism rather than reason. This state their cases for example. Nothing in this APEC would have prevented this madman. From doing what he did and I think this kind of a radical. Governor Cuomo is cutting back on mental health. In the New York State and using money to enforce a law that it has no effect whatsoever. On gun violence. Mr. Schroeder of the main focus all of this year seemingly. Has been trying to get the New York -- act repealed we pursue those signs on from laws in. Every community across the state is also Mission Impossible -- Well it's it's still difficult to look to really -- The solution for this there're at least four lawsuits going on. I don't live in New York State rifle and pistol association and the National Rifle Association. Everyone going and other western district and before wrote judge scrutiny could call it unconstitutionally. That was passed in the provisions of the law. Are unconstitutional. For example itself again that the process was one that is very suspect. And my inside information Albany says that it was asked in the middle of the night because quote unquote. That was the only way they could get this past is not to allow that three days of public discussion. So look consequently hopefully it'll be settled in the courts and won't have to go through. But it will never -- this in the legislature is a risk repeal. As long Sheldon Silver is in charge of the assembly and Governor Cuomo has veto -- It is something else that's come up -- a lot of discussion on this in the past year arming teachers in the classroom do you think we'll ever see a day. When that's the case. Really short trade Matt that this so liberal look community what this shape they're proved and I think it's -- disaster. Is that all of New York can be dictated to by the Williams. Of the liberals and New York City. Mr. Schroeder what can be done blow to improve security in our schools. There are lots of things can be done to improve the security and known resource officer. Probably isn't the first line of defense. Now when you look. The of what. What can happen. The sum it up man. Who came in and completely out of his mind there's such a terrible horrible thing. -- though you've that they have somebody in there that like Casey out. In the -- some of the bumper stickers if you well they're just. I carry a gun because seconds count and police are minutes away. I think the resource officer yeah. I understand that and so on stage they don't like taxes they are allowing people in the schools to be trained and I think this is very important. Very very trained. And to be harmed in order to be the first responder in a case like this. But we're glad you could join us this morning thank you. You're quite welcome and good morning and failed -- -- about it too much. Yeah anywhere where you kind -- where you checking in from. Esther and house of snow there this morning. -- -- And it ought to be able to noted there's only a couple of feet Chenault -- there. A picture couple feet to Stan -- no big deal. Okay thanks says but Schroeder chairman of the board for scope shooters committee on political education.

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