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Reaction to Common Core Meetings

Dec 13, 2013|

NYS Education Commissioner John King

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have other commissioner John McCain to be with -- live on our show this morning -- hearing is on the WB and live -- commissioner good morning and thank you for joining us. Good morning you made it quite clear last night that common -- RO was not about testing. But it was about standards explain that for our listeners. Sure so the -- standards word about. 812 educators higher education act the patent for leaders from across the country. Working together to -- And knowledge and skills that students need each great I would be prepared for success. And how urgent repairs after they leave high school. 45 states that District of Columbia the Department of Defense score at all. I've adopted this standard and now in the process of implementing them because the country really has come together around an idea we've got to do a better job. Preparing experience for our our 21 century international competition. Commissioner Powell in your opinion did it go last night what are you taking -- with -- Albany. -- it very productive. Conversation last night a lot of thoughtful question. They're good opportunity to try and clarify from the misunderstanding. Around -- common core. You know unfortunately at some completion of the common core aware of testing completion of the com quoted local. Decisions about text and that there is an opportunity to clarify but then Meredith an opportunity here I think that people are worried about places where we can make it just. I'm certainly concerned about assessment policy export students with disabilities and that's something we're working on with the US Department of Education exploring whether. For those into the most. A significant disabilities that they should be able to take assessments that are out there. Which optional although rather than their chronological each. Certainly concerned about professional development and teachers principals wanting more professional development internally. -- we've invested a lot of resources and professional development and the standards were adopted in 2000 and there is no question there's more work to do and I'll certainly as you move -- low budget. C then we will be talk for the governor and legislature an opportunity the next more of professional development. Commissioner when your formally began a few weeks ago you were virtually inundated by protesters and hecklers there was loss of yelling and screaming. Almost. Forcing you to cancel the tour. You ran into some of -- again yesterday. And you say a lot of this have to do with the misunderstanding commissioner what can be done to bring people together on this to give us. Curriculum a chance. When you know -- such -- disconnect between some photon Indians farms where reports on some folks. Bill -- the need for civil discourse. And then what's happening in schools and school. Teachers and -- -- engaged and really could work. Students are writing more students are doing more critical thinking -- -- to do more problems solving math. I'm really encouraged by what I've seen school and -- in the armed -- seeing our parts. A lot of politics and the reflection upon made the coarsening of our political culture over the last few years. And -- -- -- and PH US communities as you know I travel the state quite expensive plan. That didn't you know if -- school since the start of the school year out and Kenyan -- can spew those visits -- community. But in nineteen anything that these conversations and individual districts -- and create opportunities for parents. And teachers come together and he -- and the war. That the common core appliance understand why it's so urgent up to ensure that you are ready for college and careers. Where do you go from here. With -- information from these hearings. Well certainly as sweet as we have to have our regents meeting next week will reflect on the twenty -- that would send around the state Powell talked about. Some of -- -- -- adjustments that we might be able to make going forward and some strategies torrential and that district. Campbell's support and resources they need to support it teachers and principal. And also acknowledged that we are don't hurt a lot of good things about I don't work that -- all about. The urgency. Of improving economic outcomes earlier this week or connect city and heard from a number of -- Are -- about their own experience graduating from high or thinking we're ready to do. I'm so we're working and finding themselves placed in remedial actions essentially I well I have to. Apple which we are in college tuition. So you know there there there's a Max across the farm than and you know we have an opportunity now to make proper adjustments any large change initiative is going to require adjustments on the -- Commission -- we are grateful you're gonna take the time to do with us this morning thank you again. -- the New York State commissioner of education John King.

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