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Previewing "Santaland" Activities

Dec 13, 2013|

Ed Leak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's put up the WB a live line unwelcome Italy -- with the Orchard Park recreation department. Big doings this weekend tomorrow and Sunday -- chestnut ridge park high dead. Good morning how are you -- now this is an event that was once organized by the county that was canceled the usual. Budget problems is not right you guys have taken over -- the the success ever since. Yeah that's correct and in fact our relationship with the counties -- about six years ago. When we work together to. Bring back winter fast which it's held at the end of January cheer and will again. This coming January. And about two years ago that you're gonna park recreation department contacted us to collaborate and can only him and bring that accolades and where we're glad to do it and that we're looking -- another great event this week. Boy could you have asked for better weather this weekend as. Well can you. The narrowest part of this event is simply this you know. The last couple years we have not had no. It would run a lot of other activities so that must have been for the sure will be just know which will allow these led the bills to be open. I confirm that with for a commissioner -- so but not parks department and the sledding hills will be open this weekend. And pretty W out being handled glad to be one of the proud sponsors of Seattle and publicize a visible samba which is going to be the highlight for a lot of children. What he's got a plan for the kids besides that. And we have a lot of various activities and they'll be here right which everybody always -- -- -- right -- on the board here right by the casino and take it up this -- panda. And while they're waiting partly in line for -- -- to wait to see phantom. There'll also be able to roast marshmallows. I'll work with the you're cutting forestry department and I would -- -- demonstration. They'll be tasting. Arts and crafts. And and a whole new design of that -- meeting which kids will be able to go true. And all of this our judicial activities when they're waiting to all twenty feet into the. You know thinking about it he had an all these other activities because -- -- right -- usually isn't snow for -- but. This weekend I mean that the sled hill I mean that's going to be tremendous. It's going to be -- it's it's pretty special. -- that the Biden should probably. Won't be open but this sled hill. I was -- will be. And that's really quite an exhibition. So we invite. Multifamily strut your recovery to come out everything is free. There will be food and drink available to be purchased. You know and we're pretty excited. And that is 11 AM to 3 PM both today is Saturday and Sunday tomorrow Sunday right correct. And what's important to -- -- is the last few bright. Up to compete scandal will be between thirty. We -- -- got to get back to the North Pole both both -- -- do his work and the alliance will end at 230 so we can get him going. But there will be a lot of other activities -- can play straight through the 3 o'clock. It doesn't -- join us this morning thank you. Our pleasure thanks in -- with the Orchard Park recreation department.

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