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Bills-Jags Preview

Dec 13, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And were joined this morning by John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills radio broadcast team this portion of Buffalo's early early news is -- to -- value -- senators -- speed experience in a winning team. Shop fast shop Smart -- value -- senators. Hey John for the second straight week the bills play a team that started out 08 but has since turned things around what do you expect to see from the jaguars this weekend. Well -- but I watch him they're they're speaking you know they fly around especially on defense and try to make a lot of play in that so much. Play makers defensively I think they -- -- a little bit offensively they've got a couple of key players on offense -- big question mark running back Maurice Jones-Drew in their top receiver Cecil shorts and others have a capable quarterback Chad Henne. But you know they want quarterback and I a couple of those victories against some of the year. A little lower lightly including Cleveland -- used to flight so I I think I could be a challenge for the -- are not played well himself but it's certainly a winnable game. And -- jungles being kind about the jaguars. Offense but they got the worst rushing offense some believe will level out the bills' defense to. Focus a bit more on the the -- -- -- passing game. Yeah I think so and the other gear up on -- line of scrimmage and in in direct collision those receivers right. That this is there's a ball is snapped so don't you purchase any early opportunities and down and -- now like they're up at the last I think they have some magic in the boot -- -- good period that -- they climb well to the second level meaning they double team that. Defensive linemen and they think it's a linebacker and try to get a rubble and Emily Marie Jones who has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah knowing your hamstring injury in their previous game and I don't normally you'll be -- -- -- -- -- you're probably be limited but they draw a lot of first -- that will also build it sure will be aware of Allah play action has switched. Which we will have a real good running game and it's suddenly up for anybody but like corolla first -- -- -- they -- -- -- -- side yards and and make it an easier opportunity to pick -- third atmosphere they don't do it real good clip and -- really short to medium. Perhaps reminding my political people -- but you're sitting in the best part -- -- mission is short to intermediate. Just the -- -- Jacksonville's defense is nowhere near as -- as Tampa -- was last week so do you think we'll see a big bounce back game from that bills' offense. Well I think they -- -- -- Emanuel in particular needs became its. That's skeptical defense that the latitude -- inexperience on the back end it there are LT OB three young rookies starting and that. It's such a back feel there are some inviting target for each Emanuel to try to play better but he played last week and he's. -- three games left to -- sort of reassert his. It's command of the offense in his general moving forward people don't go to by the court clerk will report so this cricket setup for them up actually builds. KM mark EJ Manuel hasn't won a road game yet in the NFL what does he need to do to finally get over that hump. Has not been admitted that says repeatedly that it's consistent effective and efficient execution and they they haven't done it and and you know things kind of went -- -- last week real early in the game and and never really recovered the -- no production that they needed in the as a need to have a running game. Or do you play action pass game and hope not complaint that outfield and last week he was under siege so it's a minute not to beat him and -- The entire offense and they paid yo -- -- club in the next three games like and tell you that because it's still about the guys who want plane again as you want to pattern guys and or does Salem and are trying to -- straight games hopefully we have none of those -- -- put. You can find out and they're particularly would have a couple of wrote in so they need because then they're put together really. Really quality effort to play a role to play in the warm weather again and they're played on grass. Which is something they're not accustomed to new that the hopefully their fortunes will be will be better and and then they'll start to gain much quicker than they did last week -- open. Asia the last round of bills suffered a really bad loss like that did last week they bounced back with a big win and you think it'll happen this time. I'm I'm trying to think whenever I -- but I thought that was going to be last week scenario that they were prospect from the disappointing loss to Atlanta.

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