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12-13 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- it is cajun -- and I'm telling of this studio never smelled so good record Johnny yesterday how cold it was in the studio we wouldn't even care what was below freezing today. Because we we have all kinds of goodies from chef's restaurant about that you -- up. All I'm being served. I am -- it not with a subpoena and actually being served -- of goodies and just thank you John think you're right this is good service. Are you are pathetic. Wearing that fifth. You are in the -- while eating contest the -- and you thought that -- The food they brought they'll be enough for you to owning you don't have to prime the pump by wearing a chefs. What does this then your -- it's as mine and shops. What does -- say -- you -- pretty boy Don postal seat warm meatballs and you know that's I'm just I'm the bit that's still up for debate on the on jarrah a legitimate drugs as a -- up. I deal. I always thought. When you said what is buffalo Iowa side of one thing Jimmy Griffin okay Jim Griffin is buffalo will always be. But you know what else is buffalo just that is Buffalo's immigrant chef's restaurant. It is so iconic it's beyond. Describing it as iconic and military is here and John the -- -- here and gentlemen welcome to show. Thank you always welcome -- bring food to die monthly could become the when you're growing up. In the business did you realize now how popular and how important that that your your family restaurant once -- had no idea. It's it's an amazing place you view every time I go there. I see people that are very very happy people who have had great food your spaghetti -- here's a problem I have with your spaghetti arm. I couldn't tell you what anything else on your menu takes like -- Gall to shafts without having spaghetti pot is that your biggest seller this by far our biggest sellers and everybody tells me that. And some -- -- YE and you put everybody I'm. Now. What would be nice is if we had some ground breaking information here like maybe -- divulged the recipe for your. Best selling spaghetti arms so that lesser restaurants and enjoy. A patronage as well now. Maybe in 2000 we took him. John thank you did you provides additional -- now the other we went to the restaurant this morning Andy and -- had everything ready to go the -- were there. And I said we should take some food for sanity and Dan you know the team that dvd and and Erica radio. And of course -- brings enough. To Peter Bart station -- army if that if the National Guard was activated right now becoming -- before they before they -- and didn't -- -- -- because -- won't happen you know magnanimous philanthropy in the spam is really something. Special as well I mean in addition the legacy restaurant in the Pulitzer. How so many great charities here and it just. You know another reason -- you know we're here for the holidays seasons it. To make sure that everybody steps up and you know it helps others in the community like they do it now -- you know I've been going to -- as long as I've been here which is 1968. -- And you did something that took a lot of courage. Of people who don't know maybe that and thinks -- but. You know you. You've tinkered with a restaurant you now have a drive through you've changed the front entrance whatever when something's that successful. Odd to me that takes guards -- even even to a -- to make a bigger. It did it was it wasn't an easy decision. Original building was was starting gets very old. And we needed to do something and I you know what now's the time let's venture out to something a little different we put the drive through him and a little -- A lot of work good to get that done because I remember the saga of of getting the drive through but you you -- Baird and and it's they're now yeah so that we can call ahead. -- call you know 1015 minutes and just dragged through and pick up your food in New -- iron. When -- -- about -- I -- little obvious to most people but I think the success of -- is. It's not and the family dedication to community it's not in the sauce it's not even in the spaghetti it's affecting your picture mania -- the restaurant all front center exactly thank you very much and you know this is this is the truth if I'm Liam -- Whenever I go I hope they see -- next my picture and somebody recognized. Him -- And he's there and up overall market was the pitcher so what I do is as I'm walking out because it's on that while just before you get to the checkout. When it was casually loiter near the picture hoping hoping I can see flashbulbs pop and but it hasn't happened so far you have. First of all at all the politicians there all the sports arsenal there but you you have a French connection rumsfeld's -- Now we do we did the addition he talked about we put a small room on -- forty people. And I was very close with the three guys from the French connection or. And Rick Martin actually said to me -- aim at the French connection cool and -- you know what wine and we had a lot of memorabilia Clinton on the guys forever. And it's very cold room if you're a hockey and especially to nice private room for up to forty people and you walk around -- lot of great photos that anywhere else. Jupiter paroles hockey -- from his rookie year so we've got to let any little. Trinkets to be a team members from visiting team is a come down -- the restaurant recommended by the local things they do actually. We get quite a few we don't want -- tirelessly to talk about as Wayne Gretzky. -- one time actually I was working and he had known -- -- work for the citizens accused stick boy. Things that we do a big favorite so we can -- your Wayne Gretzky. He says I know play. Is it Irv Weinstein but -- He asked he added do some of them. Ought to be one of their autograph for asthma. All bad that that's great true story -- John you know being a media guy you know that the media flocks their ships -- their all time well and and her. I think finally has now started papers -- get out why it's time today and we will make that announcement here entity be -- this morning last time he opened his wallet you know it -- line. The fact that. Well the -- -- because it's a great place to meet to eat and a lot of business deals are done there and it's at the of one of those iconic places the first place I ever went to buffalo. When I came in now from Philadelphia and and it's probably you know the media people they like you receive politicians that athletes. And Bruce Smith will bills he was a big fan. I'm back today and so it's it's quite that family destination. Yeah I love when I go to the front in my don't have as being a judge okay so I'm they're sitting their. -- -- having. Having fine -- with a judge and I didn't realize how many lawyers -- your place because they all come up to see me of course. I can't act it's just amazing. If if you were not from here and you didn't know and you just wandered into buffalo Monday and came on the ship Tuesday. Wow I brought my if my sister and brother in law when he came in from Boston to be treated at Roswell OK -- world travelers they didn't just fall off the being truck and telling. And I said you've got a common tries to get a par especially spaghetti arm. My brother in law practically every email he sends me. He mentions a spaghetti arm and says when they come again we've got to go there that that's a must place so that's how it became as iconic as that that repeat business I'm sure you have generations of people will be going to shafts. We do it you know we're we're so blessed we really are. Did that claim intelligence you know it's the father that is the son and as the grandson and we're seeing that I even myself on -- second and third generations coming in. They're so loyal to us. I can't think the public enough for help them we're nothing. Now what about the other you know we're aside and make some traction in buffalo getting some things done things are getting built -- cranes in the sky and that's good deceit. How has that and how will that affect those -- -- what we're excited we know from everything from Larkin bill on one side of us that appears -- museum communal site. And the other side there's a lot of stuff in the pipeline they're gonna build all along the Seneca corner they're calling them. -- you know we've been there for nine years. And we're finally seeing some real resurrection and her areas -- -- Well I'm telling you guys I do these deals of the day you know and usually they don't affect me you know it's it's organic massage things like that now. This one as soon as I saw this today. I'm actually sign -- -- -- myself it's a shameful being a media celeb like I am today's field today for my bubble perks a thirty dollar certificate. To chef's restaurant for just eighteen dollars Mohammed they -- -- that. You know I don't know Brenda -- he's got a silver -- it's only she can block anybody and any thing to give the gift of chefs restaurants so this make good stocking stuffer annual and gets us on the sock. Western -- tradition that's what heavily. More than ninety years these panels really don't know what's remarkable is saws to sauces to seek. Out. But when you go home and after long -- -- bringing home from the restaurant the normally know. Yeah because you movement and their for 1214 dollars the -- -- -- a lot of pacers. Now that's good to know because as I know you won them. I'm a hog heaven and John when I need to get on TV that's currently in effect until a boxing and I'll ask our dollar that -- eight banks are running the diets of buffalo broadcasting because like all you like this because your friend chains. I out my doctor I -- I. That's up for debate I guess. My Doctor Who -- saw yesterday and you expect your doctor. To be of a certain age and you know. Grab a tops my doctor told me he watched be rerun on WBV's video of the giants the buffalo broadcasting and he says. He used to listen to Shane when he was driving around and I said oh I hear your car maybe it was your first carcinoma his bicycle. -- -- listening Shane while riding his bicycle while. And here's the scary part I train -- I mean that's how that's held batted out of that I am. Ability there and John -- thank you so much -- not only for bringing the goodies and today about having the goodies ready for western New Yorkers we don't know we do ships I mean. It is just as symbolic of City Hall has not that far from the Yankees in the next -- put my territories that -- Internet thank you and I'd wanna ask you who picked up the stats not the statue with a picture of David it's that's right next to a table on the far wall were sent it was a year. No I think -- sister she's Smart you know you know one. Because I'm looking at that. And I wasn't sure but I ordered extra sausage in -- just say you know -- thank you very much a bag with a Q and you guys think and we have -- for everybody I mean seriously you brought enough food for an army. Well we try it's the Chilean way you know and -- nice. Shirt it's still early in the morning giving about noon you know what I go to -- or redshirt. I really do I'm not making that up because I don't wanna where X -- Tony's going to -- and there's nothing wrong with the bit about where Richards and now let's -- amnesty using that Italy. See you guys and good luck to chefs think -- are. Back -- would be incumbent on news radio 930 guys are what salaam. A master captions. Martial arts ceremony is not a ceremony it's it's like a presentation. Where people who are various stages of belts for martial arts. Are upgraded they go to the next level for a belt OK and they are all different age students or whatever what their last night. Two CO -- while friend of mine that actually the son of a friend of mine. We've known him since he was a kid and now he's -- he's moving on up through the belt range and and it was fun to watch them. A very a very disciplined and you're very much into a martial arts I think you -- this is Taekwondo and you did what console Kong flu. So there's various martial arts but. The discipline. Of these people's amazing. I'm not to mention there the physical shape therein and the things they have to do the hardest part for me I think would be to learn. The verbal cubes. Because they they -- about master Chechen and his right hand person there. When they say certain things that I don't even know what the word is it's repeated by the class so they know and they know what it means that whatever. It would take me a year just learned the nomenclature there. And make things -- got tired watching them. Sitting on a chair. But in its credit at a martial arts gripping. Especially for young people. That's -- did you a sense of accomplishment rattled confidence and confidence absolutely. They had won -- -- various ages but they have one really. A young looking guy. Who is who's moved up through the ranks are ready so I guess you started early yeah I was seven and now he's older than seven but he's probably not much older -- I'm guessing. Fourteen. Maxed OK so so exits and Dinah. I won't come back that's a lot of things -- talked about before we get to the subject today but I got to tell you this. If views -- John King. And these channel seventeen presentation about the learning standards for New York State they -- some raving lunatic. Out OK and while the other hauling him out. He's raving verbally and then I realized. That moron was the same moron they called us. So we have our own famous moron now. I'd be in your heard it here and -- Som on channel seventeen and will be talking more about that. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WV. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WB EN dot com. -- backward region governing -- -- So I am. -- I'm watching some video coverage of -- John king's arrival in buffalo talking about their common core and teaching standards and whatever and learning standards in New York State. And they -- all this of first at all. The studio audience tells Evans who was chosen by lottery I think it's to make your fair. But because of the storm they didn't have a full house so it every seat was not -- A but they did say somebody had to be forcibly removed and so -- the video of this guy. -- Tony get ready to use this they show a video of this guy being hauled away any starts yelling. And it's so he started yelling. I knew instantly this is the same moron that called us a couple of days ago only doing this is subject. And we dumped them because of the obvious reason he is a listener who just beg to be dumped and dumped. Okay we normally don't but we did in this case. But I want you to hear what he sounded like when they were hauling them away. But some districts may be and that's about well. They did under investigation. Into the he -- -- about the it can -- all. Certainly. Education I. And you can continue on please if you would. I don't know what sir what. They sure they need to Harlem are all they had to do is put put down a saucer of milk and some of trustees. And I'm sure he would of found him in left on his -- does sound. It does sound weak or -- he's not right now ahead in just give you little background when he calls up. He will give crews come more time in a different name but but because his -- -- so so familiar you know immediately -- -- -- -- deny that that he gives you one part time work levers that we name and an artist and Chris awesome. He just sounds like such -- once. I mean -- first of all if you're a protest something because a lower register your voice. Instead of going added added that has. The third grade eclectic adult Jack come and -- grow a -- earlier. OK what else we got thank you for matter will be using that throughout the day -- -- that's not our subject today but it's just fun to hear it yeah I mean. A set to land between thirteen and here's the deal because WBM -- while the sponsors. Along with some very upscale people including. A westerner certainly. Including south sounds radiology Dick's Sporting Goods town -- wegmans them. And Jon Mills from the legislature so while on a lot of good the sponsors on this. Santa -- when he thirteen -- average park. This weekend Saturday and Sunday 11 AM to 3 PM it's a free family event food and drank for sale here is gonna happen. So would you like to do Tony on this list OK here's something's going on Iraq like that yeah I'm -- -- Marshmallow -- thing like that movement. Face painting and maybe in all of you could use. If they do -- -- Arts and crafts and hey may ease. Now that's -- walking through. And say here's something that I know you've been working out and sometimes it's disappointing news of the results would cutting yes. And get blisters just what finding -- if there's problem at a -- but yeah -- does -- cover so things. The last right to Sandra leaves at 230 okay. And there there associate with Toys for Tots. In all other things too but it's a it's a big event in discovery's this weekend Santa land. Just average park Saturday and Sunday eleven industry it's a big free family event get on down there and maybe on your way there are -- way back. You'll join the Erie county sheriff's mounted reserve unit. Our call mounted for meals I know we've done all the jokes every year I do my amounted for -- jokes but they still keep calling it mounted for males. And that's also Saturday. The fourteenth witches strangely enough tomorrow. From 10 AM to 1 PM at the Southgate plaza in front of the market in the square collecting food and funds for the food bank of Western New York. Meet the deputies and their horses to. We know sheriff's deputy Wayne wolf. And his -- and have you gotten past his mound and then later stroke his cards or whatever you're gonna go. Because I'm sure it would welcome mat it's solely. And Wayne -- he's his horse when he's reconcile. It's all right now know what else we have going on here is lots of things happening. And they're all happening right here on this show. It pays it pays perhaps not to be re related to be North Korean Kim Jon able. Because his uncle was executed. His uncle was executed. For trying to mobilize the military to stage -- cool. He was executed Thursday immediately after who's convicted of a special military court on charges of violating the -- criminal code and get us. He was -- generals mentor. He is his guide he guided him into office. He was the one who is responsible for art and now he's executed. A good is that if I you know if I'm Dennis Rodman I'm going through a North Korea anytime soon. You know I mean no -- anybody that will execute their own uncle. I'm think I'm pretty much former washed up NBA stars arming them much to him anymore law's uncle's trying to overthrow him well imagine that imagine that. So that was that even though he put him in office. -- much like the -- we have going on here. About it now did you see this as pictures of Christmas bash -- -- not well here they are because last night there was concern because. The storm was moving up in the buffalo just as Christmas bash. Was taking a back I think it started six in the storm came in about fourth earning but they show it looks like they doesn't say the house how many people ahead. But it looks nice crowd in everybody's excited about it and that's that. Look in the even have babysitters that they they really do its nap time. -- available segments simply pens their businesses are breastfeeding action via which is where -- it's right I'm just saying by congratulations to them. I'm doing my congratulations on the Erica I haven't seen. All of the congratulations. Show up on the inter intercom web sites gambling for them should because the one person the way it works is real though. It's like contagious. One person will cooler congratulate somebody else. And then somebody will congratulate the person congratulating some meals in the with the personal congratulate somebody else. And -- congratulate a fourth person it's like a pyramid it's like a you know trying to sell things on a pyramid scheme. And pretty soon everybody in the building except us you and I and crafts will be congratulated because it's on Tuesday. The Asia shy guy should be congratulated no question Janet is the big congratulated of his other pictures of her on her web page. A little short skirt. And a pretty young blonde woman that that's a nice combination of looks better and Dennis Rodman and tell you that. That's -- earlier compliment. So -- as the match went off without a hitch. As best -- -- at -- happy to hear that we'll take a break it will be back with more -- -- and company on news -- 930 yesterday when I left here. I had to go across the street basically. To the office supply place and when I came out I have a view of the southern horizon. And it was I'm guessing looking. Band of clouds I mean the sun was out. Except that when you look over to the horizon it was just a roll of black clouds and later on became into the city. Now he is a way to know that your marriage perhaps isn't working out as you showed. Of the lady's name and the reason I I have to tell you it's a lady. Is because her name is Jordan. Graham are you know is she -- if she guard Jordan a former call screener should be Jordan Jordan a but probably about an emotional moment. Jordan Graham and she decided that well things weren't working out and her marriage so she says honey why don't we go to Glacier National Park. And then they do that with the Glacier National Park and they're looking at the beautiful Vista. Of the video of the park and -- on a very tall. Dangerous. And because she decided ahead of time. That the marriage wasn't gonna make it should be pushed him over and and and killed them I mean this is obviously a serious story. How long she was married to eight days. Eighties and she pushed him over -- She could face a maximum sentence of life in prison when she's sentenced on March 27. But that was -- -- David eight days now what do you think two weeks of auto warranty -- pet. That eight days. And it's got some new changes this year of all the -- honestly I don't artist she said. -- is is that she's ages. But anyways so I think if you make it past eight days is pretty good chance that your your wife will not push you off of a -- But that's the reason you told me you never go to goat island would Jean right now in question is is. Look at this on -- a natural under the -- A I watch my step there's things that are going to be on the Super Bowl this year -- first at all. Away from a camera -- not going to be allowed because it's giants and jets stadium in New Jersey. Know what delegating tailgating at Super Bowl this year but also there's three things missing from the advertising lineup. The fallacy Jared from subway I'm -- I miss him. -- would be honestly he's he's boring he's annoying you know I mean I'll have the -- away one injured. Another via E*Trade baby is not going to be there. I'm happy about that. That E*Trade baby is the creepy as saying -- never mind. Nevermind the devil are ghosts or any kind of missed out. If the E*Trade baby was anywhere near me I'd get an airplane get that is too creepy who won the you -- The baby talking like an adult. -- -- I guess they're craves. And -- godaddy girls that's depressed that's depressing now. Does some of the godaddy. It's going to be a godaddy dad. But Danica Patrick. I think he's going to be in it but it's not going to be like a super sexy. But why would you if you if you I had Danica Patrick as your spokesperson. Why wouldn't you use super sexy 'cause I mean she's always yeah an okay race driver but she is super sexy she's hot she's. God and if you get caught a fire suit that says a lot you know I'm talking about. But the bottom line is those things are going to be there I'm gonna -- them I'm really not. What else is going on this is from the of the police calls in the -- police department. And as you know the -- beat publishes them and some of these are for the print the tough let me say this it's the mean streets of Amherst. On a Friday December 6 police received a report of a woman in the media and at Sheridan drive. The report said the woman was wearing a black hole with a fur hood and she was flipping the bird to people and cursing at their cards. Out. She -- me if tiger doesn't bother me and -- but don't you cursed my cards I'd take that personally I love my cars I love my cars more oil myself. And so if you cursed and Mike are you gonna have to apologize and arms are erupt but that was -- somebody call the cops over. What else was going on there. And now this is similar to the first report -- this happened Saturday December 7 woman dressed in all black. As the other woman was reportedly was looking and car windows. In front of the hood at Niagara Falls though boulevard business those surge is walking around looking in the window of cars. And so that's that's a pretty out their act and also a report of a man who was inside a parked truck. Outs and get this now a lot of curve you ready for -- -- report. This is per city. By the way about returns Monday and I just not a mansion and into the start -- but. There was a report of a man who was inside a parked truck. Outside a woman's gym and Evans street the caller said the man had his window covered with a towel. It. And instead he is surely taking pictures of the women coming out of the center think about it they were in the gym I'll probably I'll sweated up. And this -- outside in the back of his truck with a towel over the window taking photos of them so -- -- if there is a I think you're a little over the bedroom -- go. Michael Jordan shows remember there was a game and Michael Jordan played and it was a playoff game. Where he had the flu and he still did very well in the game and they actually won the game. Well Ed the deal is that they sold a show as he was wearing for a 104000. Dollars. They symbol on the Michael he had given them to be -- Salt Lake City ball boy. Okay. Because the kid asked if he could have them after the game so Jordan gave -- two on the kid kept the -- is locked in a safe deposit box and Utah bank for fifteen years. Boy -- bet that. But that's at deposit box had a pungent Roma. He recalls turning down an 111000 dollar offer for the issues from a collector. And now he finally sold about a 104000. Dollars. So somebody could walk in the shoes of Michael Jordan who I think is you know this the most exciting player I've ever seen. A local soup kitchen. In Juneau Alaska received over time of a salmon steaks the donation. Worth a lot of money was provided by the non profits share an iceberg. Will be back tomorrow beach company.

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