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12-13 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some interest me and that's about it -- it's under the -- -- And that is why you talk about the upcoming game commitment on. Mr. Bennett you can continue on please if you went went. And that's. I think one -- escorted him up they -- to skirt are really -- Manhattan. Rarely seriously got to man up there you're going and I know I really are you get it it does sound more masculine than that from the from the president's. -- and protests up a little bit more coherent people how would you please I mean the reason we're trying -- that's the full it was a hauled out of the education meeting. Last not a general seventeenth and Jesus and fool it called us today before. While we're talking about the subject and pulled the same acting so I guess. Some people might get off on getting rejected think about it and is probably look out before that outright that -- Hillary when she was here. I'm sure if it was easy it was to ease the same one his voice is very distinctive once you're here -- you don't forget because it's a as the voice a child. Yeah exactly that amount and and I'm OK a big NFL week and coming up sorry -- Denver to name the Bronx loss last. It is. Well I still love Manning okay here's we're gonna pick like three games here of the vs the bills at Jacksonville. Jacksonville. Gets two points. Jacksonville's plus two so I mean first of all I can't figure out after the way the bill stunk the -- now how anybody could get. It's two points in the bills. I'm going to saying. Lawful weapons you say bubble what do you say Chris I say buffalo -- -- money easier about it because about it played the last few weeks but I don't think Jacksonville's very good okay here video of people from about one -- your guns -- Graham's Sullivan the jazz array and Northrop case Kirstie. -- Jews. Lovely Melissa Holmes writing okay that's a good job now being a sportswriter rubbing marriage to Melissa Holmes that's a great job okay here's a -- -- Bills bills Jacksonville bills bills Jacksonville so mainly bills on that one okay and I'm picking. Jacksonville a thing in Jacksonville because it was so bad. The bills look so bad they look so incoherent. And it's had Jacksonville. And that the bills just look like they were just totally gone so I'm going with Jackson -- I'll be wrote for the bills but I -- picking. Next now this is interesting because. Because a they're sitting down RG three. Question whether the coach wants to get fired or not apparently Dan Snyder loves RG three. And when you lose when you bench the guy that the owner loves. Chances are there's a good chance that you may be setting by by a Washington gets six and a half points at Atlanta. And they'll be using a new QB what do you think Washington and Atlanta. Ultimate Pep -- Washington I take the falcons falcons what do you what do you think Chris I did the falcons to exert the Washington just seems like a huge mass yeah it is and the reason I'm rooting for Washington in this one I usually don't. Is I don't like Dan Snyder -- and choose which of the don't likes it has more influence on I hate Dan Snyder. I don't hate my don't know but you know its its slowest way to. So I'm rooting for Washington and I'm voting for now numbering for Washington. Of the outside why camera for Washington because I hate Dan Snyder and Dan Snyder doesn't like what the coach just did this quarterback. So that's a way to get back. -- words how unions shouldn't or revenge comes from its regular regret sometimes you end -- not taking positions you normally would but it's worth it because it's revenge you know the one thing if Shanahan does get -- yeah it's 2 o'clock seven million -- -- that's that's why do think he's trying to -- -- you know his son -- was on the staff didn't know it was gonna do that. He did not tell them like yeah yeah yeah I did not tellem. So here's your sign on your coaching staff. And you are making a move designed to irritate the owner and and you don't tell your son because the help. They -- army ten blazes some of the gonna give me seven million dollars. It's like -- won the lottery. But anyway so I'm rooting for Washington but I think Atlanta's. Emory okay the other one of any interest is New England at Miami. Now here again I think this is an -- Miami's getting two and a half points. That's salt. I know new England's on the road but no English and even though gronkowski is injured. New England. Is still got to -- a good today and back to have good after Denver loss they've got a better positioned for the playoffs -- Yes and one half points I'd take those points I'll probably take England for two reasons one. I just think that the -- them Miami. In any machine -- my fantasy team. So I need oh good I'm glad it's on sound reasoning on your fantasy and Chris what do you think to would have points you -- given you get New England or your -- to have points in Miami the patriots always seem to win without their top guys and it -- without Gradkowski earlier in the year Yasser -- pick and yeah topic onto it it's hard to pick against New England not only for wrote the pretty boy quarterback but the coaches. I think second -- -- Can you imagine if he was on the open market now Belichick. While I think he'd be worth a lot I'm sure is making no money -- -- worth a lot because he really does you know -- a remarkable good coach. Is the second half. Where they make the adjustments. If it's not going while. Usually on a New England team goes well after the halftime because they've made the adjustment right and I don't think anybody knows that better than Belichick now I think he is the best coach in the you know. I'm good I'm glad we agree let's say what do we have here we have -- tickets the final pair for a secure way to be trans Siberian orchestra. And that's early Monday December 30 remember because this is a Christmas concert on December 30. This is the first one of the 2014. Christmas concert series at 3 PM. At first Niagara center value is 75 bucks general conference rules apply call now six -- four. I'm 9875. And I've caller will win the tickets tickets are on sale as we speak. -- tickets are com under a dollar for each ticket so goes the lymphoma society of Western New York. Now what we come back -- -- going to be a talking about today. It's called don't hate me. Because I'm beautiful. No it's not personal -- a no the advantage of never being beautiful is the fact that you don't get worse looking as you get older. I will be back where have they don't hate me because I'm beautiful show. With beach and company on news radio 930. Now here's -- argue about today today's show is entitled. Don't hate -- Because I'm beautiful. And remember that used to be a slogan. For negative for a company where they would show this beautiful model and she would say don't hate me because I'm beautiful. But people people's summer barn -- better looks than others some acquire better looks some start off -- a little slow and become better looking. Some bloomer and become lax and good looking. It's it's you know if you think about the -- about beauty. A lot of beauty and guys want to kick in on this because I've never been able to figure this out -- Look at a human face. What's on it there's and knows a mild to lies and two years that's basically yet okay I'm here to aren't. A lot of ingredients. But -- vote is -- those simple ingredients god makes a variety of faces. And in none of them look exactly the same. It's amazing to me and the smallest little changed in any of that combination. Of two eyes a nose. Lips and ears and hair makes a makes a big difference in Henry Waxman. The congressman. He's a normal looking guy except his nose the tip of his nose points out portal -- Looks like a pig's nose and you can't look at him without going oh my god it's a pig's -- just the smallest little change does that. Why do you think that beauty is so important because it's just the perfect combination of those things it triggers our senses it really -- -- -- -- we're we're we're drawn to beauty yes and that's what gets -- in trouble sometimes we would make bad decisions because of beauty sometimes -- you know a lot of time -- look at how much violence is is because of beauty of people jealous over somebody else from two women over guys or. The two guys -- a woman on -- a threesome what do you think president. -- doesn't take that long to make the distinction hater I just wanted to glances and then you are in order to pay attention survives. People put out vibes OK guys. Advisories to read where morning. OK get that way world where we are born that way you'll die that way for market but in different vibes through. Some are I am -- yes I'm beautiful I'm very nice I'm pleasant to talk to another are beautiful keep your distance. Are you know you're not worthy of me all kinds of things and it's our job as guys. To read the vibes -- the women are putting out. They're not hard to read -- I find vibes very easy to read you revives yes I do about you Chris I think you almost have to -- and you just -- Mr. Big trouble. And sometimes. You'll miss read those vibes and that's when -- really get into trouble oh. It's. But I think that it this survey. It says that in high school. Attractive students. -- better grades than those rated average now they're not talking about the super knockout students there just -- about attractive ones. As opposed average ones. Because what they've found and we'll get into this in in through the the -- of the days when we talk about this. What they found is you want to be banner of more attractive than average but you don't wanna be in the -- of the best looking. Because what happens then. If you're not show business. Is the fact that -- regular business. People are suspicious of people who -- astronomically. Good looking because they assume that they didn't get that successful. By -- their simple skills and work ethic they got that way because they are attractive. OK so they said the like of female C owns a businesses. There's not a problem. Partly because of that I mean if if you see all the companies look like Rob Lowe. That would be very good either. You say you want to be attractive but -- above average but you know wannabe superstar. Analysts analysts of course. Your movies are but even that can work against you. Who is better looking and Robert Redford in 1967. With butch Cassidy and the Sundance. Okay. I took one look at butch Cassidy and said. And I was actually -- -- -- -- and said not that there's anything wrong. But look at Robert Redford now. I mean still a good actor by. Wall. Eye opener. Is when you go back to your high school reunion if you haven't been in a while so these are people you haven't seen. Since you graduated and you graduate you'll probably seventeen -- Eighteen right in that -- and now you go back to. A reunion 2030 years later and what you finding now is Bob Dylan's song the first now will later be last. Because that's exactly what happened you found out that the cheer leaders. The real hot girls didn't like cheerleaders anymore. And the stud quarterback. Suddenly didn't look like a stud quarterback anymore and them policy girl that was always in the library is looking hot. You know and the guy than nerdy guy who is -- beat up and as a and his lunch money taken away from them when it returns Monday details yet as assignments and other nerdy guy who is the derby but his lunch money taken away from them. -- -- -- That's just the way -- -- it's God's way of kind of letting -- case both sides. Say Arum well it should be good for awhile. -- -- I've really done very well simply because I was never looking if you're looking and you become -- -- people at all. These early losses looked but have you ever gonna place you don't get that. And some advantage they have glass half full attitude that I had. Nobody -- ligament right. I remember him and amber high -- it was it's you know no no does that. As that's I mean that's that's a good things though I'm a member broker and that one. So -- come back we're gonna goal over the fact that in high school. In high school attractive students and better grades than those rated average and also when they get into the workplace. Attractive people seemed to have. I was gonna -- Lego but that sounds wrote. And it's horse racing parlance they have an advantage. That other people don't have this or attractive ones. Not so much unless there in certain -- like modeling and movie stars some even some of them like you know like he optimists like the look if there. Pictures in exactly know they blow hard. They -- Because oftentimes you'll see somebody really hot we'll bring on their high school yearbook. And you'll see it never ever see Hillary Clinton's picture and I school. -- those glasses. Dog pound -- I mean really seriously at the SBC generated funds and people tried to adopt there. We'll be back what mark. And and that the oh I'm barking up the wrong tree -- -- over the back Lamar. Notes at the united -- this is WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 80309. -- cell calls are free and start doing turning -- toll free line is 1806169236. -- backward -- governor of sandy beach and today's show is entitled don't hate me because I'm beautiful. And what we find out is that there's a new study -- this as attractive students have better grades. Then those rated average -- story in the USA today by Sharon Jayson. Days ago when I heard our news department a talking about bits and pieces of it. But -- -- make an interesting subject. Good looks translate to better grades in high school. But these super attractive don't have an extra advantage in their GB is according to. And analysis being published now. Being the most beautiful or handsome is not as important as being above average. According to this study. For both boys and girls. Being viewed as attractive. Rather than average. Is a stunning out. Of for is stunning outcome from. From this study what they found is you don't have to be in this in this stratosphere of good luck -- just have to be above average. In the most important for adolescents. The attractive to average GPA advantage over the average according to this researchers analyzed data from the national longitudinal. And longitudinal. Longitudinal. You -- for now you know why don't eat meat balls during the show you get an idea. I mean I before the ball like -- pronounces the word longitudinal. But are missing a sellable because I intimate ball actually right for -- that's another story. I'll try again tech note said he tries to pronounce the word longitudinal. Now as well that's close and researchers analyzed data from the national longitudinal. Study of adolescent health and ordered him through it. One more -- and go home early. A nationally. Representative sample of 9000. Adolescents. Launched in 1994 and 1995 school year. It followed teens into their twenties and thirties interviewers rendered students attractiveness. The researchers obtained data on grade point averages. And then they matched them up findings are in physical attractiveness. And the accumulation of social and human capital in adolescents and young adulthood -- missed my copy of that. I bet I bet they were reading it at the post office what's going on air. But that's where was published earlier research had shown that better looking adults earn higher wages overall. I mean look. Com you can tell what makes the big bucks are really good looking people. Janet very attractive -- probably -- commands a hefty salary -- on. You agree with that. The better look at the more money you make. -- Tim -- He's let him go. He's -- to the attractive it's a very lovely Susan Rosen and -- -- -- about birds infect find him wanting only attractive enough. Asarco. Would you -- -- -- entity anymore of those dumb testament. That it. Earlier a surge -- job that. Better looking adults earn higher wages the advantage off -- stems from adolescence when the better looking get better grades. And are more likely to go to a good college. But these advantage differ from men and women said Caroline held them. An associate professor professor of politics at occidental. In LA it doesn't work the same way for women -- live at a beauty culture that values us for our attractiveness she says living in a culture of where we value looks harms women I think that's probably true to a -- degree. Because if they -- better looking more is expected. But if they if say they aren't going for them besides it -- I've ever brightened have a good work ethic and -- you know. I think goes. I think on a grand scale. If suddenly they become CEO of the company. Then people -- -- you know ICC does does little issue box. Or even worse in on talking about when it's totally unfair that may have had nothing to do with -- at all. But that's something you know that's a burden I think most people would be willing to carry. Yes sorry I'm so beautiful of people hate me. I don't know if that's the problem. Attractive women we'll get a benefit overall on occupations but when you're talking about leadership positions. Being sexually attractive works against you says this woman and she's right. The new study finds some disadvantages to being attractive such as being more likely to date have several partners and drink heavily. A Christmas parties going. I have no idea where those rated below average in looks and high school didn't suffer overall disadvantages. So in other words it's. Average or below average. You've got -- road to ago if you're above average not got a faster highway to travel on. But you don't wanna travel at warp speed because that's not gonna help either he got to get and that bubble a -- better looking than average but not being super normal -- in autumn it. I'm thinking and -- -- We have some very attractive vehicle -- about it look at video ladies and promotion. Which some say people -- really hot too. And those are just the guys not just. Do we -- we do we have some very attractive people here that's the reason Tony and -- and Chris are here to balance that out. Thank you very much. The researchers can control for the for this study said that they included H. Gender race ethnicity family income parents marital status. Parental education the student's grade and high school course elections and the standardized measurement of vocabulary. And anybody that doesn't believe me -- challenger to an IQ -- you know I'm talking about and what's the matter with you -- later on I'll tell you things about the civil war. But you didn't even know I'm that's the kind of guy I am just keep required to. So these these are some of the things that we found in this city. Is that the people do have an advantage for being above average in looks and we want to know if you think that's true. Have you seen that have you seen that where you work usually if somebody gets a promotion that you wanted. It's the it's usually give is the person making the hiring decision that's his uncle. Or that's her rants or something like that will be some inside. Advantage that they had. Occasionally. Looks will be brought into I think to be fair and I think there are. There are people that are very nice who -- very good looking -- are resented by others simply because they are. It's not behavior world it you know they've -- principles that dumb down their own locks or dumb down their own IQ so. But the bottom line is other people like them because they have they have a head start in life they have an advantage because. Being attractive is an advantage I mean. Look let's not kid each other if if you've got Gisele Bundchen and applying for job and then you've got -- with a hard growing out of their head. You probably gonna hire Gisele Bundchen -- just the way it works okay. Tom Brady didn't date any women with a horn growing in on talk about. And that's the way it is because he's he's one of the beautiful people. Kick is why I think that's why I like to see moves on the like to see him sacked. But he gets sacked -- as is published in every after every game and so I'm thinking that's that -- -- -- what would you rather have that you -- -- gonna Warren Sapp. I'm guessing she is now he him from Biggio are always come back we wanna hear from you. Do good books rarely give you advantages in life. 80309301806. On 600 music and start 930. If you did not see -- our parent. -- and John King was here yesterday in town -- channel seventeen. Talking about the new educational standards of four New York. There are people who don't. Who don't appreciate what's going on they thinkers to. There's two different -- too much testing Bob Bob -- -- And one guy had to be escorted out and I always love it when there's somebody that gets thrown out the only thing would be better reasons they got a taste. That's that's my favorite when they tase them loud mouth zapped and they go down like a lot of potatoes -- -- -- -- this guy but they lifted them out of a crowd and escorted him out. And then I realized. This is a -- moronic -- because he's got that little girl says -- voice. And and this is what he sounded like as being hauled out of the meeting personally care. The very serious meeting because it's the channel seventeen in an engine on channel seven in your voice month must login above. It's possible however that's the reason I threw -- sound and -- -- and I get a read it. Oh I and so far. Some districts may be in this -- more. But if it appears that that he under the -- why don't you talk about the not certain. His 200 NASCAR race and if you would. Had. Used it a rip them. That it had not got that I was all in a match you know something it was too much reservation one event. And it could be as I -- they don't you know but they all about them out and that was but I thought this is our guy was our guy but he's the guy that called us. Remember -- coming show for corporations because I like the higher standards are like people being from being tested about not overly tested and certainly not teach to test. But I think that we all have standards engages in whatever and raising the bar is usually good thing that means that challenge. Lowering the bar usually doesn't work out too well. Blurry a country that always raise the bar now we getting a lot of people say it's just hard. But added his voice is so recognizable. That there was no way I immediately recognizes voice you could you tell us -- capsule. We knew immediately because we yet do we get him on the show a few times elect has said he's the same one that. -- -- I I'm not really I don't remember that when I would bat at that it doesn't -- -- okay I'll see your doughnuts a racial a meatball. Because what we have meatballs and here. And we saw some high stakes chicken farm we go if we got full poker going on in that -- play poker with food what -- Yeah you got it -- chefs there you -- at all since there. And then you have different pieces of food. Some dinner some dessert. That you could deluge of these stroman the plot after a lot of meals come from the pot right you put a chicken in the potter whatever. And then you get through a get to win if you have the best and -- -- and I like that food poker why not solid two way one earlier TV channels again nothing to put on their anyway -- reason you noticed now that there is a -- dynasty. -- yes so we -- time -- of the -- the the the the -- actually when -- water -- it grows a beard. I mean and I mean that's really. I I had a Obama Chia that I sent to my sister of years ago admirable and those were out that's a poem from the shelves well before it pulled him from the shelves right -- one. I had to go to like three places to find it and I senate tour. So we can deduct -- each year for Jeanine would be perfect for -- she loves to -- -- -- -- it's funny. I actually watched an episode the other day -- myself. And it's not too -- it's it's a very popular show -- people. People love it and I like the one because it was a back up to branch -- one branch out lake house football. He was a college football back to -- grudge no actually rational was his back. -- show was this guy's back up yeah you gotta be kidding me. OK next I meant it was telling in the -- cinema Bob and will be don't -- -- show hang America as your -- need some information on movie selections will be back after.

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