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12-13 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Dec 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You want but -- do about. The stray -- Going to be an interesting how moving John today at -- Malaysia always have a lobotomy said the major Bob that was who. Well people ask me all the time about you know new movies that are. Watch what's going to be exciting and the question target over and over again is. And as Larry the Cable Guy. Make a movie with Tyler Perry as Medea Herbert all here you go -- a Christmas you've got Larry the Cable Guy getting her done. With Tyler Perry in the big house dress yes. All your Christmas dreams and wishes have come true mr. and mrs. moviegoer -- -- probably sponsored by prospect through probably. -- probably -- I don't know the sound of music you have some information well yes. Probably the most controversial. These payments to ever come down the pike Carrie Underwood. And the sound of music we talked about it a little bit last week to -- ratings. For NBC. Eight team and a half million people watched it and everybody agreed. Now but to. That's a lot of people watching the Von Trapp family did come out and make a statement that they really wish Anne -- available -- hot. Not to be but NBC it's all. Pleased with this this production that they're going to be re running -- This this Sunday are -- Saturday Saturday night on the -- and tomorrow are bumping. It's a wonderful life yet -- more that Carrie Underwood the sound of music re run which. Personally. -- find a bit blasphemous. Julie Andrews says she did not see it because she had a speaking engagement. One would -- as soon as -- schedule -- she. Came color came upon a speaking yes and I think if that fell through she not even true -- update your address book and possibly -- -- exact. -- certain NBC is ABC is doing the Smart thing -- -- counter programming. All this Carrie Underwood sound of music stuff that's going on. And on Sunday. December 22. They're gonna be showing -- Julie Andrews sound of music prime -- gonna do it in four hours. And we'll be able to compete for people who just play how many differences there work between the play and between the movie and her people familiar with ball. This is one of those cases where just about every change they made. Was a good one the songs that they dropped the songs that they moved around to be sung by different people they pretty much made all the right calls for the movie. Let's have you know me well above one of my favorite songs -- my top five songs come from some music what do you think. -- want -- limb and say. It's. Just beautiful club. I love hate life and. This morning hours at a wedding once and it was a very nice wedding. And at the reception they had a strolling violinist now I'd never -- that you know edit any room with a solid violinist. An honest imbalance walks up to you you're immediately embarrassed that you just -- go to another table right. He's -- comes up and he sees staring and he's got that look he says what can play for you and the the problem I have is that it allies he was surprised that the choice but wasn't able to play I play it -- it's I don't yards on play. And I. Three dollars and -- happen to me wanna mess for flight of the bumblebee -- -- -- -- once and I asked for. Blacks and it's crazy train in an envelope. What they weren't able to do it 11 interesting fact about sound of music and I'm not -- the film's sound music. Until high winds and keep in birdies pars and it was one of those films I never saw it. And since I was coming of age as a film bought her seventies. I had a bit of a feeling of Iran and watch Scorsese. Koppel I don't know if he's sentiment likes on the media that. And then after years I finally saw sound of music and I just sat there. Is your. Full. Just a terrific picture one address it -- period next time you watch it and I do is just watching the next Sunday. Well when you see we. That opening sequence of Julie Andrews on the hill swirling -- swirling around on the mountain singing in the hills are alive. Keep in mind. For every single shocked. There was a helicopter. With a cameraman. And the other side of it zooming straight towards transgender and every time. They got to got close enough to finish the shot. The work force would not Julie Andrews flat on our -- that was pretty much the shooting -- her getting knocked down over and over what's. It was a area a national time to Eleanor Parker passed away. Issues like 95 -- played. The baron -- as China is trying to lower Christopher Plummer who's very good. Definitely in my top five crazy about it it is the darkest. Bleakest. Holiday film of all time it was a great movie. You will not be able to see -- this Saturday because of Carrie Underwood upper. But. NBC will be showing it Friday December 20 they are moving it to another night. If you'd like to see it on the screen. It's going to be playing at the screening room cinema cafe in the north town plaza here in in Amherst. It's going to be playing out this Friday and Saturday. And off for several other dates leading up to Christmas stuff you've never seen on the big screen the movie looks great out there that's a great place. OK now let's flip things around and do the movie IQ -- first to know we come back we'll do the box office -- -- our movie Ekuban. Buffalo born actress went like lover was born she's terrific she was born on this very date. I will not say how old she is. You know why why because I'm a gentleman that's nice I don't usually say the age but I started to worry about she doesn't want. There's no reason to say that let's be let's be nice about this. Name. The TV sitcom. In which Wendy Malick played Nina van horn was at eight hot in Cleveland beat dream on or CU just shoot me. All right the prize in movie pass for tutelage of some that are valid through December 31 one to thirteen 25 dollars and devoted to Santoro is pizza pub and grow. On Miller sport or on transit -- expiration date total value 43 dollars. General content rules apply we're so lucky because we have Wendy Malick and Christine Moran's bubble there and there are a lot of things and they're both excellent there -- a lot of things they're both gorgeous they're both funny. And I love that they're both really Smart cookies these are too Smart sharp lady I would will love I I would love if either of America is back it's on interview either or both of them because I item bigger Marvin will opt for the rest we'll take care will be back -- -- -- and company. Meanwhile B movie IQ question. -- with cinema bombings and he beat buffalo born actress Wendy Malick who -- door. Was though born on this date name the TV sitcom which she played in -- van -- and the answer would be just shoot like that that was the goods. It's -- it's very good she was excellent okay big box office knows Bob what did you. Well frozen. The the new Disney animated cartoon. After spending two weeks. After a number two moved up to number one in its third week and 32 million dollars is now 134. Million. It is a new blog post. A new record for the post Thanksgiving Day weekend. On top grosser and he's never made 32 million in the week after Thanksgiving before the worldwide gross. Overseas is a 190 million so far and maybe countries via opens enormous. -- produced either new animated classic for them. And number two Hunger Games catching fire have you seen I know I haven't gotten on the record well. You should take care. 26 million dollars. That is now at 336. Million. Strangely enough yet the overseas box office while he is also. 336. Million the exact same as the -- or guess that's IE. Think that's one of the signs of the apocalypse maybe we should be a little scared be careful yes yes keep an eye out. But -- jacket. And -- three. -- out of the -- the only new movie from last week brought in five million which quite frankly. Is awfully good considering now under use words and now poorly was received by audiences. As evidenced by the polls. At number 44. Dark world brought another five million it is not 194. Million it's over 400 million overseas. And number five Vince Vaughn's latest. Comedy I make an air quotes while I say comedy. Brought in four million dollars it is now are 25 million it is nearly made its 26 million dollar production budget back. But of course that -- advertising. Always there's a big not usually you're okay big movies they're big screen outside of Bobby member of the great movie I hate the title. The hot -- the desolation of. Smile and and it's this law smog yeah it's not even sell mode GD it's. -- -- eulogy. So I think it's pronounced my and okay smug you know autism dog is I'm a little smog time. -- It's actually a dragon. Isn't it's a dragon in this film it's a big computer generated. Dragon. They did not use any real dragon follow no dragons -- in making it yes Pete is very very strip about you drag and blah blah -- had a right goes on you can use the drag queens but not the right on status where they draw the line. This is the second filming just to bring quick reminder for everybody. Peter Jackson. A decade ago acted to three the Lord of the Rings stories that. And made three films that were absolutely. Beloved by the critics. And the audience to like the final one even won best picture. The Oscars that year just made tons of money extremely well regarded. I know nothing. About The Lord of the Rings are going into it. I became a fan very quickly I enjoyed them quite a bit. Sell because those made so much money. There was a lot of push for Peter Jackson to make a movie. Out of the -- it. Which -- was a shorter. Novel name to children who was really. Designed as kind of a primer. For The Lord of the Rings tales to introduce it to children and get them excited about reading this. Even though it was such a short -- they started to think -- What could be better to make three big movies. Out of this tiny little -- are stretched out because in that way mean you'd have more. Money money soul that's kind of what they did. And this is the second one in the series the good news is it moves a little bit faster. And has more action on the last one the bad one is it's still way too long and just not. Really. Necessary. It's it's frustrating these films. The the original three Lord of the Rings films really brought in a lot of people who war. Aware of the book we weren't really fans of books and brought them to. But these -- these comic films really I think are very similar to the Star Wars prequel. In that. This is made for the hardcore fans this is made for the people who just wanna go see any thing as the word hot. And this is pleasing. That particular audience it is unfortunately basically flat out MoneyGram. This time around a they like the works they -- all works of -- There there kind of these big spike Gary. -- creatures they're completely computer generated. Which for my money always makes them not scary in anyway whatsoever. Are there they're very computer. Animated hundreds of these come out at them and they don't usually don't hurt anyone they're not real white person gets slightly injured by one but it's not like oh my gosh they're killing everyone on our way to stop them it's more like old all of these carpenter -- to got all out on top floor stuff. On them would you what this big sword. There's also a very big escapes and is this is of course and treaty because when you have dwarves and Hobbits run and -- you want all the details do you. You feel like -- dwarves and Hobbits are about to land in your lap. There's one biggest state sequence where their writing down this raging stream in a barrel. Which after awhile you can't help but think well. Expose this will be a fun ride at the inevitable Lord of the Rings theme -- your -- happens open somewhere down line. As in the first Lord of the Rings films. Then he did a lot of the filming in New Zealand. Which is. One of the most beautiful places on earth I mean New Zealand is just breathtaking. But unfortunately you know the very last. -- film. There is so much CG price on any computer facts did. That it might as well have all been green screen it gets it all that unrealistic. Look to it there is slow much computer animation. That at times it almost feels like you're watching an animated film. Rather than a lot of action one that's ban in ballots that it's a big problem analog these fantasy films and superhero films now. There is so much building of the Little -- that feels like you -- watching a cartoon which for any takes away from it so much. Story why is this one is similar to catching fire or part strikes. In that the majority this film is just the setup. For the next -- a movie that's coming out -- next December. This story does bring you up to the edge and then say. Folks we'll see this year of monitoring the story -- exactly -- we come back we have other big movies in the bigs ran some new on the new release shelved by titles that you might like as well. It's a movie shows in on Bob -- sandy beach on news radio 930. Year Tom Bauerle weekdays three to 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM. WVE and at today's video of the day from my bubble up Burks is a thirty dollars -- typically chef's restaurant in buffalo everybody's Trevor for just eighteen dollars. So it's thirty bucks worth for eighteen boxes Christmas give the gift of chef's restaurant. A Western New York tradition for more than ninety years go to WBM dot com and click on my buffalo perks no go it is the movie show cinema Bob and sandy beach. Bob described a new movie hitting the big screen -- next up. Taylor Prague -- a Medea -- For us and thank goodness this film has come along because. Always like white Christmas and it's a wonderful life. People are just tired of them -- the relevant waiting for that Tyler Perry mega movie to come along to get rid of all old -- has his classics. This is that. -- Day -- movie in eight years from Tyler Perry. From everything I've bragged he would love. To retire that dress and stop playing the here each fall. Black grandmother just tells it like it is. In this film she starts working. Santa's village type situation department store. Spend fifteen minutes insulting. Everybody until she's finally fired. On the she then. Goes with a friend spent holidays and small town. Down south where she gets involved in. In all their lives in -- now there's complications in the town the Christmas festival doesn't have enough funds so it's not going to be done this year. They -- corporate sponsor who's willing to sponsor the Christmas festival. As long as it's changed to a holiday hot dog -- they take Christmas out of -- so they they bring in -- war against Christians that this is. Tyler Perry films especially the -- of films. I'm very broad in characterization. And humor that are not shooting for subtlety here -- there. And he of course has on what you run in with the KK KA well. I don't have a true. What's the real difference between. My days doing this kind of broad stop and broad jokes with the kkk. Mel Brooks poking fun at Hitler and I'll just springtime for Hitler stuff in India in different camps. Tyler Perry of course has problems with critics and we've had not been particularly well reviewed so he does not. Do early screenings for the critics. I was only able to find one review. That was put on line before it came on the air today and that was from movie nation and I have to say. They raved here's a quote from that review. It's the worst Tyler Perry movie ever halt progress he's making progress yet. The film. Apparently though does this come to life. And now Larry the Cable Guy. Is on screen with me today. And the few things that I read about it did suggest that -- wish there have been more of the two of them squaring -- Because whether. It's a particularly strong film or not. Let the cable guy knows how to get laugh. I mean he even with weak material. You know -- to -- out -- Tyler Perry even with weak material. -- can get laughs as well. This was thing that surprised me. The idea. That you would have critics. Saying. He needed more Larry the Cable Guy that's not something you hear from critics all that often. There is also a bit of a group. In his from certain him after an American web sites and magazines requesting that people boycott. This for a particular film complaining that you know days they're just. -- too broad too low brow that people should be supporting films like twelve years slave investment holidays or Butler. I'm not a big fan of this kind of organized boycott for the most part I'm I must say I am on. I'm more fan. Regular. Darwin. Evolution when it comes to audience chased the people go see it. They won't go and they won't let us stop being the American people want to see. How old is an audience for it. And that's not the -- you know there's a lot of the evolution of entertainment I mean look at those shows like Amos and Andy. In an anti -- anymore bush legitimately it was a very funny show but he could be offensive to a lot of people to Austria and you know Oprah I mean having -- -- were not exactly for -- Ginger Rogers now and that was enormously popular. There's still extremely funny I was watching on. Recently read a very a very interesting piece on AV club. Website concerning. Amos and Andy and I watched a -- on YouTube because I'd seen. A handful of in the past and I remembered when video factory first opened up in -- I decided to try bringing in a couple collections. On Amos and Andy titles. We had a very strong African American -- audience that are first or. And I was a little unsure. How does receivers how how would be received but I thought well. Put on shelter rejected complaints we'll get rid of them will try it out. They fixed dinner and why they're very funny and what I want to shell. It really I mean the humor does. For the most part. -- out of character as much as -- sure are -- yeah as far as how well the king Fisher's trying to -- them in the yeah it -- then he's trying to do it if it was more about who they words characters rather than racial slurs but. In just about every episode there's always one or two lines -- others may meet Chris march break is over a couple of lines and -- belongs in there. On somebody like Al Jolson. And because I listen to the records more than seeing the film in -- a -- language you. The black face really didn't seem to play into -- he didn't seem to be doing a caricature along a step and fetch it. Now style or anything like that it just. Seemed like a big boisterous jazzy. As sitting style but because black face was part of that because there's so many important things in. Amos and Andy you get certain areas of our our history there really are yeah they're they're -- decide. It's too bad but you certainly and understandably was to begin the bottom line is is that funny that's funny. Are right let's see how about a Christmas story that's always good to talk about. This is a neat thing now this film of course came out. December. In 1983. OK at the box office not a lot of people us -- it was a huge hit. Did nicely on video and then the TBS cable channel. Decided to try running it for 24 hours one year between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And it just became an instant classic I mean a lot of people have enjoyed it. But everybody seemed to be able to see part of the film at least once and it just became slow so popular it's it's the next ordinarily funny movie. And -- the Riviera theatre tomorrow is giving your chance to see -- up on the big screen with a huge audience which is terrific but it's also. Going to be part a benefit to work. That members of the -- doing. The the little girl from a lot of them as far as the kids the little brother the one who -- mashed potatoes and couldn't get his arms down in the snow suit. He's going to be there. On the Scott Schwartz flick the kid who got his talks in his tongue stuck fly the flag pole he's going to be there. And then we'll also have the fire truck that rescued him. There at the thing. And the bully is also going to be there as well I'll be answered questions from the audience you've got photos done. They're going to be auctioning off. A red Ryder BB gun auto red Ryder for charity this Sweeney host company and non art I don't -- is going to be benefiting from this. It's got to be. A lot of good now we're back what -- are aware of them show with senator Bob May sandy beach it is the movie show -- cinema Bob May sandy beach new revenue really show fast and furious. Six in this as an interesting back story to -- about absolutely this is. Of film in the series that was released this past year the last. Theatrical release to Paul Walker had before pass and -- just a couple of weeks ago. Vin Diesel Dwayne Johnson Michelle Rodriguez so large cast enormously successful title. Universal. Is. Really -- they're too big releases weakness and despicable me two and in both cases. They are really utilizing. The did do with the digital disc format in such an extraordinary manner as far as. The amount about feature -- deleted scenes commentaries. Extended versions with the fast and the furious. They even have a section that they call take control. In which -- You have Vin Diesel Paul Walker. Michelle Rodriguez. They appear. At various times in the film in a little video thing that pops on the -- the film will stop. And -- talk about things that happened during the making everything going into detail of that particular sequence it's really taking. The audio commentary. That is everybody's used to it taking it to that next level of stopping the action discussing pointing things out. One thing that you might -- seen in the commercials for this is that universal is going to be donating a percentage of the proceeds. From all sales of festive period 62. Paul Walker's charity. Reach out worldwide. On he started this charity in January 2010. After the earthquake that hit Haiti. And I tell you normally. When you have a situation. Start dying before release like this and studio. Using that in the advertising and -- will donate something to charity often it does seem like. It's easy to cynically look at that as a little bit of cash -- using to charity for. Monetary purposes as far as making the film more successful. I do think it's a different in this one this is a charity that he was involved in for years he was very active and and on the day of his death. He was attending -- holiday toy drive for this organization is very much a part of them and I'm glad universal is is doing that. Still no word on exactly. How they're going to be incorporating his death in too fast and furious seven which there are limits to -- I don't know yet whether he'll be in part of the film. Whether they'll start from scratch and that's -- was still being decided. How about you just mentioned despicable me -- that's also. Very very funny guy animated films from. Universal is the second one in the group Steve Carell. Doing my favorite type of cartoon. Accent. I mean he plays group. A brilliant evil mastermind. And Steve Carell rather than choosing. Anyone accent. Decided to create his old little. -- European. French since. Hungarian. Mix. Of an accent. That sounds like a bad guy it's it's not like any voice you've ever really heard it's super creative he's very -- Kristen -- also. Is on and in this one Steve Coogan Benjamin -- also do voices. They've got to. I'm not a 33 new short films with characters from the films from the movie a lot of making. Sequences in the year a lot of gains and little actors -- those little yellow minions which you just becomes so popular. It is one of those nice video releases that if you get it as a gift. For the kids yet they're gonna watch the movie you wanna watch it several times but there's a whole lot of other stuff that will be able to explore and have fun -- also. Next that brand. Very appropriately timed for release Mary Poppins the fiftieth anniversary edition. Yes next week will be talking about saving mr. banks in the film that Disney studios did about the making of this film. It was not an easy road getting Mary Poppins under the big screen Walt Disney it would make a land -- musical. And author. PL Travers wanted to keep Walt Disney as far away from her story and she possibly could. Will be looking at that this week this is the first time Mary Poppins. Has been out on Blu-ray it is completely digitally restored. And this as well as the usual Disney. Actors of all sorts of games making futurists. And things of that sort and just. A terrific film while my happy just early. Moviegoing memories as a cute it was was seeing this on the big screen. I have a confession to make Bob. I hate to do a publicly but I well I have never seen merry. You. And -- soldier you'll need it remittances that's a treat for years now and you get to see Mary popping view you will. The -- we just like when I finally saw sound of -- got to say. Why it turns out this is an absolutely delightful -- Alex. I'm gonna see saving mr. banks is sort of that comes out next week and so I'll assume that I'll wanna see America that fit that you should see that's probably a great way to do it easier on him to -- the other. Okay especially -- or find out that. She didn't want to hear -- and Doug in the park and she wasn't even through old. But Julian. I'll I'll give you one little small preview I don't know if this happened in the movie itself but this is something -- in real life at the preview. After she saw the final film with the audience. She walked over to Disney afterwards. And he replied what do you think she said yes well for one thing. The animation -- ago you've got to get rid of that. To which Walt put his arm around her smiled broadly and said that ship has sailed -- pop pop -- out. I'm locked away. Bureau very address the story all right you have about thirty seconds and thank god that's our you have to tell us about the -- This is not a movie from last year they are treating the video releases. For the other films the same as they did with Lord of the Rings in that earlier in the year you had the theatrical review your version. Now they're releasing the extended version that I think it is just seven and a half hours long but don't worry it. It only feels like fifteen hours. I just want to undergo that about wraps it up and we'll see you Monday you know but returns an original. You returns so where polls right here will see event on the Israeli and I -- Libya. We'll -- much they never has to needs to be used she.

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