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12-17 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello what is bridging company I'm sandy -- my circle of friends. Has grown by one. Yes I'm very particular who I'd be friend I'm not a guy that just collects friends but I batted one friend of my list and that would be. Chris Johnson's wife not the matter never seen -- never saw that divert the bush he makes good cookies I can tell you that right now. It is reason governor. Don't ever to have those Oreo ball cookies yet -- -- -- every grain of red green. -- at one of each point I wanna be equal opportunity one green one red excellent then their Chris can't steer wired those are great cookies absolutely. Is the and I am finishing -- just took a bite out of -- argued that and I also made the rounds here and told donors giving to ever Burnett liked about 1 o'clock. -- -- It is if I don't get cookies everybody out like I'd get all the cookies myself except for you to guys and a couple of others but that they're very good very very -- And -- have -- flavorful. But they have some things that a lot of people don't really consider I know you consider but you don't think you're considerate. And that is texture -- important with food. And these these cookies have a nice texture and rice fields of them. In a good play every can't beat that can't be that it is a -- and governing. And I'm telling you I got my ten dollars worth of mega tickets last night on the way home while it was in the afternoon tired I you have to get used to when reliever it's not night yet. But to -- box are -- ago. Is that by hundreds of dollars worth -- lottery tickets I mean. The other side by ten dollars worth -- so I got a few numbers that. Good to look at right but the odds are going to be astronomical. Even if you buy you know a 100000 dollars worth. Because otherwise everybody buying a 100000 dollars worth that hundred dollars. If you go if you went what is -- 568. Million they say it could go. To a billion it's possible they could go to a billion. Alessio lottery executives. Of the Virginia lottery from Mega Millions said the ticket sales are ahead. But anything of could -- of the cart record of 656. Million set in march of 2012. And this headline says others predict the jackpot will reach a billion dollars. Now I think we should have what Canada has has a tax free. A lottery I don't know if they're all tax free but they have at least one game this factory and and that will be the game I would play. Because ever known as somebody -- -- a hundred million dollars and by the time they get the jackets fourteen dollars and 32 cents. And after -- -- outputs -- paused and written. You know first are you -- you take a lump sum I grabbed you right away you know that that's that and the taxes they take out before even get it. And not that it's adding this is that. But it's much less than the advertised. You know winnings and that's it. But I've said before I'll say again. If I won this and that the mega -- listening emperor of Portland -- I would have the best news conference they've ever had for a lottery winner because they get -- people who. Conference. And shell shocked and they say predictable. Things. It went 800 million dollars now I'm not going to quit my job -- give me a break. It's I don't I like is not gonna change my life. And how would you buy a ticket if you don't want to change your life you know if you don't -- -- is perfectly fine exactly the way it is don't buy it it. As one less person after. After -- again a couple of get a ticket now that change Virginia buzzed about eucharist. I'm thinking about it I'm always hesitant about a huge jackpot tickets. There's a prominent when I want a little less attention at the fifty email instead of the all the news. Are you out of billion what you mean there are some states. That you are not required to come out publicly you can collect yeah not a lot but you're not required to. And they have you -- mandate. You always think about somebody you know -- placing a ticket. Or throwing away ticket they thought it already expired -- that the one for a billion dollars in -- -- great -- great they're great story. And I think it's worth playing. The lottery for one reason not that you expect to win because you don't and if you expect the wonderful okay. It's the fantasy part of what what I do it. Who would I give it through what I've applied what what you know who could I help. Organized now -- guys say take this job and shove it through I mean these are things that people about a lottery tickets in its worth the I but embarks and went to bucks apiece a dollar PO. I think you meet -- box that for a note that -- But. Yeah -- it's the kind of thing -- the fantasy aspect of it because the bottom line is no matter how many times they tell you the odds are are better of -- being struck by lightning which they are by a lot. Somebody does win and that's what drives the lottery. Somebody -- and advocate of the -- But if you even that lottery drawing. Say it would come right here just -- our stations among us you know. When that's called apple -- on the entire country that's not gonna happen. It could and that's the cookie. It's like you know it's it's like you don't really expect to but it would be a nice surprise so RT if you buy tickets and if votes that your debtor -- nine means one now be rock and roll hall of fame which I'm in by the thing departments that expressing. As announced we're of their classroom this year a big mistake -- with the rocker hall of fame. The first few years because you know rock and roll have been out since the fifties. In some way -- perform. They put way too many artists in the first couple years and then it started putting fewer of what you would call really core artist. Well I run out of core. And now -- a lot of the nominees are very marginal could be in the rocker raw politics let's see what you guys think of these of these. Peter Gabriel is going to be and this year absolutely. Event so -- you know which charities or Genesis right so yeah as he can be and more than once. I mean McCartney could be in with The Beatles and you know that kind of stuff. Artsy guys girls like him -- Holland notes. -- rock and -- I have a problem with -- -- you're an artist you know -- -- -- sold out but as rock and roll you know solo -- on the tiny Tim -- there today -- what you've gone -- I -- And I think the same thing Tony things I never thought of them as a rock band you know that's. Absolutely. Home run homer on Africa as -- and I'm lukewarm I guess I'd like yes but. All of in my life I've heard that they weren't like great musicians and early stage -- out exactly -- -- the -- What the -- for prisoners I know they got voted in by the fans but what I wanted to standards. Is -- the stage -- is the great just got. Studio exactly what's the criteria I got a good there Gene Simmons story when I was programming KV Gene Simmons came up the visit by himself not with the rest of the guys. And I collected. Pitcher this. And the set of all our individual faces of kids had just come out the label had just announced that they're coming out they sent me a set because I collected them. OK it was even a Billboard Magazine. Which -- -- comes up. We're talking and he looks up at the wall he's admiring the collection suddenly turns and there's a forecast faces he said. I don't have fees and settlement yet he gets in my phone calls label making this up he calls the label that is how hey. Else going on there sandy beach has the you know I don't exit. Bowler with thicker but I thought it was pretty funny I didn't give a mind. It should sign it actually while I was there and think. -- -- -- -- Yes because they were actually Guam breakers for -- -- -- and a completely. I think out of all of the bands of that type Nirvana would be my favorite. A -- -- that yeah. I you've never listened to written letter that's enough to give a legitimate opinion Cat Stevens yes. So yes -- guess -- -- Stevens you know I I really very much liked him as an artist but -- have. What I would call an overwhelming career to be in the hall of fame. But that's that's. If you asked me if this is an outstanding class -- at -- -- problem. But -- I don't think we're gonna see more outstanding classes there because there priority there if it was called a rock and roll hall of fame. Think of who'll really started rock and -- book core artist before the army stuff a lot of core artists copied the army's you know. But -- Chuck Berry Fats Domino Elvis Presley Jerry Lee Lewis certainly. Those artists. I mean you run out of those artists after a few years if you put too many government at the start now others obviously play rock and roll after the pioneers. But a lot of these a lot of in the hall lied to me are not particularly rock and roll -- Now when you look great now basically that's all that's left because you've got. Basically anybody that was anything in the fifties is already in -- same with the sixties and pretty much now all the seventies and how we're looking -- what's next thing here. I mean Michael will -- -- chime in. I've only. I'm glad I don't do music anymore because I think music -- by and large I mean that's some good stuff everyone's wildly. Not -- must not -- anonymous I take a break. On -- and company good luck on your Lotto ticket it's actually go for your mega tickets -- I. Will take will be back after. I go well I go into the mail room because we got very little Mayo now we get the movement no electronic it's either text -- Are emailed. But I go -- there and there's a couple of Christmas cards thank you very much there's also a letter now I was never get a letter nobody sits down and writes a letter okay. Now I had had no. When I read the latter. And the letter starts off which is how much this person likes me and thinks I'm money. Okay that was the end of the good times right there. For Matt through these I like your urine for Obama but it would have meant to your show is terrible that's not matter what you. You're going you know Marla Howell blah blah blah blah and I don't Andy says I'm sick of hearing is say about -- I'm -- and angry -- and and but then -- signs up and says. Merry Christmas and has got business. You know what word he hates. Guest -- again okay ball that you get one NASA Hubble word that whenever I use that. He hates it and what you don't you know me. If I know somebody had something I try to do as much as possible okay so what went ignored as I guess I'll play aggressive dignity. No I didn't so I thought it might be mixing up -- it's the wrong -- no Apple's. What's wrong with not saying he hates when I use the word Apple's now I I don't know I didn't tell him this but we all have them. Most of us have to them I'm blessed with three and it's it's one of the joys of a -- me and -- -- hates it he has toys were novels though. Here pal you're listening suppose that -- -- -- some samples samples say Chris -- thank you we've also -- -- write letters to YouTube I feel a certain guys who took but I had to laugh because he's exasperating me after telling me he really likes me. And that -- and any signs -- Merry Christmas we'll see happy how they got it exactly right see if maybe yours like bipolar. He's way up -- -- are not. I just don't get what's wrong with the word that now he doesn't like it. He doesn't age doesn't like a bomb line I'm -- either he does like my laugh. Which is good in a living -- line while I do too because you know our pick that up in Texas where everybody says that when I worked there. -- -- -- Some may play an instrument thank you I -- in Texas everybody says that and so to pick up I was down there and I picked up via the nomenclature. Well we come back we're gonna tell you why why why one of your favorite anchors is not on the air channel two but will return zone. Will go over that a couple of other things before it's our subject today. It is beach and company. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use WB EN. Dot com. We'll be agent dominate today's eleven day from my mobile parks is a thirty dollar certificate to a neighbor's public. On -- or have an average of fifteen dollars from stakes to burgers. Neighbors club offers bubbles finest bear at an affordable price go to WBM dot com and click on my buffalo. Perks logo. Well I I'm sure you miss them if you've turned on channel two but our friend Scott Levin has been off the air. For awhile and that's because he underwent back in spine surgery alum parliament. Has revealed this though we knew it but. Idea. He is printed that today in the buffalo knows he's been off the air since. Since the end of November. And will be back on the -- tentatively schedule. Policies. He says he's making progress every day this is his quote. -- -- quote but now that I'm AARP. Eligible because he just turned fifty stamina is taking longer to return and I thought. A plan to be wore -- back to work after New -- lawyer clearance from a doctor -- back that surgery yeah very tricky and you do have to -- He sat idle a long term deal with channel 20 he is the youngest lead -- news anchor in the market. So he's younger than both those. And he's -- younger than Keith Radford. His target for return is January 6. His doctor told not to Russia we miss them on the air but we're sure that when he. Returns. -- -- in in in good health and we were happy about that he's grown a beard I can't picture him with a beard. Is and it's funny that he's on a station that has a guy not with a beard but its name -- John beard. But I guess is betterment saying he's he's growing a Walton yes Michael will result the net and knowing an Michael wooten. Is a one of the people filling -- on -- Galvin. Got a good job. I watch Monday and he's -- Maria de Janeiro how good is that Maria Joseph Louis we love origin are obviously. I turn on the next day and he's I would Jennifer's the notice. Shouldn't even collect a pay check if I would Jennifer sabonis and Marie de Janeiro you should pay them I'm in -- -- broke you know beautiful outstanding members of our broadcasting community but good luck to you Lewis got eleven we come back here is a class act -- America house. And -- got a good step down yet he really Toledo will be the big thing now it's a lot of people own them yeah and you know it's that's fine. But the bands that were on the baseball players were discussed -- way they are disgusting. They look like I'd I turned I thought dot dynasty was on. I mean I could hear in the background was. And -- mailman -- known. Dueling banjo has come and clean shaven. Some 21 year old should root for the gee -- pictures yeah and now and they had these stupid beards -- stick out there only one thing worse and that's the helmet hair. That the NFL has its I don't have pomo. And now everybody's got. Evelyn yeah grades the upgrades there hanging out there down into their need pads practically their flight at our economy's very visual. Of course don't know what the guys look like most of them in the NFL. In baseball you see their -- does and now wearing a helmet. But those beards. You liked what -- like about them -- it's mainly its its -- it's you know. -- have grisly. Car. Are you are testosterone. Latent guy. What else do we have here. Sure of this a good cause but I'm not sure this is a good idea what your opinions both of you get the vote. This -- West Virginia. Motorists who get ticketed for speeding. Can avoid facing a judge or paying a fine by -- by donating to the police departments holiday toy drive. According to the newspaper they -- and it was cited for speeding in the city of ransom west -- has three options you can contest the ticket in court. You can declined to pay it and pay the fine where you combine a toy for an underprivileged child and get the citation dismissed. Now we like the idea of underprivileged children getting -- obviously who wouldn't but I don't. That's wrote about the idea that the just dismiss the speeding charge if you buy a -- The does that in my in my to a harsher I have more Christmas spirit in this. Yes you're being too hard considering that. Which read that money benefit -- did. Or some politician. Whose money it. -- -- he used it for whatever because you know he'll speak to an open bar revenue generator anyway well I -- that votes in my thinking is layered grasshopper. My thinking is doesn't this superficially look like you're buying your way out of a ticket because say this. If you if you -- stopped and you offered something in exchange for not getting the ticket. You'd be cited for bribery. They would rescue for bribery. Now they're okay this and I like the idea of it. But I think it looks like you're buying your way out which you can plea bargain down so OK if you want -- any electronic toilet get your stuffed toy. A lesser charge that with their interest in is the fine so there not to give you marks on your license of the realty. The intent that the -- not been the second looks like your buying your way out what if congress I can feel the same way you do I think I mean can't the police department unified money -- buy toys anyway. That's part of the process -- point I'd like that because I just don't want to seem like you could buy your way out of it even but it would cost. I mean try this this to be good stuff today. It's it's got a stop the -- -- license registration please and open all day officer. The other favorite charity. A hundred dollars for your favorite Sherri if you don't write this ticket. Hell handcuffs. Hauled away. In the slammer pretty soon people named Bruce will call you honey. I mean -- let's go let's go to war you know about that don't try that do not try that at home because of the war. All right so that was 21 Tony. But I'm being nice -- lows as. There are consequences to elections who said that hope Barack Obama. Golly Barack beach is what else we have. This could be it's they restored the radio you know this is an example. In park you know Illinois NIC patch of roadway cause an accident that sent an SUV crashing in the front window over radio station. -- gather and make McAllister sixteen years old pro and I used to driving on -- lost control of his SUV after hitting ice on the roadway. He was unhurt no one was in the radio station at the time so -- very lucky I was on the -- and got hit by a car. I was I was a WGR Edwards affair and a -- and a motor home a GMC Monroe was organized in the back of it was a studio. With a big glass window OK I'm at the fair and our money and I'm talking and I see this woman. In a car it's it was like Buick Electra to 251 of those big big ship sized cars. And Nancy and her she's backing up backing up and I'm watching -- I'm a -- light. And I'm saying about to get hit by her as she back right in the radio and there was no way that you probably wasn't listening to me but I can say through the radio -- hey lady don't. Hello to wait a that's the first time I think in their personnel he's been in an accident while not moving. In it in a vehicle but I saw that happens -- much damage. Some because motor homes and not a cheap to repair. And then not like you just disconnect offender and put a new one and so yachts are do it I'd describe it so no question it was a fault -- -- We have a verbal record of it. Will be back after this couple more things before where you -- the subject now that you -- a year you talk about reference album watching all these shows on them Alaska. That's you know unless you live in the metro area if you live anywhere outside of one of the metro areas like princes -- Juno which is the capital. Is inaccessible by roads that. Kicks at Navarro of forget it. But anyway they can't well woman. Who berg her snowmobile to survive. Nearly three nights in the wilderness is sure she -- wolves circling. Her camp site. The Fairbanks daily news reported Vivian Mayo 57 years old severely I both Harvick when she was found who's -- a search party. Many voters and that's pretty rugged when you have the burn your snowmobile. For survival. So. Alaska but I'm estimated by analysts. Our our chief engine used to work there at the doctor Adams and know what it was like that would Thabeet. It in Alaska working at a radio station. It's like a bill is going to be blacked out I mean it that's it looks like January and -- Warner's column here's the reason I think it looks that way. Russ Brandon. Says the game will be blacked out that's his quote. -- On that right away you'll notice the nuance than that the game will be blacked out because I think they had something like 161000. Tickets left. And nobody not even -- Salvatore. Is gonna buy that many tickets unless rescuers up the idea of is above ground burial plot and decides the idea. The game against Miami would be more worthwhile. But I don't think -- do that. Now you know Monday when they buy out their own tickets. Any team has the option to buy any remaining tickets at 34 cents on the dollar. And the reason maker Biomet like your proposal -- -- on tickets. He only has to pay 34 cents on the dollar you'd -- while comedians got a break. While it simply because that's the visitors share of the of the revenue so it he'd be picks it up at 34 cents a dollar. That's a good deal of world for Ralph. This could be the last that we see. The look like -- -- congressional low people might get involved. They say this is only I think the second of the year in the NFL. Can't we just covered -- -- like they do with some stadiums. Objects announced whose actions were clobbered I think we still -- the cut outs from from the Robert Redford movie you know -- had cut -- that the old rock pile. And we could probably put those embassies and we got enough and an all eyes you -- guiding. Who was the fake signer. OK first of all you've got to do this if you did not see it I didn't see when it happened. Seven and lives and the guy who does Obama and he's excellent he really has the speech pattern now it looks a little like okay. He's speaking and then the -- comes out. And I don't really watch senate like that much anymore but it's a guy who as Angela Adams got that kind of pace we have laugh these media obviously. He's signing well run while Obama's -- it's hysterical. It is one of the best pieces I've -- on Saturday Night Live for ever. And the way to find it is just go to Google and what does Saturday Night Live old bomb. It's a sign interpreter something like that -- -- up but it's funny accent yeah it is very funny. Well the real guy who was the fake. Could have been involved in a murder the -- is now out. The it makes sign language interpreter and Nelson Mandela's this is -- story. Memorial has run its course a cousin and three friends say he was part of a mob. That accosted two men found with a stolen television and burn them to death. By setting fire to tires placed around their necks. OK so apparently don't cotton to thieves there in South Africa so they cut this guy. Oh where it was stolen Tuesday they put tires around his neck and on more than one -- they've put tires around their necks and burn them and kill them. His name is and I can't pronounce that he never went to trial for the killing the other suspects dead because authorities later said he was not mentally fit to stand trial. -- this guy I was standing three feet away from the president of the United States. And I don't know if -- I assume that. Be on the background check they -- weapons Jack I don't think anybody can get that close to the president or any of the other dignitaries. And he was standing there. The he said that he had schizophrenia. Hallucinations he believes he saw angels. And he was gesturing in car and coherently while the president was speaking. That is pretty scary with all of the security we have for our president in the United States this guy I was three feet away from home he reached and touch them. And that -- of you know ago animals a suspicious of your role at higher up on the podium. But I'm think and that's that's. Trying to explain that if something happened. Mention explaining that lack of security. Where the guys just standing there that's how Secret Service to background check and was going to be around him. I would think so but remember. The number there -- nine B a dignitaries. Who worked most of them were heads of state. Assume of them would have security and all of them would have -- back projects I was concerned about the Mandela service. Foreign terrorism. Because even somebody who wasn't totally successful as a terrorist. If they cause any damage I mean look at the and I was really concerned and make a big deal about on the air I was concerned about security and here's this clown. Who was who was implicated in a murder standing right next to him and signing incoherent. And they paid him 85 dollars that should have been the tip off. Yes. It's our South Africa where in the best interpreter of sign language we couldn't possibly. -- bust them. It's gonna have to pay job but this guy does not come cheap we don't care it's Nelson Mandela he's the father of our country. All the world leaders will be there it's important we have the best one. We're willing to go 85 dollars. And I don't know what to think about it. Maybe get express one. It. May -- Maybe their pay -- is less than ours I'm guessing. And -- our. President. I'm surprised you haven't tried to unionize. You know talking about I mean because that I was obviously not competent. No -- -- When we come back. Here's what we're gonna talk about and believe me I know you'll wanna talk about it. Is it okay. For a fund raiser who belongs to one party. To raise money. For a person who is a prominent member of the other party if you're looking at the two major parties Democrats Republicans. Is that okay. Is it not OK in 03093018061692. Through six -- 930 we'll explain further in case you were off the planet was -- is. -- Beijing company.

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