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12-17 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pick -- -- -- -- -- I think there's every governor eight. And I'm sandy beach and have those of you know the show. I am I echo Tony's mentor Tony is the executive producer Chris is our our part of our three man dug a conglomerate team here. And we -- work closely together but. And really and Tony's mentor and sometimes it's not directly related to radio or I have to kind of educate Tony in army. Now Tony wants an answer these question truthfully. When my whole in my hand bottled water bottle water is that there has been opened yet no it is not as not you know why because here's the deal. -- if I do need hydration. I'll take a step from this bottle water but I won't do it until I absolutely have to you know why because. This water goes down the throat down here it's goes down there and eventually you hear it saying. How you must -- out like -- and -- And then I know the only place I can let him escape. Is the -- which are all of most seventy yards away there a long way there's a through several hallways and -- And we don't have Erica time and so it's only under emergency conditions that I would drink this water. -- watching you. You're subject to the same rules regulations and distance of an instrument and I am command. Drinking coffee. That's what he was squeezing a cat is to get it. Drops of Joe's you -- leak in the ceiling I mean. What is likely to -- yourself as humanly possible. Which means that every half hour specifically if we haven't changed format your screwed because now at least we have knows every half hour okay. And during the -- Chris is right here Chris jumps into the captain's chair you'll run. -- and view released the you release the people they get they get to go somewhere else. But this time it didn't quite work you know you've got as far as the door that goes to the restrooms. And they're putting new carpeting down and what happens well they yeah lie on the floor carpet in the air. In there's nowhere to tell you can't you do is no way to go they are between you and the rest room. So here's my suggestion could end up knowledge could not go and I know why I and I can see that look in her eyes and it's not roaming. I'm thinking and here are some suggestions you can take a -- them. First of all two studios down his kiss they have a hot though. It's empty if you would like to drive that okay that's for also Tim's office Tim has a plant in there. You send him out for something and you know. Hydrate his -- and will grow who had. -- -- -- -- Swim with the basketball this would mean right now I know you're in pain and it's not up to me to make fun of you because you can't go to the restroom. As I was online last night hours checking out of the sons of the pioneers who were. -- on my favorite early early country groups and their favorites on. Called it pays the bad error in ways web and decades ago water learn. Be nice in the winter a bubbling stream. And -- -- the stream goes down hill. And as it hits each rock you can also cents. A bit of relief on well after that splashes just bubbles here in Maryland -- shores. Our it's -- and be vegetable industry in Finland I guess you are score basically. Do we have any. And peppers in the house adult diapers -- do we have book. I don't know Golan and remember a sensible copy. -- It is an empty bottle. -- allies that you'd need the wide the light -- blow -- about work about as big hugs. The water -- That would show us that. At Iowa where was shut the light off. And can you hold off till tomorrow night because the client parties here and Hollis sponsors show up and they have good food good drinks and good times can hold up till now and that will be fun to watch. What you -- some of the off fireworks going on while reading the the -- because the carpet and scholars don't understand that that's the only restaurant right yet and they did put up any signs in the -- one of our employees went flying through that door and stepped on the cover a lot of blue and then on the carpet all like. Here for a football reference in there was a lot of yelling back and you know have to sign it now -- have the -- a special footprint. They'll say remember that day either putting them carpeting and he couldn't get to a restroom fast -- I -- a -- after ripple that piece. I don't know I I I don't know I've seen I've watched people install carpet but on not on -- traditional floor I think this is like cement. Into okay. Poland's second before it's a show where -- -- golf -- of -- to open and some little room. It. We. -- -- -- -- you know when you need water unique waters behind. Upon a time -- off the air in an hour and 47 minutes. I should not as good enough time to escape on Estonia but I -- telling this is great water did not have. Drugs -- urged don't buy Italian standards. And we're talking. Like to again opening it on -- part -- that's good. It might work and have some take a virtual posted on FaceBook. Does my social media or wanna share all of the things with the audience this is real drama reported that the via web page I think it would be very we have a lot of all right his words are about today. This is a subject that. I know if you take the intellectual Ohio wrote on this you're gonna get hurt I think you're right now. If you take the ideal world on this you're going to get pushed out a clip that you'll never forget. But there is more than one side -- this and I am. My eyebrows were raised. And I'm sure a lot of others -- eyebrows were raised when I found out that. Anthony joy yeah. It was a Republican. And he's a big fund raiser. He's ahead many major fundraisers for. The Republican Party Republican candidates he has an REP he is a Republican. And he was having a fund raising dinner last night. For home. For our Brian Higgins. Who was not a Republican. Democrat. He's a congressman he's a democratic congressman. So you're saying. What Anthony joy -- Republican fundraisers having a dinner to raise money for Brian Higgins. While it's all about you're not the only one to say that Republican Carl probably hit -- post said the same and and Paladino said that joy is a rhino which means the Republican in name only. In other words the real. You know pretends to be Republican but it's really Democrat. Is a -- decides we better a better -- pick at this Danner is at the historical society. And I guess there was -- that there was something at his house to in the Olympic of that now I don't know if they did that there's a picture of them picketing at the historical society. So there's always the thing about this that I that I agency. The first awhile and these are and any particular order one Wednesday. If you thought that Brian Higgins was doing a great job and it really benefiting the community. And and making -- buffalo Western New York better. And you want to make sure that he had a fond memories of fundraising ability to to keep doing that job. Maybe it'll be on the party label and say. -- okay is -- normally raise money for Republicans but I'm gonna raise money for him. If if you -- if you thought that. However. However you also with him. You also get the democratic agenda. You remember and I don't know if I need to remind you. That went obamacare wasn't a done deal yet and people from here went down there to let their elected representative Mel. That they did not want obamacare what happened to Brian Higgins. He head. He did not even come out of his office he had like a little girlie man. So my in my mind my thought is the concept of -- raising money. For somebody in the opposite party if they're outstanding in doing a good job you community that concept as a decent concept he's the one guy. He is the wrong guy and so I think -- that's not a good thing to do. But there's also the other side of the coin it wouldn't matter if he's the best elected official in the history of elected officials if he's not in your party you don't want anybody vehement in mind that salaries to it. If -- party was putting up all I don't know. -- -- for a candidate. And the other party was putting up -- I don't know an Angel. For the office you'd still vote for the double because the -- in your party L I went through this look at the local. Because I I've dock at the local laws that I still agree I still think so -- person. And whether I was not agree -- -- an every man should it was immaterial -- is a quality person that should be good for Western New York. And I -- I supported -- even though she's not in my body armor Republicans she's a Democrat. I got more crap for that that you can't imagine. You have the Neanderthal knuckle dragon is the came after me for that but the bottom line is I don't care I do what I I've what I think I'm obliged to do. What my conscience tells me to do my intellect tells me -- and that's you know like a light -- ago. You know economic and when India popularity prizes from time to time but at least I'll be true to myself. So I'm saying that those of you feel like that there's no question. How you feel. But I'm asking. Is it an okay thing to do. I think the concept is okay but he's the wrong guy. I mean. Believe me so I don't think the the dinner was. Was right because of that now Carl Paladino. Obviously doesn't think it should happen at all and and he picketed. The historical society because his picture right here what do you think Tony and then give me your opinion -- give me your opinion or go to break. I have no problem if he says -- a Democrat as a great job. Maybe is a few things that you don't agree with. In terms of ideology. OK you can support but not right now Brian Higgins god it's embarrassing really is do better than that what do you think Chris I'm. Why does the idea but as well I think. -- are rarely you did -- is do you agree with or get along with everybody and every single used to anyway now so we -- really just going to issue by issue and if it's at. Plague of quivering and take it -- not to not to say support throughout this situation. But let's say you had a guy in office here who support of a lot of buffalo things and you thought it was good for the city now like its support -- a lot of -- it's good for everybody around here. You know people are hypocritical to pay if they say most people say if you asked them I'm voting for the best person. But what you find out it is not many of them cross party lines because they just assume the best parts and -- in their party all the time. So if -- if he knows that template because that's what I do I don't vote for the best person. And sometimes I take heat -- but the bottom line is if you if you believe that then you would have to believe. Then the Brian Higgins would be the best person and I don't buy that at all so come out so I'm thinking the fund raising and it was a mistake last night. And you certainly have a right to -- which are Carl did. Now I see a picture here of him picketing at. The historical society but I don't know if they picketed at George's house. I have no problem of them thickening of -- society but I do have a problem -- at home. Much as we talked about a couple weeks ago. -- like your opinion is it okay to support a member of the other party occasionally or is that an absolute no no what about picketing at home. Because while we did this last time picketing at home when they were picketing a somebody over educational dispute. Most of you said no was the right thing to do and I think that's probably what you -- here -- It -- Montreal 18061692. -- -- -- -- -- another hour and forty minutes and 48 cents and now -- you'd better have rubber band of one of those metal clips that you use the whole papers the other I get the big. Industrial model to. Will be back after this. I I feel gonna do a really good show Saturday and part of the reason that we're gonna do really good show is. And so comfortable. I'm in the studio and I'm just really comfortable on look at Tony who was a well he couldn't go to the men's room because they were putting a new carpet down. And they're putting copper down between the door to go to men's room and the men's room. So he can't do this as it's gonna happen. He's sitting -- early with his legs crossed -- -- -- -- way but I understand I understand the fear of of certainly you know. Embarrassing yourself in front of the other colleagues here so he physically impossible he's going my way. And this is eight. Our Gary Albright union what you are trying to hold it all and Chris is over there are chugging like a 48 ounce bottle of T. And and I mean this is it ever and he must never camel bladder or something because he's like isn't just chugging right down he's lemon live large. I'm comfortable you're the only one industry stone definitely distress but all in all kinds of adversity did did we learn a lesson. Yes can't work when the carpet now I'll never drank a lot of water when they're putting it down that'll keep me from going to the men's room. -- -- -- -- It's right here what does your drive and here's a maybe you can -- in the air carpet and here. -- -- present more absorbent. -- residency visas -- what you're gonna find out I guess. Yeah so there's a picture of Anthony joy yeah arriving for fund raising dinner he is a Republican fund raiser. Very high profile you've heard of many many opportunities that he's taken. To enrich the Republican Party Republican candidates. And now he had a dinner last night for Brian Higgins who happens to be a Democrat. And Carl Paladino says joy is just the right no he shouldn't be doing this and I'm asking are you okay whether or not. I'm okay with the concept of it. As I said but I'm not okay with that being Brian Higgins okay. As far as I'm concerned so I say are under those circumstances. It's not right under some circumstances it could be but it has to be very specific Brian Higgins is the guy who wouldn't even come out and talk to you during the obamacare debate. He hit like a girly man in his office in Washington. -- we talked to several people on the air when that was happening they all said the same thing they went there and could find them. He was hiding somewhere. So 8309301806. On 692 recessions are trying to do we come back tell me if you're okay with this or was this a mistake. For a Republican major fund raiser to give money to a Democrat will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WD EN call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine -- -- our toll free line is 1806169236. Says. -- -- The -- get water -- wearing an orange is true he's Fredricka right in front of you know that Tony. The even though they're laying carpet out in front of men's room so there's no way to get that a -- room. And Antonio let's put it this way it would like to have a visit in the camp and because actresses. Grosses me a Christmas nice. But but he did he went out and got up full bottle water full bottles and I have full -- there's. You can't get enough water and water so tasty yeah. Thank you. We're asking about whether it's OK as I said the concept is OK with me. I don't particular kind of fits here but Anthony joy you know he's a Republican fund raiser he's had many high profile Republicans in town that. Have a fundraising dinner and I was having a dinner for. Democratic congressman Brian Higgins is that Kosher or not I think they'll enjoy it really felt that he was having a fundraising dinner. For somebody who was an outstanding public servant who -- bringing a lot to the community and didn't have the same party affiliation. I think he feels comfortable raising money for the and I would have no problem that either except widely -- Brian Higgins on the ground I don't I don't get that at all so I'm saying though Carl Paladino. Was there on the line card there is right there in the picture by on the Buffalo News. And and any -- is looking at the -- including Carl Paladino. And -- wondering what's going on here so are you -- with one party raising money for another party. Or is that mean the non Kosher no matter what and his car -- a right to picket the historical society. And -- -- house now we know he picketed the. Oracle's aside and watch your feet in the house and -- 03093018061692. Visits are thirty okay Chris so hydrated Chris we have some. Some entries in the they -- -- where they got the first thought is for our friend Michael Capuano he says it's not okay no matter how rich there OK so Kapono says no it doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if Abraham Lincoln. Who was a Republican and was in town and you're a democratic fund raiser doesn't matter you don't you don't support him you don't cross those lines. And that's that so that's what the group photos. Attitude -- that isn't that -- an excellent answers from Sammy says I really don't think it's right. The ideological differences should dictate that -- agree has some issues but when you fund raise it says to me that you agree with all of the issues well you know that's a good point. Unfortunately. So will have Higgins. You'll get he's a a -- up I think that the president. And so you get all of the president's positions as well. End or whatever the agenda is for the Democratic Party so you can't cherry pick that. You know I'm talking about so you want him you gotta get everything that goes -- of him. I'm not really sure I'm -- interest and I am really sure I wouldn't be interest -- news what issues. The -- that we know is obamacare so far is that disaster disaster by any standards so why would anybody even think to support prime he is. Just based on his vote for supporting a public care if -- exactly and and not to understand that is amazing. I read a piece of a couple of days ago said that some people because it is different story and each state whatever but it's a horror story in all states. But in some areas. The -- they go to sign up for Obama care they're being told and directed to the fact that they qualify for Medicaid -- People get Medicare and Medicaid mixed up all the time. Medicaid. Is the one for indigent people who have very little network okay. And does so they're being told okay you qualify for Medicaid. And then they find out later that that was a mistake. That they don't really qualify for Medicaid. But they're not gonna have enough time. To set up a an insurance account because of a snafus so they got screwed twice they described once by being misdirected to. A -- something that they are not eligible for. And the second thing they get screwed -- is because now it's too late. For them to get in on time before the deadline. To sign up so that's the kind of disaster. That good obamacare is. And if you look at Higgins when he could have made a difference. Before the vote was taken and people went to Washington to lobby against it he said. And my motto and it is truly my motto if you know me if you're not there when I need you. Screw you never ask again so it's like the -- -- that was in the god love him he only asked once. And it will be the same thing and if you're not their -- constituents and an important issue like obamacare as far as I'm concerned. He lost and -- so I don't I think I think that if join a wanted to be magnanimous. This is the wrong guy. To do that -- Let's go to wreck -- you're on WB again. Caller I'm fine Rick what do you think is that OK or not okay. What carry you through very apropos of what your last comment was. They're recording the drug policy director. -- enemies close watcher who -- fronts closed weaker enemies close. That's true. Our guys -- -- you can keep an eye on them if they're closer. I think that the concept is okay but this is the wrong guy who would you agree with that. Okay I'm glad you golf direct thank you very much. And there's nothing wrong with -- in the months ago but once in awhile. We get somebody who transcends the individual party and they -- but do you do understand that you also get. Once it you know it's like. It's like you -- love live a young woman. But you also get her family. Or she falls in love with a guy and get his family. I mean it's a package deal sometimes it's great sometimes it's okay and sometimes it's stocks. But if you if you -- behavior or giving money to Brian Higgins -- giving money to the democratic agenda to which obviously I wouldn't. I wouldn't recommend it for me please let's go to mark on a cell phone. Mark your WBM. -- -- while I agree with you -- here Aslan. I agree -- view that that -- Baptist corrected that we truly believe. That this is the best person for the job. Should be able to support that course and whether they're Democrat or Republican party's. We sat at -- crisis. And Matt every and I don't TrueCrypt. The political interest that person I think arsenal right. And if you're as a child and make that personal. Well that's true I mean that is his fund raising -- Hampton and because most of the time the Republican doesn't mean occasionally can. Sees somebody else is the beneficiary I mean we make those choices every Monday one week while we go and they cast our ballots sometimes we cast out of our own party and that's our version of what joy is doing thank you thank you mark. -- he certainly has a right to support anybody wants to but my question would be. You know my question would be if Paladino standing in this line and areas that airline. I'm sure he knows joy enjoy and knows him. I would ask him. What brought you to this decision why do you think. He is worthy of of a fund raiser from traditionally Republican. Donors. And -- Does say something -- does at a waterfront looks better and that's about the only time you really hear from Brian Higgins when he's got the podium I think. He has a a long coat that looks like a podium where every walks he has a podium because the only time -- ever see Brian Higgins he's standing in front of the podium. And it's usually down at the water until it gets too cold and windy OK I don't know where it goes then. But that's it and he's you know is dedicating another walk. Or they're getting of you know they're getting human waste out of the canal I mean who knows what it is but that's where you oversee them. Is down there that's it and that's fine that he that he's helped isn't that what they're also post a dual. They're supposed to do things like that to improve the community whatever but buying of that. And and getting the liver and onions a -- and as far as I'm concerned not a good idea. You know in I don't know -- to be true but it almost seems like. You know somebody is going to benefit from Brian Higgins. Being in reelected somebody's going to get to a contract or something like that so that's the only thing I can see why anybody would support him. An email I pray that. I got an email I can't verify but they said you know. Searched the public records and you find out that Paladino himself has contributed money Brian. So that would be interest thing to -- to peruse the public records to see that have -- -- -- of them called filming whether he's done that or not. -- but obviously if you're a business person. Yeah you probably moralists have to kind of walk a fine line to defending those in office what kind of laws they're gonna pass we're gonna. Money is involved or your problem -- understand business for long. So sometimes you may have to work both sides of the straits I would find it very difficult. To support the side that I wouldn't normally support in order to help my business I would find that very distasteful. I'd probably would change businesses. Because I couldn't do that just for that reason I couldn't support somebody that I did test because they might do something formulated on the world couldn't. Will be back with more would be each and company under Israeli and I'm thirty RW via whereas in the question. Should a Republican fund raisers such as Anthony joy goes well known for his. Fundraising ability he's hosted many a top line Republicans -- buffalo come in town for the fund raiser. Held a fund raising dinner last night for congressman Brian Higgins as a Democrat. Is that the right thing to do. I'm saying in kind concept I have no problem went one party raising money for an individual candidate of another party if enough of it falls into place where they think the good outweighs of the baggage. But in this case I don't understand this at all I mean the series -- -- -- answer. It's not the end of the world as far as they -- radios as a representative. I'll vote western new York and so Carl Paladino says joy is just that they Ryan -- we're gonna pick it. And and there's a picture of joy arriving at the historical society there's Paladino. Are right there and so -- they did -- that I don't know if it picketed the house they were planning to. And we're asking is this OK I say the concepts okay this particular move was not. 80309301061692. Through six and 930. Let's go to Kevin Kevin what you think about this. 88 to get things that I haven't met a list of -- -- -- they should read it agreed. The he Republican and democratic committees and parties to he did it clear is that with each other's throat. But behind the scenes. It's one big hole. You let's bring back a scratch yours. It was something. Last year how did an interview all care in -- not ever -- in Niagara readers note here and he explained his relationship. Which tickets cause I think there's some sort of probably connection right. And that problem he says that when Bradford started though. You know you talk the talk -- and give the impression that you you don't walk the walk but. When he got to Washington he just went over into the dioxide he turned up I was office where it. Real quick with some scumbag abortion doesn't -- record on the desk. And from NATO and amnesty can even do it protect both of them something like that from that -- -- that was the end of that relationship even got even mention -- -- in the bureau but the -- Mean you know that update disorders. You I think even have him in the steadily. With his campaign and so on but I think even helped him when he was trying to compete as much social something. -- the university's. So bomb I think right no that's why I'm not a member of either party I wished that America -- week up. And really. We don't you DD decent -- financing of campaigns -- -- but it is time no. -- I didn't know -- right now I really relief things so. I think -- more -- -- just become independents like myself. And at least send a message but we are ready to this country on the right track. Well I you know I -- I don't disagree -- as far as trust on either party but this is like George Soros giving money to Mitt Romney I mean it's just out of character it's not expected. And it but sometimes. You have to weigh the good and the bad it is the baggage that you get. Oh is -- going to be worth of the good that you get if you make. If you make a contribution and and -- -- make an individual decision but I think is wrong with -- If it's no longer well one man one woman one -- It is -- do -- according to how big is hopeful that this is what is talking right now. Release that okay thank you very much. That you know you think you can and he kind of go along and you take its relationship. It's like a marital relationship -- dating relationship. You know anybody that is either married or dating where a 100%. Of everything that they the other person does is okay it's fabulous now. There's always some thing. But you have to weigh -- on balance. Because we never get everything. It's never totality there's always something negative you have to weigh the good. And the not so good. And if he's looking -- Brian Higgins saying Brian is the best thing since sliced bread. Man we can afford to have Bryant -- lose an election and maybe he's going on to bigger thanks. I don't know what to a joyous thinking but I I don't Sherrod I can tell you that. If he's saying well okay. He's doing enough to offset the negative baggage he has being associated with -- Obama just generally. And what the Democrats are doing but I don't see it I really don't maybe see something I don't see. Yeah I Higgins has done some things with the waterfront that's his that's his deal he but that's yet. In is that enough. To accept the be the baggage that comes with the Democratic Party and his affiliation with things like obamacare where. He wasn't responsive to the people have put a monopolist. He did anyone male or bad to say he hid like a little girlie man with the hook -- there. He was a little curly girlie man when they showed up. But maybe see some but I don't they will be back after this.

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