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12-17 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have Macrovision company PS Anthony joy always being -- picketed by probably -- mostly Republicans that's a strange scenario because he's a Republican fund raiser generally. But he decided that congressman Brian Higgins should benefit from a fundraising effort and obviously many people do not agree with that. I including Carl Paladino former gubernatorial candidate man about town is on the school board and always is that not hesitant to share his view is Carl thank you. For -- before our rob before you found out about this fund raising dinner what was your relationship with Anthony joy -- where you uneasy allies or your friends -- what. Now why -- -- currently. You know try and and I was very very does. I looked. You know you're making it the it really was realities said well you know who has given more of the republic of Republican candidate. Let -- speak -- that opposition to what I wanna do what were negative. And I said well okay well it but I don't think it's right. I think where it is an animal opened his own. And copy. For killing at Oak Hill which of which would've brought up and should we elected dog walks and we're all kind of additional. -- -- the ball. -- at all. -- bidding for -- -- and -- And Jordan Levy who won't. Reveal the gauntlet he does want an intrusion at his side a mean streak goes back fifty years think of all the news. When when they were talking about building up football stadium at the clock. -- -- -- and you look at obamacare and you look at all the other parents political. Ryan Gigabit support and what it is but -- on. Obviously in the allotment to people seek Solis the buy him all the more access with -- On the is just old law broad it was hold themselves out. And it as strong republic in all these years to -- and urged all the Republican. To give money to. Brian that was sold on it. Open ambassadorship in the past he's got to stop all kind of personal body. All right what are now able to do that. -- was was a statement to say. Deputy. Is right now he's not a yeah Republican and long. Would you would you say that the people who went to have a dinner whether they were Republicans in name more Democrats in name. We're really -- sellouts if if indeed they supported. This kind of cross pollination from -- -- Well the Republicans where there was their reason is they were buying. Obviously. There were in some cases they were saying thank you are Burton -- some kind of an inspiration and medical -- But. Guys like. I'm Ronald Ronald little lobbyists now. It would expected to beginning to these people so he can have access. But. -- It takes some of these other Republicans. Say that. These are -- people and historically what Julia has done. He took a lot of checks from a lot of good Republicans -- when no sure we're. Presented to the candidate he would throw -- open -- people so he called it raises a lot of money that it it's an ambassador. And he disappears. -- -- can't provide access to although although people that they've put up that money. A lot of Republicans -- -- -- major -- In the pat in the past people who need. To make sure they're represented with the whatever parties in power I have donated to to both sides have have you ever supported Brian Higgins in the past. I've donated to both sides are supported Brian -- morning was a councilman yeah -- -- definitely shouldn't go to our. I I I would wanted biggest supporters. And it ought not. -- While I I'd never heard I'd never heard that story about Harvard. So you think he's job this leopard -- name Brian Higgins has changed his spots. -- right here -- became arrogant. And it is became all of Albright Liggett is that a certain people right -- -- the -- -- it didn't jump epic bolted bandwagon. Whenever repeal obamacare bill admitted that it is greed and the panda and motorsports in the blind. Okay against the best original W constituents -- So I I know I have people sensitivity to the idea but not to do that when when when it was happening now he told me to vote. Like quite dumplings. And that and and and I -- and then when I was running for governor. It was the guys. -- -- -- Those leaking now and everybody would forwarding from different people different people you don't want to get them today -- the New York media people they'll get a -- About it. Yes I ever call that we had listeners call before Obama -- have been voted on saying that they went to Washington went to his office to tell them that they did not want this border and he wouldn't even see them he kind of hit out so they wouldn't find them. And at that point if you had any respect for him standing up. Of four for you if you voted form they went out the window why I lost all respect when he did that. He's he's cowardly and and it the biggest issues -- -- -- erotic -- and. But you know the simple issues you know where -- medical campus -- yeah he's shall not what the big one the most important one the best quote. You don't want to go on the -- pick -- right. Yeah I he wrote that he wrote that final letter -- yeah that's absolutely right and happened right after the final letter yeah. It. Took reform aren't quite what I have a veteran -- I don't -- in the deal is trying to get economic outlook to give up and it's not just whether we're gonna get all looking weight requirement anybody that benefited from the well. Which would be total -- Okay -- -- it would have been able to compete -- almost spinach. And Brian -- wanted mustered up. Well one thing that really concerns me Karl is we can't afford. Two -- a splintered party and I understand. Your concerns are are are very logical as far as I can understand. You think you'll ever reconcile with Anthony -- or is this going to be it's a permanent split. I think I think what's happening in the Republican Party unintentional and on the state level is that is that it is -- -- Hillary. The record I would publicly it's not negotiate themselves what they're not coming not Albany or war -- Are they gave -- Mitt Romney that the worst possible candidate. Why it was it was fighting with the 1% -- 99%. -- I would billionaire. Who cares about the billionaires. And not what. It's. When we needed some. Who could who could debate. Could. -- -- as -- -- -- got the -- -- country and -- of people. -- country. Okay and do it right. And and national level they gave a. And at that level would get skulls. And we got -- leaders Republican caucuses in the senate and then leave them there are terrible people. All -- government and Albany. These people the Democrats are all outfitted and get indicted only because all opposition call them out and watching got what she security. Over. What they like -- -- -- they ever say anything. It is all -- -- That the is -- and bad about all over bet. They're going to say that they they they -- Well I Carl. We share -- we shared our viewers our listeners or share the same kind of passion you have -- -- the fire continues to burn and you because we always know get the straight story from you thank you for calling having clarifying some of that -- Our Merry Christmas but like well. You say Karl thinks further on the road tonight and I was just thinking okay if he's just judging Brian Higgins for what he did in the waterfront last -- has just posted okay. But Carl brings up the fact that -- because the behind the scenes thing about best pearl. So -- -- contention is that Brian Higgins. When he wrote that letter because I remember the letter that he wrote it's best -- hosting -- you know water get off the pot and then they said hey we don't need -- Dubai. So he feels that that's a payback. From Brian Higgins to others who supported him who didn't want the best Perot thing so let's say. That's the thing I'm -- in on that inside and see all of these strings being pool. You often wonder why certain groups and certain people end up as allies. Is so much going on behind the scenes well luckily. Carl was our behind the scenes reporter. And we're always -- grateful when he calls in and clarifies things thank you -- We'll be back -- -- would be and company go to doctor Carl Paladino so you always learn things when -- target Karl. Among the things that I didn't know I don't know if it's ever and publicize. He said that he was a supporter Brian Higgins early on saw some promise and it was seems like he's turned sour but. That Carl says that he paid for half of his tuition to Harvard. I don't know what it costs to go to Harvard let's assume it's not cheat. But it seems like code the leopard change its spots as a as he grew in politics I tell you I was not impressed -- -- Higgins. From the time that I interviewed him at the Greek festival. When he was saying how much money the state was losing. Because the Seneca is where not to were not paying tax on the cigarettes okay. So I asked the pretty simple question. I said -- Well I said it's are you were privy and you privy to. The books of the -- and they tell you how much does tobacco they're selling said no. So then how do you know what kind of tax your allegedly losing if you don't know what they Seoul. -- and have an answer for that. So that we just making it up -- just guessing. And so at that point I really lost any interest I had -- -- Because you don't have to consistently. Be deceptive and give your deceptive your deceptive but stays with you it's it's a trait that unfortunately you don't shed. So when I found out that he was just throwing around numbers making up numbers in his head there's no point in standing ago like that. So yeah he's done something for the waterfront that's nice remember politicians are supposed to benefit the communities in which they serve. So what's not to bend over backwards into a -- debate. Canal because he's done that. And then Carl kind of gave us that a peek behind the curtain. Found out that this could have been payback for him putting the final nail on the bass pro -- because others didn't want this and that. So what it is it's about all of this is about one word. Access. That's all it's about so that if you win. Even if I don't agree with view if I have access that's from buying. And so that's what that's what lobbyists and that's why oftentimes they support both parties. And apparently this is the media of the idea I got from Karl that's what it's going -- and Angel. I know the -- -- big benefactors of Roswell park and and we really appreciate that they're very I mean one others ladies. Has started -- the fund raising arm of Roswell park they're great people. But -- -- this is a separate issue and it tells me that if you're buying access. No matter who's in power then you're not really supporting anybody you're supporting yourself. You're supporting your ability to get what you want. -- -- -- -- Indeed any fundamental platform or something you think is gonna help anybody but yourself you're just. You just want the access you want him to take your call you want him to vote for a bill that benefits you. You want that's special assignment you want that special -- Sprees that. Let's go to a chuck and embarrass chuck you're on WB again. -- -- I would get plenty to Carol ability ability and nobody -- us awhile ago. I think it's very ironic that he refers to brag he -- since Eric did. When Carl Paladino is is the epitome of Eric in itself. -- don't want -- -- things that we hear him and that kind of average of particularly annoyed about and tried to stop. Was the building that monstrosity. Hotel complex -- -- herself. Or -- main street totally out of character neighbor over but yet. In your power coming in the -- making a bunch of money. Developing the property Gary Gary having got -- -- these tablets about bats over agers think truth be it. There were a lot of people blew it or not they've grown having -- broke -- here -- buffalo. Are. The negotiations. That dragged and and -- Johnny Morse has bass pro wanted did feel wanted and do. Who would have caught this city. And the county taxpayer billions in merely. But remember the final nail in the best -- coffin was the letter. That Higgins and giving them an ultimatum to reply by X amount -- who would time whatever the date was he said and there. Or was bye bye and I think -- companies like bass pro or any large corporation. They may take their time but they're not gonna take orders -- gonna get in there when they feel like they shouldn't so that was the -- Akeelah. Well it may have been but it may have been necessary because you know how much -- -- we wait. I agree that it may have been necessary but that's but that was the event and so that maybe this is. As you look at it logically maybe this is payback. For of that and other words he did some things have been a fan that the benefit friends of Anthony joyous so Anthony joy is doing the payback. The other is nothing unusual about Ted Kennedy would have both so that's how. Yes I know it's that's one of the raise a lot of people don't like politics their jobs including me hey thank you for calling appreciate it will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 -- toll free -- -- 1806169236. Nice all denied that Saddam Chris Johnson on panelist. Man has enormous now not only does he know about hockey. Ploy can and can he play I mean. Anyway it is -- debate governor it's fun and Tony -- Tony Caligiuri he has excited today and I love him earlier this morning when I heard. Randy bush over do the business report and Randy announced that the new pop eyes. Was actually opening today on elm and avenue across from -- for. I you've been waiting for this opening -- salivating. If your friend land is to go to Rochester to get Popeye that's right and now are you do is go to home after it goes that's great job. So OK let's compare. Duke Kentucky fried what's the difference there is no -- and -- -- -- flavorful. The flavor is so much matter. And because they bill it is easy enough to different kind of that he had to protect the -- mean. I just find it to be to be so now a year and you're not happened he accurately to go get a chicken -- and so biscuits -- as well while I'm Roger -- If anybody out there is thinking of investing in a fast food outlet you don't know which one to bring the buffalo please if it's at all possible parties. Get parties parties is so good records all of the audit in Wisconsin I was -- five years Bradley lived at parties. There's stuff it's -- Excellent. But there's no parties here either parties or their sister company or sister. Restaurant Carl's junior out there Obama -- an hour and there -- and does and company about. -- far preferred parties. The fiscal burger you were depressed over her now that was when I was there fifteen years ago. I don't know if they still do it but the first Wilbur. Was just so good if you know I talked to a little votes here about when I go to chefs I have to order spaghetti arm. One party you gotta have depressed over. It would Simon. It's it's it's -- on its host and okay and the toss is butter. OK and then there is cheese and and obviously me whatever but it's that combination. Like for instance -- -- ever make a tuna sandwich where you you'd toast the bread and border and then put the two man. Arrested for. Me I'm like close out and do the two of them is one thing to have -- toasted and just putting -- -- But most they would put mayonnaise or whatever that's fine but if you butter the toast and put the stuff and it. It is it'll just melt in -- So I -- -- hooked. On. It's it's a funny. I get so hooked I was in Wisconsin thirty days before sending coma because of commitments and he's here okay. So I was alone in Wisconsin. Could eat anything I wanted to -- wrote once and I ate there every day and it ago. Now I have had gone before so I don't -- -- -- them so she got after me she's at how often did you -- -- -- -- said. Every day should. Should forbid me to go there for awhile so I couldn't tell. And then and then -- and we did go she Colin RG today are you getting your guy out burger today so -- -- kind of like a -- away from it. But it's good. It's. It's worth getting out for I don't know if I got I don't -- from -- four but it's it's gone now since lost weight whereas in her charities and for. Is -- you -- yeah I was on vacation. And the driving at the Massachusetts. And stopped. At a place that had -- parties I was in my -- happen. This was like I it's like I found gold I won the lottery. And I can hardly wait to go in there and get get my favorite but after five years I do miss it. And if anybody is going to invest in a fast food place please make -- parties if you do know. I will publicize it for you immensely you know I didn't I -- go to the extreme the UN -- pars every game but when -- lived in Las Vegas. I eight Carl's junior quite a lot in any. Barbara QB -- cheeseburger that was just off the whole you know as terrible fast vote Texas. They have great barbecue than a great chicken fried steak writes oh yeah that's good. But they're fast flew him not that good you see all these ads for sonic. Yeah believe me. It looks a lot better than this I -- commercial guys just didn't -- a goofy guy yet he's he's like he's boring and in the he has brain dead guys who've used to off fast food places you never want to try and that is in and out burger Iranian and Jack in the Box. And Alberta was at the worst but Jack in the Box was probably the worst fast food I've ever had in my life. They mentioned those and how do you want me to comment on Ayman -- comment on meg arrogant on the water all out of a guy who said that much he likes me at -- dump money. But he hates everything I do on the air why it's a net both now I didn't say nipple. He hits the ball. I don't know maybe wasn't -- complex may be is mother -- breast feed him. But he gets angry when I do so you're you're gonna lead me into doing a joke because what those two places. In and out burger guy and what else Jack in the Box think that for comedic fertile mind like mine I don't have five jokes already prepared for that should be Grand Slam theater and -- are you kidding. Home -- -- there were going to predict there about the old in and out -- it. Or coffee. -- -- votes or open it. Or braves were posting please. This is from Eric he says doesn't this just prove that there's only one political party the ruling class the money party that's it. We just got a peek behind the curtain and you know that's a good post up type of because. Is it kind of says what -- though it says it's all about access. It's all about access you would like to have access from the party which you believe and but you'll take accessed from anybody. That's a danger for -- basically. The politicians are for sale I mean they take money from people they know are going to ask for stuff in return that's a shocking revelation. But that's the reason they do it so they don't care will take money from you whether you are an opponent earn your money spends the same. And on the opposite side of the coin is that they're willing to support anybody. As long as -- -- provide them the access that they need so all I think it goes to reinforce. While a lot of people think I think about politics it's a dirty business. It is a dirty business. And even though we might have an individual that we admire from time to time the business of politics. Sox will be back after okay Chris that the basic question or asking. Who you. I think Chris hasn't suggestions are Chris. The wherever -- A post and Boris -- discounts from Ryan he says this is not a OK just shows how incestuous politics has become. I'm a Republican and and it Republican who would -- race for a Democrat would never received any support for me. You really have to wonder and in many many cases. Doesn't really matter to the fund raisers. The fund raisers are the people who contribute hopeful they hopefully contribute because they believe in the cause. They believe -- you know the size of government the attitude of government that theory of government. But what you find out I think and the -- here you pay attention memorial aren't. Is that they really care they're light freelancers. That if they get access from an opposing party they'll take it. If they can buy access which is all that's it let's face it. How many political contributions of of that sort. Are given without some some indication that you would like something in return for a you know quid pro -- And I think very very little is given because you believe in the in the cause and it's pretty sad -- it's a disillusioned you. -- because if you're taught to believe. And stand up for what you believe then you find out that everybody's beliefs are for sale it's kinda discouraging. Another. Ways this is -- -- and he says this is a huge problem for me. Why does the GOP do stuff like this just a look at for the press all of this compromise and reaching across the aisle has brought us the government we have now. Well as -- we have. Well the well is poison not much question about that. What we have is that it is something where reaching across you know across the dial. Never used to have the bad connotation -- now it used to mean OK I'm not gonna get everything I want you're not gonna get everything you want. But we're going to get some common things that we both want okay now is poison now it's will do everything we can. To block you either side by the way this this goes this as a this weather and power seeking power at the same thing. And there we will do everything we can assure you we've seen that and so many times it used to be that we were. Of them are open minded. Tell me I you don't agree -- me OK give me humor your point of view. And I'll see if maybe you've got some points ahead and about. And if if you give something I haven't thought about him is substantial -- enough I might actually changed my mind and those in the old days. Now it's forget it. If they don't agree with -- here's what they do they try and the story. They try and just put out of business not if -- public officeholder they try and the feature which is normal here a talk show mostly dry and get your sponsors to leave your whatever. What I don't realize. About radio. And talk shows and things like that is the sponsors and buying us. They're buying access. To be the audience they want bigger story told you. And where they wannabe. They want to be where PO ROK. I just read and they want to trade obligations. A liberal talk show. Station levels -- station in New York City just went couple of Louisville went through Spanish. There's only like three markets in the entire country where liberal talk or progressive talkers they call it which having mislabeled. Is successful. It everyplace they try to flop flop flop swaps even in areas let's -- -- -- buffalo. Forget it if flopped you know and and -- -- highly democratic. -- You have an answer that because I don't -- that people just it's humorless people just aren't buying what they're selling even if they -- that way I used to think that it was. All I and the young talent whoever was the host I thought you know because the and they obviously don't have enough personality. For listeners to light the -- The more I would think about it's it's our -- -- People really I think was it like 20%. Of the united -- states actually is in line with progressive thinking -- And and even in a state like New York you're thinking of if -- knew if it doesn't -- -- and a -- out New York whereas going to Rochester try to they flop. It was try to buffalo if -- there now in the New York station and they just want the Spanish short flop there. If you have progressive talk can't succeed in the state like like New York. Where is it going it's it's big in Boston. It's big in. Seattle. And -- Cisco. That's it. But look at the TV. It's the -- fox is just destroying destroying everybody come bar -- exactly. So that's the way it is and what we're finding out in politics. Is that yeah. You may agree with the general agenda -- your -- you get to support every once in awhile. Remembered George Bush before George Bush before his first campaign. The first one. Was in favor of finding places for illegal immigrants illegal is the keyword here okay. Totally disappointed. But he had enough other things that OK you can support him because of the other things. But what you find is that everything's for sale everything now -- this is no coming of age I'm not just learning -- the first time but you kinda. Tucked it in the back of your your mind in the recesses of your memory -- you don't want that to be you want people to stand up what they believe you want people to know. -- contribute to candidates that are gonna do something that they believe and instead everybody's buying access. The corporations are buying access the lobbyists are buying access the fund raisers are buying -- it's all about access and you know what access is. Accesses the spending of your tax dollars that's what access is. So they can access your money where the don't like it or not they take it right out your check before you even see it and they can hand out. In in an exchange. Of of all kinds of programs and and bills and laws and things. The benefit the people who are giving them money so -- think about the scam that is they take our money. To feed the pump in order to get to a place where they can take somebody else's money at a about that -- Actually and it great conversation with Ken Hamilton the other day who by at least -- hope he's feeling better. But well I went over to his house and -- it's just with -- home -- I knew he was who's feeling -- one Brahma. A little get well basket and go on hopefully that that's a big chest the dual role. Whether it's -- governor Clinton is getting better crop duster -- -- -- welcomes and thousands are no fly underneath the chimney but at York are conversing and we're talking about just. In general if you think. A ball both parties Republican and Democrat. The goal is to keep America is not -- Bought it and his little information as possible because the status while they get to keep on doing they would bit knowing that's ever in that benefits. And what the the sheep and the shape are you and me and Chris and Tony and all the rest of us the sheep. I'll stab them by feeding them money. We put -- -- there they take our money so that they can give projects and goods to other people giving the money and you know why a lot of people in politics and now you know why a lot of people don't have respect for a lot of people in politics it's all about the access it's the greatest scam -- -- -- -- -- really is and when you think about it you think -- -- I'm doing the right thing I'm standing up for somebody of principal or I'm standing up for a party of principle what you find out is. There's not much difference. That's the scary part there may be general differences on the size of government and whether people should be self sufficient or reliant on the government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think he underestimated in the soccer's not. Because we fund and we fuel all of the ability for them to do this. That about wraps it up on that happy note file a whole lot of your -- We'll see you tomorrow where Tony is going to do less hydration remember him he was a -- on channel seven let's hydration it was really good -- -- follow her -- success. See you tomorrow on the Israeli and I'm thirty WB. How much they never dreamed could be used she.

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