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Snow Plow Drivers Doing Well

Dec 18, 2013|

Driver Jeff Bray

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- business is big business in Western New York from skiing and snowmobile -- To plowing -- Jeff -- owns arbor lawns of Orchard Park which is a -- company in the winter months and he's with us on the WB and lifeline Jeff morning. Great -- plowing this morning. It is every day -- Groundhog Day for you this winner seems like there's new snow to clear every day. Well where we're looking forward to in the forty degrees on Friday. You know when it snows. Like it did last week Jeff. Everybody we imagine wants their driveway -- first how he handled that Wendy's customers start calling. Well you know what we -- we just pretty well I'm really where we are by no means perfect. Luckily that they storm has country someday if that would have banned. -- -- -- fair you know Monday throughout the week it would and I deceptive. You know we we we we kept up with it's really pretty well and I -- -- I -- it was that we can. You know in your business do you charge a lump sum for the season or do you charge per visit. We shared on a contract -- So then. Compare this season to the last couple of seasons. Well heck obviously. The last few issues were. Well probably pretty good one for a I'm not sure how that's when it'll work out but. You know there's other things that go along with -- -- what you know will generally. Be okay hopefully that. Yeah Jeff how long on average does it take care for you to get too long levee or a contractor customers when you get started. You know what -- a normal today. What when everyone in. Where are we start at 130. We can pretty much done by seven and there is -- -- An annuity you'd have to start all over again depending on of its. Kept on -- Yeah yes there are times that that is the case. You know give a lot of maintenance cost know what happens have you. Breakdown because you know stuff happens right. Yeah we have apparently it. This week we probably have about. Well the record -- we have a couple break. Sure is a different winner though isn't. I'm yeah no it really is than me water. Doing our dealership down here in Orchard Park right now and the -- are no that are here now he's -- -- I mean they're huge. So. It's it's or it's a different winner of -- last June actually sure. Hey Jeff nice -- me to join us this morning we appreciate it. Okay thank you very much have a great winner that's -- break he owns arbor lawns of Orchard Park which is a plow company in the winter months.

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