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Sabres Succeed vs. Jets

Dec 18, 2013|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Claus is here my -- -- spreading -- holiday cheese and sabres cheer and we are brought to buy Yancy is fancy New York's artisan cheese Mike. Great to have you here this morning. It's always a pleasure it's good -- and IKEA and we've got some unusual talk about. We are aware of lastly they they trailed after two periods then rallied for a 42. Win what does victory like destined for. This team's confidence knowledge you know I think where the confidences sort of beginning to grow. And certainly you know not only some bones but I think a little piece here and there and so when it's always says nice things that use that -- your park could move forward with. Confidence is big thing. Most athletes will tell you probably that's pursuing other mountains though when things are going good to see why people like us that way things are going. No I always say electric confidence. Car it's amazing when you have it is about them your game disclose a scud. Apparently Ted Nolan talked to these guys after the second period. And later on this that is I couldn't tell anybody what is said to the team but -- little speech of the second period produce all that power of the third period. Well sometimes it just depends what is sad and sometimes reacts sometimes they don't mean that your Ted is said. Many speeches. It's that he's been back near buffalo and a of this team and you know there's been times when we've listened and not a -- at the end of the day you really have to you know more unity I disarm yourself and deal with -- yourself as an individual also injured teammates so. Many times news and hopefully and I think that's something coaching -- always you know try to bring about. Forgive -- given team their coaching news that they just develop that inside the -- -- more they don't have command repeat themselves game after game after game and beat the same -- You have individuals maybe that picked that up for you met him. In site address German most people are called leaders. But before yesterday's game buffaloes that mark passing -- McNabb and Lou -- to Rochester they collar Chandra weasel. And Kevin Porter is this a move maybe to get some more experience in that lineup. Wanna be one of the reasons. Certainly. I think there's no downside for any of the -- names you mentioned Goodell spent some time in the minors. But I always felt as long as the go down there with great frame of mind they know it's not going to be. You know he's going to Rochester for forever. This is a quick little jar for you get that -- get your feet underneath yourself. And build up your foundation. And build up your confidence. May come rate Erica when you come back up your confidence levels higher because we're -- playing. And you move on with your career much better hockey player for a in most cases on the other hand also which are losing is very valuable time and experience for a lot of these young players. You know to go through and feel as they grow as an actual hockey players so. Little bit of -- on both ends there. Sabres next two games will be against Boston. Boston hammered buffalo five to two earlier in the season to expect -- and different and tone here going into the series well. You know Boston ray Merrick playing very well and -- hear that word once again confidence than. You know besides being on good hockey club you're doing what you're dealing with a confident team it's so that's a double whammy. -- you know Boston are complete anarchy club very difficult to beat. And they don't -- teams aren't but Boston knows how to win how to win tight games how to play the game properly. So if -- are not successful. Which most teams are not. Playing your spots and I think it's a great learning experience learn a lot sometimes it's not necessarily -- -- -- -- coaching so what you learn from watching other teams. Watching other players and how they play -- how to play the game properly. -- because you actually. No I don't excel. He was Christmas daily presidential Villa Merry Christmas to you definitely in good health to all our listeners and so is nice being with you everywhere you can enjoy this will get a very much. And we we enjoy two and Merry Christmas to you and your family that's because of the -- -- it. Here's David -- blockages from Yeltsin's. About. A microbe a -- at -- -- presence there is declines today help or even though welfare group sabres analyst for MSG. He should have a priest.

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