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Jumping For Joy At Ski Resorts

Dec 18, 2013|

Mark Halter & Jane Eshbaugh

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk skiing. One of fun winners for -- here in the Western New York area. On the WBM live line mark -- endgame as well. March president of kissing bridge Jane is marketing director of holiday valley. Mark your first what was the last time you guys are having this much fun so early in the season. As a matter of fact -- -- some of the real old timers and this is at least. Thirteen years since we've got an apparent even similar to -- what. Mark I've already -- twice -- kissing bridge and at their conditions. Are just other amazing and I've never seen so much snow and such great conditions at this time a year. You know I think that everywhere in Western New York you know we're gonna see those kind of conditions you know Lake Erie as grand. Very good it was understandable way. And there are we've all gotten you know different proportions. No but -- it all gives us I wish. Police know which is this stop that we like here and it is just that the -- I Jan ash ball well marketing director of holiday valley this next question as for you. Was last week good on the weekend really busy with a -- kids off from school. Actually had a great weekend. Without now for a lot of people out and apparently had a great time. -- yeah are you worried though and Jane about what's coming -- the rain in the mild temperatures. Eight well it's it's integrated damper -- her spirits for about. And me I have to act it's you know keep it close we've got hundreds now are there any more -- expect the. I was gonna ask how big is your base. Already at this point. Appalachian game who are supporting me -- to get their. And asks tell me you know well we tagged hunter -- You know mark and kissing bridge back to you for just the second now. This rain that's forecast they say we could maybe get up to two inches if the right. In a combination of weather factors. You know get together I mean is -- any concerns you at all. Well we are you know we're certainly watching the forecast and not it is an exact science or sometimes. They get it a little bit well and so we really haven't made. A lot of operational decisions here he. Will gonna we gonna wait until about tomorrow afternoon but there is so much. And -- the sort of parents of the in the small. We've gotten so -- -- on the basis so would be. Right now there's -- can handle a lot of rain but it'll happen. Is of the snow will essentially absorbent. They get into its structure and be held there -- -- and I think it'll be referrals -- so it'll make good base but little -- I don't think we're gonna lose a significant smoke there. And it does some like it gets called right after this warm up to -- -- for both of you really are having snow before Christmas to suspect all the difference in your seasons. Cheney wanna start. Well it's an -- Actually there are people are really thinking about hill in really deep into their mining -- straight and get their chance to kind of get. Ran up and everything ready. -- -- Never heard -- -- we're going to act before it if he Christmas season. Yeah and mark you wanna. Talk about that too. I think that this is the perfect scenario for what we refer to -- here in what order momentum. Is that people will start -- in now and when they start. That pattern of coming out they once a week or twice a week. If we have consistent -- specially prepared for the year. We get a -- to people or maybe you're not skeeter doctrine and they get started. And then we continue all the way through so the the starting gun has gone off already and we are poised to probably. And -- remarkable. Christmas season so keep your fingers crossed that we got the snow. But we have to get the enthusiasm. Of all skiers and snowboarders at the peak at the right. Okay market -- thanks for joining us this morning here's hoping you do have a great ski season. Mark called -- our guest from kissing bridge and -- Ashbaugh marketing director of holiday valley.

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