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3 Hospitalized In 290 Crash

Dec 18, 2013|

Captain Patrick McKenna

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB -- line this morning as. Amherst police captain Patrick McKenna we have big traffic alert this morning -- -- was closed for a little over an hour between six and 7 AM. Captain thanks for the time this morning. We heard multiple vehicles were involved and what happened as far as you know. While it was fine. I vehicles out together 11. Of the fact it was a tractor trailer. What do -- spun out and get it plays into other -- They actually tractor trailer was actually hit by one and a one of the spinning tires. So with a tractor trailer wasn't doing anything on. In order the -- -- was also hit by a spinning care miners damage and all the vehicles. Except the first -- against it twice. It causes to shut down the too many because the disabled -- were lacking several things. -- shut down from 945 to 7:15 this morning. In three people. Were taken to hospital. Captain is our understanding the conditions on the to an idea at that time were very -- is that correct. I believe what you wrote it's something to do this especially since the first Arab -- control. How seriously injured were -- of people. Loving life threatening. We give with one pursuant to the great point about what general one -- GMT. Minor neck injuries. One person chest pain another person and they expect him like -- He had to move quickly get to shut the expressway down when this happened how to -- -- or was that out of your jurisdiction because it was a couldn. Notably well yes -- is out of the jurisdiction but in order to. It is the the midnight lieutenant that was in charge of this an accident at the time. It -- quickly and I believe we get help from North Carolina. And and other agencies to make sure that they. Typical lot -- or shut down. The only shut down you express would like this and all that probably goes to Angela Coleman. It's got to be a traffic nightmare for all of those streets just off the cold and -- right. It it can't be. You know likely be at this hour of morning it wasn't as it is could -- you know the main rush hour. Was probably just Mattingly is as we open it again. -- -- we're glad you could join us in and bring us more information we appreciate it. Captain Patrick McKenna from the Amherst police department.

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