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12-18 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello -- major governor -- I. I am so tired. Just got back from Georgia. You know I I. I have this like thing that I whenever I buy lottery -- I. Ever got a -- Georgia this is one place I go ahead I don't wanna say anything but I took the -- down but I took a private jet back. Wait now I'm not saying bill I want ball lottery wait a minute now. How does a lot of buzz on -- Media about me and and you know whether I won the lottery or not but don't believe -- it's all alive I did not win I want us unequivocally. That I did not win because Tony's already hit me up for our alone. And Chris wants to Miami new truck you know -- know I wasn't Georgia. I did go to that store our blood. The summit just ahead of anyone yup that's it that's the ticket. You know what I've noticed since I won since the rumor and I want people fall. This thing in our -- -- -- they know they understand them while money now. I want half of 638. Million dollars I don't have it all on me now knowledge. You ready burger showed today has always it and those are my remember yesterday I said this -- sends me a letter abdominal lateral longtime. Says he likes me. And I'm a funny guy but many -- -- -- show up part. Danny did that by saying Merry Christmas and he signed it. Add one of the things that he hates is when I used the word -- And called for some reason this guy has a nipple finish maybe his mother breast fed tomorrow and it was acute or didn't breastfeed them but anyway he does not like when you resort and Apple's. So I get home last night and this is a white -- I love this. I said it was in my car when I heard about the letter that started with a loyal -- unfortunately just doesn't like the content of your show. Well I wish I'd been home in time to call. The day before we received a call from our son. He does the sound at fitter and -- on the road a lot. His Brooklyn apartment -- -- it's hard to control so while mom was out he took charge of his twin sons. It was warm in the apartment. And so my son was lying on the -- would no shirt on. One of the twins soon to be three years old walked over and suddenly he grabs his nibbles. He said you have nice and ripples that. It. Wish I could've made that call -- -- might well there might. That's year old has no problem when the -- but this the letter writer did that century is not a good story. And now Tony's really happy because look at this -- made a news story. Pot pies chicken attracts a crowd -- more and be they pop flies Louisiana chicken across from on channel four what we used to big user. Think right now Tony if we were still there. He could walk across the street and a pop -- and I would have now we liked what we're there because the channel four people in all of them and they in Austin based -- -- time. But I'm wondering your proposal's gonna go up with some chicken in between -- -- shall we recommend it they had they had -- line. Out the door and and they said the let's see there were in. Or long lines. Now I don't know all I don't care how good pitcher -- it's winter it's cold. Would you wait for an hour in line for chicken now -- -- and if you wouldn't like progress no chance I saw a picture on the inside -- restored to just completely -- or a Black Friday. -- cream all over exactly Krispy -- when they opened up on our falls boulevard they had to divert traffic. Right and although the TV stations covered it was a big deal I was embarrassed it was a big deal don't match -- was opening but. Good donuts but that you know as funny joke Krispy -- Was one block away from the fat man shop were right by Michael's -- one block away and when I went realize that. It's good for your business and typically those Krispy -- -- no more business. But -- -- and they eventually went out of business I hope popularized as a you know really good business and off the try to check and some -- in effect we talked about -- mean Saturday and then after watching the news last night and told -- And maybe will wait you wait -- Leo the furor dies now Vietnam it was a one has built an artful -- it. Here's a guy I wish I had -- never at. It would be right now because he could identify this never loves hot peppers he really does and his son won a lot of assignments. Challenged them once they eat they -- of vacation on the roads or to. And you like hot you iPods by a -- Chris DiMarco I do but I don't like when he gets so -- that -- just heat instead of flavor weighted vest I got a story for this guys is a dentist his name is Jason -- out all right. He loves hot peppers to and this is a story out of Louisville, Kentucky. Jason McNabb performed his own feat of physical endurance and mental toughness. He a lot of very hot peppers and that's an understatement. Eating just one ghost pepper. And caused pro few sweating stomach cramps vomiting and hours of extreme burning sensations. Like my honeymoon. And -- Down twelve of bomb our K12 goals Pampers. He did on national TV it's a couple of years ago. When he told a coworker about his bucket list he said he wanted to eat these -- these peppers. And McNabb office manager. It registers more than one million school -- units. That is the international measure of spicy -- goodness. That's 200 to 400 times hotter than -- appeal all 3 o'clock. He was he took it took them he edit them. He was sweating the pepper affected him. And you see it on -- YouTube. Clinton did some research and found that the record at that time was three Eagles peppers eaten in one minute. And about. He was on the show world records Guinness world records unleashed. On a true debate. Now the he also sat on the stage with other challengers in front of a -- -- peppers and a -- of milk they couldn't drink any milk until the end. To ensure fairness contestants were judged by the weight of the peppers the -- not the number one was over. Making them -- 66. Grams. That's twelve to fifteen peppers. And on the -- Europe effort he is that the effort to he -- set a world record wow like yikes I mean really when they have to go. When they have to measure. Europe pepper eating in thermal units. -- lap. Not from -- now I mean that's great hey let's go I think I have a -- because I feel like refused sweating stomach cramps vomiting and hours of extreme burning sensation. Man I'm telling you I. I wouldn't -- -- -- -- Dennis I can tell you that right now as though I don't think any of the Dennis I know I wondered doctors western Meyer mark measles. I would doubt Tierra I mean that tops in the Dennis the field you mean there's other Dennis from where's -- from. I don't know it doesn't say in the store hours from but obviously he likes hot stuff. I would take it will be back with more would be in company news radio 930 WB yeah. And have those fancy things I used to play with a broomstick. I'd pretend it's -- present at a Bronx there was a horse. Really dead. And then went out when the broomstick stopped being the horse it became the rifle. -- I like westerns 1000 K okay so I'd be riding. The trouble is I was eighteen at the time but I I orbit riding a broomstick like off Morris. And then I would I would get off the horse and lift the broomstick up and it was a rifle. Think and you know fancy electronic toys. And keep score and play against other people and other countries as wrote I wrote I wrote my mother's bronze that scene for us -- -- either her hockey stick or they were soared. Well that's true hockey was not billion where I grew up in Massachusetts so we're mainly football so I didn't have any hockey references so ardea. Yeah you'd watched the these sort Plato and I was a like watching them -- -- you know this gonna. Action not the big heavy soared in about the battles all right but the one like this. And I I used to book heart disease and know the -- -- don't know exactly but that was fun and then you had your imagination. The my mother said that when I was growing up that thing I like the best word pots and pans I pretended I was a cook. I was cooking for everybody imaginary vote. And so I had to stop because I was getting imaginary fat -- Smoker imaginary calories I don't he had no special place timer electronic gizmos that's what we've said. And then we went out and play and so we are exhausted. It and that's that that's the way it is not quite the same things -- changed clothes now they have an imaginary or they have a virtual -- Where you can you know point and click that your play -- and then you get scores and of course at the end of the glee season neutral virtual -- the -- exactly a tag Jane actually that sounds like a -- -- did you did you like Dick did you Dick and Jane books. I guess we did yeah -- I just saw them on line for some reason. Remember when they re issued Dick -- books here I am -- an adult. I went I went to Barnes & Noble was -- several years ago and bought a whole set. As I loved Dick and Jane when I was a kid Dick and Jane spot pony and -- the whole crowd was there. And that they would. It was fun just kind of going with your imagination into the book. And so I think a reading is great for me it really is nothing beats that mice on enjoys it means just at midnight so that's a good sign that is a good sign the only problem is I hope he doesn't. Take too much Jeff do you Tony does he hold the book out an arm's length in front of them. Angel complain about yeah. It's staggering admit all Mick what he's going you know I think you can decide exactly now let's -- Now let's say I do have their tickets to giveaway to the trans Siberian orchestra. This is the longest one is gestation period of a ticket giveaway could -- a child during the course of our ticket giveaway for this. We have a pair of tickets to see the trans Siberian orchestra. Monday December 30 at 3 o'clock in the first Niagara. Center. Value is 75 dollars general -- rules apply tickets on sale now at tickets dot com. While I feel good today Tony because as I was coming and I notice they finished the rug. So they yesterday they were actually -- down the new rug. Right in front of the Iraqi man from when you needed to use it most in -- were rebuffed yet but today field free it's it's an open it's an open run from here and there. Except that this is strange. They did an excellent job on installing the very nice very professional. But there's a wedge about -- four wide. Of a different rug. And it's on the entrance to be employee entrance did you say yes I did. How why do you think they ran out -- -- and I think is designed that way because also the same strip goal in two. The Euro sales offices also that's purposeful it was like decorative. Because it's obviously -- we have this expands -- And imagine what it costs is big expanse of -- everywhere beautiful very nice and then right now -- our entrance. Is about a foot it's almost like -- order reminded me of the bricks at the at the brickyard and Indy 500 where they have some of the original bricks. Or maybe the circle at -- and out of -- are at the used to be in Reiman from the -- auditorium. Where it where they do the big country music shows every Saturday night. -- grand Ole opry they have a round circle of the original Reiman stage so you're standing on the same place where Hank Williams stood. I mean that that's good stuff now it doesn't get better. But I thought maybe it was that night and had some kind of important as the a reference to a but it didn't know I noticed yesterday when I had to go through some different doors right now what we come back -- through Jim Morrison. No I missed him at all realized that I got to get all the doors. I'd now when we come back we're gonna talk about some things and I'm so glad that I wandered down to the front office every once in awhile and get the ladies in the front office's opinion. And suggestions on show topics because I wanna know what people Richardson -- and that's a good way to put their people oh. Yeah and -- found out. That's something that it was very very good nice addition to our room to our subject today and you'll know what it is in them and about a minute after the news ends. So we'll take a break -- come back we'll will be talking to you I know amassed -- -- before I tell you the subject but it has to do with Christmas shopping okay it's a little teaser. 80309301806. On six -- music -- and I'm thirty if you wanna talk about Christmas shopping I've got some distinct areas I would like to. Discuss with the EU will be back after this. Take WB and wherever you go with a WP in iPhone out powered by Roswell park. We can't let cancer win that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. Mortgage company has seen the video of the people shuttling up the Ralph. That cannot be an easy job. Because you have to shovel the snow I have to get the snow off the seats. And that thing on -- like they're just trying to trim around a tree. I can't imagine. Stadium that large being hand troubled but they. They've got a modern games and they're doing it because there's a game Sunday is not going to it's going to be blacked out -- TV. Playing Miami. And that's good when Miami comes up here in December but -- the tough jobs. And apparently they shovels snow on -- like this slide. And it goes from the top down I was wondering where that snow. A -- it some that they it is -- to being easier Winnie Lakewood flame thrower. I mean I guess would be prohibitively expensive especially for the months that you used. I guess -- -- electric electricity intimacy it's always fun at a crowd a crowd doesn't yell loud enough is -- -- that'll do it the class project he's. So I guess in teams of apartment like fifty people and they go -- they just do sections at a time. But you know it you know because I always root of things. I root for bad things are for the big time twirled drop in on talking about I've ever for the balloons to salute as they're tether and fly often -- outer space. I'm kinda hoping them like on Saturday night or maybe even Sunday morning it. Will be cool. Because then let's see what kind of a you know how people are always bragging that they -- rubles. Meant. You know you guys -- are real bills that I am I'm going to the game would be equal they got there it was like. Wells maybe a foot of freezing rain and snow on the -- -- go Beagle. You have to bring something new to us that Iran may say a case where that thing your if your mother the snug. That might you know in this way it's -- That's a rude in the -- Arabia -- it's not a great. That's basically all I ever had everywhere that. I thank you. Now now we're talking about Christmas shopping today. Out of my element and shopping -- out because I don't -- up the only thing I ever -- for a scars. Any any closure of -- wearing since I've been in buffalo were purchased either by my wife were sending. That was in. I never bomb -- closed for myself and everything else. You know is done by somebody else I don't shop I just don't -- I don't know what's going on in the marketplace regarding shopping. And there's some important things happening in the marketplace regarding shopping first of all of us some incentives for those of fuel. -- only a week away you know Christmas for the positive who haven't gone out and Nina. This -- the USA today story this isn't the subject percentage but it's it's it's kind of like a lead and which just awakened a Christmas retails a -- retailers are rolling out. Shopper baiting strategies. Severe being baited to move or procrastinators. Deal hunters and people who just want a few extra stocking stoppers are some of the things that they're doing. Retailers are doing they're going social in their countdown warnings. Companies are using social media to remind customers. That Christmas is looming and -- offered a suggestion. Yeah I wanna complain about that. Oh Hong Manning and I get every day in my iPad from bonds on seriously. -- never shot dead on time what -- they got my name I don't know and I'm sure bonds on the great story and you can get a good bargain and look great you know. You guys get the -- on stuff to know right now Wal-Mart and calls -- -- or Martin calls I get bonds on and I also get. -- market again about your target group at a best buy -- -- you're getting you know I get all of those and now Bed, Bath & Beyond his -- a big one as well they're big on coupons and they're huge event let me -- once they're big on coupons and it's not really -- and it's usually just a huge cardboard and -- it out you have to vote on an intolerant. To Bed, Bath & Beyond. Best buy is using the Twitter hash today. It. Come. On we're using hash tag and you know what's going on in the car I -- Drives me crazy. You know what you know what is good ol' fashioned cash. That works cashiers must now you accept cash I don't have an ID. -- was a joke and people laugh and some of them don't get -- Libya 32 dollars and 42 instances that you accept cash and and they look at you like and you -- But best buy is using the hash -- last minute gifts and on Tuesday evening hosted a global plus hangout chat. -- just what I want. I hang out chat. -- lot of flat screen TV I don't need to hangout chat. If of this coming from best buy I buy a lot of stuff from best buy by the way -- like that idea but computers and I TVs and all kinds of stuff from best buy. But I don't need a last minute hang out chat so while we're likes. Three of us were chatting. Tony -- myself going. Tony have you gotten those new shoes of the market and is did you say Chris assured today relive it looks stunning. -- don't like that undo all the time -- -- I'm sure whose love you know by. Do you like it I the go to Sharon Collins thank you -- that in the Marines on the polish. And I don't. Some -- wants the Mumbai shows she -- she calls a girlfriend or heard nurse as there are some things that. I'm going and buying shoes like now if if I called Tony -- Chris on a Saturday mornings -- guys. A mind shoes with a big -- would -- a big that they divorced me click click go by what you been drinking. I know -- -- -- exact. So a bit we're having a last minute hang out chat on Google+. On. Also targeting procrastinators. A JC Penney today launches a man in panic team that. A desperate man which could be any of us darts or a storm. As a choir sings lyrics such as appoint him to the jewelry so he won't buy a vacuum. And as as kind of funny. You know all that the real desperate ones are on Christmas Eve afternoon. There at the drugstore. And get it -- there are Rite Aid getting anything that looks like a gift doesn't mean that it. These -- the worst examples. Like I changed it -- citizen. And it. And Heidi I get this I get this folding chair for you I know you like it. And that was -- -- -- -- a barbecue grows like Gordon I couldn't pass that up as a written all over it. Are. Offering free shipping now this is good. Many retailers including JC Penney have embraced today as free shipping day no minimum water delivery by Christmas in his guarantee. Free shipping today dot com has a list of participating merchants. And for those of you will catch up enough. They're also extending store hours. When is the last time you heard somebody say and think about this. You know I was excited I wanted to go Christmas shopping and you. Lose nobody says that nobody. But the Macy's Nordstrom target and Toys 'R' Us have longer hours now. Or they're coming -- malls Macy's stores already have extended hours 37 stores will be open round the clock. Friday through 6 o'clock Christmas -- of Toys 'R' Us will open for 87 straight hours from 6 AM Saturday to -- vehement residency. -- as an example -- what they're doing to try to entice you in the store but once you get into the store. Things -- happening that didn't used to happen in stores and this is why we wanna talk about this today. You know how when you go to a flea market or garage sale. Somebody. You might have something mark ten dollars and they'll give you four dollars for it and -- with mark report knows -- there give you dollar. That's mark four quarter they'll say we take seventeen cents toward a bargaining negotiating. I didn't know you could do this but apparently now it's a growing trend you can go into full fledged department stores like I just mentioned. And negotiate. The price. I didn't think that could be done but it can. And when I tell you what the women in the front office said about other little tips the of those shopping you gotta find it -- -- I hope you'll find interest and Oklahoma. Will be back after this I never I never put on Leo I wish list. I'm grateful for whatever I guess whatever again if I like it I'll use it until it falls apartment by don't know thank you very much employment laws. I'm hoping against them seven round magazines this year for Christmas -- and a does that but seeing if they don't make seven rom magazines. Maybe I won't get that. But it's and a really cared knowing -- in New York under harsh. Gun laws that maybe it'll go the extra mile to have the elves make up a few in rounds are about so that's about Christmas shopping. I don't shop unless I have to so far -- Christmas -- a week away. And I guess what. I've had one gift bought the one the wouldn't -- in the car that's that's how you're on a roll -- and have and it wouldn't -- are okay. I hope that when I deliver this gift. It's not raining or snowing or freezing -- because I'm gonna put up through the sun because it's tall and cannot be tipped. -- can't Tippett sideways -- did you decide it would be easy style doesn't fit in my truck. I have to put up through the sunroof so I don't I don't rule in the -- But anyway some are happening in retail was not aware of because I'm not a big shopper. Among the things that you can do now is you can go up price. That day you know a full fledged retailer. A department store. -- here in the -- department starting this is sweater and it's it's forty dollars to make a numbers. -- arguments with -- -- and you know mentioning him I. Always picking apart you know. But we'll just say it's four dollars is -- forty ago. Days ago OK it's. Like. I'll take him forty dollars weighs in on. Now. If you don't pay forty dollars for it could say I'm. Well that's that I sweater I think I might want him to go 35. You know army. And -- -- -- who. Is of the Clarkson never have any authority themselves to do anything. They always at the -- with the boss object. I'll have to adjust -- -- -- And -- 35 will be fine so I'm what you had to go with the department store I know you -- and at flea markets. I knew you didn't want sales where people just won't buy anything mostly to national. I've seen people say it's marked a quarter would you take seventeen cents or I mean they have to feel that -- He'd do big deal you know but I didn't know he could do it at a department stores and apparently now in order to compete with -- each other. They're doing that I have an article here by Hilary stout. Does that name maker look fat hook up. Hilary stout as a matter of fact I wonder bills getting our new and so what do you think. You'd be funny. It probably wouldn't be too funny to Hillary what is bill for Christmas that are blue dress what -- your bank and he's as I picked it up on the on the you. At the use this story I don't know who Zedillo's Qaeda deal where. Okay I've had good a back porch converted into an Oval Office some clean. The driver here was ever in its -- contract. And is beyond rude. Joni I'm disgusted review come on argument showdown Tony you out of I was -- dragged out of will be Mindy. Seacrest is a guy Chris that grass -- the pyro. -- Hilary -- from the New York Times. So she's must via pretty prominent writer should write for the times. Pay no attention to that price tag or even -- mark down this year some shoppers are quietly taking the art of bargaining. Op yeah escalator to the flowers selling casual air and cover than he leather boots. Building on the haggling skills they acquired in the past few years getting big box or deals on TVs and light. Are more than increasing sophisticated. Price tracking tools. You know they can do that I was talking to an employee here who remain nameless. And there are apps that you put on euros on your phone. If it's say if it's a an item that has a number on you know I forgot what they call those numbers -- code numbers okay. You can you can scan and find out what the prices are on that same item at other stores. So let's say you're looking at that forty dollar sweater and that it has that number on an okay. So you you used the -- find out you can get -- for a thirty dollars at the store right drama right on the walkway there. So people using those on their Smartphones and other devices consumers have become bolder. And they now -- that they have the upper hand during a tough season for retailers. I didn't know it was officially called a tough season yet we got a week ago on an. But that's what they -- here recognizing the new reality some retailers. Desperate for sales and customer loyalty. Have begun training their employees in the art of bargaining with customers. Last month best buy. Invited customers to bargain -- announced that it would match the price of any competitor this holiday season if customers show proof of the lower price. So usually that's in some. -- -- It's either newspaper. Or coupon something like that you show that and a lot of them matchup. It poison now being coached to recognize that this is important. It's -- profiling. We all complain about profiling goalie -- airport. Why quietly searching grandma why they -- grandma down because they don't wanna be a -- goes up profiling yeah program -- doesn't look like a terrorist so let's pat her down so though nowhere just doing this randomly. Okay employees are now being coached to recognize when a consumer needs to negotiate. About that so they get that look. See that back Clark in Switzerland or something didn't recognize Oprah when she won -- -- 38000 dollar handbag. But had he looked in her high -- I'm sure Oprah didn't have the all if only I could afford that had -- -- bubble -- -- we recognize. That she was -- consumer ready double ID and then her credit card is all I don't know unlimited. You would have done a better job. Yeah they have to recognize what a consumer needs to negotiate and to spot the consumer getting ready to walk out the door of this is that kiss of death. When somebody walks out the door caused very seldom they come back okay varies unfortunately it doesn't work -- -- with. Very seldom do they come back. So we're talking about the fact. Do you have a goal. When -- buying Christmas gifts now at the major department stores I don't know anybody who has so far but we've got more about this -- more about our stories regarding coupons. All happening on -- 930 Libya.


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