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12-18 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Macrovision governor have said to be -- learning and it's only a week before Christmas and I'm learning now -- the cause of this article by Hilary stout in the New York Times that. Big retailers now except haggling. As a cost of doing business employees are now being coached to recognize when a consumer needs to negotiate. And the spot a consumer getting ready to walk out the door and they are prepared to handle you can actually make offers on things. Retailers panicked a few years ago when they realize that some consumers were using brick and mortar stores to view products only to walk out in order of them at a lower price on line. And so they're trying to combat that by haggling I did not know that was possible. But Claire and Orchard Park says yes haggling does work -- tell us about it glare. Well my husband -- I can't. Good morning first of my husband and I where I am a major department store. Kamal anchor. Store in he admired painting. It and it's not like -- -- and took -- -- her walk up to something -- like it. I thought OK -- those -- really amount to do things for him and -- it was a lot of 45 dollars. So. We can get up to register. And I offered. 35 hours. I'll -- daisies that. I'll give you 35 for this what happened. And my hope that Larry just like -- laughing between ourselves you know like it was a fitting on the price that matters. The girl to this seriously and that I have is the manager the manager comes over. And says that their problem like that. Knowledge that I assist offerings you know want to make -- opera has that and she said okay -- -- -- -- I said 35 dollars and I think cash oh good. And she says 35 dollars cashing sitting up and she said. Them. And see. I can do. 3390. -- -- And I thought she was -- during an attack. And she didn't I gave a 35 dollars we got a dollars thousand. Three -- Is that the first time you've ever done anything like. A -- I got to do it in the future. I do you see that's a great story go ahead. And it gift giving one that's -- I I hope I can never forget this -- my mother was I was very Christian woman she never would Seibu. And directors -- She read it again from. -- -- from what I might have -- And he looked like Grande and -- my my I can always -- like fifteen minutes here I gotta get home and all that I'm. She didn't care should have -- period hammered. But my mother was -- And he locked and my husband and I looked at each other and it in my father's eyes -- is what like what he's doing. Walked over to my mother and says. The gap -- -- for thirty Altria holiday and he walked over to where it handed her a Tiki torch. -- Africa. And other -- -- holding it. At the -- -- and she is looking at the. Oddly I held it out with the -- shares in -- a pharmacy near you. I we didn't know what we did not that right after -- public. And importance of the -- a copy edit copy blocked out the door and despite it was the only. You know walked out the door at the market by a few -- China and play my mother looked at three of us sitting there and she blew our mind -- I won't say it but I -- -- three initial. That. It would. Are declared. Yet. Delighted -- back glared back at it going. In. It's funny that's a great story thank you very much a -- those kind of stories. I wanna hear from you have you have called at stars. I know it you know you don't flea market expected to -- on sale or garage sale they expect you to -- let's that's expected and and that goes on all the time. But it doesn't go on all the time when you go into retailers. Say one of the yeah one of the anchor stores of the local mall. I'll -- -- urges that senator an email when I don't know Clinton. Ridiculous he where. I -- I thank you very much well but you -- drive revealed Christmas than a week but I like -- so you go there and you can make an opera. And things and some stores are taking that seriously. So I think that are better bargainers I think than men. Mainly because they shot more there are there are looking for value. -- men go while grudgingly to shop I don't know many men that like to shop I mean I'm sure this. And so we just wanna get -- get out. But women there they're into it more they understand the nature of retail like that and so there's a good story of how she -- money and that pain and and so you wanna know if you ever hagel also when I went down to the front office because I figured maybe I can get some insight as to. Whether this would be a good subject that would today -- and there is a vote some of the ladies in the front office were there early. And I'm talking and what I found out was even beyond haggling. There's a really big deal regarding. Coupons. Remember the Buffalo News. I did a story. Not that long ago -- within a year. And they wanted to know what people valued in the buffalo -- and keep in mind if you're in the newspaper business. You take great pride in being. A journalist. Yeah that's where journalists here and what they found was the main reason people bought the Buffalo Bills and they said we hate to admit this. -- -- -- -- coupons. And so if you talk to anybody that job seriously. There happily and the coupons but what I found out talking to the ladies in the front office is. You've got to read those things really carefully. One story I heard was there was this very special item. Is very special item and she was so throw when she had a coupon for a and ended the coupons -- it was good Obama up for this and started this day in his excellent dollars a whatever. And cheaper is edited to to check out person. As she had the gift in hand. She was so excited and -- -- persons that own on sorry. The coupon is good for that that's a door boss there. And then you turn the coupon over not good for door busters. You know it's like. You ever -- -- it was as a like that sometimes where they'll have some spectacular price or percentage. And then you look at the vehicles and are not included the ones that are included of the exact plunger intrusive. -- So it works sometimes. But the bottom line is. Do you have any horror story with coupons and a lot of people go coupon already because you can get them in magazines you get amendment news you can print your coupons. Things like that and you could say some real money that the coupons and I'm thinking about -- Bed, Bath & Beyond. Are very valuable people get a good stuff there that really good discounts because of the coupons. There again. Women do more coupon in the -- I'm sure our guys have coupons to some of them do. -- but usually the women go -- they have a game plan they know where they're going they've got the discount coupon here there. And everywhere but have you ever been disappointed with your -- you stood in line for an hour and found out the coupon wasn't good until tomorrow. Nam and you don't wanna come back woods you can't do it and you what you find out in a -- is done the clerk has no authority. At all. Not. The -- can't say well we'll take it now even though it's only a couple of hours you know reminds me of when you go to renewing your prescription at the drugstore. Some time the insurance company authorizes X amount over X amount of time. And so earlier in the neighborhood and you've called ahead and you go to pick and obviously we can't Phillips tomorrow onetime. Was there at 730 at night it's -- we can't -- till tomorrow. And IC can I wait here how can I wait historic art can't just at the clock ahead it's that I think the closing date. I said it's does the pharmacy -- I said it's only half -- close so technically if I'm here at 801. EU could does your cash register say tomorrow after 801. Why did you note can't do it had to come back the next day. And do you have any great coupons sores -- will be back after or asking do you have a goal in the stars. You can do it now -- -- department source. You expect had a lot of card dealer you're expected hagel. But I I didn't know that you could even do this we've already had examples of people hagel and I'm wondering if you do I can tell you one thing. What I mention that you guys -- star I could I don't like to shop anywhere. But I have never bought a gift for our but you know like him. Victoria's Secret. Ending like that I would be. Not the easily embarrassed I think I'd be too shy to going there I've never gone into -- -- yes. How did you do I was embarrassed. That -- -- It was and bears but I feel comfortable. Well right errors phrases that I wouldn't feel comfortable using light. You have better and velcro you know I just don't know if I could do that while good clinic and home my easy -- that's very eyes. Chris how about you I've been in narrow once or twice to get something very specific it was like like a perfumes that -- and had it was into America still win it in there if you guessed it -- for that body and and you know maybe it's something else I hit back -- Their guards from lowered to a remote -- boulevard my all of the manager of -- broadest certificates as a thank you two radio ladies of fashion. Store. That's the best way to describe it. I gave them because I. Wrote here at the -- shy usually about a oh well -- hear from you. Whether you handle at the department stores you have any horror stories regarding coupons and I'm also throwing in something it's an ever green but boy it happens every year. -- who. Re gift. Somebody gives you a gift. Either you know like you don't wanna you know -- return it you know like the color digital like the size it is whatever for whatever reason you decide. Now I don't want this gift but I think I'll give it to someone else as a gift. And is that okay is that Kosher are you OK -- re gifting let's go to Eric in Umbria Eric -- on WB yeah. Good morning -- Eleanor. -- I'd have a really very greats ugly story my father in law. It's about five years ago. The is that procurement manager for very large international company and basically his job -- -- get the lowest possible cost. I'm accompanied a gold eagle or Hillary nuclear power plants a wall infrastructure at -- -- Like that so you know he he's got a lot of stuff like that. So I'm I'm whipped them five years ago at christmastime and you want to get a new gas -- So we we go to one big box and garden doors. And he he's your grill -- from up to it and 2000 dollar cap growth lol yeah he he says. If 300 dollars. And as -- Like. You can I know that you can't I don't know that the grows really only cost -- -- -- the -- and I'm you know I'd like -- -- so I I. I want you out at 304 then the guy goes way back with a manager -- You know not much older and maybe 20/20 one -- he he gives them the same story. And and I'm there with my wife and we've got a few other for a couple schools communities and crow white public -- -- Quit everything altogether here for 350 dollars and and then we'll take it and the guy came back and -- He agreed -- and varieties -- -- you know 800 bucks our bucks on the whole deal well he was very not origin died accidentally started do that I don't know who's going to do that. He's -- you can't do that -- And it's like I can do whatever nobody can -- what I can't do -- -- EPA makes the big box that. Applaud my hat if I was wearing had I would take -- off to a good for him -- And as years of experience in doing that kind of things though he wasn't. -- absolutely great story thank you thank you very much. I wanna know what about a Grohl I'd. -- once but I didn't on -- -- -- one affected most grills that you had come in a box. Have you ever tried to put a grilled together. Seriously have you because I'm telling you basically they don't even have the you know essentially become the manufacturer. The parts are all shipped. Via retailer that they're in a box. The retailer sells -- the box of parts and you. Put it together and not a fun thing and I did did haggle over that once trying to get them to sell me the floor model. And they wouldn't do it and I learned a valuable lesson. Don't buy another well okay will be back tomorrow we wanna hear from -- regarding Christmas shopping would be incumbent. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 80309. -- cell calls are free and start 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Hey I've just found out recently that you can haggle a price at idea at a big big story that you go to and you go to the card dealer -- good at that. Flea market in the garage sale of the yard sale but hagel going into a store department stores give you so much of this item less than -- asking. I didn't he could do that but apparently camp according to this article in New York Times a couple of callers. Do you hagel a department stores if you have a horror story regarding coupons let us know about re gifting the you do that. That's always though a lot of people have opinions on that. And also I just thought I'd throw this -- for fun. Guys have you ever body dumped romantic. Gift item four of a woman in your life -- May be from a place like. Victoria's Secret because let's face it. I can't I'd never have a pro Clinton but let's face it you when you're taking that out picking it out for her. -- for yourself. Because you wanna see which looks like -- right okay so you are going to go according to your taste but you don't really know. If she is going to like it or not so you're really walking a tightrope without one. So it -- -- 9301061692. Through six -- 930 you know I -- -- to go shopping with me -- that is Danny never. Because I don't know if he's ever shot there but easily used to -- -- high and miles it was really good. The ball bearings where you know of totally out flexible army everything was good I think one of the boys -- On the backyard for -- let's go to Greg. In buffalo -- on WB yen. And the real larger issues thank you Greg what he got more than a a couple of things about retail and -- oh and purchases for thirty years. And the markup of people perceive the paper voters just true and the -- -- support. -- -- destroy it repaired quickly I was involved in the and you probably all of them mention names of source. Yeah that's -- -- -- well it was actually about them -- -- indigo they're from gate to 1 o'clock the next state. Virtual door buster. Go to Cuba of course that did not wired to 95%. Of the store to buy markers. The other door buster example always used by one of the ladies in the front office. -- issue is a so anxious to get it and get an epic Obama price but it did not include door busters. Do we waited 34 minutes or any good up Pretoria. The other thing was the my -- -- one -- -- wanted a beautiful red a Victoria's Secret world. Who like love America acute problem that we abandoned you know a half ago she shall we were. Tricked it out and I actually on the floor. She -- what he's doing. So what I wanna see -- But I thank you very in my. Eight anyway and when you went did did you lump these guys usually do a year of first all the women that they hire. At stores like for George -- are very attractive okay. And you don't know old size and lets it does your wife or girlfriend who's written down size as your -- now. And so you know she is. The larger than appear of them like for view -- It. -- QQ. Memory and radio -- and means total number of us. If you at all for -- togethers at that her let's be I mean did you do that thing like that did you actually know this now I knew this guy -- going in -- it's about like this yeah basic I think you. -- -- -- Yeah I think it -- yeah as I said most guys going and to find -- ladies -- for their special -- are buying it for themselves not for her. And occasionally you know if they don't like at the triumph on and you become Marv Albert and yes and you start singing show Jones. Each. -- that -- and -- -- that let's go to Steve in Niagara Falls into Iran WB yeah. No -- and to inspect. Put oil you you spoke before police to -- at least -- -- -- -- used to being in the public that he's talking to people out. I am not shy if anybody knows land by any means. When I got testy about it -- you know the met with the 83 times now. And that and doubt that the greatest woman owner of bodily tissue causing. Did you keep the handcuffs out from here on duty tonight from everybody. -- How about people -- the left. The one that got rid of -- -- at the Victoria's Secret that I like I don't shop there anymore much you know it's not something she really interest that it. I would add to meet -- like the -- McCain he's the -- and right. -- and is now absolutely edible. The closing on them is usually fairly well stated they don't Iowa and into Europe plus sizes. And indeed they did it would have been visit beautiful. Women women and if you look around and if you when I -- I'm I feel a little awkward that I'm by myself -- myself. Institute which is exactly. Look at that exactly you're dreaming right it you like that you kind of cup -- hand -- it. Now I -- she's Brazil again. Exactly I'll regret now. You know it -- -- a lot of fun and I don't feel low I don't feel embarrassed about and I actually enjoyed but you know a little man so and I could look at me like. So you got it you've got a -- or not shy. I. But -- just don't I think that kind of awkward especially. If you got to be really really careful about what you give what do so nobody says anything about the past. Exactly so you've got enough courage are gonna get anything from a Victoria's Secret but don't want a -- of I think. -- -- regular budget that's made a mistake you know when he went man. He tried to add a little humor and they always get humor you know sometimes. On the humor train this is what we do every week we homer we're used to -- we're used to doing that we used a daring at -- but -- -- She says oh what -- -- life went -- it was a buying port for an eight. Andy and the courts is what's his exit though it hasn't changed diapers matter. She was a 42. 34 long. And so it shouldn't get the GO. You know even understand the jokes -- you got to know you're dealing with. You know from start tomorrow. That surgery which had never done will be back tomorrow Beijing company under his radio 930 do you have -- You can now army we know hagel of the car dealers you have all of the flea market Agilent via. At via roadside sales. But do you had to go in department stores you can and I learned that from an article and the New York Times by Hillary style the big retailers. Are expecting now to deal -- more more haggling says that employers are now being coached to. Employees are being coached -- Recognize when a consumer needs to negotiate. And to spot the consumer getting ready to walk out the door that's one thing they don't want to do. Because of you walk out the door there's very little chance you gonna come back at the same -- almost any business. So they wanna get -- there and if they get you there with a little less profit. But it's still profitable. Got to show that we've had a couple of people say that they have haggled -- on different items though Rambo jam in north tunnel on the Gemini your hat are. Yeah a couple of days hypocrite is the back and do. It -- yeah would kill -- Butler and roll call vote up. Mr. -- you have all well we economists have mistresses but we have women OK so you've got to bring them along okay that's part of part of the rules of the lifestyle. He's got -- -- they have to try things on. I like like not like it's a lot of fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to get about liquor up first and before you bring them -- problem. -- And make in the opposite -- and it will make it. Over yet yet. But all good I like a woman -- based firm attitude go ahead. A lot of it's -- -- well of -- and it it's like. -- -- -- -- Not everybody's at an expert troopers and prison guard Jim you have -- are different degrees. I'm not I don't wanna hear what you said about borrowing I don't know wanna hear that you're going to. And I. -- I don't. Not that I already have been dumped by commitment and it. That died rarely go sure autos -- I was I was walking the tightrope there. Although we do not want to hear about other employees. -- led Rambo Jim can give me advice best. Burst -- reluctant you have to realize now you have to realize that when he said you you know. We don't talk about other boys aren't sure people have stories of losses rose a year. Not to advertise in the the she's such as we are surely as social yes she really -- she's -- the nicest people on the planet. She really is but that's another story but anyway so I was so Rambo -- by the way. Is -- retired prison guard and before that a paratrooper so maybe. His attitude towards certain things are little different than the rest of us who were paratroopers or prison guards okay. I weren't held that a Turkish prison and I don't wanna know what his girlfriend said about -- only because at that would be personal we don't get on and that's the kind of stuff the show but he did say. Be funded through at the limit but he did say that bring your mistress what -- well we don't have. Mistresses I'd do they have like a rented a mistress where you can just go shopping you pay you -- -- somebody is approximately the same size. And and legal and try things on -- and then you would be able to tell what what what the proper visas that would be helpful because these are unusual -- there you know not the kind of thing you're gonna find that the church bazaar. Unless it's really a bizarre church. -- I'd love well man that was close which. Asked if that is -- it. It's -- talk show host let's go to. John on a cell phone John Iran WB yen. The mortgage you guys have caught up on it as well -- -- -- -- pains in my got left and low scores on. The -- about haggling in the stores the big big name stars I really don't angle but the look of the local stores. Little. Model populates a judge because they seem more more willing to do it. You go to an employee in the in the big names stores look like who would be talking about. The bowler -- dollars I did have and it -- it on line I had some bad products so I called. Too good to get to replace or what it was -- right. So they wait patiently to -- -- about my supervisor come back. While. OK it was -- actionable we have to charge -- and that reimburse shall. On your chair and you're here you're credit card as well that kind of like potential for how well. And at any rate I went -- -- it which was a mistake I I get to see the reimbursement yet my credit card. Now granted it's it's not been. Two weeks yet. Maybe it takes more time may be involved maybe against that I don't know yet. Yeah I saw holidays I might take a little bit longer but -- appeared that it does this go ahead. Yeah but at any rate maybe. They had more people to let people go out there be little more cautious. Instead -- going to what I was. Short on line because you you can't just take it in your car and go there and say here this is faulty I need a replacement. So are good advice so be careful online shopping thank you very much. My word of advice on online shopping is. The product was fine but when I -- for the miracle posed no I think there's several of these houses I'm not really sure which one it was. The one that. Is very lightweight and when you gonna to a -- -- -- you know it it's it expands a 25 or fifty or seven feet okay. But that when you shut off. It drains and and retract does not have -- it doesn't think OK so I I ordered oppose them and I'm very happy with the by the way lava and it's worked out great. But you cannot get off. Awful -- -- with them when you're ordering because they tried to sell you everything. They try and sell you all of first of all what they don't say when you see their ads are usually in the latter part of the winter beginning of spring. Is that there's different grades of that holes. You'll expect all of the hoses at the same and you find out they have some that are better for cement surfaces. Their -- more abrasive there they're tougher than the regular holes that you've seen advertised. And then they try to sell you this that. Now I am what I tell you something now you're gonna do not believe me but you you have to trust me on this. Tell me why when your when your setting up to buy a whole is they're trying to sell you. A yeah -- timeshare. At Disney. It got to that remember Tony remember when I came and it got that far up the latter. I simply needed a whole news that's all I want it is something that wasn't bacon you know -- kinks and that didn't you can put on the Chicago fire with a I -- is on the highway to do the car right okay. It up. With time share at Disney can make this up. But the problem is you can't just -- you can't just go offline because they ask what your credit card number first and I'm always suspicious that. If indeed you don't complete the purchase. And you dump but he you -- video site before. You have an acknowledgment and a confirmation number you're going to be charged word anyway. So you gotta sit there and and watch the whole pitch budgets -- to that the product is fine products wrecked. Used at all last year is in great shape and it's exactly what I want it but you gotta be ready to listen to about fifteen to twenty minutes worth the pitches on everything else. We'll take a break I don't think. Do well when you go to Victoria's Secret of deterrence and the miracles do now I would think that will be good fit in anywhere will be back after this.

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