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WNY Weather Changing

Dec 19, 2013|

Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head right down to the airport weather station on the WBM Lima -- meteorologist Kirk apple morning captain Kirk you don't this morning good morning I'm doing now. Well looks like the snow might be over for awhile durable referral warmup rein in what he's going to be serving up the next couple of days when you think. Well it'll start with the good is that is today it's gonna be the warmest we've seen for some time just about everybody a bit about freezing today pushing forty degrees. And that that know whether to speak of at least for today. I think get a little more interesting this that we can gonna have by frontal boundary to discuss the stalled year biased. It's gonna bring an opportunity person mixed precipitation. May be though maybe just plain rain. We're going to be right on the fringe of that on the Friday. Friday night and Saturday timeframe. And then we're gonna get warmer temperatures moving into the latter half of the weekend but also some rain. That's gonna pose some risks for flooding -- depending on exactly how much. Rain we get how -- they -- I could result of flooding in some of the creeks. -- is is icing the first concern starting tomorrow and then flooding later in the weekend. I guess that's pretty much talent looks and looks like starting -- probably. Tomorrow -- tomorrow night or Friday night and we run the risk -- that's far from the certainties it's gonna have a sharp frontal boundary nearby to depending on exactly where your -- where that boundary stepped up. I could just be plain rain nor -- we could have some mixed precipitation rather be sleet freezing rains now that's what albeit possibility. Is there any -- slowly and is the only critics current. It varies from creek to creek there is a fair amount of -- on the on the creeks out there of course. If we did get a big warm up tie it with some brain they'd be possible that that would go to. Dislodged the -- the -- and you could have a risk of ice jams that depending on how things. Now we can probably expect and some advisories to be posted although there none right now right. I don't it's correct that I didn't the uncertainty in the position of the frontal boundary. It's still too early to pin down exactly when and where the risks carpet as the general's story is as early in the week and where we're looking. For mixed precipitation and then late in the weekend Sunday. -- is when the -- flooding potential would be. -- what about the Christmas forecast with so much driving associated with the colony. Well let's take a quick look out at Christmas we are looking the first stop temperatures gonna be in the lower thirties in our area. And right now it looks like a relatively dry forecasts. -- what kind of -- snow totals did you get from the southern tier. Late yesterday morning early afternoon more than that turn out to be a monster. However it did depends how far you go back that's for that's for sure. That we had that obviously the last week and a half has been quite a bit it's now. Those one night that's seen the -- in the six to ten inch. Range GL from. And be just from yesterday but of course you go back -- go back further there's been quite that is now over the last week and. -- -- nice talking with you thanks. I thank you that's meteorologist. -- -- at the National Weather Service several weather station.

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