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Impact of Christmas On Wednesday

Dec 19, 2013|

John Challenger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest and -- WP in live line is John Challenger with a placement firm. It's a challenger gray and Christmas John is the CEO of challenger gray and Christmas morning John. Good morning Chris this falls on a Wednesday this year which turns out to be real test for employers. As tell us about this. Well employers. You know I have a difficult time. -- when holidays big holidays. Like Christmas fall on Wednesdays because it doesn't fit into the traditional. Long weekend. You know the holiday. Are Friday of course it just everybody. Then today is looking for their long we conceded Thursday makes it easy to this Wednesday. There's no easy answer until -- some. People -- employees. It like to take it going forward others would like to -- -- going back before Christmas. Make it very difficult for scheduling and productivity. We're -- office and industrial production is usually way lower than normal and it was over Christmas wasn't it John people. Take vacations over Christmas some auto plants even shut down for a week sometimes two weeks. It does happen but. Certainly this particular season. Christmas season it's easier business does tend to slow down. Although it doesn't slow down as much used to always to have this period -- it almost went from Thanksgiving. Through the new year where the economy you know -- into that slow period you describe that more and more. Seems like everything's going up to the very last minute to only -- this last week the air outward things really do slow graciously down. Is it even more difficult because of and -- -- deadlines that are coming up for it you know some of the company's. What that causes. You know it is many companies to say that people we just have to have it in here and understand both Monday Tuesday in -- Thursday Friday and back. We've got the year end. Requirements have got to get our reporting out. So for many people they just. And get that extra Longley committee's work you know right on through that they take Wednesday off and they're very they're both days. Both sides. Holiday. You know often Lou we've got to move ahead of them moving. Some you know maybe it and not important holidays. To make it easier for businesses and easier for people but moving holidays like Christmas -- Thanksgiving Nelson -- right. That the I think we have a long way to go -- -- gets to control the economy get to control that it's certainly important. It tries. You know a lot of -- that I that's. And I think we have that -- if he does congress could get together on that one. You know there's also an an interesting and -- situation to President Obama. And has been asked to grant more than two million federal workers extra time off next Tuesday and whether he'll do it and I guess is uncertain because. You know we hit that federal government shut down a lot of workers were not at their desks for sixteen days in October. In hearing anything about that. And certainly. It would seem. -- a decision. That it if they get to implement note. There's no win there the government certainly. And you know -- her people the private sector ever have people feel like government. You know they're paying their taxes that government should be working yeah for us and providing the services and yet. How do you -- the president and someone says we'd like to have elect chaos you know Christmas Eve to prepare. Particularly tough call. And have a lot of sympathy for that. Hey John thanks for joining us Mary Christmas. And that much to thank you think perhaps we. That's John Challenger the CEO. Of the placement firm challenger gray and Christmas.

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