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Target Credit Breach

Dec 19, 2013|

Burt Flickinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bird -- conjure with the strategic resources group is on the WB and live line do. Help us sort through this quagmire of credit card breach information involving target stores. -- good morning thank you for joining us coming -- -- -- off the bat. Let's say that they got my credit card information while the way do from here on and to protect myself. All you protect yourself up by contacting the company and -- -- in your card as soon as possible particularly some. The bridge starters certainly it's not Thanksgiving Day November 28 in the following days Black Friday in the -- November 29 it's it's. I consumers across western new York and across America or should these are very concerned about this breach as well. Potential breaches on and other credit cards that you becoming -- regret a quick quite pervasive. And there have been more and more security breaches in the news just -- the last couple of years. But would you noticed this on credit card statements or how to how does it slipped you know. How would you know that that somebody can -- -- information -- -- you would notice it and record statements -- the point because. This is literally I'll organize cyber crime -- crime from huge shock criminal groups and Eastern Europe and other. Parts parts of the world. I an executive. From a major retailer. We had this system reached almost a year ago. Has said that it's a year and he happened in cleaning up for the retailer like consumers can. I usually clean it up which within a weaker like -- said. I during the state that Secret Service and in India -- -- -- working actively and on the target manner. Opposite working -- so many other retailers. That it that have been reached in the last twelve to twenty months. This is this is. Organized crime of unprecedented proportions and I'll western new York and your sister. Do you know birth that when these bad guys again our credit card information. And then they start using our numbers to buy stuff to revive the little things are so that we don't know -- -- do bigger and after the big stuff. -- an odd -- who bought big stuff so so though they'll have like churches. They get state since 225. Dollars were wrecked car -- what are your blisters could only hold 35 dollars were picked guests they'll do. It Internet orders. Wal-Mart dot com. To pick up -- the goods at a Wal-Mart within a matter of hours. I actually it's quite sophisticated. That numbers are -- or sold in the in the use for a few hours a few days since. Some cases that of a few weeks. The consumers are protected. From the striker -- financially. Output at this time of year. During the holidays. We're. People personally and professionally yet so little time. It made it makes it much more difficult to deal with it particularly surprised since. This is this is spent so whites like spreading in entry in terms of the amount of crime committed a case against somebody millions of consumers. Do you think that folks should ask target for a brand new credit card even doll. Or even though. They might not be on this list of people who security was breached. I jog your ring your racing have very important point that. All all consumers. Across the buffalo Niagara frontier and across America in Canada. I should be asking targets -- for new card because. These criminals are so sophisticated in its cyber credit card crime that they can reach. I -- in predator parole security walls. They couldn't be breached and credit cards a few years ago Orton out there that forty walls. It can be reached from malware so even occurred has not been compromised. To -- -- -- point. Do could that new cars is it is the smartest thing for any shopper. And it shopper should. -- for your listeners should also be aware at a restaurant and oral. Drinking establishment and all all the way down to a gas station. That credit credit cards can be stolen either often machines were up by a waiter waitress. Who -- so the information act quickly or quicker and Internet. I transactions so. Keep -- people it's not unique to target it's it's it's across Western New York. Its biggest senses it's it's gonna become a much bigger much scarier for our shoppers. Into in terms of getting their information -- A game that Bert it's not just target credit cars either I mean people shop at target with master cards visas American Express discover cards and it's all of those. It just happen to be taken from. Target but they could be purchases made anywhere right. The -- here completely correct Susan that any cheap PC Richar error I -- General purpose credit card. -- -- stole from target so. Whether it's a target I testers are shopper credit card rules or at any credit card. -- consumers Sasha should call that a whole freight line today for a any credit card he or she answered debit card that's. Been used to target and confirm what the credit card company that no -- And converted spent committed against. Annie Annie what are US listeners. It any any time during the last three weeks. Birth thank you for your time this morning we appreciate -- thanks again. The -- thank you Janet Susan's start to just stay at story during the holiday season. Cracked criminals so that taking control. Our guest bird -- -- with strategic resource group.

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