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Target Breach Raises Concerns

Dec 19, 2013|

Edgar Dworski of Consumerworld.org

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Target confirms forty million debit and credit card accounts may have been compromised by a data breach the chain says accounts may have been impacted. Between Thanksgiving Day in December 15. Let's turn an open up the lifeline out to anchored or ski from consumer world dot or Edgar thanks for the time this morning. What shouldn't target shoppers do after hearing -- Well you shouldn't freak out number one. Because the odds of your card actually being used by a -- -- didn't part -- are probably kind. But from a practical standpoint what every consumer who -- at target. And the specific date. Are the 27. Of November which is the day before Thanksgiving. -- until December 15. Which was this past Sunday is take a look at your credit card that we're not talking about just target carted here. If you shop in a physical target store. In the US or Canada there're 18100 -- -- Europe credit card statement go on line look at your credit card statement. Or your debit card. Statements or your bank account because most of the target red cards take money right out of your bank account. Go look for any suspicious charges if you see something there reported to your bank added that the target red card reported to target. You know you have to wonder how sophisticated the firewalls. For security. At stores like target. That they probably have very sophisticated systems but unity it's a game of cat and -- See the crux. You know try to see you know for fun and profits and they break into the system and there was one report in the paper. That suggested they thought that the terminals. So little you know the -- to reassign your name. Put your pin number and target that those were sent -- compromise. I just can't imagine. 18100 stores across the country that they have this sophisticated. You know network of rock who went into every target store -- did something to those little terminal. To me that just doesn't sound possible. You know people to go back. No I am thinking to and picking up on Sundays just talked about. It wouldn't just be suspicious target purchases either right once they got your information -- could buy something from anyone. Well that that's the problem. According to target what they were able to get it was on the mag -- that little magnetic stripe on the back if your card. They said that the information that the crook Scott included the customer name. The credit or debit card number the card expiration date and that little three digit code. The security code that has the right of the signature panel. With that information. They could. Go online for example and buy something at some third party store because they have -- at the account information they have everything they need to make the purchase. Are we behind the eight ball in this country when it comes to protection against a flight that is under. -- I don't know I think. Consumers -- vulnerable worldwide because unfortunately these networks of -- tend to be operating probably for -- even outside the United States. But remember when TJ Maxx -- compromise and -- like 43 or 46 million credit cards and debit cards were compromised. Very few consumers actually had a problem and it sent the shock waves and maybe it's the good reminder. That you need to be vigilant. You can't protect -- -- -- the point of purchase that you can't see what's going on at this from the a little device. Skimming necessarily. At a retail store. Which you can check your statement to make sure every charge on there is legitimate. And keep in mind under federal law at this only fifty dollar maximum liability. And it's your visa card holder a master card holder. Or American Express they probably zero liability for fraudulent charges. Will we ever know. -- -- to the tune of how how much was taken here. My guess is. TJ -- this situation took months and months to unravel. It's going to be months and months before we know what really happened in this case -- You know earlier we asked an earlier gestured LSU the same question. When these bad guys use our credit card numbers to buy stuff do they buy a little odds and ends or do they go for the big stuff. In some cases I've heard before particular -- using a debit card. They made because you know the -- buy and sell your account information on line and message boards or whatever they may make some little purchases. As a test. To see if that they will go through you know as a card B and you know reported lost or stolen or something like that. It's a little purchase goes through then they didn't go for the kill and try to get something substantial I have had a friend who understood -- every three or four months. Somehow someone gets -- American Express number and charges that the storm is absolutely mystery of how it happened and -- known before the -- Now they will face -- -- you're really good on -- SOB you gave us some good information we appreciate and care. Well thank you boat started to. Artists -- Dorsey from consumer world dot org.

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