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12-19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello -- is bridging company and I'm sandy beach luckily I did not use my credit card in the last a couple of weeks ago. But we're going to be talking today about whether -- going to be more hesitant to use your credit card any place especially. Plays like a target which is very very popular. Because of this or breach of security will be getting a bit. More would be -- -- Od JO JOJ edit to the idea is you use your credit card macho Christmas shopping doing things like that not this year not this year about you Chris -- basically use it for everything OK I guess a lot of people do that especially. Those who have direct deposit because then it's easier to use your card you get one bill and and you pay which one -- you know it's all kind of compacted a -- a little nervous about the target thing. I am could've been the target the last couple weeks and this happened a couple of years ago at my credit car when the PlayStation network out there. I just to protect myself I just have them send me new clarity he could even go watch your credit card company and also the new cars same account will be different card numbers or at least. If they're trying to user -- number -- they're not merely get it. Well 110. Moment of lower cola policy satisfaction is that. It's limited to what fifty dollars liability and with some cards American Express. MasterCard. There's a third guard -- no liability at all so it's an inconvenience and whatever but you wonder. It and we'll talk about as we get on the subject if they hit forty million cards at once. What kind of capability when they have to take advantage of that information unless they just spread it out I didn't not know until I heard of the morning goes. That. Your Social Security numbers on there. But that secret three digit code it's on the back -- card is on there everything's -- there's so you're kind of vulnerable to information unless -- The spread it out and use it over a period of time -- amounted to possibly take advantage of forty million at once. I mean no matter how big the ring is no matter how sophisticated is -- that's about all the time Tony when your club Marcello card was rejected -- that was. Fall you had a great afternoon and play and there it goes down the -- -- you -- got to prepare for these things that you have cash. -- -- -- I don't know. Pardon me he's my credit card that much because -- shop that much but my credit card is used on a couple of recurring. Charges that come every month. Okay rather than write a check. They debit my card and that's only a couple they all wanna do it but I don't let him go and I just got a couple that I -- do it. It's just easier that way but I also know in the past that if you've ever ordered any thing and you've tried to cancel. Its harder to cancel at that is to order. -- I don't on -- that much. All right I'm thinking Emanuel. Maybe I think I've figured away. For him not to be so so -- drone have him Wear red vests during the game. So that if your red -- and it. You know like you -- practice they can't touch you because this guy seems to be. A little bit too fragile for my taste for -- elite. Yeah Ian yeah exactly. And and hit the coach says yeah that's nothing that's nothing eyes of life. He's not a point -- it's excessive swelling you have that's that. And you get players that often times are good players. Or have the potential to -- players. But they're not doing any good if they're never -- because -- injury prone. In injuries and well yeah I edit this is humbled -- he's he's run out and may tease him what do you think Chris we've seen it before we're good players sometimes I'm playing them much. Yet as it's definitely cause for concern I was worried when the story originally came out on Monday I know they brushed it off what. If it was just a knee injury to a guy that hadn't had the injuries -- about our our approach would be fine but we're talking about a guy who had injuries to both these are ready this year. And I thought. Yeah you don't really know what's gonna be okay they thought it was going to be but I wasn't convinced young. I mean it was it was a surprise when they came on said yesterday if he's dog bark at an after thought about it maybe it's not such as. Actually something that is as a complicated as the knee if you really think about it. There was some famous player I'm not sure who was. Or maybe it was a famous coach you said the knee was not designed to play football. Plain and simply because in the he goes like this and sometimes football makes a goal like that. And it's not designed to go like that and when it goes like that it says I quit on record -- anymore. And that that's that's the problem. So we'll see what's happening but how about this for nomination -- get this right now we're supposed to have torrential rains Saturday night into Sunday. The quarterback. Are starting quarterback is out again. And the game has 161000. Tickets are approximately 161000 to be sold other than that haven't. You could be announcers have fun with that. I think probably here in buffalo is a sentinel -- a market halftime stuff like here's what outward about is that Lewis does not to a good job protecting the ball so. All. Some of personalizing -- he has that agency doctor. Because of frozen ball I don't know I mean even the toughest. Even if the markets for -- as well on -- now on to Obama you don't -- be okay. I have heard Tom say yesterday that that he's interested in buying -- Thompson. Submachine gun. One once bought one it was legal. It was that not fully automatic at least the ones that the -- of the people. Except that -- cool and from the holes a hundred rounds. It's a first -- when you have a hundred rounds it takes 45 auto which is happy okay. When you have a hundred rounds in it it's a very very hard guns would total around it is Amanda gangster movies all the time right. It's it's -- hard gun plus it's low. If you ever shot say -- -- fifteen a semi Otto in and 45 Thompson's semi -- The air fifteen is. When. And a finger at a time like the pop up about a. Thompson is boom boom boom boom boom. Slorc but it looks cool -- looks cool but there -- hard to attach. If you have a hundred round mag which is legal here of course chemical you don't. It's. And I -- -- -- but to out -- hard to clip mine. You know I can do it but it's not that does not an easy thing. And -- -- -- mom and it's heavier it's better for photographs -- and is in practice they are fifteen there. Guys I have. That's good sound cards so that something good. -- staff picks from the USA today on some football games only come back we'll take our two resident experts. Yes Tony and Chris and I will -- the games this weekend and -- case you wanna bet the house on -- and have a miserable. Will be back after service Tony noticed that something happened to a friend of ours. But not them directly but their business. And right after we got to go to talking about people driving initial wobbles restaurant -- their car. Tell us what you found. Yeah I was up FaceBook last night and I saw a picture. A car that hit their business. Yeah Dan. Brent lacy writes Brenda is bide your husband and owned straight up lakers on elm -- somebody drove into it. Here we guard down what's going under the liquor store just jump out in front. Excel and some of phony posts like you guys -- -- drive and a -- -- all luckily no one was injured. And and it was the damage was an extensive and it did not affect business but that's a good thing but I'm thinking just as a show of support. I think I'm going to start a new charity -- allied nations for them and Brenda like I think even -- I don't drink at all I'm legal -- oranges by a bottle in their name I used it for you -- good thing and you me and Chris there's three bottles right there and I think that's ago -- ago. You know when I when I go and visit them there. Because I don't drink and I I don't I'm not used to seeing him. The packaging. On on things as populists on on wines and liquors like that it really is. And it looks like a lot of them look like things that I would. I if I did drink that's the first thing I'd do it because of -- the just the coloration on the package and school and the displays announced June but -- I don't know enough about no liquor yeah if you if you -- behind the counter for shall be in trouble but we have a -- And you ask me any questions. About one -- I couldn't answer. A question about I don't know wines are more in selectors about you know Chris. -- -- I I always think I would be the same as human or at a gas station for awhile and did not smoke and eventually you just kind of pick up all the nuances. Like I -- do any more but I organic gases over five years I know everything blanked -- bad calls every brand it's the kind of thing where if you smoke you know blood and I guess is if a lot of people drink especially line so -- bigger on. Onlookers with skis yeah he like Crown Royal like different vodka is okay and what's cool thing about -- straight up well wines and liquors we have. These -- -- does that vary interest I've heard of that there's a lot yeah there's an Israeli election issue I know I help them set up the store. Yeah I am putting things they tell me where to -- and that's as simple as it gets moved back from here put it there I don't know executive decisions made by me okay. Cited that but as -- -- and that I'm glad. Looks good -- and I've never tasted it a -- five that put that. This looks even better what is. And many of them. Look like things that I would I would drink just by the way they look. But obviously. That's when I go and -- we stand this when we were kids. And this act now -- very sweet and cookies so yes in its cookies and -- rate this year and I just remember. When I was young going to visit my father's father. The only Italian capital Italy among them divulged little shot of me that's the do you work for us and a statue is in the sales arm -- measurement and a I'll answer that. -- Exactly. So don't forget my in my new charity is like patience for them and yet go to -- of liquor and homeland Bible now I have here. Just -- the this is part of my monologue and -- I get the USA today of about one of those. And I understand and Wall Street Journal are read occasionally. And occasionally the New York Times. But the paper that they're using now because they're trying to you know save every dollar they can. The quality of the paper they're using now. It is impossible to clip something out and set it on your desk without all four corners curling up this as the cheapest paper this is this as USA today this is on Mike and -- you know a huge corporation. They also on channel two. But this is I mean the paper some cheesy now and the same the bubble on knows it's it's like you -- -- a flat iron on at the flat and housing and read it. Okay the staff picks. For some games a city USA today 123456. They have seven. Writers so we'll do our picks and we'll see how we do against the the writers. I have only pick four games here okay Miami buffalo. Miami OK what is -- Chris Miami. I go Miami to appears that they -- Bills dolphins dolphins dolphins dolphins dolphins dolphins only Jim Corbett picked the bills. Denver at Houston. Denver and -- Denver to Houston lost twelve straight game -- -- Mexico I break that it for -- here's -- they got Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos and the -- and I picked that game depicted as that'd be fun to say Broncos Broncos were articles leave me I will be rooting for Houston in the biggest I know you well that's because you are all about yourself and it will hurt you in your. Fantasy league of if the Broncos don't do well and I love the -- and -- are the Broncos -- -- -- -- -- -- and against Houston -- -- yeah exactly that's that seems a little lopsided there about Pittsburgh -- Green Bay. Gain. Green Day. Fairways that I'm gonna go green -- of some reservations and Aaron Rodgers is still not -- to play. But his backup played last week and looked good the if Aaron Rodgers was going to be no question around a -- agreement anyway. Steelers. Packers Packers Steelers Steelers Packers Steelers -- that's a mixed bag New England at Baltimore and others it again. Baltimore is actually favored in this game by a couple of points -- New England. I like doing and into today they just always seem to win you can't -- down it lost one last week in a last second and they'll come back well I hate the ravens because the rate as it was doesn't let them anymore but I still hate them -- even though he's doesn't play I hate them but every -- I watch a game with the ravens. They drive me crazy because they went so I'm going to pick the ravens so at least if they don't win I won't be as disappointed as I would apply negative by depicted a New England. But here's Julio writers picked. Ravens ravens ravens ravens ravens ravens patriots. Only one person. Out of the writers -- viewers they appeared via patriots. And that's that -- so we got some some game action going on. Also I -- in this because what we do a monologue we get -- sometimes things that think about. For those who wonder how friendly. Two business New York State is. -- is -- about Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz obviously a fine automobile company -- lord won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz. In Tuscaloosa. Alabama. Now. I mean rarely. 600 people -- going to be working there they'll be responsible. For handling almost three million parts a day. I wonder why a German company especially a precision German company now that perhaps redundant I think most German I was pretty precise about. Why they would pick Tuscaloosa. Alabama. Over the state it's because they are more user friendly and we are learning these things. OK a quick giveaway here before we -- comeback. To sell tickets who wants to see the trans Siberian orchestra of a concert is going to be. Monday December 30 3 o'clock of the Niagara senator value is 75 dollars. 6449875. Now know on some that's it that's the -- number. Of the condit's numbers always a different number that's like. But anyway the ninth caller. Will win I call now we come back we'll get a nor subject today and news radio 930 mrs. WB yeah. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WBA. And. -- It backwards a -- governor M sandy beach. Now throughout my career. After all my life actually I have always observed what goes on around me. I'll work even when I was a kid I would observe what happened at school a school bus and this week went shopping played football whatever. And I always. Have a story to tell about it and many times looking at the absurdities of life. I could do a joke about it and so it was always helpful whether I was breaking up my class. And was -- for the traditional class clown or as a disc jockey for many years and I'll talk show host. But I I didn't know whether I should tell this story or not and and I decided I will tell it simply because there's a great lesson there's a great lesson and especially this time of the year it's Christmas time. All right last night and hasn't shores of doing and after. The chores were done I found myself on transit route so I decided yet. Haven't been to a dairy queen and a long time and I'll I'll stop on and and and have some -- something something something like. So I went in her first thought I was amaze and been incited the Q&A longtime very nice very upscale very it's -- it's a very nice experience and so I think I get my food. And I go around the corner and I sit down and I I'm starting to eat my food and suddenly I hear. The decibel level goes up. And I hear chatting and laughing and whatever and people are coming in the door. And I'm thinking what -- Abbas just follow it well a bust just had pulled him I just thought of that because whenever I see a Y one of any kind. Like whether it's even in the hallway here I'll do my standard joke what is this the -- the Cleveland Bob Bubba -- so all of a sudden these kids started pouring -- and I would guess that there ages. Where up to about fourteen. Maybe fifth right around there I'm guessing I really don't know. Okay but what became apparent to me is that these kids had some challenges ahead in their lives and we're facing some now. I don't know if I'm using the right term but that the only -- no that would covered -- would be called this. Developmentally. Disabled okay. And there were a lot of them there were probably twenty to 25 of them accompanied by a group of adults they were having the time of their lives. And and I was observing this. Andy and I I was so. I was as a. Soaking them because they are -- and doing this and Matt -- whatever and the one thing that I noticed was simply -- best. They would doing it without not of them had a cellphone and hand. Not of them had an electronic game and their hand. They were talking to each other they were having fun and they were having fun ordering here they are they made this may have been a road trip maybe they did something first and this or maybe just this. They were delighted to be a dairy queen and it was just aren't happy group of young people okay. Now on the other side of a -- with a public challenges they have. On the other side of the -- We -- other kids probably the same age who have the world by the tail they got everything they could possibly want they've got all the electronic gizmos. And they don't talk to each other and they -- solid a great deal of the time they have a chip on their shoulder and an attitude of the world owes me a living. And I was so. Move that's the best word I can use. By these kids that because I'm you know sometimes it enter into an area of Richard Jones December -- before. I was so moved by their attitudes. They did not let anything get them down they were laughing and smiling in there was a young lady she was probably fourteen. Who sat in the table next to me now I did know her and she didn't know me. And she gives me here. Hello how -- you all very you know friendly outward -- and I said I'm fine -- wearing a bills jacket. I said let me guess who you're rooting for you rooting for Miami this Sunday or the bills and and she laughed and pointed to have a logo on her jacket. But these these kids who have so many -- They were having the time of their life. Without all of the other trappings that others think are necessary in order to grow up. And the bottom line is that they did not feel sorry for themselves of people I gotta give a lot of credit to the people that work with them. I think there are those people deserve Angel status because these kids are great and they understand the needs for. For the hand that they can give himself. I think the lesson to be learned is it doesn't matter what you got the latest whiz -- phone. Or you've got the high speed Internet or you got the a 200 dollar sneakers or whatever it's all inside your head as the warriors are happy person or not. And I was them I although. Although it was difficult to be honestly it was difficult. For me to think about it. I think the lesson I learned from it was these kids have a by the -- they really do and a idea I give them great credit report. Have you ever come to a moment like that Tony when you realize how lucky we yes fortunately I did that you've got two kids and they're in good health and they're Smart not mean you got to feel like. Yeah I really do I count my blessings everyday. Yes there's times where now get down on myself with the game. Boy this isn't going writer -- that's just has to go my way but that -- I will stop back and I'll look at my kids and I think you know what you really don't have problems. You know and my wife was pregnant. And and of people I've heard people say this a million times a okay the woman's pregnant. Oh you wouldn't want a boy or girl I mean that's a legitimate question and you can find out in time if you want to -- and people answered. I really don't care as long as it's healthy before. We have the baby I was not that's cliche it's true but I thought it was cliche boy once you're having them. It's a whole different ballgame because it really does matter. But here's an example of those kids that I saw last night. Who who don't have everything going their way but there -- happy. And and they're being well cared for and looked after an educated. And -- thinks I'm glad we have people out there who are who are working like this and legacies and happy kids without all Leo's stuff. It would take a break we'll come back with -- beach and company. However the Beijing companies that subject is well it's an importance -- ago because we all deal with this from time Simon. Four at this time of the year especially it's an especially important subject. We're talking about a credit card theft. And go whether you're the information on your credit card has been breached I didn't know. For instance the amount of information that is on that magnetic strip. I heard some guests on -- Johnson isn't this morning on the early knows. I was saying your name is on there your Social Security numbers on there obviously your credit card numbers on there including. The of the cold the three a number code that's in the back. And a -- approximately. Four he. Million. Credit and debit card accounts. Specifically. Dealing with target. Have been impacted in the US between November 27 and December 15 forty million of them now here's my thought. I don't know what way as consumers are supposed to be. Vigilant about you be vigilant. The one area that we know you can be vigilant and I can't believe this ambulance service. Is one your monthly statement comes in you go down and check and make sure those were your expenses. Absolutely. People don't do that I can't believe they don't do that these guys that you -- your when your credit card bill comes in the jacket yes I'll argue Chris I always -- it's insane not to yeah I agree I keep the receipts for anything I may have charged and I match him up -- oh with the and then I go one step further. After -- matched him up I do put a check mark next these wanna and I take my calculator out and I tell it to make sure that the total is right. I'm I'm very and that's about as vigilant as you can be -- gas. Because when you see commercials. For people who are trying to sell you. You protection against credit card theft aren't what they show you they show you a waitress. Who is a doing a pencil drawing. Of your credit card number he's just turns her back -- and she's got the penciled -- -- hassle obviously want to thank and then they show her at night. If she's in her rough house with just the light from the computer on and she's she's downloading valuable things from your card that's one thing. That they show you and I don't know I you're supposed to guard against this they showed some guy. Comes and or gas gas companies got a key. And he opens the the mechanism of the of the credit card a credit card mechanism on the gas -- And downloads information from that now you supposed to know. Anything like that I mean if you ever see anybody doing that. And if you saw somebody do you assume that they work for the gas station and this is what they gotta do submit the the money to the credit card companies. So beyond that. I think that do we you know where we can be vigilant by not giving out our credit card numbers except where necessary. Have no control when winning at the them at a restaurant. Okay the outcomes and if you're gonna put on your card to get my card the card away due to the table there are some that have portable scanners and they can do that. But most of them take it away in the neighboring event brought out the parking lot and given it to you know 101000. People standing up there for -- you know. You don't know there's a certain amount of trust involved. And that's why I'm glad there's a fifty dollar maximum liability. According to US law on that kind of stuff. But some cards have no not him fifty dollars. American Express is his tree. MasterCard is free. What's what's the other big one Visa Mastercard them. By a visa and that they're free to so you don't have any liability like that but one thing you can do is screw things up. I I have a friend of mine who is getting of problems. We have. The Gmail account. And every once in -- of the Gmail account will say suspicious activities and what does it come from Malaysia. Things like this so. The you know public kind of at times we're in now with the electronic gizmos we have. Just are bigger opportunity for people who wanted to divide your money from your account. That's that's the way it has but I'm staying with -- let me give -- the information now. As from November 27 through December 15. Of this year. Forty million credit and debit card accounts have been impacted at target stores. Target alerted authorities in financial institutions immediately after was made aware. Of the unauthorized access and is putting all appropriate resources behind the efforts those -- from -- the accompany. Among their actions target is partnering with the leading third party forensics firm to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. Now that's going to be coming from the US could be coming from overseas that's the problem more sophisticated electronics yet the more sophisticated the crooks. And I'm just wondering how there are gonna find this out. Investigators believe that it was obtained via software installed on machines the customers use a swipe magnetic strips on their cards. When paying for merchandise at target. Policies part of that security firm. Initially broke the news Krebs on security is the name of the firm. And the breach involved nearly all of targets 17100. And that 97 stores in the United States so that's a that's it. And I'm asking you I mean it's hard it's not clear how the attackers were able to compromise the point -- sales terminal. An American Express spokesperson said the company is aware of the incident putting fraud controls in place Visa Mastercard did not comment. And there are no indications that the theft affected shoppers on target's web site so this is a store stuff. But I'm saying I don't know what else we're supposed to do. What else are we supposed to do. If you take your card out of your wallet or your purse you -- somebody they run OK they put a bag at first help or you're supposed to do that Matt. I mean I just don't know. And I don't think most people now. But luckily doubt that law protects us from people you know running up thousands of dollars and reliable for you probably get a new card. May I don't know -- -- new number. But you probably get a new card and I never understood what that three digit code in the back was. If they have the front they probably have them back to but I am asking if this affects your shopping. It affects your use of credit or debit cards what would scare me more as a debit card and credit card. Because they could be a clean that -- one would assume. Instantly and have cash access but if they're losing. If they're using this information. To add to get merchandise that merchandise has to be delivered so where somebody would have to get it. So it has to be some way but these people -- pretty clever. And it's the cat and mouse game. You've got the people trying to secure via the web sites in the credit card sites and whatever he got those who were trying to break them so I want to know from you if you're still comfortable will this change your. Your pattern over Christmas shopping. Do you use credit cards and Christmas job and I'm guessing. Although I've never seen -- study I'm guessing a large majority of people do it's just easier. And -- at all shows up -- you can this separate the information originated and the soul that's the way it is. Will this change your shopping habits are you nervous about this will it change your shopping habits a target only. These credit cards -- words are gonna more than target. But may -- don't wanna use them all now maybe it doesn't bother you because you say the most gonna cost us fifty bucks. They don't trade on 930180616926. Star 930 in the show is. Free of charge would have -- Send me your credit card numbers would be gratefully received little.

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