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12-19 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Beijing governor a forty million I mean that's an incredible number. Blood according to information a target confirms. Bit. The massive credit and debit card good data breach has taken place between November 27 and December 15 of this year. And forty million. People are affected certain army that is on credit and debit cards. So I'm asking basically. If this affects the use of your cards going forward here especially during the week. -- during the Christmas holiday season we will less than a week away from Christmas and for those of you I'm finished. Your Christmas shopping maybe you're still going on with appeal credit card will that give you second thoughts. Are you concerned about that. Yes thing bitten as many people would get their panties in a water over this 41 reason but then maybe not for the secularism. Vote the one reason is there's a fifty dollar liability according to while. A US law and the Visa Mastercard American Express have no liabilities so if somebody. You know grab your card numbers and start charging things around the world view are not going to be responsible. There may be some. Some things yet to doom might have to change your card and off the changer number your your pin number whatever. All of that information that that got stolen from the magnetic strips. And so you may not be as nervous as you would be if you if there was full liability I'll tell you one thing. If there was -- liability people would be open arms because this could be millions of dollars potentially. Even more than that could be tens of millions hundreds of millions of dollars how they how they got that nobody knows yet. They had access to it and how they're going to use it for their own benefit nobody knows -- either I think it would take a monumental. Effort. To try and get forty million credit or debit card account information numbers. To use them quickly of the four of the authorities closed and how many people would you have to work on this. On this -- I'm not sure I mean this is so far. The heads of most of us that we can understand that but what what I like to know is as if it is ago affect you you know we used to have. Al Franken on Saturday Night Live his life better writer and performer -- me as a senator but and he -- a skit called the how does it affect me Al Franken in which everything bad was happening for the planet the earth and he and care about any of it unless it affected him. I think we're seeing that with a obamacare a lot of people jumping off the Obama -- because now it's affecting them. And I think this is the same kind of thing you hear a story like this is -- how does it affect me Al Franken. Well I'm not use my credit card anymore. -- well why will I be able to use it I'm going to be liable for fifty bucks innings in those rate credit cards Visa Mastercard and American Express I'm not even liable for that. So the questions are how it will affect you owe the American consumer now I can tell you probably how it affect target because there will be people. Who might be more hesitant to target -- -- target -- time. But this thing you know -- better lay low until they straighten this thing out. Or. If you are lucky enough to have some moves cash maybe instead of charging him maybe. The maybe use charging for a couple of reasons one might be that your little short on cash which of it would be. One good reason but the other might be it's easier more convenient to have everything have a record of everything so it's it's downward should be. But if you are lucky enough to have some expendable. Currency maybe you'll use that. Instead of the credit card for awhile maybe you'll do anything. And I'd like to know formulate a 309301806692. Leases -- 930 what you planted let's go to our friend Dominique. Courts from Ortiz Brothers construction LO Dominic. -- Most that's the story or. Topic. -- -- There are there LL. I'll -- All fired at winter. Or actuary. Now and let we. We have -- however aren't. This year. They return. -- to art art art. From. It it even a week a year later today while I was wondering about that later on. My daughter. We ought. -- -- -- -- -- -- The quietly. The way it is you know -- Do not. You know alt on later. Which -- Yeah -- drabs and drabs and I think your example you just gave is a great example of how that can have a you know surprises me -- I'm sure you're a businessman you don't do it but some people do they don't check the statement when he shows up. And so things purchases show up and they don't even know what they just pay the bill to me that's outrageous I checked my bill every month. You know how are they should eat things like. To note that look at all. You know and that that we are awhile or one from American Express. And at the local -- and everything back in the -- right -- urgent. And then very we call -- -- about it. And it's very bottom and now it's and that is what they. Dish dish up blown IR. And -- are there are -- I -- casket they're casting their net out to try and get as many suckers as they can basically. Okay -- help Diego show that you can't be here or not. And you know -- you're right -- when you see things especially on line we've come to believe everything if we see the logo we believe it if they -- counterfeit the rest of having covered the logo and and and now there even -- things like money orders which used to be. You get a money order that's no problem at all now now there's a lot of counterfeit money orders but the thieves have gotten -- more. They've gotten more clever and they have the technology to back it up women front and the year now. What did you noted you public company and and inform them of that. You know what happened what we did that actually see the art. And shut down what happened. To acted. We -- a restaurant. Current threat and her parents -- started off. And and so my -- out right away gently detected -- pretty. Check your guard down and and the art right. You know what's some people failed to do. If you're traveling especially great distance or overseas or maybe even into Canada. And you intend to buy things you should alert your credit card company that you're going because then when they see those they won't come up as suspicious activity. It's also good -- engines are well if you really truly open. You know I think -- are these. Have you noticed that the government oversee. Lot of the credit card transactions. In restaurants overseas are done right in front of you. Which I think is wonderful. They have those term goes you know remote terminals the -- big swipe -- -- spreading it in it in in your present. Which I think you're right right way to do or a restaurant and that. I agree the only question I would have is this when they bring that slip back imported their cash register it has your information on that. What's to stop them of from using it on a telephone transaction where you don't physically have debit card from Dubuque. Apps so that's a fraud I mean there's four -- -- -- thieves out there this is this is there -- this is their dream thank you dominant okay thank you very much. I've always thought that no matter what kind of a restaurant here and get in the car and they take it away. And even if they do kitchen table like Dominic says and I know a bit more restaurants are doing that. They said they take they're slip which they need to get their compensation. Such a number on it. It's got your name on it it's got your coat on -- it's got everything that -- you would have short of giving them a card. They got everything all the information on the car they don't need the card because now we go online order stuff all the time by just. Putting the numbers in from the card the card itself doesn't have to be run so if that's the case. Our credit card safe at all. Think about it how many times you hand your credit card to a total stranger we are so careful not to divulge personal information. And yet you handed over to a stranger. On and on the good faith and trust. That you're gonna get it back and nobody's gonna copy your numbers or try to scam you know. I think it's I think it's is that it's a tough -- -- votes. To breach that. And and totally trust the transaction will be back -- more after this. Under federal law at this only fifty dollar maximum liability. And it's your visa card holder of master card holder. Com or American Express they promote zero liability for fraudulent charge. We're talking about the a breach of -- debit card and credit card data. At that target now the cards might be American Express they might be a MasterCard. They could be. Any any card but the data has been collected on forty million cars to be visa. Now visa. And American Express and MasterCard. Have there's no liability for you at all if -- -- credits from breached and they use the cards fraudulently. With some cards -- -- the -- the rest of them that don't offer this and I don't know which ones that would be about. The government protection by making -- a fifty dollar limit. So yeah -- might be a pain in the neck and it's you feel like your violated and whatever. But this happens from time to time I gave the example of somebody who is Google account. Has been a breached and the had to go through a lot of work to get a change. And also. Another friend of mine had trips in and playing to California. Round trips like three of them. In one week. Now nobody. That I know of ever goes from here to California three times in a week. But though is that it took some time but they were races no charges and a new -- a new card was issued I'm not really sure I don't recall of frozen number but. Definitely a new card -- with a different coat but I think it kind of helplessness. We really are we're not fools -- -- credit cards we don't just hand a -- does indiscriminately but we have no. No guarantee that once we have the card to back clerk or to that waiter or two that waitress or Joseph throwing hand that card do. What happens to it then I mean that information is as stays -- -- the person even after you've left big the point where you gave it to. Our base they have they don't have your card anymore but they have your number they have their code -- to name. So another words which would have to be confident. That every single place that we use a credit card. It's going to be handled properly once we handed to them and they handed back I'm not convinced that that millionaires. So I don't know what the answer is. The answer certainly is not give up credit cards because. Basically I think they're safe and but if you want a cut out this kind of the Avery I don't know what what else we can do. Let's go to Jason in buffalo Jason your on WB yen. -- Now Jason Jason was there. And I -- as soon as I clicked them on the thing went off the screen it was almost like he was already on and I hung up on them. No but that's what I'm asking him asking if you lost. If you wash your confidence. That your card is secure. You're they're not gonna come after you asking you pay for the the items that. If that's the way it worked but you heard Dominic -- say that he was at a place. And then a year later. It's you charge showed up. Okay we'll try Jason again Jason above all -- on WB again. And -- countries India have a story for us. I view of -- -- that you are that we should and it already -- future out. All while OK did you use it at target heard it was a used somewhere else would be doing it. I had it at target period in which your -- Be sure that each. I'm all how did you find out so fast that today's have been breached who were you notified electronically out of that work. I actually to call up at cracker company. Question -- it -- unlike outspoken and verify diet it urges. One side and -- that I did not think those purchases. They quickly. Shut down it ounce and issued a new car and -- but Dominic -- -- it earlier. All right so that's pretty good views are pretty good action and you're not liable so. No harm no foul but it does make you kind of feel violated doesn't. It does I can get everything that would. -- -- -- credit card would be the fact that and -- -- liability. Does it suggest earlier in -- are well it. Or as yet because they clear out bank account for it but -- that I would be at. Absolutely well I was sorry that happened to you I'm glad your credit card companies straighten it out and a Merry Christmas they -- and thanks for calling. -- the if there was a debit card. Where you have X amount of money just sitting there and they larger numbers I'd be very nervous about that. Because it could be zip gone in fact they showed that on some of these. Commercials where -- where people. As here I'm going to go to Beijing and then withdraw. Before her hundred dollars and says no balance and the 000. Lashing out there I'd be very nervous about that because I want her. How quick credit card companies handled that with a debit cards to Beirut if you say you were -- had 5000 dollars and congratulations while -- poker. Does -- add 5000 dollars and there and suddenly it's gone. Does the credit would be debit card companies reinstate your balance. I'm I don't know I would tended out of but I don't know. Where we could find out maybe but I see that's where I get nervous and a lot of this has to do with watch -- now. Because this is my favorite cause. Only me and one other person that works at Entercom buffalo and we -- a lot of employees okay. We are the only two people that do not use. Direct deposit. OK. Now I'm thinking I'm thinking what is one of the reasons you usury credit card. Is because you don't have any cash to carry around. Why don't you have any cash to carry around -- your whole check was deposited. Now you can get out whatever you want I guess by going they're going to an ATM and withdrawing it. But if you don't use direct deposit. And you go to the bank you might deposits some of -- deposit all of it but at least you can have some walking around money so you're not required to use your credit card. If you're walking around money and you're going to you might have the money to pay for it but it's not in your pocket while the -- credit card okay. And -- that puts you more more vulnerable and I know both of these clowns that are on the other side of the glass here they don't use. -- does that add and I love their logic. So I don't have to go to the bank. So I say to them meeting Tony I say Tony. What do you do for cash there's times you have to have cash Jesus. Well I go to an ATM machine so you don't go to the bank which you go to the ATM machine that we just have to gold somewhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right instead of. Walking into the building to -- might check. And then go to the bank in this is before our schedules should Stewart -- really that are not that mark yet and now -- I didn't have the time so I had do rather they come into the building grab my check. Right the bank cash in the combat irishman yell and echo in if I waited till later banks were close look at some colleges right it's just -- I need -- -- -- For the next two weeks as we get -- players aren't. That's a that's Tony's explanation that makes some amount of sense would get criticism explanation later and find out why. I'm only one of two. People in the in a building that won't do. You get to check next to your putting pressure on it but I'm not going to let. We're back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free -- -- 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Okay this just handed me it actually was just handed me they used to just say that but now this is true. Lawyers say that Al Goldstein. Publisher of screw magazine. As died in New York City after an illness I -- to be quite elderly through I'm guessing because that's been around for a long time. Tony do you know one. Never heard of them -- her goals now are up next on Larry -- he's probably the most famous pornographer. Because I I don't hearing because that Playboy it's pornography now no but so Al Goldstein. Publisher of screw magazine has died so one would hope in you know. Long time what subscription. And does nobody can read those things anymore -- thinks well I really don't you know it used to be Playboy used to be considered cutting edge. I mean wow yeah I really did not if they're Playboy -- -- a Playboy since I can remember but the last one I didn't see it looks old team. Everything's airbrushed and you know. Just. I never understood with the big deal when when your Forte it's a big deal right but as you become a grown up person doesn't seem like it's such a big deal at all. But anyway I'll Gholston is on occasion. Give -- a card or something we're talking don't charge -- now we're talking about. Forty million. Cards. And including. Visa Mastercard American Express all of them. Although -- street have no liability so if if if you or if your car was breached a -- at tops on line at target. Target is what we're talking about the forty million occurred there but these are cars can be used anywhere but that's where they were reached. The credit card company says we're gonna take care of us. And this is a big international ring probably. Above my guess is that it may change your shopping habits. It's less than a week before Christmas. Chances are if you had any cash at the beginning -- -- and I haven't now and so if you haven't done Reza your shopping you're probably gonna -- about a credit card. I got a -- tests. A going to be less inclined to do that. Will it make you nervous you really shouldn't make you nervous a shopping at target or whipping out the credit card. Simply because your liability. Is fifty dollars on some cards but -- Visa Mastercard American Express zero. So you might have to get a new card. And it might be a bit of a problem but -- also ask the question do you check your monthly statement anybody that doesn't. About scam it is crazy. I read about scams where where companies just put out and not legitimate companies but groups of thieves. Just send bills out. They just send bills out and some people are so used to just OK here's another bill looks familiar yeah -- Although I'll just send in the check remember what happened to me. About four months ago. I am so used to going to the going to via mailbox. And getting my idea by heating -- not eating granola either electric or gas that was one okay yeah. Bill I just put on the top of the deaths now it's time to write the checks. And I wrote the check and send that and what I didn't realize is that I pay mine neighbors bill. It was put in my mailbox ultimate stake. And then later on what I found out I hadn't paid mind I ice what I remembered Pena. I I didn't the bill out and sure enough there was my neighbors bill. That I pay because I was just use of that logo at that time and just checked off the list. And and Sam and -- or they accepted by the way. Because I put the number that was on the bill was on the check to those are sending in paid. And then I realize as my neighbors bill and I brought it over to him and he -- I said no he wanted to -- forest -- no -- forget it but then he insisted comments oh. Did he -- before but there again if you're used to doing some thing. Yeah if you put a familiar logo on that you just do what you don't always look at it so if you've got your visa bill or your MasterCard bill you're American Express bill. You've got to look at it because if you don't it's huge issues the paying what's there. Something -- keep receipts. And given notice that people who use that charge card going keep receipts that's crazy that's insane. I I shred my receipts right after it's been verified on my bill. That's what I do so I know the next month it's going to be there shred shred shred. And occasionally Reagan Reagan Reagan. Because I like to have shred and Reagan when I'm doing mine my monthly bills but Tony you'll always check your monthly bills. He had -- -- handles -- she's she's -- managers and she checks she Jackson Chris -- do the same thing you do idea I keep all my receipts and and I go over my statement chuck I'm often throw the receipts out after that that's the way to do it and and here's something if you're talking about security. Don't. I mean don't even consider just putting. Receipts of things in your trash shred them or at least ripped the mob if you if you don't have a shredder just remark by hand do something like that. But don't just put him in there because we know that. Thieves goes through that too and they and they see. They seek credit card numbers and stuff like that now some credit cards. Come back live. When the bill comes -- doesn't have your whole number on it. It'll go ax ax ax ax and then have the last four numbers that's fine. And then that's good that's a good thing but some of them have the whole line. And so you gotta you gotta be careful when you're discarding that because people are out there waiting to prey on your account. And if you're -- you know if you were a person that doesn't pay attention. Accenture and its camp I'd love to find out what's gonna happen with a debit cards. Because we understand the other -- liable for for the output of somebody's already cleaned out your account your debit account. I don't know if they reimburse you the money and I would find that hard to believe that they would. But who knows if Israel on 30106169236. 93040. Million of them. All right now we're gonna get and so. We're gonna get into. Information that we hope you'll share with us as to how secure your cards are. And and whether it's going to affect your Christmas shopping. Where you're going to be racking up a few more but I think you have to be vigilant if you're ever sloppy. Christmas is probably a time when Yugoslavia's because you're doing more shopping than you usually do. And -- may -- -- this for so a certain person and you forgot how much of that was you know not good at keeping receipts things like that. You've got to be vigilant this time of the year let's go to. -- -- -- -- OK no it was there's blink and away. Is it okay it's a tried again must go to Carol -- senator Carol here on WB yen. I Gerald. Your actual total 100% number as -- -- itself. But what is even though it's XX out I didn't want to. It gave -- I had the built in more than one place. I and every eight you know like if she added that the bottom he'd just done in this heat here OK and you aren't I'm. And the very bottom it's. Mixed with a lot of numbers but it can I get -- right -- -- -- It's and they don't see a huge long number includes somewhere in -- you're at your exact account number -- -- outlook for that. I don't always get -- they've kept a -- -- -- out -- -- at it hot out there. Well it it's you know I don't know what more we're supposed to do Carol if we're careful. And when you shop a legitimate places I think that is beyond our control I -- weakened state we can control and up to a certain amount but after that it's it's out of our hands and that's probably why congress passed a law saying there were only obliged to. It's come up with fifty bucks if we get to if we get treated like. Yeah but a lot of people like you sag adult and get their out embers are about sells generics in extra I'm sorry and that I. I'll help one -- the -- of the doubt on whether equal numbers and it stopped there it. They they didn't know. How you're out apple one use that and that yet. Bill and so -- it in their bodies there -- for everybody else it's saying a word about. President point I'd seen -- buried in a long number on my utility bills but I I'd not seen it on my credit cards and I will check that out of thank you I appreciate that tip thank you Carol. Thank you very much a given said Tony that your account numbers buried in that big long you know you'll remember this long. When I when -- you know send and it's an account you know pay for something -- we put the account number on that there again it's on your check. So that it doesn't get credited to somebody else's account. But that that long number I've seen bear your account number buried a map but usually -- for utility but object that now. A will take a break we'll be back -- would Beijing company. Check Europe credit card statement go online and look at your credit card statement. Or your debit card statements or your bank account because most of the target red cards take money right out of your bank account. Go look for any suspicious charges. Let's go to ray end -- -- ready you're on WBE. I'm fine -- -- story of our credit cards and things like that. Well my -- at the computer. What they called me up. I want the outline what -- saw any nutrient spurs and who -- out another bill it is not big plot now. All debate. And it says behavior problems were for or compromised. This is wondering how might you gotta calm down to -- debate I think it's this and try to act in order balance and sense. I this I mean and look what it audit act in. -- -- and -- natured a pretty you know up forty look at. Patriot and antivirus and your system and run it every week. It is. These. These actors try to senator Trojan -- -- your computer and don't try to -- count and we possible. And they're pretty clever the -- tell you that you is a problem your account you have to change your password. And then. It's become how. I had to get all you'll count all the golf. And before they can do anything that's today at the. Well I'm glad. I'm glad they caught I'm glad you alerted our listeners to a to a I've seen it before -- on the what I consider scams is when they ask you change your password. And the you have to put in your existing password first because there is a logo on the screen that matches the logo of the company you think you're talking and who doesn't guarantee it but I'm glad Davis ahead up on that -- thank you very much. Have you read that Tony where they tell you you have that -- now and come here. We have to every three months regularly. Change our our password OK it's pain in the neck with. They do it and we have to do -- if we want the account. But I've seen other cases where I thought it was phony and never followed through because it says Europe your password. It has to be changed because it's been breached and then you gotta put in your existing password. Well if that's a phony account you're giving them your password. So I am I never count on something is being real until I can verify. Yeah always I mean there's people out there. Waiting to scam you that's what they do for fun and and giggles let's go to Tim in a way it was -- him here on WB yen. Thank you -- A lot of talk about spoke -- a number of years ago to meet with an American Express our. I ya don't you know I didn't use -- punished worst terror unless it was for business it was a this skirt. Well. Won't be old to get the bill. Maybe this time of the year. And it -- Or an airplane ticket slide down the Fort Lauderdale and Eric in three days. And -- I put her how to help prevent that I didn't -- ticket. And I complicate what the -- was delivered by AB auto club down I'm range to cut down on Delaware downtown. And I called them much -- what's with this should. Well we. All of order from somebody and when they came down to pick up to. Her picked up the tickets and -- forgot their power are all well we gave it to. Hall and I think new weird outlet. And because I will be used it card one time at a previous two -- three weeks. Would've been at a restaurant here which. You know and I knew damn well somebody -- down their first -- true. To visit their parents. -- Thanksgiving Day. I feel the American Express and I opened the whole story you just find out which one of those waitresses. Now. At 103 days off at Thanksgiving and Uga. Will take care -- not another word not to ever happen. What they took off my bill good at and then -- we all pay for swimming and it was a scary thing now. And you feel violated the -- got their clothes do well there was a story a couple of years ago about a woman on Delaware avenue who owned a restaurant. And they finally caught up whether she was scamming. All kinds of customers'. Credit card numbers. And and defrauding her own customers. They -- and I think she went to jail I could be wrong -- -- for those have a couple years ago well thanks Olivia heads appreciate it thank you very much. Yeah you gotta keep track your -- you have to keep track as they said. I don't shop bought so I don't use micro -- out but when I do -- obviously keep the receipt. When the bill comes in -- matches up against very matchup yes they do and to be honest with you -- they do a good job of that. And then after it's been acknowledges to what the amount is an all that than I destroy it. But the bottom line is even add up. As the total to make sure that they -- and upright because let's face it some human being has to add that up. The credit card company or the bank. And human beings can hit the wrong came from time to time so. The where you -- thinking is your first -- advances make sure it's my charge yes it is. Suppose you got five or six things in a row or Christmas shopping -- fifteen things in a role. Added up yourself there's no guarantee. That that number is correct it usually is probably almost always is. But all you need is one keystroke often due to be paying -- more than you have to so I do I go that extra mile that doesn't make me immune by the makes me as aware as I can be let's go to Joseph. In Appleton Joseph you're on WB yen. You know what I'm fine Jolie of course today. Well it it obvious I was just listening to of the eclipse I think there's a huge opportunity for -- in all of this. Okay. Targets I just heard only sit market already cut short people that they fixed -- -- So they've got -- -- -- quickly and I think what target should do. It get all of Obama. Let's listen we can which we architect art which really quickly you've got billions available so if you. Such obamacare and it or not I don't know -- that. Or your arm problems over there it could be the glitz and so Christmas still we gonna have you're mean one mr. glitch. I like that with physical. Already fixed this and and we've been working on Obama care for like what years it's amazing yeah three years there's billions. Billions of dollars and able -- -- things are so I think target there's a huge opportunity. For parts prophets to really go off the charts. The American mind at work we love -- Joseph thank you very much the the have been glitches so Christmas -- like that I think it has some marketing possibilities. Eight Israel and I Israel wanted to and its excellent 692 -- six -- 930 Telesis in samarra lyrics from that one you know our main one. I'll do you know you're being as -- -- yes mr. Clinton mr. glitch. -- -- Our team like a bitch like. I've known as the Gaza actors who have cancer -- new knowledge through its. You know. Golf line. -- -- I'd say that's our. -- -- -- You -- signs licensing argument is that you can't do -- that couldn't find the instrumental one -- and ask you did Fastenal that's well that's that I gathered which is so Christmas. -- -- -- -- says they fixed it already in this forty million. Hits in -- and I like Joe's idea the last college though. Who said get all of Obama probably can come and fix obamacare. Because remember Obama says we have the best and brightest. Working on this audio and the best and brightest that you're willing to give a job do basically what amounts to about idea I like I like Joe's attitude. We come back we wanna know how vigilant you are whether this a make a difference some people you know some people skim the headlines. And then react to what they've skimmed instead of getting old story -- the whole sort of the whole story is the forty million. Breaches were were made in target whatever but the bottom line is. That. They say that they've got some of the fixed or all of -- already. But the key is is gonna change the way you shop of for the rest of the Christmas season we got less than a week. But were you planning to use your card more will it stop you remember Visa Mastercard American Express. I do not charge any kind of liability the US government says nobody can charge more than fifty dollars so we'll see where that goes but. It pretty well insulated from and although nobody wants through fifty dollars of the window. It was all of us know what your plans are.

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