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12-19 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we backward vision -- have sandy beach target confirms massive credit debit card data breach OK here's the deal now. Target and alerted authorities and financial institutions immediately afterwards made aware. All of the unauthorized access and is putting all appropriate resources that efforts knows what they're saying. Those words this thing and this happened between November 27 and December 15 of this year. Among other actions target is partnering with the leading third party forensics firm to conduct a thorough investigation of the incidents. Investigators believe the data was obtained via software installed on machines that customer -- to swipe. Magnetic strips on their cards when paying for merchandise at target stores. Now Krebs on security which is a security industry blog. Initially broke the news and said it is involved nearly ago all of targets 17100. And 97 stars in the United States citing sources. -- two credit card issuers. And so we're asking is this going to change the way you do business you're probably not going to be on the hook for much. If your visa American Express and MasterCard you're not a remote for anything. Others that don't take the same have you know look at it as of these American Express and MasterCard. The most you can be. Liable for fifty dollars but you still don't want that but I am asking if you've ever been active have you ever had unauthorized charges things like this and -- it changed the way you do the rest of your Christmas shopping. Let's go to Dolores the lowers your on WB again. -- You hear -- at my apartment I'm reliving and that sentiment out there -- -- -- you don't. Play. We -- it was about the time of the year are all saying it was evening and it should there Cheektowaga police department. Asking me. In high. I had gotten my master card and I said no we had seen him yet. But we were expecting and once any -- Hands to we were ever going to get them because. A couple of kids that they hired at the free don't him. Post -- -- work holidays. And intercepted our daughter. Went to gallery. One bought that diamond ring. One went out of the store that while honored. They just haven't paid day. Well usually when you get new credit cards you have to activate him by calling or going on line and a and doing them so they must've done that in them in the way. Well must -- I don't know what date yet but I know all. I'm mark indictment returned and nothing ever came -- that because. One of the boys was supposed masters. On a while we don't that was the -- was he charge and convict and OK well then he's innocent and so good -- the court so we can't assume that he did you know. Never let it ever want to get fired it was just. Glossed over -- but never an apple. Once you know when you talk about. The Postal Service says the -- invest investigating. Arm. I'm surprised it didn't go further than that apathetic to Dolores that your march. -- polls don't mean mail fraud is a big deal a big deal. And you have to really be careful I've always -- any credit card I've ever gotten that was a renewal of an existing card. Required you to either call a certain number goal on line and verify it. And you know what. He they ask questions that you'll already provided the answer for. But sometimes you don't remember what you said in our dart about like OK I know. I know my mother's maiden name okay. But I didn't know my grandmother's maiden name. And order married name was obviously and I had given that once and so it's embarrassing so what I do is. I make sure that I have a record of any of the questions or not they always ask you. I think -- could have fun with this favorite movie. Wouldn't be funny to put like some raunchy title and there. -- guys everybody always says security questions is like five security questions one could be your first car. One could be. You know -- something that nobody would know. Your favorite movie while I always a market cellular equipment you can probably guess when I put. But I think of the funds -- just make stuff -- and puts on raunchy titles in there that's a great idea hassle somebody calls you and it says that we have to verify it is what's your favorite move the problem there -- oh okay thank you look at him. I'll be fun but. Not a good idea let's go to nick and varies -- met here on WB yen the. Point gently. That couple years ago. I got a call from MasterCard. Suburb social problem my account whatever I didn't Bloomberg although it's terrible economic also -- typical. And they're frustrated and that -- legitimately and -- our people. They supported major art Soviet smokers were more sort of pseudo number. And this is a little bit like the middle of the well. In the Portland area I was -- protection there's an awful. I just didn't even require some -- summit on abolished or. So essential -- the little salute the larger electoral was -- cardinal told them. I'll probably hear after the -- I get the package a little new idea or something. And and open up this so special camera and shall order a lot -- open man. And that was charged with MasterCard. Who couldn't. While Sicily called the company and electrical master card -- -- Arab replica so. The good bit at screwed up because look at one of the air support master of both occurred rather than -- Well -- -- of these scams these other items have to be delivered some more and at a lot of the credit card companies don't take post office boxes so. If if they indeed have a a real bricks and mortar or dress a bigger reason to catch those these people. You know. Often -- got the land on which -- reduce -- liberal -- do it. What are -- a cultural rather all those problems that are -- McConnell or. Do we want a major credit limit on playing and also it's terrible just. Yeah now the idea eyes as they go by quickly -- thank you thank you very much. Member of its time to go at this package. Delivered to his front or and and -- opened it was like. It was like some pretty exotic stuff from that baggage and Tony said the that's a scam. Had -- opened at first maybe it would I'm you know you're on -- -- and stuff but be careful. What. Did you order -- -- I didn't. -- exactly I would like to blow it says. Tripoli the I want I want I want I want to die hard manual Rebecca was that this. Under federal law at this only fifty dollar maximum liability. And -- visa card holder a master card holder. Or American Express they promote zero liability for fraudulent charge. We're asking if if the big. Announcement that target got hit that with forty million credit and debit card accounts have been hacked. And were asking if indeed this will change your shopping pattern for the rest of the holiday there is less than. 60 -- in seven days to Christmas and so maybe you haven't finished your shopping yet would you be hesitant to whip out of the charge card would you be hesitant to go to target. I don't know how we can ever totally protect ourselves. Beyond in the credit cards. A situation when you -- -- over. Even if they do it at your table -- -- and they have a scanner and boom boom boom they hand you back your card that's the best scenario. But when you -- They have to credit card number and Evian name they have all the information. And you can order online by just you don't you don't scanner card you just basically write down -- type in the numbers. And so you could be a scam that way. Obviously if you hammer on the card and they go somewhere away from you -- your vision that into an email what -- it. So I think basically if the trust is broken that's going to be over concerns you -- this it was both credit cards and debit cards now the credit card wouldn't. Wouldn't. Upset me that much I wouldn't be happy about it but because there's almost no liability. Fifty dollars on now on most credit cards on US law but Visa Mastercard American Express which are three major major major cards. There's no liability at all. But we have I'd be very nervous if I had a debit card. Especially if I had a significant off I had fifty bucks on it okay I'm not crazy but if I had the 500 bucks on it. Yeah I'd be concerned about it and I think but people should be. Let's go to reconcile buffalo Ricky run WB and. I think any this is different story my daughter was hacked. Wasn't have to actually. The issue was. Subject of a counterfeit. That -- done this year earlier this year and actually -- and not another state. Back to California but. The bank actually notified her. That our minds with electronic cut delivery to version of phone I guess. That there's been some questionable activity on her credit card. And associate -- they went online to check the bid process here because you can get better certainly on line up any. Charters that are going around and and actually. We had tracked the people. Geographically. That they were brought along the road are using this credit card. But this is the surprising thing about it was. That they know they know exactly. When you're the target swiped that in fact it was swiped it rather than. Somebody calling in and the folks say they have electronic record of that slide. And so we know for a fact that this car was counterfeit. -- what not to connect electronically. It was actually counterfeit. And apparently is the second time it happened with this particular bank credit card. And so he says that's enough for that -- she get her flat out canceled because period rather than just ask for a new car. Yeah it's amazing. Out you know as new technology emerges. And gets more sophisticated the crooks got more sophisticated do. And you really have to be vigilant you have to let them know but luckily the credit card companies have very proactive on this and -- and like you just said they keep you informed all right thanks for that -- appreciate it. One thing that I setter here which I I think makes a via a lot of sense. Because somebody tipped me off on this is that if you're ever traveling out of the area where you're normally live. Whether it's you know different part of the country or maybe even a different country. And you intend to use your credit card notify your credit card company had a time. Say you know I'm going to be in them there's a new -- opening up in Bulgaria. And I'm thinking of going there and getting me a new tractor. So I might be putting and I'm charge card so that when they Bulgarian tractor charge does show up in which. I mean I -- that's common sense and I think one thing I'm not really sure of this but. One thing that that I would think of we think of Canada. And the US says one but Canada this is a shocker now may you may not know this is a different country. Now I don't know if the rules stay the same when you're charging with -- your charge card in another country. OK so if if -- even go to forty very. Or something like that just across the bridge. And new -- say here at the you know the ballot there or something and you put something on your charge card. Is that the said the same rules regulations or whatever is it would be if it were. You know the diamond dust here I mean that kind of stuff. Side I don't know the answer but I'm I'm suggesting that if you do leave the area that you. Notify your credit card company or you're going and that that way at least they have a heads up on it otherwise they're very good at letting you know that they're suspicious. Activity suspicious activity. Going on. Policies and let us go to who's next. It would be dome I think Bob Bob and alma -- on WB again. I'm -- I'm Bob what's going on. If they had a couple of incidences if it that are put occurred. All would call and -- would tell you breached but runners last less seizure. We're supposed sit down Easter dinner and call. In my -- thought it was a joke because as that -- that they. This considered -- credit card because. So -- -- on a number and actually made up curtains. And we're using in Florida and California. I'll hold on the second bulk of -- wanna continue our discussion judges -- for couple minutes if you would -- -- hole will be back with more would be -- company. A -- and I'm thirty. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and starting ninth -- -- toll free line is 1806169. 92360. Reported that your bank added that the target rate card reported its target. -- good they're good information helpful information because this that as affected US stores. Between November 27 and December 15 of this year. Under what's happened the breach of forty million credit and debit card accounts. In the US and so basically. I don't I don't think you have any real concern with target itself and that doesn't affect the online sales it affects. In person sales and -- on the hook forum. Fifty bar while a fifty dollar liability. We have -- some cards but -- Visa Mastercard and American Express. If they've been if they've been targeted so to speak. It's no liability at all. It Altria and -- trio we want an office who changed the way you do business. Does it affect your thinking about use the card or not and they secondary question which just surprised me that I even have that basket. Lots of people don't check their statements. Believe that you are stable come in for thirty days activity and you just pay -- -- Idea check mine made sure it matches the receipt and that's the way ago. Let's go to Bob and -- Bobby on WB yen. -- -- -- -- -- say it's we get the bills and then we -- item by item. Like there's a question and actually ask me enough. We'll get it all straightened out. But I -- say we've had to go to camp to put a few times because of things like this with target. But the but the last time. We were serving. If your dinner and we got a call phone call and noise sensitive in this -- on the phone in the summer like a joke. But it does no -- this is no joke is about quarter credit unions. For the got through credit union visa. And sure enough. These people this -- I was on the right that -- whoever that occurred number actually made up -- And we're using credit cards -- our number. And California and Florida. Well and what -- don't really realize them and over the difference between going through with a credit funeral banker where you get it. But these people working 24 sevenths and the stuff. -- -- end and in voters when they still let one would assume that they want ears and as quickly as possible but Dominic Cortese is called earlier. And said that his number had been hacked and but it took a year before anything actually showed up so. May be -- maybe they're getting their mining information now on using in bits and pieces. Yeah well they. They they used in Florida didn't and they promote and about which of course afford our comment. And the second time and then they got that right away -- so this is this an accord they are on this stuff. Yeah they have to be vigilant because if you lose trust in your card era out of business -- Yeah well they. They did they covered the process that there was no liability on our part. But I had another -- -- didn't consider quite a few years ago when my -- -- went to Italy. -- -- -- They really advocates say they're they're around at some point 47 they call one no. Because they're using the -- over in Italy. If it was a of -- all of you know there is they're not used to getting. You know for our country. And I have to verify reform. Yeah I anybody that travels out of country or even out of the area and say you're going to California summoned. It's good idea pick of the far larger credit card company merger going and are therefore. You save yourself some aggravation. Because they want they will accept Jakarta otherwise might be embarrassing when you present your car and it gets a declined. Yeah what we river driven around the country -- about a year ago and well we're traveling we've gotten a phone call. I don't know of word and Ohio. And says yes yes wouldn't start credit we're we're we're there now OK we're just give them Diana's. That's good that you appreciate those down it calls a thank you yeah thank you so much. It's good when there are vigilant like that. Aaron in Clearwater Florida guard counter on W via. I -- they know you know I am there's 212 years ago need even more. I received phone call from the floor apartment called pink and that we would probably fake and that. -- -- -- what has been there I had done a lot Eric debit card well you know right away you panic and again my heart went into overdrive and united Eagles it awards but I knew -- not just can't -- card. So apparently. I'm. Let me the ball is being keeping -- -- new York city police department. And luckily debate. The man I spoke to was able to give me the arresting officer's name and telephone numbers so I was able to conduct that police officer in Manhattan. -- he told me that yet and they hit new I've rested some young man about seventeen years of Beijing on. Natural for a lottery or lack of interest from other unrelated thing but what can they were resting apparently he would have -- Car on his possessions without his name I mean they were all different means and you know clearly -- pitch. And anyway it's -- TER he wound up and hang in you know obviously. But that he did use our credit apparently it's about a 45 dollar charge on -- a really lucky that the bank actually reimburses the trip that that. And in the long term goal and apparently the police thought it's their options semis it was dietary salt. -- -- incident that happened was one nobody. Wholesale Club and no mention you can back when we have that could be huge fraud -- -- record numbers where we're Rodney. Being not. Easton and a lot of people should be not. We're keeping an obviously duplicating aren't convinced yet to be one of those incidents and not and that's that was you know a lot of -- -- Did did you change any of the way you use your credit card or worried are you more vigilant and do you check your monthly statements. You know I Q I checked my monthly statement it in the air -- I have found ears with just within the team. It because they can't. I said that if you got a list of ten things you bought. At a -- yourself don't assumed that the numbers are correct most of the time they will be correct but side you know -- never -- now. Slightly exceeded that they can charge me for certain things Philly -- insert. Certain things that they were not supposed to just I actually you know and you know -- with my agent is why -- think it is that your other. College just Don you know brought in nineteen in the op that was I was channeling. Out of the country and that I should I was actually the British Virgin Islands that I -- making a light birthday present -- Myself -- was purchased was clearly out of the norm for me and -- what I was putting it on the credit card. He -- our company next. Call are requested to see beyond -- -- Colin and me and in -- indeed you have to speak with. With me and I it is here I'm pertinent information about myself in parts of course. And they were doing a follow up just make sure knows what we eat ice shelf that was that you think cart and I actually think or it's. It's it's a never ending battle but you're glad of their on your -- -- thank you very much we'll take a break we'll be back with more with -- -- and company. Check your credit card statement go online and look at your credit card statement. Or your debit card statements or your bank account because most of the target red cards take money right out of your bank account. Go look for any suspicious charges. Back a -- governor were asking about whether you check your monthly statement on your credit card. And now with the forty. A policy for this huge breach forty million credit and debit card accounts. Impacted in the US. In target stores between November 27 and December 15. Whether that changes your MO -- modus operandi. As to how you measure your -- your credit cards. Let's go to Patricia in William bill Patricia here on WB again. Hi Andy well -- seem -- honest man come on I just wanted to argue her experience. They hit that only. Been tried to use their credit card. Say it at all our information. On this has been going on from on the please get back to work and that they even changed there in dress. There and rest in Miami Florida. Got many L. Arab Bank statement from November. And it just keep they do right is. Public tired and and I -- Caribbean cruise -- Saturday wall and it just doesn't and it just -- I ache I went under that scare yesterday because I mean I would gently as. So what's what's the resolution now what what's. What's gonna happen. And we don't know that they're trying but you can't catch up with these people because they keep changing their address. And you can't get them we do -- the -- working on it and they're doing their best but they've -- it very difficult. We tried to catch these people. Yeah I -- at the Amber's late Sunday they get at least. I had called that they like those on. With identity theft are sure tiger or using a credit cards it they'd gotten it right Social Security. On -- tried to do I'm trying they've tried begin to everything. While you know I didn't know until today that on -- magnet magnetic strip on the back your card. Is your Social Security number I did not know -- -- -- now so. So you -- -- -- canceled look is this on one card okay. Everything. The only thing we get open. -- One tired and it said and if they try to open if they try to open expired under this we have a PF word. And they and they did try to open it because the -- that the tired out. And they had changed their address and got retired but fortunately. We can't we get what airport. They couldn't use that. Iowa gridlock I don't -- your -- at night and insurance please be careful out there OK thank you very much. My question is what the well. We can go beyond a normal but things that we do I mean even if you're vigilant there's certain things we have no control over. Maybe Steve can give us more and for me what's gonna record this OK there's Steve. A state can give us more information from -- currency here on W via. Tom. I guess I just let me give their retails perspective on this for that reached of these so large. It's gonna cost them a ton of money on a small mom and pop. Basis. I made. Negotiator for the rates whenever somebody swipes a card that merchant case. Specific great and -- go in -- and negotiate those rates help them with their compliance. And make sure that they tried things don't happen. Because it's like. They can be up to 101000 hours -- -- fine. Four -- a breach coming through retail store. Wow so that's an answer yeah I mean we're talking about. A huge business my most that we use a credit card or debit card -- once -- answer and as a -- We understand the liabilities for using the credit card but what about the debit cards -- somebody had 500 dollars in there to -- drained. Does that money ever recovered or is -- -- have lost. It's recovered but I'm very slow basis think about it years my credit card. You're you're spending somebody else's money they have to recoup that. You know there are on the line for that money not necessarily do that when it -- debit card -- coming out of your check and there's no hurry for them to. Recoup your money. Now -- point. Good point that you -- Bagram I'd ship as it works in the business. I would pay more attention except that he called me Tom. -- that. -- thank -- he brought up the good point here in and counterattack I think Q&A and we already had common Harry's Dick was all goes well sorry that -- a Dick's always an afterthought right here exactly but he was member of the game you know me. If you are here before me to owning and then me and now a bit. On this thing that's the pecking order here. Yes we do -- Bruce Smith ever remember that Bruce Smith that I knew he. The bills were negotiating with someone else before they were negotiating with him because he always wanted to renegotiate his great player. He always wanted to renegotiate and he had that really soft voice Grossman. Yen one day he said. That. You know the Buffalo Bills there's a pecking order here. I'm the head -- If I was so that was pretty funny. Could get -- I Wear today. At tavern on the call we're hoping that this hasn't affected but if it has what kind of precautions are you taking let's go to -- and we feel well you're on W beyond. I think -- well. On the and I unfortunately had some of the same experiences with some of the collars that was a year to act -- christmastime but this week. And I wasn't home they'll actually and I got a phone call from my bank hand -- I think that that was where are you thought you know. There's a prank -- yeah really and is that local is that NYU colleague so they explained and I -- Lashley and second bad. And there was activity on my tired. And what happened and I don't have a lot of time but. My husband got gas here in buffalo. And in between the right before and right after the gas -- there were two purchases made at a Wal-Mart in Virginia. That's -- 100 dollars well okay well so they kind of figured out that it could not have been encouraging him making a purchase. Gone back to buffalo for death -- -- -- and it was a matter of two minutes. All my goodness I did I you know electronic. Ugly things just happen instantaneously so nothing surprising. Never found out what they've spot we never found out you know what was there anything like afterward gonna track it came up on my bill without a problem. But. -- tired with white in my tired we're government thing. Okay well I I -- that and I don't think that if your husband. Had gotten gas he should change restaurants for one thing but. I've got it worked out where you Ali thank you thank you very much just don't want time Jeannie went to the gym and you hit the gym. In her car was broken into in the real or -- Barack credit card in immediately she called she canceled it. And by the time we hole -- already been used it against each. -- really while that things happen fast well they have to depend most of the time. On the fact that you might not notice right away. Okay it's quite possible that. It could be a day or so but they don't now you could -- so they have the use of his best big weekend as fast is again except Dominic Cortese a story about it showing up a year later. Because once that information is out there. Then they can use bits and pieces of it for instance. Maybe they know now some of your road. As as some of the cold answers to the questions the security questions -- maybe they know that. Maybe to have your birthday now maybe they have your Social Security which you definitely don't want them. A sort of things out there while you're trying to keep your head above water people picking apart so be vigilant about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow. And I don't know maybe they'll be an Al Goldstein tribute show and they would come -- He passed away. Al Goldstein did not. Al ghosting past the way and Adam was being. Out you even though he has your bill. And -- references which we'll see you tomorrow. We'll -- much they never had to leave -- peace.

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