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A D'icy' Weekend Weather Outlook

Dec 20, 2013|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have a lot of weather to deal with the next couple of days joining us on the WB in lifeline now from the National Weather Service is meteorologist Dave Thomas morning -- morning. Now what stadium the latest in the advisories it looks like there's AM winter storm watch now posted for part of the area. I guess -- you have winter storm watch in effect or freezing rain here Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. Any idea how much rain we may get. We're looking at rainfall potentially between one in two inches. From today through early Sunday. And they winter storm watch is for. Freezing rain tell us what you're expecting there. That's correct we're expecting -- -- layer of freezing air across the northern Niagara frontier. In that the full -- some of the rain falling later on -- -- especially Saturday night. He's begins to fall it's freezing rain producing ice accumulations on the tree branches in Arlington. The day of this rain -- of lake effect doesn't materialize and run around here or isn't coming in from somewhere else. Potentially coming in from the south that rather -- large frontal system not. Stretching across much of the northeast and into the -- states that will be pretty widespread every -- and. Are we expected to lose a considerable amount -- snowpack. We will especially across the -- -- prepare. You're missed much of the still packed areas that in itself was built back much deeper they may be able picking on this summit it through the weekend. Any of this expected to affect the arrived home from work or school later on today. There will be -- not wet roads that we'll. Foot traffic a little down this -- -- normal driving speeds that they should be much of did weather impact. Okay Dave we appreciate the time this morning thanks for the update value. That's Dave Thomas meteorologist. At the buffalo airport weather station.


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