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90 West Crash Cleared Quickly

Dec 20, 2013|

NYSTA's Tom Pericak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tom -- check is with us on -- WB in life plan he state division director for the New York State thruway authority town were glad -- can join us morning commute nightmare. Was really quickly resolved and tell us about it. I guess the look -- in. And as an element to a couple hours ago. Actually involving tractor trailers which. Looked a lot of debris on the road dairy products. Or -- understand. And down. Luckily you know we we got to be true with entry are strictly army it's -- and are torn garages. Who all responded very quickly this scene. And where we're able should clear up all the debris. And get it off the road so that we can restore traffic for the morning commute. Whenever there are big accidents like this on the New York State through a -- we always see these huge. Tow trucks that come to the rescue and often have a tractor trailers overturned they actually put. Inflatable material beneath the -- to lift them up on the right side it. Where these trucks necessary this morning to help out. I guess. There are going toward your writers by the government action telling you to respond without having -- And yet it's there are. Our director right on through it and what I need to try restriction maturity. -- certain -- to respond. Legal -- certain training. Featuring. To make sure they can will kick you out there. -- and they did respond in an inherently structural doctor wrote. And our means crews were able to bring a loader out. Push all the debris off the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing dead -- let's do this so quickly. What is been going on lately town I mean I don't ever remember so many gridlock situations around here just in the last week to. -- and I don't understand -- for the most part a lot of these essentially won this morning was not related to road conditions and fairly -- -- The temperatures are above freezing the road was wet. Although there was it was not like -- com. You know -- -- discussion people. When they do encounter any sort of conditions errors especially young traffic slowing down that you know they need to. Stable factor drivers -- them in the they just -- drug commissioner. Tom do you know I have -- a big rigs been there were actually taken away from the scene or over the angels moved to decide not to allow traffic to go through. Unlike I believe the trailer tractor trailers are gone but there's a lot of debris at the needle and tried there wrote. -- we're glad you could join us this morning we really appreciate it. Thank you Merry Christmas as Tom Perry -- division director of the New York State thruway authority.

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