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Details of 90 West Crash

Dec 20, 2013|

NYS Police Sgt Steve Mandiak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More now on this big accident two for close to 2 hours -- morning shot down command line ninety of the 19 dealers change the Niagara section. -- the WB analog line New York State Police Sargent Steve -- act the sergeant Ahmed good morning and thank you for joining us. Do you have any idea what may have caused this accident there with these two big 18 -- this morning. Well it appears that the other driver of the first tractor trailer and mr. is that good for the 19 B. And that was slowing down traffic in the operator of the second tractor trailers simply -- under the. Any injuries involved with us. Other was injuries none none of which were like threatening. The driver of the first tractor -- was taken ET -- C. Do you expect any charges to be filed in connection with this actually have sergeant. Our investigation is ongoing but it does not appear that there will be no charges filed at this time. What is certainly. That got resolved. Quickly more quickly than a lot of people thought that -- any thoughts on how then and it came together so quickly to do this. Well the Korea authority and has always had a personal available in people on scene maintenance crews and they got the -- opened up in and they're very quickly you any idea what these trucks are carrying the bulls loaded. Yes the of the curriculum that would ever and it was it was hearing orange juice and the sorted -- yogurt products and the other tractor trailer and -- and -- on it. Do you have any idea of the drivers of these rigs lived in this scenario really for -- area. The one driver was -- local driver and the -- -- from saint Catherine's Ontario. -- it doesn't take much to let's put a monkey wrench in inane morning driver in the afternoon driver around here -- you agree. Or sure rusher what do what do you think lately about all these. Gridlock situations -- on the -- in another place is in Western New York. Well with our lover on here you know ever known you know we just have to luck strikes safeties that'll leave some. Extra space between your vehicle in the field -- funny and and rolls or whether it is buffalo. Sergeant thank you for the update we appreciate your time this morning familiar busy guy. Thank you New York State Police sergeant does Steve -- --

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