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Watching WNY Roadways

Dec 20, 2013|

NITTEC's Athena Hutchins

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go right to our WBM live line and welcome a -- Hudgens you know as the executive director of -- tech. That you've never heard of -- attack that's a Niagara international transportation technology coalition these are the folks who deliver. A lot of the traffic information that you hear Alan mentioned in our traffic control center. Feel good morning thank you for joining us -- before we get into how -- your operation text. Let's talk about this huge tractor trailer Iraq. The shutdown command line 909190. Interchange early this morning how did you get news of this and how quickly did you -- Obama. We -- either side on camera or we would have gotten information -- for. The fairways. I mean operations center and -- at Albany they have access to the camera as well. Filled with a combination of you know. That police found a -- you know given -- information and seeing it on camera and then not help. You know get the people out on the road that he -- The first responders health respond and then now you know spend if they're disseminating the information to traveling public. You know with the media outlets as well. Really surprised as we were at how quickly they got this thing resolved. Yes you know. You know it -- that wasn't the morning rush hour for the Catholic values are down that time of the morning so that you know that does play into it make things. I'm a lot more easier for that first responders to get it cleaned up. The -- that tell our listeners about your control room how many people work there -- you were 24 hours a day we. We hear the control room sort of looks like the space center at NASA. Yelling at sixteen asset and I can't we run 24/7. Typically during the you know the morning -- afternoon match we have more staff available. 32 -- three. Operations technicians that monitor the cameras for the supervising them operations manager. We have and I key technical staff make it throughout the equipment continues to run -- well. We have almost -- 150 cameras in the regional. You know both on the US and in Canada that are monitoring. You know the bridge crossings as well. That we have available to us. What in the world's been going on lately do you think I can remember time we've had so many. Gridlock situations during either morning driver afternoon trying. Yet you celebrate if we had from -- -- -- played a part of that. You know I don't know if people are no hurry either Russian not paying attention on the roadway. You know it's hard to tell what's causing the issue. Probably a lot of interest -- on the road because people are doing their shopping and yeah all of a sudden boom. Who funds your office as in what does all the money come from. We're federally funded and state -- that. OK good to -- -- do us in a thank you for all that information. Great indeed you know -- go to our web site and I kept up ordered. You can -- -- go to our new mobile app as -- get information. OK and we do have photos of your control center of the folks who look at itself WBBM dot com the -- -- the executive director of the Niagara international. The transportation technology coalition to traffic people.

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