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Bills-Dolphins Battle In Buffalo

Dec 20, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're proud to this morning by value -- senators want speed experience and a winning team. Shop -- shop Smart shot value senators John Murphy and mark Kelso are here with us this morning in the bills radio broadcast team. You know John that bills will be shorthanded offensively this week EG manuals out Stevie Johnson's not expected to play. How big an impact you think -- have on the offense. Pretty big mean those are two of the biggest play makers you know since we're -- -- -- -- see in the bill of -- consider a lot of injuries to quarterback spot and wide receiver. Is speaking this is going to be used third -- -- missed this year. He played the last couple years to the opposite in so that unusual. You know they they've built some depth there -- that loose now -- sports start for the bills and they have put some young wide receivers -- -- Goodwin and Robert Woodson wanna get a longer look at what they've certainly would be better they wouldn't be doing what all -- clinic result. And mark it looks like weather is going to be a big factor on Sunday it's going to be cold as an 80% chance of rain and winds twenty miles an hour who knows maybe higher. To think that means you're gonna see more Fred Johnson and CJ Spiller running the usual. I mean I think. -- again that they like that stretched down the field was similar dispute to build -- receivers well what. I think it'll be running game it's always good -- we're -- particular gathers young like DJ or. What those who hasn't at that and restart when they haven't helped you running game. You know an opportunity to have success in the passing game as well because they can't choose into its lineup and anted up on the outside and -- going to be more conscious of the drug inside and some other plays its. That might happen so I would expect that a healthy running game -- Tom on quite frankly. I'm very disappointed in the weather prefer that it's in Iran had preferred to be 33 degrees we gotta get these. Miami folks that they still look good buffalo weather in December. You wanna colder than. That's yeah I'd like we're so it's smaller still there and it. Power up or analyze it make it as cold as the possibly can be for those guys and unfortunate because the bills -- outside practicing this week and that would give them an advantage weather wise it but as you say they -- the weather could play a factor because of the wind and the rain so the -- -- -- A little bit -- bit slippery during game time and greater respect both teams it will be an advantage for the bills because. I don't think because of the cold weather but they have practiced outside groups so they'll have that advantage. -- the dolphins' offense playing pretty well the last few weeks Miami's three straight wins what does the bills. I think didn't do what they've already done pretty well this year get after the passer number one adult and given a more checks and anybody in the NFL. And the bill certain number one certainty that the NFL so. I think that's a matchup to watch and something that could work in buffalo paper. Consistent that structure that they forced turnovers very well that could certainly benefit from a couple of turnovers in the game. I think a couple of people -- just -- keep doing what they do very well and a sure to run defense a little bit will be in good -- He mark at Miami is fighting for playoff spot is potentially knocking them out of the post season. On Buffalo's mind. Yes certainly because there's -- that that brings that winning an expected. There's billed as opposed it did just try and auditioning guys and you know I I think people still confused sometimes they look at a catcher next year they trying to stroke roster for the chicken they have a lot of guys in and out of the lineup that they put their -- just Strickland doesn't -- ultimately. Difficult to me is he is consistent dyslexic you actionable offense and defense but in the end you wanna win the football game in and they're they're not gonna. I don't think do anything to depreciate their opportunity to do that. Beyond the substitution but. I mean hopefully this can -- conjure up some -- -- legends of the current appeals Miami rivalries of the past because they have an opportunity to be in the playoffs and and there are certainly bill would like to have to have an opportunity to court that. John it was Thad Lewis who beat Miami earlier in the season so he's got to go and the -- a lot of confidence. Yeah videos -- do it being October 20 we ninety and uninteresting game it didn't start out extremely well. There was one play in the third quarter when he took -- shot the river that completed test on the middle in the third quarter. -- the -- Salmonella it was like for us. -- either probably or personal file. And then that was not a turning point in his game that each sort of -- is sidelined got them all fired up a players on the pillow fired up and went under victory they -- But we take away at the end. Protect -- Mario and make it happened but yeah that was not a formula how to beat the dolphins it's. His home -- team and an -- from doctor -- this week he's very it looked at another chance to play. Hey Ed John and mark will be listening at electable delisting because the games blacked out -- on TV as we can have a great week and we'll talk with you Monday morning. Merry Christmas to both John Murphy and mark Kelso the -- radio broadcast team for WGR Sports Radio 550.

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