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Shoplifting Time in the Cities

Dec 20, 2013|

Cheektowaga Police Captain Jim Speyer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB analog -- this -- we welcome captain -- spotter -- -- is -- the Cheektowaga police department. And we're gonna talk about shoplifting captain good morning. Mortgage you shoplifting. It's that time of the year is the bigger problem this time of the year captain at Christmas time. It's certainly. Bigger problem this time of the year will we noticed when we run our numbers users actually exploited shoplifting. Directly before the -- -- the -- -- toward the end of November early December and then again in the beginning in January. So really aren't sure why that is it may be that there are so many people in the mall or in the stores and it's tough to actually manage that and keep an eye on everybody. Like it it was an eye opener. Captain can you remind everybody. The penalties for shoplifting. Sure do you it for shoplifting it all depends on the value of finished items that you steal their row. Maybe a thousand dollars or less is considered a Petit larceny painting over a thousand dollars a Grand Larceny and and it depends what you -- peace deal. A credit card for instance. It becomes a -- -- automatically. So we you know we're talking some serious time in jail if they're you know depending on the value of the property. Captain tell our listeners ho is known -- suspected shoplifter. Approached. The the store security guard or a police officer. The things without personal stolen something. Well in the majority of the cases is at least your -- to -- the store security your loss prevention. Are the ones who make the apprehension and what they do they have a series of cameras in and people that actually watch. And you know -- and -- are on the individual they're looking for suspicious activity you know the rise shifting looking around seeing if anybody's watching them. A lot of times shoplifters in our bringing in big purses. Anti purses or they may just divvy up our players in -- to remove -- source. So those are indicators it's something's wrong and it -- that typical shopper goes and gets what they want. They know what they want or at least -- shopping and are now looking around for cameras and people watching them. Our most people called my camera security. Or they call upon an undercover person that's watching. I believe it's a termination John I I know that he. You know obviously today with the technology that we have the cameras are really helped immensely and each store has a wrong policy on how they enforce it and how they apprehend. What other common things that people still -- a clothing as a jewelry small things. Well your radar and clothing is is number one followed by a electronics and jewelry. And -- and it's a lot of cases now even some perfume and Cologne go to your case we had just last night. One of the stores that the -- -- 56 bottles of Cologne were stolen for a value of over 3000 dollars. So help somebody get away with 56 bottles of Cologne. What they did was we walked into the store with a big shopping bag it was empty. And on the way out if they noticed that there was a display. Not too far from the exit doors that loaded up the bag and left. And nobody gets to be watching them at the time book store manager Norris it to clone was missing when he went by institutional. We saw that many bottles of coral. And realized only did an inventory that that was missing. That's a huge expense restore while it's it's estimated that there's over thirteen billion dollars worth of shoplifting going on in this country every year. You know in -- it draw on Iran in addition to shoplifting. Is it and big time a year to for car thefts in -- people have a lot of stuff and occurs. People breaking into -- right you went from the pure yes yet that that's always an issue with this time of the year we encourage people to put their -- in the -- You know try not to have obviously your car's got you know get sore or items in their. But certainly have -- Plainview. Do any people who have things stolen out of their cars ever admit. That their car was unlocked. Korea -- that happens all the time to an -- and it's not just at this time of the that it happens all year long we get to a complaint to. There are GPS -- -- -- -- -- terrible you know they've inherited laughed and and it's the first step of you know hardening your target. While very interesting captain good the -- this thanks -- job. The captain Joseph -- the Cheektowaga police department.

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