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12-20 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello all I ask you joking get -- network television. I am I'm I'm watching The Today Show gazette and have time to change it yet. And they're promoting -- -- at least say that the NBC Sunday Night Football game will feature the Philadelphia Eagles OK so they got a big banner headline. X that they spelled eagle OK GBL. House. There's outlets -- -- rock he KG BE. I'll -- were eagle's eyes have Marmara and you know you see that I'm closed caption but at least some close captioned. You know they're trying to keep going keep up and real time. And you can understand at a time -- early but this is The Today Show for crying out loud okay. So that was that that August out of my day by. Because I hate that Michelin so that that worked out pretty good to make a major breakthrough yesterday. And I don't -- should share -- you but I share everything with the association knows -- The show yesterday -- -- -- what my what my left I had an over the floater whatever so out of the air I had just finished couple weeks ago just finish my. Really extensive. IEI exam which I have every six months because I'm diabetic and he came through smaller rose great -- -- this thing on the left side of my -- and I better chair I don't have this checked out so I call my doctor's office. And they said -- come on and within like ten hours that's great now my doctor wasn't there he was somewhere else at a different location -- he's great doctor. But I'm assuming their all of the doctors that work for this a practice are good and I was right okay. So I go there I could ever probably do they do the tests that measuring how I did this time as opposed to two weeks ago when they touch my eyeball which my favorite thing right into that. But anyway and they yep they dilate my pupils. You know left -- and it -- so they are going and end it and I'm explaining what it is of course I'm explaining to a guy who knows everything about the human I don't. I think I think I know. Okay it's it's got to pupil and it I don't know always you know is Rollins. Does some explaining it to -- and and he's eight and he brings out this model of an ally. It's about the size of a baseball OK -- to be fun to have -- televise them look like that that would be cool what. And he shows me how the guy who works. And then. In the back of the guy is. -- masks. Agassi describes it as being like jello OK it's called the victorious. And then he said to me I'm going to take a look at your victories. And I said you're the first man ever say that to me and and we're going for dinner tonight and I think I think if he and I agree on furniture we could have very happy future together so I actually showed my victory as. For the very first time and I think I shouldn't even have the pinnacle OpenId at a dead zone as your victory has ever been on display you know I don't think yeah. I think your victory is has not been seen. By anybody but you when it's right back -- your eyes you can message and I haven't noticed you know I'd like to look at your rise later if you don't take it personally. What about you Chris as your victory has ever been examined I don't think so but I am discovering these floated -- you went dark -- everybody out of first got everybody has them I found that out of whether your article floaters. So anyway everything's okay my vitriol it's as fine. And -- that. So you gotta. Admit I'm in all one camera on doctors they I mean imagine having all of the things they can go wrong with a human. And knowing -- correct most movement very good. It as a boy I can tell if this is a problem remember Heather Mills was married diploma gardening. And of course let's see when she divorced Paul McCartney she got half the net worth of Britain. -- -- -- that OK well now she's been accused of going into a wild ten from. Against the pair Olympic officials. And is now facing disciplinary. Action and why -- All I hope maybe we'll have to do you know -- commented welcome to a concert for her to raise raise money because she hardly has any. She was upset after being told she could not compete in the 24 team -- Olympics in Russia. Because our new prosthetic has not been -- -- you camp Iran wanted to merely go prosthetic and -- running nitrous. A imagine a fine -- and are getting the the line in in the mail I think that would be pretty funny. Meanwhile in in sports. Dennis Rodman. An idiot he's always been an idiot and he is friends -- With Kim Jong Hoon. And he visits of all the time. And now he says that he's working with Kim John whom. To develop a basketball team he wants a North Korea to feel the basketball team he says I can't control. A what they do -- their government I can't control what they say or how they do things here -- -- I'm just trying to come here as a sports figure. And hope I can open the door for a lot of people in the country. Can you seek him John -- to do list OK let's say. -- execute my uncle that early on Kerry meet with a guy with the tattoos and start dribbling out. -- seem bizarre. And he's already been blown up if it. Isn't that if Rodman as as op though Wallace is gonna warn this guy that would excuse their own uncle. The uncle was -- was the guy that got him John on into office he was -- New York. That would XQ at their man to our. Incredible. But Rodman I guess is -- afraid our policies are good you guys -- have a list here. The ten best readers choice of the best NFL stadiums. In the country for a National Football League stadiums the ten best now I just want each of you to give me your are your top two and I'll see if it's in the ten best list. I have stadiums I'll have to -- Home of the Dallas Cowboys OK okay Texas. And. And second line to him to Seattle. Okay it's Tuesday at Dallas and Seattle is that I would have used knows my tattoo is also -- a couple of other places I'll say Washington and Green -- just does that historical. Low. Number one as grain today. And number one is Lamar Lambeau Field -- number two was Soldier Field in Chicago. Number three is Baltimore number four is in the and the Lucas Oil Stadium particularly like -- -- and you know it's kind of -- number five is AT&T stadium in Arlington salute your right there Tony so. He got the number one you've got the number five after that Heinz Field in Pittsburgh a mile high in Denver. Raymond James in Tampa. Century link field in Seattle. Okay so ago and arrowhead. Arrowhead. So that's. Top. I'm so glad that they don't play him baseball fields anymore -- -- that long ago they play and based -- doesn't. You know you run across the mound in -- Whereas I loved that it's like that yes -- a lot watchable more polls gains. When Burke Jones is the quarterback right now looks a little while I it was distracting though you say okay is gonna go up to second base and take a right you know you're looking for the past patterns and stuff like that. And the epic and the seating configuration. When you take a baseball field just never worked for football. I don't know how they price those tickets because they never work and I don't think anybody uses them was. After Baltimore colts team plane crashed into. This means I don't call that -- plane I I don't recall that you know late seventies. Now I don't I don't I don't recall that you amazes me. Is that they allow fly overs a big games. Because if anybody had an engine problem I mean that in eighty or 90000 people right -- yeah I mean that that is always iffy. -- me illicit and that's it's you know -- optical illusion when they're not really flying right over the stadium there flying over the parking lot of them. I'm not really sure but it's it's it's thrilling it's dramatic and you know limit they got to time it out just right. Let the bottom line is I was get a little -- until they're past the stadium. All right let's say when we come back at some more information for you and bill will be I think today's subject will lighted up because it's about respect each. On news radio 930 we are WB well what do you think -- Kobe Bryant policy before you came back. To LA I got -- a two year extension on his contract worth 48 million dollars. He -- six games it's six and now he's out again because the I'd that he had more problems something's just above the kneecap. It my I was his age by the time that heals whatever you think he's going to be back. I think he's gonna give it a try whether he'll be seen Colby or not that's whether rubio you know effective minority of -- I think it's gonna be really hard lots. If the injury happened because they tried to rush back from the other outlets over compensated minister room you can get a downward spiral where your consistently trying to come back and consistently over -- and for injuries. And -- just sitting around maybe for a year arresting I'm extending your career. Yeah I am my understanding as the 48 Manny and he gets no matter watt that's revealed nice odd but I'd break my own knee -- for the Latin and just sit home and in the in the -- on your just enjoying life but. Will say. And the Chris that he was oracle was that you Tony that said. He was complaining about the salary cap -- things like that with the owners. Yeah I said they were talking about it off there before and he's been making a lot of comments about that because. He is under fire when he signed a deal for being a little selfish because there's a cap in the NBA and that the thought process was maybe if he took last morning the lakers to get more pieces and he was complaining that. Well you know the owners for the salary cap in place so. You know region to blame them but the owners it's their game a stroke there if there's no owners did they do that as a hobby to go do something else that's there there was ample money in your pocket to begin -- That's exactly right so -- -- you'll keep our eye on that and see what happens there. Meanwhile let me see I have two tickets to the trans Siberian orchestra. I do like to see them on Monday December 30 at 3 o'clock in the first Niagara senator. The value of 75 dollars general content rules -- 6449875. In the ninth caller will win those tickets. The tickets are now on sale at tickets dot com. Our friend of ours and a friend of yours -- if you're -- familiar with buffalo broadcasting have been around for -- his name's -- marks. Remarks so when I when I was that at G WGR remarks was the news or -- there. And it's just a terrific guy to work with over here he came over and was zoo's director here WB and -- the array is suffering now we though leukemia. And it's a progressive bone marrow failure. And he's going to receive came all. And then a bone marrow transplants. So there's a fund raiser to offset some of his medical bills and expenses let me just tell you this. Having been the winner of a woman that had leukemia. For rough fifteen years. Out of the seventeen years those weather. The expenses are on believable. OK so it's nice if we can support any kind of a fund raiser. -- that would help people win those expenses. He's he's lived in Angola all of his life. We're looking for people from all over Western New York drove enjoys his work. Two get involved with this is twenty dollars a ticket children ten and under it's a ten dollars -- ticket it's going to be Saturday January 11. At 1 o'clock until 6 o'clock at The American Legion post 880. At legion drive 2912 legion drive and Eden. Going to be a lot of farm there was door prizes and beer and -- in Chinese auctioned food and 5050 music and special raffles -- kinds of good stuff. To purchase tickets contact Joan at. 6754766. That's 6754766. Or JD. ROS. And ER 98. At AOL dot com so that's JBR. OS NER 98 and they hello dot com so that's good we wish remarks all the best. Now -- gotta -- talk about it. In it and -- what we're going to talk about is free speech. It you know free speech is not free that's one thing you'll learn and -- Is an and we set free speech it's -- you can say any thing. There are certain things I hate speeches prohibited. The classic you can yell fire in a movie theater that kind of thing but generally where where pretty. A pretty open to differences of opinion we've all. -- seemed people who we agreed with always league freeze bigotry open now. And Seattle little disagreement. Now. Understand we don't agree to freeze may trio some like Eddie -- right. I am and how about a third want somebody thinks a moron well there's no free speech for you obviously that doesn't count for you know we are free -- out. Even if they say things you disagree -- where you say things that are moronic or even control. But the times they are changing. Sarah Palin commented on this free speech issue that he she thinks that. Free speech could be basically. In danger or on life support in the USA because you don't agree that what he's trying to you try and muffle. Try and shut it -- your triumph with somebody out of business that's the kind of things going on now. And we'll talk about you know talking about -- dynasty. And on the big duck. Here is Sean Hannity weeknight sevenths and on WEE and now we're back live a -- governor M sandy beach. A -- -- this person I want I go through via newspapers as I do every day. Go through the Buffalo News and USA today. Wall Street Journal occasionally and occasionally in New York Times. And whatever but if it's if it's a newspaper newspaper kind of deal. Idea I clip -- I'd take and -- the articles and usually I -- them up so it's just the article for instance. We're talking about -- dynasty today and so I have an article USA today. About doctor -- says -- dynasty controversy raises the Hillary question of free speech OK but this. One comes out of buffalo knows and I'm very symmetrical. So I cut it in a rectangle. However. Only two thirds of -- are actually the article the other third are two ads. To adds that people placed in order to get you to buy their goods and products. And I just knows what they war because. My focus guy the first that is for the whirlpool jet boat I don't we don't like that. Have you guys ever written on the jet -- -- nobody has seen them doll line fabulously I have not had -- -- as well what's exciting yeah very organized so they they have a deal for the whirlpool gentle that's good. Directly below that however. Escaping my my glass was an article for mobile homes. Swimwear and intimate apparel and they have a lady very attractive like that's a surprise right. And as she's got to come hither look and she's wearing just an -- garment. And then I decided you know what I should learn more problems I'd known almost nothing. A bottom so I found out that there ours that's on here there address their way it was bill. And then get this. It's as old fashioned fittings and here emphasizes. That they've -- okay. Thirty to 54. And cops eight through and it's journal and now Tony. Have you got anything planned but I think you know why don't go over the -- today -- -- who walks in and gets a 54 and -- license plate for that -- other. Way. The bug -- down -- artist sidewalk cafe. That's incredible. Yeah I never even heard of and -- size and now know it says. Thirty to 54 and cup size -- and so that's pretty good congratulations. As if you're going in the by that rise -- -- are now let's get back to dark dynasties showered. -- you don't even notice that and suddenly there it is and it's comedy nugget waiting to be waiting to be mind that I -- a little comedy pick. In the night -- falls down and I got another fabulous comedies you -- -- and -- again. I don't -- watchdog dynasty it's not for any reason except the fact I have no interest in watching. The and about a lot of people do it is a super successful. Show oh. And people who watch it. Lava and that's fine that's fine. But bill I'm being very -- you are not -- so I'm kind of like in the blind about this I'm really not sure what's going on a dark dynasty. But what I don't know is this one of the members of the family inducted -- -- Robert Robertson. Was doing and an. You would GQ oh now if you single way these guys will look. You wouldn't ever guess that he would do an interview with GQ. GQ gentlemen's quarterly advance mayor brown appears -- you know you would appear there you know very Natalie dressed it's about fashion whatever. I -- thinking of the guys and -- dynasty being one -- being interviewed on. On. On GQ it it would be like at them interviewing ZZ top is much this might you just don't get it I don't get the connection. But they did and apparently these people are very religious and they -- talk about it on the air and they they've got this. Ultra successful duck call business only in America could you be you don't like multimillionaires. Would duck calls but there's people that duck calls got -- about quality of New York Chinese duck call. Probably -- only calls Chinese stocks -- you wouldn't want that so here's the deal while it was being interviewed he said some very very provocative. By any standard. Things about about gays. And now because of that he has been suspended. -- -- of the article. And in a minute or two but he's been suspended. And so the question is because there were all kinds of of vote vote of threats to boycott. Arts and entertainment any. And to make things difficult for them they suspended him. And that what happened there's a backlash to the suspension a couple of days ago. We know that there were over a million. People a million hits at least we don't know it was a million people are complaining to -- any about the suspension. So why not get to a question of we certainly have. Of free speech. And they're only some things that we really can you say are out of bounds of free speech did you hate speech. That is certainly there is an excessive vote not excessive but an extra penalty if a crime is committed they can determine that hate. I hate speech was involved or call of a hate crime. But the other kinds of speech that we may not like. Remember the neo Nazis. Margin Illinois every year -- they get they get an idea a permit so we certainly don't like what they stand for. David duke was running for president and he was article talks planner we've had Klan members and that's yet. Okay so we certainly don't agree and I think they say. But in today's society the way it works is. It benefits if first saw it could be just different okay could be controversial okay. But that -- the oil works anymore if somebody disagrees. With what your saying even if they -- right. They wanna shut you down that solved there's no question about just shut you down get him off the rob in this case get off the television set. And does so any. With their tail between their legs and suspended this guy. Notice we said suspended him and -- will be back but I'm not give you the information as the winner will be back. But that's what they did they ran for cover. They didn't they didn't stand up because but to be honest -- you what he said. You either believe it or you don't and it doesn't matter what the guy from -- says. He's just trying to covers -- because he has -- that he or she has a successful. Series. When we come back our goal over and that kind of repeat what he said -- is not important I'll just say it was an anti gay rant. As you know IE I've built on record for my whole career as saying we shouldn't discriminate against anybody. For any reason under any circumstances short of them breaking the law. That's different. -- and so that's basically the way I feel but I also feel that because somebody says something that you disagree whether or says something weren't even. Then. You shouldn't your first the knee jerk reaction is to shut him down. I don't believe in that either so we'll get into what you believe what we believe them. And -- alone will swap opinions on news radio 930 will be back after listening to sandy it's. Nor need one. And understood -- -- -- -- I don't not watch and they -- -- I'm telling you that is because of ice as something that sounds totally ignorant is because I am. Regarding doctor -- -- state this is and all Oldenburg of from the USA today's take on this that dynasty is proven to be. -- reality TV hit. And a pop culture phenomenon. But on Thursday any which is the network -- -- move to window level and our cultural political consciousness. As a became the center of a raging debate over how far. The duck calls and crazy beards -- It became a symbol of the line between free speech and hate speech and that's what it's about. Is more important -- -- dynasty is more important and Phil Robertson it's about the fact that. We do have free speech even if you don't agree -- it even if it's wrong even if it's ignorant. That's the way it goes the only thing we're not allowed to do is we're not allowed to. To further hate hate speeches is really a big no no and that's what the question is here. At the satirist bill Roberts and 67 years old. Who started the duck commander duck call company in west Monroe Louisiana and I can tell you how many -- commend -- -- I'd encourage art collector -- over the years. They say oh a man when you talk like that is quack me up I'm just telling you that's the way it is I'm sorry I'm doing cartoons jokes. Michael Smith that a German request that apartment that. Night. And this says and this is interesting is he destined to become the new holiday in. You saw what happened to Paula name I mean shoot I shot down she lost Oliver big corporate sponsors. I mean she still trying to tomato make a golf. But it's not nearly what it was before so is is he going to be the next Paula -- in the January issue of GQ. Robertson talks about his religious beliefs expressing anti gay viewpoints on the subject of -- sand and I'm not gonna get into the specifics. Andy says that you know you're not gonna go to heaven things like that he there are now glad. Condemned his vile comments and on Wednesday any import Robertson on hiatus from filming indefinitely. Season five of the series which regularly features the family's religious views has finished filming and is set to premiere January 15. Now this thing's been on for five years. So I just heard about it quite a few months ago and then it became all the rage everybody's talking about it. And now would this guy making these statements it's a -- hot button issue. The season Florida veto which pulled an eleven point eight million viewers in August set a record for the cable channel. On Thursday Sarah Palin posted a FaceBook note saying quote free speech. Is an endangered species. Those intolerance. Patent and and to economically -- dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and senator Ted groom as potential money sixteen presidential candidate jumped on the bandwagon supporting dark dynastic. So there -- there supporting that. Four but I'm sure person. All reasons maybe maybe political reasons though I don't know but they are supporting them. The Human Rights Campaign the largest LG BT civil rights group in the US and the NAACP or demanding an apology. With the NAACP you've been involved whether any racial statements and see them on the may have been made maybe that's why they're there. Are demanding an apology from Robertson and and AMA. And then here's what they're promising boycotts against an answer -- Robertson is back on the one supporting them. They're going to boycott any until Roberts is back on the air at the same time. The American Family Association urged fans to write letters and support for Robertson to -- So you've got some groups who say he went too far either of those are his beliefs. Andrew we're going to picket and the -- and the network. In a timid fashions as well we're going to. Well word Iowa earlier underwear going to hum suspend him yeah that's -- ticket will suspend them -- things -- down and will be back and and has a big a big yeah. Shall I mean look what lemon Don Imus. Don Imus. Regularly says outrageous things all the time I've been a fan of Imus has for years OK you just if you watch Imus or listen Imus you know. What he says and then he throws out one line and -- suddenly the heat came down. And and he got fired okay. The problem. That they had and he went around and apologize and now he's bigger than ever before. He's his flagship is WABC. He's on the Fox Business Network and they fired him. Just weeks after he had signed a new contract. So in firing him they not only gave him a parting gift they gave him watch violence. 45 million dollars OK that was the payoff. For the contract because I I should on the air if you recall I said. I don't know what kind of a contract Imus has but there's no way they can fire him for cause was saying things like that 'cause he has a record of doing it for thirty years. And Annie and obviously. The network of felt that that was stroke so it was worth the network the firearm I guess the cost them 25 million. Now he's on another network box and he's -- make an even more money that was Megan before and they were up wanna about a million dollars but it was over one sentence. About about some of female athletes okay. And that's what it's about that's what we've come to today now I you know even if you believe. What this guy says. The question is is at a free speech issue or is that I hate speech issue that's sort of like your opinion -- 83. It's a kind of thing were big because I have a great sensitivity. Two people being able to say what they feel and what they really care about. Without fear of just at any minute just being shut down by timid management. I also don't think. -- I also do think that if if you're in the group that the speeches about. You're probably not a very happy camper and so free speech has a price to be paid. The price may be that you don't watch the show the price may be that you don't patronize the sponsors the price may be that they lose the show. So I don't know I don't know in this case I don't know whether it's a free speech issue or not. And I'd like European kind of vote kicking around here for the next hour on newsreader and I'm thirty WB here.

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