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12-20 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- company B -- dynasty suspension and is free speech on life support in the USA and is -- right or wrong with the suspension. What you have to know is is how fast this thing gathered steam. Because -- oversaw some things to consider. Is that he did not say this on the show Phil Robertson senate and an interview with GQ gentlemen's quarterly guidance -- on the show. Okay and but immediately after it broke within hours he was a suspended. Of from the show and then also very very quickly without without much delay. He said let's -- He said that gays are headed to hell. And more than half a million people. A win on -- FaceBook page demanding the shall be boycotted and Jolo. Until he returns so it was like a media and that are a million people like the -- by the next day. -- -- were complaining to weigh in -- they shouldn't have done and so you've got fervent. People on both sides Intel is something. I think you have a right to your opinion -- right to free speech. But if you are in the group. This is being the focus of his question how would you like to be told that you're gonna go to hell. I don't think I'd take too kindly to -- that's my own business rally and I don't need anybody who makes doc calls preaching to me I certainly don't but I also believe in free speech. So it's it's one of those areas where the -- -- copping out I just really don't know I think a person should have a right to free speech. Except for hate speech and that's the question is this speech Tony -- effect. You know I'm thinking about this and I don't agree with what feels that at the same time I don't agree. With -- was fair and or the black and Black Panther Party when they say outrageous things. Or wrong race though that's a good point with -- can I mean for Kansas things that are ten times more dynamic that -- and nobody's trying to shut him down a -- or or via a new black Panthers. I look at -- this is more you know. And -- often -- line NC. While it's it's it's Catholic bashing but it just seems that when however somebody. Christian beliefs or or that. Comes -- says something they are quick to shut down. They are gained -- -- And it's usually by the -- whether it's the media or celebrities what have you. Well you know if you really not you personally. If you believe what your saying. Why aren't you content enough. To enjoy your own beliefs why you have to put down somebody who's -- whose lifestyle or their beliefs. Don't coincide with -- -- can you imagine if instead -- gays. He said if you're -- -- you and I you're gonna go to hell and you -- or can you imagine he said if you're black a united you're not going to heaven you're gonna help. Can you imagine what kind of a firestorm that would be well this isn't being gay isn't a religion. But it's a large group of people who would don't don't think that that's a that's a fair application of free speech if you're. That group I think is different bidding on the outside looking in on this car controversy but if you -- that group. I think you would you would feel very strongly about let him keep his religious beliefs to himself. As far as I'm concerned but I wouldn't try and shut down the show that's the point. I would I would write in my office somebody. At the very least who's an informed of the very worst is I hate speech monger so I mean that's the way I would look at I wouldn't try and shut him down nets. That's not my -- because we see it all the time on everything Chris what do you think yeah I'm like Betsy I don't think it's necessarily free speech issue. Because he said what he said and nobody arrested them and now he got away with it and if any can do it whatever they want -- -- -- work of wanna -- components of -- exercise their rights as well but. I'm I'm bothered by just everything being pulled his -- thought what he said was incredibly stupid. But can't we as viewers make the decision that if we don't watch it guide it says stupid stuff like that that we won't watch the guy. That's exactly right I mean the point as best if you are at number I'm just posing questions if you found. His statements to be intolerant and ignorant aren't. You just write it off in your mind and say that's not changing the way I feel about how I'm conducting my life for the people around me. I'll without trying to destroy him. But why he feels the need to go out and and their preach what he believes is beyond me. -- the he's not selling religion although I guess religions a part of show I've not seen the show but I guess it's a big part of the show. Well it's all but remember a lot of menaces has taken a lot of heat to for saying things that they fervently believe a but other people may not. OK let us I get to the phones the we basically wanna know if you support a any or you think -- was wrong. And whether this is a legitimate free speech issue let's go to word John. In buffalo John -- on WB yen. And the greens were no weapons preaching yet he was asked a question Reggie you idiots in the question. You don't. It is -- if you took a question Egypt and others without a dancer. He wasn't preaching and -- Ali did was answer the question if you don't like it you don't watch the show. Now they -- also. Constantly and it's everything and religion and that show the only time they let it stay here when I -- out from the -- every eight -- Biker men aren't the cargo. Are quickly are you where are you if you watched the opening. They do well I guess they got facial hair what they do well. In -- old policy was found not guilty in court murder. You know discrimination. Case. Yeah I don't you cries terrorists found not guilty in that. But you look what happened to -- means -- lost almost all of our major sponsors I don't know how her restaurant and her brother -- is is is going but. She took a major yet. I don't -- careers totally destroyed but it certainly took a major hit but that's where we are in America today if we disagree with something we try to shut it down and I don't think that's a that's very healthy either thank you thank you very much. I don't. Know what I think I will read this quote I wasn't -- read the quote because because here's what happens I can tell you. Some we will turn on the radio at the exact moment you're reading the quo and even though you said it was quote. And you might say it before and after. They'll think it's you'll as these are -- okay this is not my position this is what he says okay for the GQ article. He talks about his religious beliefs expressing and he gave viewpoints on the subject of -- he says quote. Don't be deceived neither be adulterers. The male prostitutes. The homosexual offenders. The greedy the drunk Kurds the slander as a -- and those swindlers they won't inherit the kingdom of god don't deceive yourself it's not right. So we were out we always learn. That. That no groups are marvelous. They're not all the same they may have a common interest but the difference there are individual people. Now if you were gay. How would you like to be probably be -- and we have adulterers. Prostitutes. Greedy drunk Kurds slammed errors and swindlers. I think we can all agree that we know gave people who are decent people. If not -- usually river area of focus life in a very narrow focus. So how would you like to have all of those adjectives describing new because of your choice of lifestyle as a as a swindler. As a drunk -- As a -- slander. As I mean come. That's piling on as far as I'm concerned you can believe whatever normally that's fine or maybe I did and I have no problem with the -- expressing your -- But upon everybody and together like that. I think that's out of -- okay. So justice I wouldn't I don't wanna see him shut down. Four in his his view is. I think that there's a price to be paid when you stand up there and yet you take your chances it's it's happened. Before it'll happen again. Ed if you're not willing to pay the price you shouldn't you shouldn't make -- public. Basically. We'll take a break they donate the money. So even show came off the air. -- but that should have nothing to do that I'm just saying that maybe he feels that he can say basically in the ones because they don't when you don't need the job. -- makes a little easier below more freeway will be back -- yeah my attitude is any. Because it was not done on the show it was done as an interview with a magazine. I I question whether that was the right course of suspending him if there was on the show. They might have a little more standing but it wasn't so they are what are they saying they're saying that. Adverse publicity even from things outside of the show will be taken into consideration and so what they did. Was a suspend him now I don't know if he's coming back I don't know the show is coming back I assume it will. End up because of it didn't come back -- believe me others other channels would -- -- -- cable channels would pick it up. Okay. But I just -- never comfortable with somebody whacking any group I don't care what group and as with a stick like -- -- because you think you can. And for those who are very comfortable with doing that because. I don't know what's in the Bible or something I just -- tell a couple of things you know what else is in the -- a Bible. -- who's who was without sin cast the first known now maybe you don't agree. Whip of the lifestyle of people he's talking about but I how many have you that are so smug how many -- you are divorced. You cheated on your wives. How many of you have had inappropriate behavior at a Christmas party. You said things that might be considered offensive end and the in the workplace. So don't come to me like everybody's holier than doll. And the only ones that are bad are the people that you don't agree with 'cause I don't buy that I really don't and the last thing I would need is for somebody telling me I'll go to hell. And that's what he said OK if you're comfortable with that you're comfortable -- because you're not in that group. But someday you might be and think how comfortable you will be will that. So the people who always professed to take the high ground religious ground the holier than -- ground scare me. And people tell you their religious. Usually aren't the ones that are religious don't have that. He got it. And so that's the way I feel about it I don't think they should shut him down. Big because of free speech but I also see where the people he's targeting have a right to bitch about it. There's a price to be paid for everything believe me we know this I told Greg read a couple of years ago. As a talk show -- we are one word away from unemployment. That's it. One word doesn't matter how long you been doing this doesn't matter how many yeah. A naked people you closed comedy hungry for -- Williams fan and how many. How many benefits you've done. One word from unemployment. And if you're in the media you've got to understand because it goes with the territory. It is not great. That. My favorite thing. But that's that's the roll of the -- Got to be able named Chris here's my take Chris number one here first and hoping nose and I'm talking to him high pressure on WB. L Chris yes your Chris. Christie your thought on this. Eight I don't believe that detainees should have. Takes him off the show and those kind of a rash decisions based -- pressures of I think due mostly glad you know and in and I'd. -- against defamation. And a group and they feel that he between the characters based on news addict or they're gay and lesbian people based. Is Christian views. I really don't think so. Infective and I and it picked up I think it was you actually what I call an arm. That it's if they really -- go after someone really wanna go -- for an institution for. Going against right. -- people. They go against United Methodist Church. The streak going I think it was yesterday or two days ago they actually just -- of their own ministers Pennsylvania. Or presiding over his own date on the -- And I. You have a stride yet I was in the news I think a couple of days ago what you're you're right especially with you know with religious views. There's a defining line people who hold them feel that they have all the right answers. And and anybody who was outside of what they consider the right answers is wrong. My attitude is if you ask me and I'm gonna borrow this from Don Imus because the great philosopher. But if you ask me how to get to Ralph Wilson Stadium. I would tell you well you can go to on this road ignore that -- can take that road there's many ways to get there okay. But the people tell you there's only one way to get there those little ones this year. Yeah exactly. -- I think bill was in the concentrate on the fact that you know. -- go to things on. You know whatsoever in the human -- -- think freely in the -- really does he was here and then in one of the like 187 countries that have countries speech and freedom and then I would organized into it wants it -- -- public private. Com or at pulpit you know I think he's actually have Baptist minister -- ministers that. Yeah I I think he shouldn't be muzzled but I think you have to understand that especially if you're going to. If you're going to rely on sponsorship. And viewers or listeners or whatever you've got to know that each one of them has a vote and they can vote with the dial them -- the remote control. And when you're working for a network believed but none of them. None of them have great amount of courage not let -- take a bullet for so you gotta be ready for that flak it's gonna come. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- it is probably the person it gives. The least. My about this. I think it here's -- -- -- -- anyone who's watched this show idea I have lasted almost since its inception and are. Yelling you do what you want. And he goes and interviews that they do with each that some members of the cast this show didn't know which didn't call badly about it. He I had it was as what when and so -- -- you -- and noted in demand struggles he's -- man intelligence. And -- Is it all -- stand by what he believes what banks what what he's done he's admitted to concern in the -- he's admitted it is wrong -- in the past and you know he considers himself pretty much lucky that he managed to be as successful as -- commander print. Well let it that's great and America you know offers opportunities for those of ingenuity hard worker whenever I'm bloody successful on what he felt comfortable enough to give his view is. I don't think any should've suspended him either. But there has to be some middle ground where you don't agree with somebody else's speech -- -- shut him down either OK thank you Chris thank you very much. That's that's the point I'm -- -- I'm not copping -- really mean it. That I can OK if somebody has a -- opposing view that's fine with me I understand that. If somebody has a and a view that has just wrong backs. I would try and jump in there and say it but that's not an opinion that's a fact. And trying get that straight now. But the bottom line is under almost no circumstances but I can think of what I Tryon shot him down so that they can. Speak anymore I see that's what I don't like that's that's that's over the top. If you're willing to put. Your fame your treasure your reputation on the line for what you believe. -- shows me some character what are -- right or wrong about it but trying to shut them to try to shut down the speech is wrong. I don't I don't think the only other way you have the -- is if he said. You know this this group of people are are awful they should be deported or executed or whatever that's obviously out of -- But by lumping everybody in together. Believe may not everybody. That is gay is a swindler. Not everybody is a slow as a slander not everybody is -- wrong -- not everybody is greedy. And those of -- terms he used whether their quotes are not from the Bible. It's not right to put him altogether because we get lectured all the time about. -- groups not being monolith. The groups are large numbers that ended or may be small individual people that hold a similar beliefs. But not everyone holes globally so. I'm saying they shouldn't shut them down. But I also think that there is there's reason for outrage. We'll be back tomorrow newsreader and I'm thirty we are WB. Your hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free -- -- nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. Elliott back -- -- agent double play just outside -- -- in and out the Internet Vernon upload WB and guard common all over the place and he -- dynasty. A situation. As I said I'm a firm believer in free speech. I'm not a firm believer in hate speech. And so I I don't think any. Should have pulled the plug on -- until Robertson at all. However I think that there is accountability. Even and here's what I don't understand when I don't understand some new drug -- and you can be as comfortable. With your beliefs as possible. You know that this is the right way. And that I'm going to go I'm gonna get or I want a goal by leading my life like this I totally believe that okay. But what exit necessary. To tell another group that -- not gonna go to hell. Mean what you get that. Who gave -- that right to say you know I've got the right answers and you are a group that's going to help. I mean you can understand that if you -- in that group you wouldn't be pleased with that. Because you might believe that that that's not true and why you being besmirched by somebody. Who's so comfortable with a -- if you would think that they wouldn't have been a need. To reach out. It and and disparage anybody else. I mean you ever see you see a Ford commercial on TV or easily or you'll hate the Chevrolet you'll just hate it. OK at the Chevrolet the wheels fall when it's gonna get lousy mileage I'm just on -- so instead by hours -- I don't know. You go -- authorities say why Ford is a way that is the way to go this is what we have you're going to be you know Obama. And I don't understand why that doesn't relay into religion. But a lot of people feel that it's not enough for them to have the right path. They've got to condemn those that they think don't have the right and that's where I have a problem. All right Chris though we got a lot of -- Facebook's and he argument problem please this is from Ian he says he can't play the innocent victim here -- it -- blind side about those comments that produced the show they always use another backing down for monetary reasons it's cowardly. That's right it's -- it's weasel management really is they go a long way that they encourage whatever the show is. And it's roller alarm probably. A big guy halo show for them make a lot of money getting a lot of numbers. And whatever. And show of course the first sign of trouble. And they -- prevails as nothing no. I mean that's been going up forever and in -- with another queries misses from Mandy said if we here at WB yen at a major sponsor -- was -- -- about some programming and we -- their program and nobody would claim free speech to -- this is the same thing is nobody went to jail which fires of free speech specifically wasn't violent. Well what -- what it is is you do have free speech everybody's got it. What bill one deal of separation I'm thinking of is that this. These quotes did not come from the show. These quotes came from an outside interview that he had with the GQ gentlemen's quarterly. So unless you're telling your talent that you can't have any views expressed outside of of the show that we produce or you're in the news we've put on our network I'd probably get away with -- three arms -- But they must have something in the contract that though most of that but -- if they mention religion alive as I've never seen the show but if they do as some people say. It doesn't surprise me that they take it to that degree but people who. Goal overboard. Inferring or even just telling you how religious they -- get leaner -- there ago. Really do Pope doesn't have Antonio religious he has you know he has you know -- you know -- deeds. That's how you know buys the doesn't have to come on say you know what. You see are more than just this point it had and the Pope mobile I'm a very religious person so you have to do that Mother Teresa ever do that. Now. Anybody anybody you know that that you would consider truly religious have to do that. To -- not necessary. They're comfortable in their own skin but -- don't need to condemn somebody else who doesn't share your view is another place this is from jail he says and he does have the right to Poland from the show and we have the right to stop watching it. Maybe they did poem often bitterly but they had to make a decision. This overall is just a money issue. Yeah and I don't this event now Tony you said it gets down to one issue and how -- should have been decided marketplace absolutely right the marketplace let the market. -- -- -- If if suddenly enough people were. Offended by Dan whatever in the show is a dozen of the appeal -- to have the market will decide. Now of course there's a there's a danger to that. 20 in the danger is there has to be some kind of balance because what about it. -- better show in in oh I don't know nineteen. A 38 Germany have been expressed certain views would have a huge audience but is that right not equating -- that. I'm just equating it to market. You know I have to laugh. When is somebody is mentioned. As as is there a public figure OK and and somebody else that while they were huge following and so does George -- -- for you -- use him as a moral compass Jerry Springer is a huge following there's all kinds of el Al has a following is that I mean -- truthfully there's a lot of things that have a huge following but it doesn't it doesn't further. -- turn itself into goods. Fair and honest broadcasting or writing or anything like that so the fact that somebody has a huge -- its -- probably has a huge ball Jesse Jackson has a huge following. Al Sharpton has that you why. I don't care they have a huge following and not the bottom line is there's always somebody willing to follow you and sometimes is -- people willing to follow you but doesn't make you right. And that's what you have to remember. I think but it's up to you let's go to John on a cell phone John W -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good I. I never watched the show I don't know I really don't know about but but it was as as I understand you -- in the interview. Yes and now. Think Roland that the -- -- from. -- -- -- -- But there's there's -- -- -- well I can say you know you're whacking people in one well in the media. All one when news criticized government employees government employees this. Remember GI. Government employees. And -- -- group. In the one. Thing is not good to. Actually like I'm. All right well thank you thank you John thank you for jumping in there I mean why. To me why they would react to something that didn't happen on the show on their network. Are you an example. Kelsey Grammer Frasier a huge show huge show no question about it one of the most successful shows of all time. Well Kelsey Grammer wants it I in his own driveway. Rolled his bike park. Okay why he was probably under the influence of something. Either alcohol or drugs. All right is that irresponsible behavior. Because he didn't do it while it was still uncles over guarantee that. Should should be able to produce. Frazier have taken him off the air because it's irresponsible behavior if we didn't go to any movie. And if we didn't see any television show -- whereas somebody. Did something that was considered irresponsible we have nothing to watch and read to be nothing left. So I'm surprised. That -- being as we easily as they turned out to be by dumping them right away. I considered something he didn't do on their -- assets it was a separate interview where they -- magazine. And -- why the magazine. Which here's the question was that got you type time at the magazine they specialize. In clothing. Andy of them the most elegant clothing that's what the man's willingness of GQ -- gentlemen's quarterly. Why do they why they efficient around with a sharp stick trying to get him to make comments on religion. What does that have to do a gentleman's quarterly. No relief shore will be back after yeah I've it's like a more from both sides of the street on this I'm not. I don't think anybody should be a victim of being beaten with a stick by somebody else's belief I don't believe that at all but I also believe. That if you if you're willing to pay the price unless your talking about hate speech. You should be able to say moralist what JaJuan. And if the prices. That your less popular if the prices that you'll lose your job if the prices that are sponsors leader. Those are those are considerations and you have to make a choice what's more important but I don't think. Because somebody disagrees with you that they should try to shut you down I don't believe that at all but that's the way it works now. So it seems like Morgan both sides of the street -- -- but being in the media understand. My positions on on both ovals will be due to go to Joseph any storage earlier on WB yen. Yeah -- is there any I like topic you -- on here. I I don't see any allure with that show my kids than other people tell -- operated. Watched a few times. But I you know that's neither there are I think it's actually the guy somebody upright pick them up as a real. All guys if any if any pull the plug on the show it would be at another network in a nanosecond is very popular. Yeah I just I just felt that you know I mean I I don't know exactly what he says about. A gay people there but you know -- here it -- if the guys -- devout Christian and I know that I've been around a lot of people that are you know. Really your really you know about people. And they'll tell you what they -- you know because. You know it's you know it if you if you if you believe very saying. What these people are -- are wrong I mean they're -- -- and I'm not as you know anybody should not possible to tell people what what to do or what not to do. But in all to see if she is legally as wrong and he told the true. I don't have a problem what it. If if so -- me and and I thought the same thing he does okay I don't but if I did. I would simply say well I don't share their beliefs and I'm very comfortable with my own instead he he says he used the word greedy drunk -- -- isn't swindlers and said they're going to -- so that's more than just -- comfortable with mine are -- -- -- -- -- I know how you're gonna end up and and that's when people get. There hackles up. Yeah I I think that's probably pushing a little bit I I personally think they're doing wrong and and I really think. This -- is salt as part of it. It's when they prejudgment of the Max you know unity to gay people -- Egypt or -- in Foster kids and all this off. I don't agree with it and -- somebody asked me I would tell -- -- -- -- Well there's certainly have a right to tell my your feel and every everybody has their believes based on what they've learned -- their life their -- flow lessons and you have a right to -- I don't think anybody should be muzzled thank you thank you very much. However 11. Thing I would check out here's the the statistics between courses it's got a much won her. A focus group here unmarried people heterosexual married people look homosexual or gays or lesbians. And I think you'd find the divorce rate is much higher much higher and better as the actual money uncles. And so you might in my panel look at that every once in awhile he got to kind of re examine your your yourself and look inwardly. And say you know what I'm comfortable with what I'm -- but I'm not comfortable with somebody else doing that. But that's up to them because at the end at the end of the day. You're only going to be responsible for yourself he got it I mean when when -- taken that dirt nap. And they're they're doing the check in procedure will be got a reservation. And saint Peters says okay. Our guard congratulations. There -- -- welcome to have been. He doesn't bring in your neighbors the people you work where -- he doesn't bring him people you've talked to on the bus he just he just talks the U. So it's your choice you lead your life the way you Juan and then you'll have a happy outcome hopefully. But there's no need to put down somebody else. And and if you're comfortable it's because is not you're not in that group. But I'd like an -- comfortably you be if you were in the that's the test of time there really is that's it's okay because it's happening to them -- Yes I agree with that budget CEO -- happy you'd be if it was happening -- -- Chris a couple more from FaceBook please if you would. This is from a Nicholas is as if -- dynasty crew I would cut ties to the channel no matter what the contract or the penalties -- instantly get picked up by somebody bigger better. And I qualified wanna be with a network that didn't stand by me in this difficult time. Yeah I I agree that they would be picked up there's no question about it they would be picked up by you know somebody else. Because commerce is commerce once you cut away all of these fancy trappings it gets down to pitching pitching pitching how much money in -- But but they. The if they do have a contract one of things that I would be very interest of the C. Is if any. Has any authority over outside -- I'll work alike and an interview with the Outside Magazine. This was not sent -- dynasty who was set on -- dynasty. -- the network might have a little bit more reason to back up what they did although I think what they did is wrong. But having having set an outsider remember who got in the troubled Jimmy the Greek remember that and CBS. Jimmy the Greek. Was on CBS all the time he gave the odds on football games or whatever he was at a restaurant in New York when a crew of a group came up. And he had had a few drinks. And they asked them about things and he was talking about African Americans in sports. And he thought he was giving a -- interview that was the end of his career. It was over now ahead methods with CBS and if it wasn't a CBS show he was having -- He's done he's gone I mean that's the reality. Of of the marketplace today. So I have dual bullies I don't think that if they should've been shut down but I also think. That if you're offended. As they gave member of the community and certainly never -- right to. -- Next Somali show we try to offend no one on the movie shorts have Bobby there. And a -- by dramatic case you're gonna get your film in the next couple -- days will be back after this.

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