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12-20 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Dec 20, 2013|

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On the contrary it is a very good way and I might next tell what it is nice. Need. My -- You know just email him. -- something quite. Yeah everybody -- about Mary Poppins and it's the only show cinema Bob and sandy beach then Bob that. Courses. That was Julie Andrews Julie Andrews and Dick -- -- -- Mary Poppins which will be celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. Shortly got the big movie coming out today saving mr. banks about the making of that huge movie. For me when I was a kid I mean I'm earliest movie that I saw were. At the drive it when I was very goes will be different kinds of where I was really little and the goal is swinging Poppins you know I know my parents and usually go to -- is something -- want the Woody Woodpecker cartoon -- -- and fall asleep afterward. Might not covered by Mary pop. -- I still if you show me a Woody Woodpecker cartoon and I will watch it and curl up on the floor and falls on a -- drive -- nuclear -- I'm when you go with -- OK there you go. Dignity although -- dignity as -- arrogance and it was the big. Movie for me when I was like four when that came out. And we went and sought in an actual theater with the red curtain and we got the sound dragon home which is huge and you've got a movie I. How about testing note that's -- earlier about are giving us the box office receipts we need some box. Officers -- indeed number one at the box office the hot it. Desolation of the smog. 74 million dollars. Which is. That's ever gonna make the money that they need it's 13% less than last year's so. Unlike The Lord of the Rings trilogy which just got bigger and bigger as the three came out more people who came drawn to it. More people are standing up to this one and kind of going. And audience balls are little less enthusiastic as well. So this this is the case of this is pleasing the the hard core -- fan -- Those folks that still live in their parents basement -- slow and are still writing letters. To NBC because there are set that they canceled Star Trek in 1969. It's pleasing those but it's not really building new folks of excitement. Number two frozen. Disney's latest. CGI Disney princess film continues. To just do extraordinary. Business 23 million dollars. In its fourth week is now 165. Million it's doing 40% that are. And Disney's -- -- each year fairy tale tangled so that's a big hit for for the studio. At number three Larry the Cable Guy and Tyler Perry together at last in the day or Christmas. Only sixteen million dollars this was a new low form a day of film we've had one come out every year for the last eight years. The last two per mired in the 25 million dollar range this one -- lead at sixteen million will still be profitable. But the franchise's. Fading for some reason people here and get tired of seeing 86 foot. Three inch tall black man. Impersonating. An old black woman. Are summaries and that's starting to fade but. You you can bet you're gonna see you on TV every Christmas time at number four -- games catching fire another 141000458. Million. Overseas. It's -- 373. Million. It's already at three quarters of a billion dollars and it hasn't -- month huge huge it. And then coming in at number 54. That our world yeah. Three million dollars it is now 190 million. 620. Million dollar worldwide grosses. Them everything about her move Ekuban. My pleasure saying mister banks covers the making Disney's Mary Poppins. Actresses were considered for the role that eventually -- Julie Andrews and spear. Which of the following actresses was not considered for the role of Mary pop which one was not considered was it eight. -- Davis beat Angela Lansbury or seat moms may -- -- -- More and I had 75 right now because the prize Aruba to be a movie pass for 22 gifts and -- valid through December 31 -- thirteenth. 25 dollars and every exit of you duty. Judges and towards pizza pub and grill on Miller sport or on transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules. Applause and I don't wanna I wanna get away answer it could be any of released any Olympic could be the answer. Quite frankly as much I enjoyed Julie Andrews and Roland and she'd have to now -- job. I would have given anything. To see moms may -- series super -- -- -- with the taxpayer will no doubt without a loan went out about these issues and take a much larger market well certainly not a lot. You don't need to be comfortable when performing. -- that doesn't make sense at -- Jamar Martin taking care -- she would have been a start today now would have rode her career option. -- I always say if they don't break away or will be back on -- I'm thirty W -- listening to -- -- -- -- And mustard greens. TTE. It's the movie show a cinema -- sandy beach they're testing the movie IQ. Of the listeners saving mr. banks covers the making of Disney's Mary Poppins many actresses were considered for the role that eventually was won by Julie Andrews and she won an Oscar for. Which of the following actress as was not considered for the role of Mary Poppins and answer Wednesday moms -- can figure that out. It's tragic I would -- -- bear -- made the exactly or at least that Obama highland dress well I think Alice Nicole he would've been delightful. And asked if yes he does and nicely they are they certainly are Ali. Hey the big bullies hitting the big screen we're talking about saving mr. Ben. Yet now this is a film a movie about movies which is very very tricky to pull off any time you wanna do a true story. About the making of films. The ratio of good or bad is not healthy thing I'm -- is the best and that was that that played festival that wasn't based on an. As you all don't Drupal. You know we -- that maybe few movies like Tim Burton's Ed Wood that's a wonderful. Film really captures the spirit of the filmmaker and it's just delightful. And movies like last year's Hitchcock. With Anthony Hopkins which I've got to say -- was just one of the biggest waste of celluloid I've ever seen in my entire life. This movie I think it's going to be a bit more successful early reviews for this film were just. Well it's just absolute rave reviews now that it's opened wider and more critics across the country of CNET. Opinion has lowered a little bit it was like get 9495%. Rotten tomatoes raiding a month ago. It's not about 79%. Of us what you don't see how I'm still good. But not quite as glowing as they thought it's about the author Pamela Travers PL trappers who wrote Mary Poppins book. And Walt Disney. Whose daughters while the book and he promised them that he's got to make a movie. Mary Poppins but. Travers did not want to sell the rights to do is -- it took twenty years to finally get it screen in this follows him. At one point willing her to. LA -- Hollywood. The creative process of getting her to to agree to the film that was eventually made the debut of the film. And they also go through a lot of flashbacks as it turns -- part of the reason why. She was so protective. The piece is that. Mary Poppins herself was based on her real life it. That came and helped out at their house when her. Father became very ill they were living in Australia at the time. And her father had problems with alcohol. He's played by Colin Ferrell illness and Rachel Griffiths plays the strict. But. Extremely fun and who came in and kind of took hold of the family and help them together and help kids get through that. Disney of course thought that Travers would be thrilled. Her story our beat Disney -- in become part of that Disney. And but she she wanted no songs. No animation. No Dick Van -- and all she didn't think that made any sense. She didn't want -- color red either -- -- -- the -- Could be avoided as well she was. She was looking for that. She was stunned that the people who wanted to make the film. Didn't really understand the book and in the -- she thought she was quite disappointed by that. The film of course went on to become enormously successful muted over a hundred million dollars if you just that for inflation. It's over 700 million dollar 18 Oscars people. While this -- And done things that -- go witness. In -- just to put in perspective. In and there's a big. -- in your family -- let's say there there's and an aunt and uncle that don't get along with this -- or whatever there's some big -- And you only hear about this feud. From one side all only one side tells you the story. Kind of -- ending up with here this is the Disney version. Of how all of this came to be. And and got to victory -- screens so a lot. We are seeing. Version that looks at the Disney approach in a very positive. View. Emma Thompson does a very nice job is Travers Tom Hanks. Has talked on and on about now carefully were repeating his moustache just right now you really studied Waltz. Voice enormously and I've got to say and all the clips that I've seen Tom Hanks sounds just like Tom Hanks with a mustache and mark. Is five. Very -- all of -- -- very likable. The director. Is John Lee Hancock. Who a few years ago made a movie that the critics absolutely. Hated absolutely this is that. Called the blind side program which was enormously success yet very sentimental but audiences loved and Sandra Bullock went on to win the Oscars. For the films so this bill also uses more than spoonful of sugar to tell its story. Just a few things. To keep in mind. I hope this doesn't spoil -- -- -- pick any wings. All she really did not want to move we could be may appeal -- one of the reasons she agreed to even talk to them about it was she was very nearly bankrupt. At the time that she worked on the movie fought with it is neat. Why -- it. And in the film machine that the premiere in -- is -- now are or are standing where and they kind of have a meeting of the minds in this sort of thing. She was not invited to -- premier by the Disney company corporate in the film was completed she flew out from London on her own nickel. And asked to show up. She. Told Disney after seeing yet. And they chatted briefly at the mention last week said. Yes expert I really need the animation -- I don't want any cartoons in the film to achieve. Very Jean Lee genial you just pat her on the back -- panel on that ship has sailed a couple of and she refused to allow a sequel to the film Disney company was very interested in sequel there are many more. And I'm Mary -- books that were written and -- has not been allowed to be involved with those ball. When she was approached about doing the stage version in the ninety's. That -- Broadway for many years -- giving permission for that. She said she would only do it if there were no American. Writer's -- she only wanted English people involved she wanted to have no. Who was involved in the making of the film. All be apart of the the stage play she agreed that the songs written for the film could be used. But she did not want any new material written by the Sherman Brothers who were still -- and at that time. To be done. She also. Stipulated in her will she passed away in 1996. At the age of 96. She stipulated that absolutely. No. Involvement could be done by the Disney company with any of the Mary Poppins books. Or Mary Jones character woman will go a mission she is a mission GO grudge the film I think -- if you're looking forward to it. It's a fun film with very nice warm performances will definitely put two in the mood to watch Mary Poppins. Which by the way just came out on Blu-ray and its fiftieth and -- time mission and how it's surprising for Disney to jump on marketing like that. But. Yeah -- -- -- -- I don't think it is the gospel truth why do you think you have that attitude is that a superiority. Attitude like we do fine work here by an anything goes Hollywood is just -- -- -- I think a big part of it is because the story was so personal to her. She was very. Happy with the book as is and she just didn't want to. The new version to a clips that I think that probably -- energy and you look at say the a -- only neither approves stories. Most people out when they think of Winnie the poo they think of the Disney Winnie the -- if you read those original AA -- books. When -- who looks different his personality. Is a bit quirky or more interesting. I enjoyed the Disney Winnie The Who stories very much but I much prefer the original A -- tales those I think are really special and I think she was concerned about. A lot of things get changed in the old fashioned cowboy but he was a big star at the time -- on Cassidy. The guy who wrote the books -- probable and as the hop on hasn't run a nasty guy they turned him into organized genial guy LaGuardia or white -- -- that it wasn't like that in the book of say that. And we I'd say the book on Tony Caligiuri the inside view. On good people think he's a genealogy I got right and we'll be back -- Maher after this. W Guillen wherever you go with the WB ENI thrown out powered by Roswell park. We can't let cancer win that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. Not. There. I'm moving show it's time ago to the movies. Nothing runs through movers never -- -- that I can't sit still a lot of polls is an educational experience. Bullies in the big screen Bob told you about saving mr. banks next up man I am so tired of the hype I'm so glad this is open. Anchorman true will Farrell. I tell you I had no idea this movie was coming out they really should have promoted just surprised that's just it just click here -- This. Is the sequel to the original anchorman from about nine years ago or so. And down it was spelled it did OK at the box it like 85 million. Normally 85 million is -- borderline. As far as making a sequel -- quite often you won't if the film has made just. Especially since so many people in the cast. Became very successful afterward -- trickier to Steve Corel and all Paul -- -- trick to gather everybody to get her again and salary wise. But. Sources such tremendous tremendous cult hit on I'm cable and on on dvd. That he's slowly and eventually got -- together and Paramount. Was rather insistent that okay if we're gonna do this. We have to know that Will Ferrell and crew are going to be willing to really promote. Really haven't -- and they have bent over backwards. There's been fairly a fairly overkill almost. In Chile with this we're talking about. Doing a musical on Broadway first they -- to do anchorman musical on Broadway for six months. And then make the movie immediately after that which I think part of the problem there might have been. I don't know -- in today's. New York budget. Whether you can really have a musical run for just six months and turn a profit yet so expensive -- musical on Broadway if you don't run five or six years. You're not covering -- not you know that that's that's a problem. So they they did it -- go go with the movie instead they went with the sequel and apparently some of the songs that were written for the musical. Have been kept in here. That reviews have been. Not that good but I've got to -- -- use for the first one. We're not that good either this is the sort of action. Film concept here and you're going to take to. Or not. Like the first like most of will Farrell's films. Sent anchorman. It's very rambling. Very improper heavy to hold Java -- but how Adam McKay school of comedy. Films that we're doing now it is slow in prop heavy. They kind of had that feeling of hey here's the basic concept we got these lines let's work it out on the set. Will try this punch line and let's try about seven or eight other punch line so you end up with. On deleted scenes they're gone forever and ever on on the dvd. It's also a lot longer than first the first one was 94 minutes. This one is two hours long personally I think the closer you are to ninety minutes of the comedy writer Woody Allen always said physically. A comedy that goes over ninety minutes is just kind of tiring you can only laugh so long and it's hard to Wear on -- This film. Like the first doesn't have a lot of character growth -- doesn't have a lot of story here it is really going. Joke by joke is if it's working for you you're having fun. You'll be laughing and Will Ferrell brand of comedy is truly an all or nothing. Type of comedy it's either going for a belly laugh. Or you're just gonna stare -- I don't see what's really big deal here. You're gonna have a laundry list of call backs from first film the jazz flute is bad Dexter the dog that news team hasn't paid by eight. Everything's of course quite a bit bigger. When it works it works very well when it doesn't -- I thought to. The critic from the Toronto star quoted line from the first anchorman and kind of wraps up. The experience -- very well. He said this is like the movies sex panther Cologne. Which as the -- tag line. 60% of the time it works every time I saw. -- just kind of went at whether it's work and it's funny. And if you did not find the first one whole areas. Alone go near this at all well -- improper saw him -- hard to do but if you're gonna do it just recording him from and then editing it seems. It's kind of like building below and I'll show you live picture we like -- not -- -- you also don't have scenes that really are allowed to build build -- because they're just not structured it's more to looser more rambling type of -- when it works it's very -- However if you if good sign Feldman and you see some of the Larry David stuff I mean they're good at it. -- but they also had editing a real oh yeah -- OK what about American hustle I think I might see on cell looking. -- this film one of the best reviewed movies of the holiday season and the entire year. It is based loosely on the 1970s Abscam scandal. Very similar feel to boogie nights ago goodfellas. And even has. Narration. And very fast moving big seventies soundtrack. Everything is leading up to the big -- here Christian Bale. Who often will lose a lot of weight for films he put on 45 pounds from February -- He plays a con artist with a really bad -- Everytime you see him in this film you look at it to pay industry which is just a little over it's not quite where it should eat. He and Amy Adams are con artist involved mostly in our art forgeries and loan fraud. They get involved with -- Bradley Cooper. Who was an undercover FBI agent. Who believes -- currently Italian looking hair is what sells him. As an undercover agent which means he's could have spent a lot of time with a little pin for that is fair. -- Jennifer Lawrence is the ditzy wife of Christian Bale. Who find it pretty much impossible to do things like microwave. Things about setting fired the kitchen stuff like that this is another. Very successful role for Jennifer Lawrence she. It seems every movie she chooses. She picks an entirely different genre and gets -- wonderful reviews that she's very very adaptable. Big tacky seventies fashion and colors. Of the women all have enormous hair. Glittery makeup. Lots of cleavage and Eric. That cleavage on most addresses goes about down to their knees I tell you realize this is big. Share would look at the outfits in this movie and say that's a little much that I I would I I would not do that I would not there. These are messy loud ambitious. Not always bright people who are attempting to pull things off that are quite beyond their grass. Rob Ford. The mayor of Toronto would fit right out -- this gang I am still looking for the film. A written and directed by David O. Russell who did a fighter three kings he adjusted silver linings playbook. He is on a roll right now and this is one of the don't miss movies about world. I don't wanna see and I mean big hair and cleavage that's a winner big hair -- her cleavage not so much will be back after this. It is the -- show -- Bob -- sandy beach he's already told you about saving mr. banks anchorman to American council about walking with dinosaurs. Walking with dinosaurs in three -- -- this. This depresses me why is this I think it is is a little bit of a tragedy here. In 1999. The BBC. Decided to do a really breakthrough television series. They thought about how laden. You know -- able to have. Documentaries on animals done by you know National Geographic placement -- -- that it just amazing for the age of you know tiger monkeys or whatever. But that we weren't able to do that with -- of course on account of them being dead for. Months and months I saw. After you're Jurassic Park came out and just huge breakthroughs as far as our computer graphics. Somebody got the idea let's do CGI. Nature documentary. On a source close treated like a straight angle by information we know. And not you know have this be some cartoon does anything with. Dinosaurs that we had animation wise it was like you know the land before time in the ice age movies in this cartoon it was Disney by that sort of thing. And that's would be a straight chipping very successful TV series did very well on video really really well done. So for some reason thirteen years later they decided you know what. Let's take the walking with dinosaurs name. And let's make a big dumb kids movies in which will have gorgeous animation of all these dinosaurs. But Philip with really silly story and lots of poop jokes that kids like. So that's kind of what they did here you've got a narration and treating everything all light. You've got dressed in law and and John Leguizamo who does a voice in the ice age comedy. Cartoon films. I doing voices of the wacky dinosaur care actors. And I really get the feeling from this film. That adding the light corny jokes and all that was an afterthought. Because animation lines. The -- mouths don't move. An area will be talking and then they'll say Yahoo! to Bryant is ours wasn't happy of. -- And that they'll cut to the brought this story is just -- like two kids are what ever like get the mouth doesn't oops what gives you the feeling that. They thought kids are bored let's just add silly jokes let's just add that don't bother enemy it's just add stuff maybe it's a ventriloquist dinosaur. -- -- -- I didn't find it peculiar. That standing next to the dinosaurs you always see Jeff Dunham Cheri Lewis or Edgar Bergen op -- is unusual. The movie also wildly. Rips off Bambi. You've got to the death of apparent spring fever romance and of course a forest fire so. Yeah little kids will enjoy this. Everybody else is is going to be a little bored. Okay now what else we have reversed and it's getting great reviews foreign Nebraska Nebraska. If you don't know about this movie now -- used to the named as you're gonna hear a lot -- awards season. This is from director Alexander Payne. Who did about Schmidt elections sideways the descendants. It is about an aging. Drunken. Father from Montana. Who -- Is starting to struggle a bit would be. The effects of alzheimer's. And he has received a contest. Letter in the mail letting them know you may have won the million dollars they have. Which he reads pretty much as you want a million golf so he wants to go to their home office in Nebraska. And get his million dollars he wants the million dollars because he wants to get in new truck. And an air compressor sure are his son -- played -- Will -- From -- live. Who generally plays extraordinarily. Silly and offbeat characters -- -- the movie Magruder Gruber. He is the son he does a very restrained. Pop performance here he's also getting wonderful reviews. Bruce Dern. Plays the the father. And he he does just a tremendous job he really avoids the broad strokes. The film is very funny but very serious it almost feels. Like a period piece because it is shot in black and white which is very unusual nowadays. But it's also set in the kind of small town rural settings where. It almost feels like it's 25 years ago and I'm not a lot has changed. The two of them make their road trip pretty much like Don Quijote and so on shall -- Brewster has already won best actor for this role that con. Bob -- Kirk. Who played Saul Goodman on breaking am of he plays the other son. Who is a TV newsman. Stacy teach. Is also in the film he plays an old business partner of Bruce burns who. Hole is a bit on the devious side and gets excited about job. The the money that drew stern is about to did and is trying to figure out the way he can get his hands on it. Just about everybody that they run into immediately believes. That -- he's going to collect all the data which Will Forte is trying to. Let them know no. He may have one way -- not actually. Well never mind. But a very nice dry. Rambling character's story. And just raped. Rate to roll for Bruce to -- he's in his late seventies. He's in pretty good shape you never know he can be making movies for many years to come our. This could be the camper to along very -- -- everywhere that I organized -- -- know -- -- show tells quickly about prisoners you know like I hold prisoners Hugh Jackman Jake Gyllenhaal. Melissa Leo one Viola Davis Maria -- Adjusted terrific Ter rip pick thriller rape cast. If you didn't see this in the theater this is actually absolutely a good flick to rent a very much for grownups though its markets. I about -- about have a great weekend though most of us will be back here except for. Tony on days that people really care about you person's mind. And Bob and the rest of the cast will be here. For your enjoyment on Monday under his -- and I'm thirty WB. We never dreamed could be used --

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