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Snow Watch & Flooding Issues

Dec 23, 2013|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lives -- airport weather station and meteorologist Dave Thomas day on good morning how are you. Sorry you we're doing OK -- so -- was a wild weekend but then the view good pet -- warm area here on the -- to New York. But you were considered to be the hardest hit by this random this -- and the aftermath of the world the -- -- that was hardest that would be the northern that are prepared. Where not only the heavy rain but also accumulating ice that -- here yesterday morning. Okay and concerning exactly what I was there flooding we're we're streets closed what was story. Yes he had whispered wanna get across -- Western New York combination. Several into the brains of these still now. Has fled to you were its road closures. It's spoke a lot about port drainage flooding in that piece of flooding as well. No because the weather is so mild right now we're approaching forty degrees at the moment. Is this a good thing or is this still where we -- at a point where. More more problems are are are possible. The problems are actually certainty diminished now the cut them very light rain. Showers up there this morning -- -- changing over to us -- hours. In with the courts -- shares that will help slow the the flooding risk. Dave what do you expect these low temperatures to move on when we'll start to got a little colder than it is right now. Temperature blessed to be following recruited -- today. Passengers in the thirty's will be found to be twenties by the afternoon. OK tell us about the lyrics the fictional watch that's been posted. I guess if you have a lake -- so watch -- look -- for much talked quietly in that can run its counties. That's for. Well relate to me in in two sides to stay where. There's that potential Europeans. Producing. Yeah except for about seven inches of snow. OK Dan good to talk through this morning as always thanks very much for your time you'll. That's a meteorologist Dave Thomas at the airport weather station.

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