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Latest Weather Update

Dec 27, 2013|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A federal into the airport weather station on the line and meteorologist Jon Hitchcock good morning John you got. Are you got what we're doing OK before we talk about the flow -- throughout. Being alleviated to a certain extent first advise those other really advisories or -- affection no warnings or advisories. Watches. I know there aren't none of all there's going to be some lights notes morning across all Western New York. With an entry to accumulations of about a lot of open enough to pretty plain folks spot on untreated roads. We've had a lot in a short period put in perspective. The beginning of all of this snow I think I heard you were one of your colleagues say that we're really. Not in record territory at all. I know we're not that we had a couple of pretty sparse winter in the -- department the last two winters. And the first half of the number that here was fairly no we don't play above normal but certainly nothing unusual it just seemed that way because there's been such meeting went for the past two. Let's talk about Google flood threat from tunnel on the create things are getting better and Clarence rapids and that area. I yet it's been better for some time the -- warrant for camp about 24 hours ago. And the waters continue to recede so anyway hearing what probably at -- yesterday has subsided. Is there a chance that that this roller coaster goes back up hill again talk to be about as some of the melt and some of what's to come. Well fortunately there is not very much on the ground left so we know we -- warm -- but it won't be a problem this time and there is a little bit of a warm up comic for the weekend. We should be near forty both days on the weekends for the little bit just know we've got will. Melt off the lead to some extent over the weekend but. There's not much water left on the ground the snowpack could not going to be concerned at all. While we've had a lot to deal with here in Western New York especially in the north towns. Our friends in Canada southern Ontario Quebec have really been hard hit by ice power failures how's the weather up there are things getting better. Yeah they had a tremendous amount of lights we got our little bit device on Sunday. They had much work we did to the north of Lake Ontario and extending across our northern new York and into northern New England they had between one and two -- -- device so. A huge amount of light and here warmed up. Is deputy I happen -- though put off put up there hasn't been above freezing at that ice storm. Saw that site is still on the trees and power lines for any time there's a little bit of wind. Additional treatment parlance come down so. Unfortunately until that I get knocked off they'll still be some issues up there. You know we've seen a lot of photos especially from that Hamilton administrative their job that I thank you and have a nice weekend and happy you're here. Q thank you meteorologist Jon Hitchcock at the National Weather Service buffalo or poor weather station.

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