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Power Returning to Toronto

Dec 27, 2013|

680 News Reporter Momin Qureshi

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speaking of north of the border let's have -- let's go to Toronto. Against on the live line is moment qureshi. More than as a reporter with six city news in Toronto morning good morning thank you for joining us. You know for awhile here we have been focused on floating around here. The follow some monumental snow melt during weekend rains we were up to our next month. So have our neighbors in southern Ontario from here to Toronto now. With that said is it getting any better up there are any folks in Toronto still low power. Yet it is it is getting better it's it's been a slow progression with at the height of this I think just inside the city we had about 250000. Customers. That's that's cut through the that's probably 23 people per household go to pretty big number of they're down to about 32000. Now. And there in a situation now what their thing it's not. Great -- but much of that is individual homes -- Odyssey you'll be Hydro company called and had -- where they have to go to each individual house pretty much. To try to get the power back on. I'm trying to find out how people are coping have you had power what's that like. All I have had power I've been very fortunate I live in in and a suburban area here in the city that's been all right. But people who live in the areas in the city called Scarborough and east York and a political have been pretty bad happened coworkers you haven't had power for 45 days. I'd have been a member of the amount Bentley who didn't have power. Until just yesterday and the day before yesterday so people I've been. Really struggling. And they've been going to other families houses are friends houses you'd get shelter there have been warming shelters. That it was bad included accommodations and been right that put up by the city in the government. But it's been tough I mean we've pockets of people who are who are in two years and are struggling and you -- the -- polity he did that make it even tougher on people and it's it's been it's been difficult because not only has it been. No power but it's cold and snowing. -- been really tough on a lot of people. Moment was the Toronto subway system affected -- anyway by the powerful. Yet it wasn't up for the first. For the first few days -- the system that's quite heavily affected we have affectionate Scarborough called the -- he would have been above line. Above ground rapid transit system that connects to the main subway line. And that would shut down for the first a couple of days because of all the tracks are completely frozen over. A we have one section of our subway line called shoppers -- which was shut down for about three or four days because of the because of the freezing. All the street cars were down for the republic is because all the streets are wires were completely frozen over so. For the first three or four days of this that stormed the child tranda with a heavily affected but the last couple days. Everything seemed to be running -- Throughout this city with some pretty large tall buildings when they lose power do they lose water to. I believe a lot of the businesses. It's sort of in the downtown or have been all right because a lot of the major companies have generators have been able to keeping up and running. But it is no question that a lot of businesses haven't shut down because they have no power they have no water. They have no heat. Though it's really been hard. That -- good I guess political acquisitions good part about it is it that it did happen during winter break and a lot of business -- shut down a lot of schools are shut down. But we did hear from the school board yesterday saying that. A lot of schools are still the top power -- they don't know what's gonna happen when kids go back to school week -- now they -- -- squad to be individually inspected. Though there's still lots of issues to deal with lots of problems ahead. -- Dinara got to go to the bill for this he said it's it's so difficult but the numbers because it just keeps mounting so this is gonna have a big financial costs at the end of it all. There's still lots of issues that people articulate. The dollar QEW two Hamilton Ontario. A moment -- -- city and surrounding area doing they had more than their fair share of ice damage in Colorado. Absolutely -- spin around. Toronto is definitely. Probably the hardest it's. But that would be like to call the greater Toronto area which basically is you know all the way out towards Hamilton. Areas east towards Ajax and Ottawa up north it's -- everybody's been hit pretty hard. Everybody is. You know dealing with that thousands upon thousands of customers who don't have power who don't have heat. You know who don't have water. This is something that really affected the southern Ontario region here pretty hard and -- -- is it's no exceptionally. Is it taking this long because of the immense city of at all. Or are there issues about how effective and help repair the utility company is. I don't think it's the prepared this that's really the problem here because these crews are working around the clock the truly around the clock. To try to get things back on line. It's definitely need -- the the biggest thing -- the conditions because. There was so much I mean when you drive around here it's it's it's unbelievable it's been weakened it still kind of make my jaw dropped the Graham on meet the -- complete the broke in on the ground -- back to -- completely covered in I. And that and that I had been melted at all because the temperature history stayed sort of right around zero below zero Soviet so. It hasn't melted in and it's note again on the top a couple of days so. They're not really detecting any break you know the temperature isn't going up the continuing to now they're just not really. Nothing is really going in their favor at this point they're working -- part of that and but I don't think it's because. They weren't prepared or I mean this is also the type of storm that we haven't seen weather like this and decades though. It's it's just it's just it's just a matter of a whole bunch of things coming together I want. Moment large number our listeners. Thank you for the update there interest in the weather up there are a lot of Canadians community shopping directory and thank you. Actually Koresh is a reporter with six city news in Toronto.


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