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Bills-Pats Preview

Dec 27, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Buffalo Bills taken on New England the Sunday. A sabres came down the dial on WG army you can hear the bills' game here our coverage begins at four on Sunday afternoon. Let's talk more about the game out the bills broadcast team John Murphy and mark -- sword here. Brought you by value home Sanders wants speed experience in the winning team so fast so Smart so value and says good morning guys. More marvelous with view the big quarterback question -- they stay with that Lewis or go back to EJ Manuel for this one. Don't. Maybe we've got some debate maybe not they've. -- open up hope that he -- -- and you'll be able to play. As of yesterday or are there -- -- -- got limited practice work yesterday and got in some teams met so it would probably related I don't know. And mark you're the bills have not done well -- Foxboro no wins at that new stadium since 2002. Their last road win of the series was November 2000. Is running up -- like a Mission Impossible. As you're single it's particularly with the and his successes in England has and in the recent years under. Under. Tom Brady put but it it's an interesting game is -- and it played terrific last week. I think there's some use a lot of incentive certainly for knew it was the -- -- think there's some some all visitors play -- Riley outlined here. On Sunday afternoon and so I I would think that. I would think to build an ordinary you really good effort it's again and it's played really well that streak -- Riviera -- see what happens. Defensively I think the -- and do some things that bring some pressure packed it is now it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Marcus -- some of the other Stephon Gilmore -- I know the last time we played New England he wasn't a line up Gerris Byrd wasn't there either. How does the bills' defense this time matchup with the patriots. Well I think they're in better shape but obviously because of it over back in the lineup. There were patriots -- to match or Bernie parent's only most of the recorder from returning. Should be taken -- Kind of a pedestrian you Julian element was -- quarterback to Kent State meet him into it that receiver got 96 catches this year -- -- Inimical with its intricate -- the typical -- and the bills -- Top of their form potentially based on the warmest such -- so I'm really eager to see publicly insisting which. Obviously there's a good double putting up points the bill. Defense of -- and I think it's pretty advantageous matchup against sort of that were proper and so like porno and that -- -- that's really the match of. Kmart what do you expect from the building on Sunday. Areas that look I I would agree that more familiar Logan Mankins is. As -- from -- guard position -- -- Beckel has the increase its its suffered. Along the top of the line and Gary younger players -- -- system -- -- -- upright throughout. Green and make uses its terrific that's a lot of but he. Both. There and that accurately of the pacers know -- as well look this basic and say they're. Sent back that there is -- that are situation but I eight cycle there are pressuring it seems to be that. As Unicode and be -- to step like the drama that. -- into the Buick this settled is there gonna bring pressure that Eric continued structural -- not necessarily. From more than four guys they bring guys from different areas and in different positions that you might not traditionally see -- -- courses or to set some years. Because it is that personally. That nickel cornerback position and what people and honest but they're so I'm really interested -- it or think they do. Offensively as they and that they'll spread out. You're offering will be in the game I think there's some question as to whether or not you'll play but one other running back so we -- there and almost an alto and -- -- -- -- so that they can expose the bullets and I hope the bill just put so many -- and got zero coverage in and just roll the -- and put pressure on number arrangements. I think it's forty or almost forty cents this year. -- -- the same time you don't respect or seven on third down. Other the other 10% or worse than they were accurate accurate they're converting at 48% this year or early 38 minutes. A lot more passes out the -- restricting Berkeley a lot more last year and this year so. They had the opportunity that's -- I think that's where if they're gonna win the game whether it be that this well. And Murphy if they did win how much of a springboard would be fair for next season. Will be a bouncer may be just an indicator of who they are. I think a I think what means something we talked about that a lot on the radio -- we do a bit. I think and it's considered significant river ride -- and I think the -- If they win would have a winning record in the AFC east which we haven't had in six -- -- -- -- it was a pre game win streak -- -- arena rose and a couple of years. They split with their rivals and knowing -- when you pointed out earlier the first game and Gillette Stadium. I think there's a lot at stake and normally I don't think you're strong finish carry over into the next year because so well. -- turnover on the roster but I think in this statement rebuking calls secretly in the program they got it going. And he MF got to mention the game is on WB yen this time. When was the last time you were on -- bills game on the end. -- But a long time I think you go back to maybe late nineties he -- -- All right well -- want to remember either way thanks for this -- That's John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills broadcast team. Brought you by value home center response speed experience in winning team shop fast shots -- shot value on Sanders.

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