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Detailing Festivities for "First Night"

Dec 27, 2013|

Carrie Meyer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll -- of the WBM live line now and welcome Kerry Meier carries with the independent health foundation. And we're going to talk about first night in downtown buffalo on New Year's leave good morning -- how you doing this morning thank you for joining us. Really can't thank you for having me we'll tell listens well room for a lot -- and where what time does that mean they began. We're -- their 25 anniversary and we have a great show in store for election New York. It is going to happen -- feared -- December 31 at the buffalo Niagara convention center downtown but. And it -- At 5 o'clock and then at 10 PM. We opened the door that forced charity care that the participant can come and and trying BT. Sites aren't actually -- that he like he -- and give them I'm. -- those who've never bend to one of these describe it for me. How many different things you have going on in one building. We had. And not Q. You know have every age enjoy something here we have a ton of room for the young ones. We has magician and hit at that time jugular. What we have the upstairs of the commencement and then we turn in Q occur dialogue that we haven't you know rights rock inflatable. Obstacle courses and Kemp and found out is. We also have. I. Can't component could independent health is committed to -- a culture -- -- what you are who we do of the -- components and we have the key -- and later and we have health screening that he can go -- get their green and another numbers for the new year. And we -- and 25 anniversary. A Cuban had that we're giving out you can find between find different recipe -- and copycat and concrete. A book to bring home a feel for this year -- that anniversary. Music to tell us -- some of the groups in my perform. Mean from local entertainers we have. This year with new and exciting multi cultural -- we had. The other hand performers and musicians. Charm of writing different culture here we have African American cultural center at the native American. But -- need of restart manner we have the UN Security Council. We also have the and Irish cancer -- imposed answered. But a couple of -- munitions cart Kevin McCarthy it'll look artist and he played a lot Catholic Irish and on the local pop. And then we grant the request itself to working -- who is a Latin. So good time he had a big and they have you know ten members of Serbia and that can be a great. Activity we have that can actually get scared that the connection and a. How much is different this year certainly a lot of things that people come up for the come out for because they've seen it before because it's been good before. But I imagine you -- freshen up a little bit each year to. We do you know we keep we bring -- -- paper every year because this -- And surveyed participants happier what you like marked -- -- election you know what do you like. And we listen to what they have to say we want to bring back it up a -- that happened in our. And then you bring in new -- they're this year we have broad and a new acts from out of buffalo we have need these -- and Peter -- And he also performed at some other first night we -- -- other city -- who are top performer what was the most. You know. Performance that the participant light and then we kind of shared those. Idea and we share our entertainers while still bringing an addition he sounded that -- you know. Public mind blowing magician that people will be you know and on and you won't be. Believing what he at this shell and then -- -- and the -- -- pogo. So this stunt team and you know begin these high right and aren't that confident jumping all -- -- pogo -- Ability dimpled or you know you know car then and variety of different things really you know make it grow high energy front of the camera and watch. Really wanna -- in nineteen torture and Padilla. It all sounds like fun and again upon out of some alcohol free event -- thank thanks for joining us. How much Gary. Kerry Meier with the independent health foundation the 25 annual independent health foundation first night celebration New Year's -- in downtown buffalo.

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