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12-27 Larry Hunter Show Hour 1

Dec 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good idea how you deal and it's a little bit better driving today. That was yesterday at this time -- OK it's a lot better driving. Today than it was yesterday at -- how to I know that how do I know that. Maybe it's because I drove to work but no that's an -- know that I know that because John is here today. -- Way to go John nice -- on body. One of those in jokes that you will not -- and that's just the way we do it sometimes on the radio. Good Andy John's going to be taking your calls this morning and Tyler's producing everything. And my voice is getting a little. Like Tyler I'm feeling a little raspy. This morning you know -- around -- picnic picnic that. So where I go hang out with a -- -- Lucas alive I guess down from his studio warmer over there. More than in here and guarantee that it is now it seems like the further. Which directions. East you go the colder the rooms get there it in the building. Non. I'm gonna okay now I'm gonna start off with something positive and then I got a complaint I I mean and I think I have an honest complaint. But first I wanna say a great big. Thank you to Susan and Maggie. Hey now I'm not going to tell you which is which well one is a very special person. And the other is a very special -- And but I'm not gonna tell you which is which okay because I'm not going to identify them because I don't want to embarrass them but I wanna say thank you Susan and Maggie. Four. Getting me. Some absolutely. Superb outstanding magnificent. Delicious. Chocolate chip cookies. Does this guy is -- cookie phonetic I have to admit it. And my friends. Who know me well cannot understand why I don't weigh 400 pounds. Or at least 300 or maybe 250. Because I just -- cookies. And of course my favorite cookie is. What -- chocolate chip and the the most popular cookie in the world. And last week Susan and Maggie. Made some chocolate chip cookies. And brought them to me. And they are absolutely delicious and I thought they deserved special thank you on the radio. Because it was just I -- When people do things like that that I just. Don't expect. Sometimes I I get tongue tied I just really do I I have a difficult time. Sometimes X sixteen. Nice things from people I'd rather just do nice things. And them. To take the time to make the cookies and bring them thank you so much it was so nice view. And it just shows how many really nice people we have here in Western New York. And most of them have jobs unfortunately. The ones that aren't very nice a lot of them work for the Buffalo News. And yet here's. The city and read I'm gonna show Tyler is so he knows -- pictures. This is the city and region section of the Buffalo News from yesterday. I yesterday now. Look on the very front page of the city and region if you -- yesterday's paper go get a look at this because you won't believe this you won't believe. The body it's. From the Buffalo News it just never never stops the front page of city and region section -- yesterday's paper. The top headline. -- -- school board members difficult. Now. That's probably good story hey how about this one I'm still on the front page. West Seneca schools respond to state audit. And our homecoming. For Beatrice. A yelled look like touching story. And read it now enjoying the special treatment that's referring to. -- I read the Republican from the according district the legislators there. Right those are the headlines -- Look what's on the very back page there are twelve pages in the city and region section. Twelve pages what's on the back page. On the bottom. Amherst reimbursed. Seventeen point 79. Million dollars for roof inspection accident. Now. If the city of buffalo. Was to be reimbursed. For over seventeen million dollars. Do you think it would be on the back page of the paper. You would get up picture of Byron brown. Holding in the money. What the Buffalo News. Because. It's Amherst. And because it was done by mostly Republicans. And doctor Barry Weinstein who is the supervisor of the town of Amber's. They put a story about the talent recouping eighteen million dollars on up that page. Next to an advertisement for liquor. And near the weather. What type but idiots. This. Bias idiots. Who don't want people to know the good. That is being done in government. Now I guarantee you if they -- happened to read it. Amherst loses. Eighteen million dollars. -- or that heavy would be right in the flat. They wouldn't be talking about school board they wouldn't be talking about west Seneca. They wouldn't be talking about some legislator down in the southern tier they'd put it right on the off fraud and stick it to while. We do -- decision space from the embers speed. What people want an embarrassment. Two. Those officials. Via attorneys and and the elected officials and anyone else in the town who worked diligently on this project. To recoup eighteen million dollars congratulations. You did a hell of a job and he would deserve a heck of a lot better. Then the last page of the city and region section. So it is so frustrating. It is just so frustrating. And and sometimes even headlines alone. Are are so biased I mean thank goodness. You can use this at the bottom of a birdcage. It's just things like that infuriate me and I don't care which party it is -- if it doesn't matter if if the -- Cheektowaga. Oh which is Democrat control -- if they were reimbursed eighteen million dollars that's a front page story. It doesn't matter whether Democrats or Republicans it doesn't matter whether you have a full had a hair or or they're totally ball it doesn't matter where they have all Steve the blue ice. Eighteen million dollars and it's on the back page. Of the region city and region paper oh goodness I mean -- Paris scene. Yeah I mean why bother. You know why don't you just uses space to it to say. Your own political beliefs and the way you feel and how embarrassed you are. To do something like that age is -- knowing is that out of me and that's the way I get sometimes. And the really. Congratulations Amherst. For all those who worked so hard to get on the back page of the city and region section of the Buffalo News. 09. Yet you know the one thing is at least I have the chocolate chip cookies from Susan and Maggie. You know and -- -- coming down and then we'll get to talk to use this morning on the radio and have a great time. It's a sandy beach you know sandy will be back next Tuesday which happens to be next year. And we're sitting in today Monday and Tuesday. Will be here till noon and then. Rush Limbaugh and then Tom Bauerle is back from three until seven this afternoon right here. On news radio 930 WBE and where eighteen million dollars comes to the front. Of our program. AccuWeather says some lake effect flurries in squalls today shifting into the south towns and down into ski country this afternoon. Accumulations will not be. Very heavy at all in fact they say accumulations should be light. Light accumulations. Okay. I don't know I just read it 32 for the high today tonight partly cloudy windy. -- in the upper twenties but temperature -- will be rising while you're sleeping overnight. To a high tomorrow of about forty. And for Sunday mostly cloudy and 4347. Officially in buffalo from news radio 930. WBE. Eight and this morning if you were listening to Dave and John. It's not easy to remember Dave and John after of what thirteen years of Saint John and Susan. After listening to Dave and John this morning on Buffalo's early morning news. I heard them talk about the minimum wage. And it's going up. The minimum wage is going to be increased in New York State. From 725. I believe that it is is that what is 725 an hour. 28 dollars an hour. And then next year to 875. And then and 2015. To nine dollars an hour. And we keep hearing this debate over and over again. And I just wish government would leave business alone. For those of you who think. That the minimum wage. Isn't enough money to raise a family of four which we hear from the liberals time and time again. I say. If you have two children. And your married. And you're working a minimum wage job. It's not the business's fault. I'm so tired. Of government and the liberals. Trying to blame the business. For people not better -- their own lives for not getting off their blocked. And finishing school. For not getting off their -- and making an effort. To improve their life instead instead of expecting government. To do it forum. Have we. Have you not seen what has been going on the last five years wouldn't attempt to socialize our government. Have you not seen what has happened in Greece. And other parts of Europe. With the is socialization. Of their government. I am so all hired. Of hearing these July race. And government interfering. With the capitalistic society. I am so tired. Of our president. Lying. To people and telling them how he is going to make their life better. When in all honesty. It has not happened I'm tired of our president who has said that. The rich are mean nasty people and we're going to punish them and were going to take care of the pour. And during the administration of president Barack Obama. Every single survey and report UC about finances in this country. Say that the rich have gotten richer under Barack Obama and the -- have gotten -- And now in New York State. Which is the highest taxed state in the country. Which spends more money on Medicare. And Medicaid. Then California and Texas combined. Now in New York State is telling business. You have to pay more in wages. Because. Why. They can't tell you why they can't give you an honest answer. And it it just annoys me because. When you go to school. Let's go let's go back in time a little bit when you went to school. And you gotta be on your test because. You studied a little bit but you didn't study enough to get an -- Did the government step in and say. Well now we're going to give you an a instead. Even though you didn't study because that's exactly what is going on with a minimum wage think about it the government is saying to business. You may have an employee who was doing a B rated job but now you have to pay them as if they're doing and a religion. That's what they're saying they're saint. They don't have to do a better job they don't have to do more work you just have to pay them war. I have a problem would that. I have a problem with that because I was raised to believe that if you work hard and you do -- good job. You make the effort you learn you strive. For excellence. You will be rewarded. Because businesses will appreciate that effort. They'll cede the job you're trying to do they'll see the effort your putting forth and they'll appreciate that and they Knoll. That down the road you know. Will be more valuable than the person who keeps coming to work five minutes late and leaving ten minutes early and calls in sick when the weather's nice in the summertime because there's a concert out at Darian lake. When is the government going to get out of the pockets. Of UN high end business. If you want to make more money. Then become a more valuable employee. But as long as we have a president in this country who encourages people to get free cell phones. As long as we have a president who encourages people to get on food stamps. As long as we have a president who is a complete hypocrite. Who vacations for sixteen days in Hawaii -- taxpayers' expense. We are not going to see things get better in our economy. It is not going to happen and I am getting just so frustrated with that. What is the minimum wage. -- is the minimum wage. It's a starting point. -- the beginning. It's not meant to support a family. I I don't think I know anyone who hasn't had a minimum wage job. I certainly have one no I think I had three of them to be honestly I think I have three minimum wage jobs. And I was glad to have a job. I was an upset that I was making minimum wage I was glad I had a job. I didn't go around picketing the and pretending. That I deserve more money. I'm so frustrated with the New York State it it if New York State got out of business. Business would prosper in New York State it's sandy beach of this Larry -- on a Friday morning good morning TI hope you're having a great holiday season. We've got about a 27 degrees not a bad day and in fact the weekend's going to be pretty good if you wanna get out and do some things. Will be back after news on news radio 930 WBE and sandy beach -- Larry had a good morning T I hope -- had a Good Friday hope you had a great holiday season with some friends or relatives maybe. He got some friends visiting from outside the area we welcome you to western new York and we hope you have a a pleasant stay come back and -- -- again. Hope you enjoyed having a white Christmas it was an excessively white but it was comfortably white wasn't it though is kind of nice. 22 minutes away from the top of the hour and of course we'll have news at the top of the hour. With -- WBE and like do. Talk today and ask your thoughts. On some things that probably my most all of you have done at least once in your life and that's a drive a car. In fact I wouldn't be surprised now I I could be wrong. But I wouldn't be surprised right now at some of you are even listening to me while you are driving a car that's just the way I could be wrong. But it would not surprise me. The city of tell Wanda. Is considering the use of red light cameras. That is one of the things I would like to talk about this morning and hear your thoughts on the matter. And one of the reasons for that is last night I was out on transit road. In an area between Clarence and Williams bill. And I was in a plaza at a red light. Waiting to make a left hand turn. I got the green light. And because -- I am probably a little bit more aware of some traffic concerns -- the average person. Due to my background and history. I never proceed immediately through an intersection. When I get the green light. Never. I always do what you were told to do was a child when you cross the street. I still look both ways. When the light turned green I looked left. And then I look right. And I make sure that it appears that every vehicle. Who is now approach team -- what they have which is a red light. Are slowing down the stuff. Last night I looked left. And I looked right. And if you know transit road it's basically a four lane road within a dividing. Turning strip. So it's really five lanes. And on the far lane. Going northbound. After I looked left and looked right and slowly started to proceed out into the intersection. Which is now about 22. And a half seconds after. They had the red light. A young girl in a car went speeding through the red light. Zipping right through it and I thought to myself. If I had just been an average Joseph or somebody in a hurry. And couldn't wait for my like to get green and assumes that did proceeded out into that intersection. I might not even be here today because back gal was going about 45 miles an hour. Maybe 43. Is there anyone. Listening to me this morning. Who thinks. That red light running is not a problem. Who is not read it in the paper heard on the radio seen on TV. Someone killed. Because somebody who ran a red light. Is there anyone who is never seen. Someone who has run a red light. It's a problem. It's a serious problem. And it's a serious problem for a number of reasons. And so I'd like to talk this morning about your thoughts on whether or not the city a -- -- or any area. Should install red light cameras but I want I had something else to the discussion this morning. Because there is something very unique going on in the state of Michigan. And personally. I really like this I think this is. A pretty Cree -- of idea. And it has to do with teenagers. And driving. There's a congressman. In the state of Michigan who is proposing a law. That says basically. If you are repeatedly. Absent from school. Were going to take away. Your driver's license. Go to what you think about that for a second. If you are repeatedly. Absent from school. We are going to take away. The one big freedom that probably most teenagers cherish. More than anything else. Even more than their cell phone. And that's the right to drive. Legislation is in Lansing Michigan. And the legislation would compel judges to notify the secretary of state. Of cases of truancy. Then the secretary of state would have to suspend the license of a juvenile. Followed by a Circuit Court to be willfully and repeatedly absent from school. And the license would be suspended for six months. In cases where juvenile haven't yet even heck -- issued a license. They would be denied the opportunity to do -- What's what's the effort here the effort here. Is to. Not only in courage. Teenagers. To stay in school. But to do the right thing. Get an education. They say in Michigan that driving is a privilege it is. If you don't have a right to drive. It's a privilege. And there is no bigger incentive to most teens than being able to drive. So with a state law requiring students to be in school until the age of eighteen. The state is saying that they have one more tool. To ensure. A way of teenagers. Getting a better education now understand and it's in Michigan a young person can get a supervised learners permit. At the age of fourteen years and nine months. Personally I think that his way to young. Way too young to put anybody behind the wheel of an automobile. Especially. Some of the automobiles that we have today. The suvs. I don't think a fourteen year old belongs behind the wheel of something Wayne 4000 or 5000 pounds I think it's totally outrageous. So a couple of topics here today. Having to do with driving. One red light cameras and if you're familiar with what they are well explained if you and it's it's -- to simplify it. It's a camera at an intersection. That is programmed. That if you go through a red light. 12. After the light is turned to read. It takes a photograph of your license plate and it's and you'll find. Because you broke the law. The other thing I wanna talk about. Is what do you think. About requiring students. To go to school and if they don't. They're not allowed to have a driver's license. I kinda like it. I kinda like it. It's the government stepping in and a little bit may be wherever they shouldn't plot. Government is basically what controls our education system. So. Government is also the body that. Issue is. The driver's license. So maybe government does have some footing here. 8030930. Is our number. Star 930 is a free calling yourself 1806169236. If you're outside the local calling area. You know the holiday season New Year's Eve coming on people concerned about alcohol consumption. I think this time a year. This is -- something interesting to discuss and I hope to share your thoughts with us this morning on the sandy beach it would Larry hunter from news radio 930. WBE NN. AccuWeather says some lake effect flurries in squalls today. It will be moving into the south towns and ski country area light accumulations expected with a high near 32 partly cloudy windy tonight. With temperatures rising from the upper twenties into the middle thirties tomorrow. Kind of a pleasant Dave you wanna get outside do some skiing sledding. -- they won't be good day for golf but that's my problem. Partly sunny breezy tomorrow forty and for Sunday a high of 4327. Degrees now in buffalo from news radio 930. WBE and don't forget this Sunday WB and will be broadcasting the bills patriots games starting at 425. And will be carrying the post game show. As well. Big chance for the bills to. Go foreign to in their division this year for the first time in a long time and of course the patriots the big rival the bills have never won. In the new stadium in Foxboro so this will be interesting and and unfortunately we don't even know who our quarterback will be yet so. Hope you get to enjoy the game. This Sunday right here on news radio 930 WB -- we're talking about traffic driving. Red light cameras and the suspension of your driver's license if you don't go to high school. What do you think let's start would -- this morning he's in buffalo good morning -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com. -- -- president ever have a collateralized. Obviously in the daily. -- -- And red lights. I yield. I always read that side are not. And -- our home when those rights -- -- people. -- And I also stop or slow down. -- -- -- to traffic. At a time people will be given -- -- the bird. Three -- On. Our employer. Written. I'm doing well all be doing. I agree it. Expect out planned -- -- but it when they're -- the governor of optimistic. Well me being a professional driver. Of these people in buffalo archrival a lot of body is the and interpret. Well it's not just buffalo believe me because I've traveled somewhat and I events into areas where they have red light cameras. And if you think the drivers here are bad you should go to Boston. I'm serious it's terrible. I drove through until the older. They go a little aboard California's so I'd I don't -- -- -- One of the problems I think with driving in general today. Is years ago and I know I'm going to sound like an old fart okay. But book but it's true back in the fifties and and sixties when I was growing up -- executed in the sixties. K well maybe seventies. Most families. Had one car. They didn't drive their kids to school. They let the kids ride to school bus. And usually. One person in the family had a full time job. Rarely did both. Parents have a full time job. Then in the seventies and eighties. We began to see a lot of two car garage is on houses being built. And then sometimes. The the kids got to drive a little bit more because the parents had. Two cars and now all. Today news we see both parents with a car. And the the teenager. -- of our cars sold in many cases. In the last forty to fifty years just my opinion. We have almost tripled. The number of vehicles on the road -- Then we used to have so with a higher volume of vehicles. And only so many roads to use. You're going to have more traffic you're going to have more delays in you're going to have people who basically are in a hurry. And try to get away a would not just the speed limit but what the stop sign. And the red lights as well and the ironic thing here Darryl and I'm sure you've probably seen this is that someone will run a red light. So they can get to the next red light and sit there anyway. Actually to be -- One driver what -- he ran under a variety. On all one. And while a couple of them are -- -- -- our home or about one go. -- aren't -- not a huge bomb -- lights. My duty editor -- -- aspirin or did all oil page help me. Among law and now I'll leave me -- you. I hope is that not. You come -- on the -- -- I had an eight and -- like all. What would you do to get to let them know the -- I saw. Well -- you're not legally supposed to do it but -- would flash my bright lights. But Beckett on the on. Yeah. -- -- -- It's from it's frustrating -- the attention span today for people driving. It seems to be extremely minimal sometimes. They seem to have so many things on their mind except that the driving. And and it's not only dangerous for them but it's dangerous for anybody else on the highway within him. Now the erotic thing that event I've what I feel ironic about it is most of the people who complain about the traffic. Are part of the problem. Happening where do you usually complain about traffic when you were out there in traffic. We aren't going to resolve the traffic problem it's it's just not going to happen. We can just widen the roads. To to a certain point and and then that there's no more room to do yourself. So at some point. We're going to require drivers. To really respect the rules and regulations and it's not. As a society we're going to have to find ways to penalize those who -- the disrespect. Of the privilege of driving and red light cameras is one of those ways. I know a lot of people don't like them and make excuses for not having them. But the truth is. As far as I'm concerned it's the safest way. To penalize someone who's breaking the law. Without. Creating. A traffic jam and putting other people's lives in danger your thoughts. Our our viewer. You don't win. In. Iraq aid. Doubt we stopped UCL a those on the right hand side that says all turn our red. There's even Delaware and west very why. In my came from behind me -- made the right term. Whereas up police officer. Well we need to. Well. We can just afford so many police officers and let's be honest they also have a responsibility. To assist in in many other problems. In our society they can't just be out there on the highways taking care of traffic but I understand your. I don't -- on you know on the same you know on all you know. -- -- basically in China put everything in desperate. There and I appreciate hey Daryl thanks for your call this morning and I don't mean this to be a sarcastic drive carefully and have a great holiday weekend okay. Q and you've been great to thank you you're welcome 8030930. Is our number star 930 is a free call on your cell. What do you think about red light cameras a city of town Wanda is going to install them. And what do you think about taking away a -- driver's license if they don't attend school. Sandy beach show -- Larry -- will be back after news.

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