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12-27 Larry Hunter Show Hour 2

Dec 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- our number two we're going to twelve noon today and then Rush Limbaugh. On WB Ian Tom -- in this afternoon at 3 o'clock on news radio 930. We're talking about traffic driving. And more specifically a couple of topics here that I think you both share a similar interest and that is safety. On the highways the first one. Is red light cameras if you're not familiar with what red light cameras are or do their and a number of cities throughout the country. They started becoming popular -- I'd say the about ten years ago and basically what it is is down. A company sets up. Cameras. At intersections where municipalities. Have discovered that there is a high volume of red light running. And it's an area where it is difficult. For police to enforce the law. There are many intersections where there's just really no place for a police officer. To set. And or get out into traffic safely in order to ticket people who run red lights. So they started installing red light cameras which basically were programmed. To take a picture. The license plate of the vehicle that runs a red light. Now it usually is programmed. Where. It gives one full second. After the light is red. Before. If the camera would trip. And take a picture of someone who ran the red light so. If you're in the intersection when the light is yellow or the light turns red while -- in the intersection say you're making a left hand turn it would not. Take a picture on your license plate. It would not indicate that you ran the red light so it does give you some leeway it's not trying to catch you the split second that. The light turns red. After it takes a picture of the license plate. It also shows in the photograph that the traffic signal was red when you went through. That information goes to usually the police department. And then they will look up the license plate and send out a summons for a fine. The violation. Does not go on your driver's license you do not have points taken off it's somewhat like a parking ticket. In the sense that you pay a fine but. You -- not penalized. On your driver's license by having points taken away. And that's pretty much how it works sometimes. Cities. Villages towns whatever will set up three or four different intersections. But only have enough cameras for two intersections. And they will move the cameras around each month so. The people in that humidity don't know which intersections the cameras are actually working which makes you think well. I'm not gonna take that chance I'm going to drive a little bit more cautiously. As I approached the intersection. And that's pretty much how camera's red light cameras were some people are saying well it's a money grabber municipalities are just trying to grab money. Well. You know what personally. I would rather see a municipality grab some money from people who were breaking the law. Then see more people killed at intersections. Because you have no respect for the red light. Hey that's my personal opinion today. Maybe it's because I have known families. Where someone has been killed. At an intersection because someone ran a red light -- Maybe they ran the red light because they weren't able to read the bottom of their handicapped tag that says you're supposed to take this out of the mere. Before your life. There's another pet peeve of mine. If you. Have a handicapped tag you know those blue things that hang from -- when people part -- says at the bottom of it. You are to remove it from the -- before the car moves. And how many times do you see people driving. Throughout Western New York with handicapped tags hanging from their -- year. It's an obstruction folks get at the hell out of Orlando. 8030930. Is our numbers start 930 is a free call on your cell were also talking about a proposed law in Michigan. That says if you repeatedly. Are absent from school. We are going to take away your driver's license for six months. And you know what I liked that idea. What do you think of that. Let's go to bill on WBM good morning bill. Morning and happy new year Larry thank you. Well what a -- up a good friend of mine was he used to be United Airlines pilot and he got people in an intersection. And needless to say he's no longer United Airlines you see ya -- Change forever from that from that accident. The tore it's it's definitely very. Very serious situation. But one and one of the things just -- And I found out after going to traffic school one time is that the the policeman told me that I am. The legal definition of running a red light is that it. -- -- you're your front wheels have to be in in if you're front -- are into the intersection when the light action turns red. You're legal. You know other reputed. Actually almost run the red light to argue just barely make it. That's what the policeman users -- criteria. That when they want to flag somebody for a for a violation if they get maybe there. I don't have the definition from the manual code book we have many but I don't know of any police officer. That would -- someone because their front wheels are in the intersection. When the light turns red in fact im all of the police officers I've talked to about this have indicated to me that. If you are in the intersection when the light turns red. You are legally allowed to proceed. Especially if you are making a turn. -- because. You are not supposed to back up from an intersection. Right. So that you misunderstood me OK I know what I meant is that if you are entering the intersection. Entering -- not a virtual front wheels are -- correctly. Crosswalk. You're in the intersection the light turned red you're legally and intersections are not. Disagreeing with -- said actually okay. -- what I wanted to say is that. The the by the way why don't we use more traffic circles I mean that to -- net debt to solve the problem and one other issue with regard to the out. The up traffic -- camera and as we experienced this in not. California where you live they had traffic camera smarter than some of the major intersections. And -- how they will work and ticketing people and everything but after while people understood that they were camera there and they were they were starting to get a lot of rear end accident. Where -- People just didn't want to get into the intersection it's stop abruptly. And then get that rerouted so that's the downside. The the camera situation in addition to the fact that. They city manager that she told me that they pulled out the system after two years. It was just it was to not only what does not making any money for the municipality. That some people might think but it was actually I'm becoming more probably they thought it was going to be more dangerous and then helping anything. So that's the other side and I think right by the way there's another use the batteries for newspapers around here besides. The fact birdcage is that it is good for -- and fish guts. Well it -- you're assuming there that that I could catch something. Well that was we have some great fishing out here in Lake Erie you really ought to get out anywhere from June through out. Actually late. Late may. Through early August you can get some of the finest fishing. Are currently period that there is probably in the United States. Bill I'm an avid fisherman and I have a vote yeah yeah I know I I'm an avid fisherman and I go all over New York State I go up. Along the Black River under Watertown and Dexter the saint Lawrence I don't the Adirondacks and Oneida lake. I've done a lot of fishing in my life so I. Believe me I I thoroughly understand -- know where the bait stores are. And I've got more maps -- I need. We have we have so many I mean that's one thing we talked knocked out. Getting getting people to come to buffalo and I don't think we do enough at least -- chamber of commerce doesn't do enough. With regard to the sporting aspect of it we have some of the best while -- fishing in the world right here at our doorstep. You're absolutely right -- I got to run thanks for your call this morning on WB -- let's take a quick break we'll come back with more your calls it like to join us. Concerning losing your driver's license if you don't stay in school. Or red light cameras it was a shot 8030930. Star 930 is a free calling yourself. AccuWeather says there's going to be some lake effect flurries in squalls today -- generally moving to the south of buffalo in the ski country. With a very light accumulation -- about 32. Tonight it'll become a little windy partly cloudy with temperatures rising overnight. From a low in the upper twenties to about the mid thirties and then tomorrow. Kind of pleasant day some sunshine breezy high near forty and for somebody looks like mostly cloudy and 43. After that. The long range forecast says and don't throw your gloves and your months. 127 degrees in buffalo from news radio 930 WP EM Larry hotter in on this Friday. For sandy beach -- and on Monday and Tuesday of next week and then sandy returns next year on. Thursday were talking about red light cameras the city of town Wanda is considering putting in a red light cameras it still has to be approved buying New York State. We're also talking about a proposed law in Michigan. Where if you are to -- there if you are absent too many times from school. You can have your driver's license taken away for six months. Now think about how important a driver's license was to you when you went to school. And understand this in the state of Michigan where this is being proposed. You can get your permit. At age fourteen. And nine months fourteen years and nine months you can get a driver's permit in the state of Michigan. It's -- -- I I think that's. Two young. To be behind the -- of an automobile -- in New York State at sixteen just in case you weren't familiar with that. So think about when you were back to school. And if you were to have your driver's license taken away from you for not attending school. What do you think of that I I I think it's a pretty strong measure like I kinda like at 8030930. Is our number start lying thirtieth recall on yourself. And we'll go to Dan in Cheektowaga this morning good morning Dan. -- This tool items that -- talk about that. They're tired that have these here. Covers on the license plate spirit and they're -- a great tinted plastic. That goes on and there's a law against them correct because they can't to. The -- in a car and stuff like that or even a quick -- stated they can't get the plate number. It's against New York it's New York State law that prohibits the covering of anything over. A New York State license plate. Or even these people that just get in the car and take off. And there's no -- license -- What what gets me is when they put a cover or a tenth or something plastic over the rear plate. As if the rear plate is going to get dirty. Right. I think I think a lot of them from Canada. Coming over with a great hinted plastic on the plate. I thought I was just gonna say that Sudan because I see a majority of that. I'm Canadian plates I I -- that amazing I don't understand the reasoning behind it. But it is against the law in New York State I don't know if it's against the law in Canada so maybe one of our Canadian listeners can give us a call and let us know. The one thing about it was it. They're readers. That when they came out the plea in the police car. Plate readers. Back then you couldn't that they couldn't get that number but they. Maybe they made better ones -- -- said that you know particularly through that but I don't I don't think so. But they shouldn't have that under. Correct it. Well okay I thought he had a couple of things very only had one at the short sweet and simple and to the point I like it let's say good morning to Bryant in Niagara Falls hi Brian. I break it all I'm sorry. Okay go ahead frank. OK here are so. Canadian relations place prologue. They keep a great very -- -- or beer or spatula over in Europe very joke that -- throughout all -- two Canadians are. -- charities. And they didn't do -- Fractured tortured -- in -- thirty feet two were outdoor courts compared. -- -- Back for our local. Where radar here where their minor error illegal told illegally to err yeah. That's interesting because I've had license plates for over twenty years and they don't -- -- -- Actually I assume every single day visited -- co writer adult choice and -- -- -- -- cannot read could be. Apparently compared to occur in order to get out delicate because it's completely our global once -- don't have Mara. -- Yeah. Now you're referring to the Canadian like this early on Saturday. From about maybe 11:30 -- to about -- a fact idiocy doesn't so you'll see dozens and career. Are they'll let you Cheney mentioning it he read and that's the Canadian plains that's security yeah absolutely not new -- and so long. Just the Canadian. -- -- -- Wonder who manufactures them. Just like street he is too -- about our our plates made in Canada as well. Which we're generals. No I thought that was changed a couple years ago. I thought. I thought New York State. Sent a new contract to accompany candidate to make plates. Sorry -- OK maybe maybe again maybe one of our -- product. I've lived -- Qualcomm elect are prosecuted to the probability that a license victory places and they were up they've been -- where at Houston also. Plastic -- protect the public for parents now. Yeah. Well it's illegal in New York State so it's that's interesting that they'd just when they cross the border and that they alone. Speak to that tactic don't they do not talk. Well of course it's a bag of possibly started in Cuba their guardian played -- -- all stricker from the predicted it would be. Like mystery I get to do find out for yourself I don't know if you ever get over. Got up Ryan I've seen it I've seen it. And I -- a number times. Yeah what are what are your thoughts about the red light cameras. Well no good no good dementia objects don't preclude anybody around late intersections. And the police because they run out molecular -- Bryant but at -- Bryant outside sacked Kerry doesn't know what he's talking about. Yet I get a life -- the only people who kill -- like Hamas. Are you kidding me. Where where if you ban all your life. -- 8030930. Is our number -- 930 is a free call on your cell. If you have something reasonable to say. Unbelievable. Corbett go back to the mall parking your car on. And it seems like golly vendor's just sit in the -- looking like oh honey look there's no third Ontario plate it's covered. 8030930. Start -- thirty of free calling yourself we're talking about red light cameras. And would you think it's a good idea. To have the driver's license taken away from a teenager. Who is apps in a little bit too much from school I really kinda like that idea will be back on the sandy beach it would Larry hunter. That is says -- don't drive me to drink and if you don't stop driving a hot rod Lincoln and Lou Anna -- and. Here's the story of how about face forward and let's say in the face of stories to our communities safe house drive that model today. Godlington motorists through this is -- that models made -- and the rest of understudy exhibitors and use them all -- -- just -- stuff. With a ball out car for two weeks off with multiple. You can really get lost a -- tunes that I scared of the brings good tires fail. But that hasn't paid the only one -- moon stars shine drive list drive and up. Great -- you'll miss -- cart but they would stand still. All of a sudden it went. Cadillac sedan -- stock -- is -- -- when he got in Iraq was always seem to. That was -- being behind what but I made later in our lives when put off the gas. At last I shouldn't go down into overdrive. Found -- 210 most dominant center. -- then flew -- flew back live to Florida and all of his NSA and we'll. -- -- -- -- -- telephone poles but I got to get an invasive slow down and I see he's not alive on the road this book like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you just -- on my tennis was played in the garden -- posted outside its -- -- Smoke was coming in and out of the -- Stop -- genome that Cadillac. Feel just catch and -- the -- -- nobody and we feel normal again. Did the planes don't matter besides. Steel kitchen and a lot of lives in the cowboys and analyzes my next county over and let us back. All of the sudden -- started to knock it down its decision started a rock and look in the mirror -- I was going to the cops examine how about my. They arrested him and for me NGOs hallmark kind of throw my Hotmail he sits on it but got a drink if you don't snuffed out that hot. Rod. I've got no commander Cody. Drive and like. Welcome back to the sandy -- show -- Larry hotter by the way today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks dot com is a twenty dollar certificate. For three hours original red hot and it's only ten dollars you can visit any one of their three locations in Cheektowaga Grand Island and Williams -- And rediscover that tradition of the doors hot dogs. Go to WB EEN dot com and click on the my buffalo perks logo for today's. Deal of the day. Red light cameras. Do you think they should be installed do you support them 8030930. Is our number -- 930 a free call on your cell 1800. 6169236. Is our toll free number if your outside the local area. And also we're asking your thoughts on this proposal in Michigan by a legislator. Who says if you don't go to school. We're going to take away your driver's license. Legislation in Lansing Michigan would take away driver's licenses. From students who are repeatedly absent from school. And the law would remain in effect for anyone up until the age of eighteen. I find that very interest in and and I think it's it's a pretty good proposal. I mean let's let's. Find ways encourage kids to stay in school when you're a teenager. Your driver's license is like gold I mean that that is the key to. Your first real opportunity. For freedom and independence. And they're sane. We feel that education. Is extremely important and if you aren't going to go to school then you don't need a driver's license. What are you -- 8030930. Let's go back to have a phone this morning. And welcome -- -- to the program from Niagara Falls good morning -- Homeowner Larry. I have. Free Arab company over Ontario government must -- -- there. And a lot of the Arab Canadian patent -- on the -- tall and we north of Toronto in the I guess it's -- theory is that the captured their cameras won't recognize completely -- out of the work myself but that's. Well -- he -- -- plates and honestly can resign military vehicles. Also they have like like -- EZ pass program and if you don't have one you go through it without pain. They're thinking that the cameras won't pick up the license plate number. While there's no told police at all it's just strictly cameras and if you don't have one of their their tanks. They -- they can -- bill a very big deal and my Internet -- -- mail any -- with tax. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for seven and didn't nose tackle highway and you know we get back here -- ones that are beating big surprise in the mail but get -- yet. Period I don't think you work myself with a place to gondolas and I'm Terry Nichols. And that's that's why the covering it is on the back. -- V there at the rear license plate. -- -- -- Now I do have one there was a clear cover myself but actually because somebody told my plea last year or so ago warned the British to keep credit secured not on and that'll work. Told to take it up and -- connect. Give it up that need to reaching behind there. Publicly -- but a look at what do you red light cameras. Can I do drive and now. Over and Ontario. I've got no problem with these cameras. So long as they're operated by municipalities. A lot of cities in the country contract -- to -- tropical America kind of -- Who actually takes their cut of the revenue. And pieces from municipalities have been known to play games like shortly. The time to feel like for example I've got a problem with that. I've -- data on interject because I've heard that. And yet but from everything that I have read. There is a manual. That tells you. And it tells municipalities. When they are regulating traffic signals. To how long the yellow must be according to the width of the intersection. And the speed limit. Four of the roads that intersect as well so. And again -- you're talking Canada and I'm -- the United States that the rules may be different but as I understand that the regulations required. A yellow light in the United States to be a certain. Not time to be a certain length depending on the width of the intersection. And the speed on that road. Well I'm talking both countries actually backed I mean I'm not a traffic engineer I have deterred what. In through the grapevine. You know from municipalities to be known to play games like that I mean but overall I don't have a problem with them as long as they're operated. Honestly. And if but it -- -- -- -- directly. Take a look at the ticket -- mailed out and you know uses common sense. Like terror -- be equal with their. Her entire little little island I've heard about protests from some cities settle they'll send out -- patient that's sort of thing. Yeah a lot and let let's be honest with any ruler regulation there can always be some misuse. And and I understand that. But I think. The objective here. Is 21 promote better traffic safety. Two to encourage people. To prevent accidents and let's be honest the most serious accidents the majority of them are at intersections. Where one vehicle smashes into another in fact. I found out a report here from the USA today newspaper that they did. And of the drivers that they surveyed -- and it doesn't say how many they certainly I wish I knew here. It said that 52% of the drivers admitted that they had run a red light in the past month so. It it obviously is a serious problem. And if you have an intersection where this field is forty or 45. And somebody T bones you. It can be extremely costly and then of course there have been. Numerous fatalities. Due to red light running and the idea behind this program I think is twofold one. Is to educate people more about the problem. And why it's important to -- a red light. And to. To penalize those who don't think it's a problem and hit him in the wallet a little bit personally I don't think a fifty dollar fine it is much at all today. But at least to send a message and say you you can't do this you're you're you're breaking the law that that's my thoughts. Can't bring up one more thing at other document to traffic -- of course you I hate. New York -- traffic lights up you know up there in the middle of the intersection. I mean it's it's never gonna happen but I wish we could all be relocated to the -- -- -- -- intersection. Where he can feel when you're right after -- you know I mean really OK yeah. I fear of if direct alignment yet to really look up there is light and -- here actually in -- intersection making a left turn. You can even people like -- can't he wintry guilt for oncoming traffic. And they're everywhere everywhere else in the country that department intersection but you know here in New York -- appear in the middle preakness -- them. All of a while I would I would disagree with you there but that. That's just kinda I've may be very well what we're used to. But I'm totally adjusted to cameras especially for. The left turn green arrows I can't see where. That would be more efficient being on the corner as opposed to the center of the intersection. While that all over the US and Canada it's just my opinion that's one of these mental. Yeah our day thank you very much for your time I appreciate the call today at WB yen. 8030930. And start 930 our our numbers today we're talking about red light cameras and regulation law. That is being proposed in Michigan for high school students who don't attend school. They will take away their driver's license. What do you think of that I kinda liked that idea I think that's being kind of creative. Now some may say well it isn't that government stepping in where it shouldn't well. I would say in some ways yes except for two things one government issues driver's license and two. Government controls public schools. Sold isn't it kind of government entity to do that. Welcome back on the sandy beach show -- Larry hunter on news radio 930 WBZ. And AccuWeather says we're going to have some like reflect lake effect of flurries and squalls today. Moving down into the south towns and ski country this afternoon but accumulation should be on the light side. Hi today near 32. Tonight it'll drop down to about 28 but temperatures should rise overnight. To a high tomorrow in the mid thirties. And oh OK good thank you Tyler. For error Saturday partly sunny and forty. And then for Sunday mostly cloudy and 45. It is 29 degrees now in buffalo from news radio 930 WB and let's see who who's been hanging on here awhile okay looks like -- Marty good morning Marty. -- -- afford it then. Does that. Well in addition to their two little blue flashing light yes it took just two people initiative because -- the camera there. Ya. -- you -- all are especially in the Orlando area I see an awful lot down there. Yeah and it's just telling you hey you know at the cameras here. Slowdown. And as I remember when I took drivers ahead and yes they did have cars back then okay. We were taught. That if you see if you're approaching an intersection with a traffic signal and the light is green. And the intersection is fairly empty which means most of the traffic that had been stopped his move forward. Chances are 5050 that the light maybe. The turning red and so instead of maintaining your speed you are too slow down a little bit to anticipate. That the light is going to turn red. As opposed to speed up to try and get through it before it's red and another tip I was told and I think this is an excellent one. If you're approaching an intersection. Where they have. Those a walk and don't walk signs bill and the electronic count down where it gives you so many seconds to cross the street. If you can quickly take a look at those in if it says there's three seconds left across the street chances are the light will be turning red. Fairly quickly. So anticipate that don't try and and beat it out and those were a couple of tips that that I was given all over the years for. Being safer as you proceed through intersections. Yeah I actually got -- our revenue that deal later just. Just director Greenland. Really yeah you're kidding me. When was that. -- really. This is present traditional school. Quote the Paris should be more accountable for that but controller which is mostly perished delegation. You used similar you know and particularly the war. Well. I think we've gotten to the point where it's difficult to teach parents much more on how to raise kids. I think it's I think we have a better chance. At teaching kids. What is responsible and what you should do it and trying to get the parents to do it and all in all honesty. -- that the depression or anybody who drew occasional internal discipline. It's it's it's difficult today we have a different approach in in parenting today it's it's not what it used to be at and parent team the young adults today in parent team not -- not all of them I mean let's let's not categorize everybody. But there are yeah there are a number of them. Who feel all that you know we have a child so the child loves me think they don't understand. The concept of parenting and raising a child and the responsibility. And that it doesn't stop when they begin to talk. Or they can begin to ride a bike or they become a TJ teenager parent team should continue right up to at least eighteen years of age. There or your shape but the presidential everybody -- a -- you know. I don't know of many outlets that. That's not the job of the parent you can be bodies after they get out of school. Now I mean really I how many times did I say growing up you know. I don't like Q did its in my parents and then I realized. You know I love view. It because you really taught me right from wrong you taught me responsibility. And it and I learned so much by my parents saying no. -- kids today they hardly know the word no. Okay go to -- appreciate the call Marty thank you very much have a great holiday season let's head over to. Who Nelson I got Nelson and tell -- this morning good morning Nelson. Product. As far as big yellow light situation. They're supposed to be 12 for that we can -- the -- you want it. K I I also understood though it also is determined by the -- of the intersection. I'm not sure about that New York today a mom talked about in California I've been trapped cultural translation let lower level okay. And it's 12. Yellow light this -- to say 12 forever tomorrow and our shop that's that would save 45 mile an hour. -- -- let response to stay yellow for afford to have second. OK and that makes sense to me I that seems reasonable. What what I don't like is when the Buffalo News which really doesn't seem to do much research at all on on editorials. Tells. The town a city of -- Wanda. That may be a way to solve this problem is to make the yellow lights longer well guess want if everybody knows the yellow light is longer. -- -- I mean this is not rocket science but then the Buffalo News is is not rocket science either. But I mean the Buffalo News in an editorial said well maybe one of the solutions would be to have longer yellow lights off. That people find out locate well and I got 67 seconds yeah I got. Regarding welcoming idea it until it. -- to be honest common sense says if you were to make the yellow light longer you would probably be having more people run the red lights. Because they think they have more time to do sell. Now but then again you have to look at the source and understand what where it's coming from. And end again I understand a lot of people are probably saying to himself. Why don't we have more police patrolling or being at the intersections. And part of the reason is. If if you've got to bank robbery gone or or a a family problem and at Hollis. Family dispute I mean there are so many things that police are called out for there's a water pipe that that broke I mean there're there're so many things. They just can't sit. And an intersection all day and then try and take the vehicle out. And stop people and pull him over. It in traffic it's not very safe for police to do that. Now now now but there is I haven't visited Taiwan and there is a couple of intersections that. Do need to camera I'm not against it I'm not for. Yeah -- is -- resort they're gonna do. I. To me. There are many other solutions to encourage people and make them aware of how dangerous it is to run. A red light however. I do feel. That it would be responsible. Of the municipality. To. Let's save. 200 yards before the intersection. Have a sign that says red light camera ahead. Four. K I mean it like look we got cameras at this intersection and we're letting you know it now if you run it you're gonna pay. I. You know I I just think -- no different than a curve or ahead or school bus stop ahead. If you're going to do it at three or four intersections I don't think it would cost an awful lot of -- cost a few hundred dollars. To make signs for each entrance to the intersection but have signs that say red light cameras ahead. And let people know and then. What's your excuse for doing it. Right exactly but how many people really restart. And get out there and I mean category live your neighborhood. Your -- all the street you know stops -- our -- are you really look at it like. I do yes that but I like I said I'm not at war. I gotta run Nelson thank you I'm a little bit more conscious I think in the average driver because of of my background dealing with the traffic. It's 11 o'clock on news radio 930 WB and Larry hunter for sandy beach will be right back.

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