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12-27 Larry Hunter Show Hour 3

Dec 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's the one thing that you who complain about. At least. Five times a year at least according to a survey its traffic. It's the other driver. It's people who don't pay attention to the road it's people who break traffic laws. Well that's what we're talking about today. And were asking your thoughts on the city of towel on a proposal to install. Red light cameras it would be the first of its kind in this region -- although Rochester does have them in New York City has had them for a long. Long time. If you're not familiar. Let me explain a little bit what red cameras are and what they do. Red light their cameras are. The installation of cameras at intersections. That our program to take a picture of your. Rear license plate. As you go through an intersection. One of the second day after the light has turned red. If the light is yellow and you're in the middle of an intersection. Or if the light turns -- while you're in the middle of an intersection. It will not take the picture of your vehicle. If you pro seed into the intersection. A second after the light turns red. Then it will basically take a picture -- show the date and time. And your license plate. And that you were going through a red light. Then that picture. Will go to the local municipality. -- the police will look at it verifies it and send you a summons to pay a fine. You either pay the fine or you go to court and pretend that it didn't happen. Now. The program is set up by an out of state company it is not Rhonda necessarily by the local municipality. Because they do not have the equipment or probably the money. To purchase the equipment. And what many communities do is they set up the facility the cameras or the the boxes for the cameras. At various intersections. Let's say they're going to set him up at four different intersections. And maybe the municipality will buy enough cameras for two intersections. And they will rotate the cameras. Every month or so to the different intersections so people don't know if the intersection. Has the cameras there or not. This way the municipality doesn't have to spend as much money on cameras. But they are trying to make it as efficient. By moving them around. Why do it. What's what's the purpose of it. Well there have been intersections that have been designated in various communities and chances are you know intersections in your community where. There is a lot of red light running the light turns yellow. The car speeds up. The light turns red in the car is an even at the intersection yet and it's speeding through. And T bone accidents are some of the most dangerous and and biggest number of fatalities. There is going you broadside of vehicle going 404550. Miles an hour. That's 234000. Pounds of force. Smashing in to your vehicle. That's extremely. Dangerous and so many times it's fatal. If it's not fatal. So many times. It is does so much damage that the person might not ever be able to walk again they might lose an armed. It can cause brain damage I mean let's be honest here. A vehicle going forty miles an hour -- 3004000. Pounds. Hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian. Legally crossing the intersection. I mean you're you're just asking for trouble it's one of the more serious traffic problems there is today. And red light cameras. Is installed and put together by communities to encourage people not to deal. Now a lot of people say well load their doing it just for the money. Well if the community is making money then let's be honest a lot of people are running red lights. Okay which means there is a problem. If it gets to the point where the community is not making any money then isn't that a good thing. Doesn't that mean. That people are now being more conscious. Of the intersection and the red light. And their proceeding more safely and the problem is not what it used to be. Would that be a good thing. So. If you feel that. We shouldn't have red light cameras. Because it's just a money grabber. The truth is. They can only be a money grabber if people are breaking the law. And don't we as a society. Feel. That in order to protect. Our children our grandchildren. Our parents our grandparents. That we need to encourage people behind the wheel. To Obey the traffic laws. We are losing too many people on the highways. Due to people. And showing no respect. To our traffic rules and regulations. According to USA today. The largest. Age group of red light violators is. Eighteen to 25. -- young people. Who have a tendency to go a little faster. And are always in a hurry. And the next age group. To run red lights is 26 to 35. So over half the people who are running red lights according to the serving our ages eighteen to 35. How to we encourage. Younger people. To be aware of the dangers. Of red light running. Red light cameras I think is one of the ways to do. You may not like the idea of it. But. Is there a better way. To penalize those breaking the law and encourage those not to do it and they hit them a little bit in the pocketbook. -- also got another regulation here that's been proposed in Michigan. And at like you to. Comment on this. As if you were a teenager. Or if you have teenagers. And what do you think about a Michigan proposal. That says. Your driver's license will be taken away. If you are under eighteen years of age and you are repeatedly absent from school. Now as apparent. If you put your son or daughter on a school bus. Or you drive them to school. And they decide to skip school. How are you to know it unless the school notified issue. And then. If your son or daughter continually. Skip school. How are you going to get them. To go to school. What can you do as a parent. I think this regulation here. Does that. Think about when you first got your driver's license think about. How happy how proud you word and the feeling of independence. That you had. You now have the opportunity to go out on your own. And be independent. And be with friends. A driver's license. Is one of the most valuable things to a teenager. But so was an education. How do we encourage young people today. To stay in school. To get an education. To have the opportunity to improve their life -- And I kinda like this law. This proposal it's not law yet it's a proposal. The legislation would compel judges to notify the secretary of state of cases of truancy and school. The secretary of state would have to suspend the license of a -- juvenile. Found by the Circuit Court to be willfully. And repeatedly absent from school. For six months. So if you repeatedly don't go to school and you have a driver's license we take it away. If you are applying. For a learners permit. And you keep skipping school you won't be allowed to get it. I I think it's a great idea I think it's a great proposal. I'd like to see it in New York State. Even if it only makes a difference. In three or 400 students it'll make a difference. It'll teach kids what a lot of parents aren't teaching them. But there are rules and regulations and if you don't follow all of them there's a consequence. Sometimes. If you don't -- what you're supposed to. You have to pay the price. In this particular case she won't have mommy and daddy. Saying it -- he's a good boy he didn't mean he didn't he didn't understand she always. -- At some point when are you going to learn. There are rules and regulations were out your life and if you don't follow them there's a consequence to play pay. I think this regulation this proposed law is fabulous. And I'd like to seat in New York State what do you think 8030930. Is are numbered WBE and can you imagine. Having your driver's license taken away as a sixteen year old or seventeen year old because she thought it was cool skip school. Think about it. Start I'm thirty is a free call on your cell will come back and take more of your calls on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter. AccuWeather says those a lake effect flurries and squalls are gonna stay down in the assault announced today and ski country as well that accumulation will be minimal. -- today about 32 to become a windy and -- temperatures will get down to the upper twenties but then. Overnight they will be rising to around maybe like the middle thirties and then a high of 44 tomorrow. Somebody maybe 43. Currently 29 degrees in buffalo for news radio 930. WB EN I got frankly this from west Seneca good morning to you frank. Well -- -- Good Charlotte hearing room for a good job back analyst at odds. You know. Good thing for the red light cameras did installed properly to give you that they really make you would need. I don't -- all in but I think this is based on one thing. And that is that people can't keep it right away from -- When they shouldn't. And there's a lot of different ways that they do that one of the worst thing they -- -- pocket not everybody figures that they wrap up. The right move in a parking lot. But nobody has the right away in a park in hot is kept one. Correction and that. Pedestrians he got the right away that shot especially in a parking lot Lugar is a liar and should call him cube farm. Because you well. Now somebody could step in front blew in Brooklyn -- I can understand that. But but -- -- for miles an hour and a parking lot when they're only partly done ten or fifteen. To an -- doesn't exclude. And the penguins who -- right. -- -- -- -- -- You couldn't have put my age when he got time to stop or not willing usually red light yellow. Yeah. And he got -- nomination. Read the fine that went up and our. Yeah. Yeah we had a red light and had something like that so you could tell us how much -- no right to left. They wouldn't wish I wish stop. And under the red light as it turned red because you know. That you could ultimately. And at that could have shot like that I think would be far more practical. Than -- camera. That of course that would be given that. That I was a break and not a law enforcement. That's it Christine frank I've never heard anyone propose that before. And I if I understand what you're saying it is basically went a light turns green. It would be. Let's say yet at the bottom area and that it would start moving toward the topping get closer to the yellow so you know approximately how much time you have remaining. Before the yellow light indicates that it's going to be read -- is that what you're saying. Well I think it would just -- -- it -- start with a green lighted the cotton comes down and you could see how much could collapse they couldn't you win a red light. Okay all right yeah -- just opposite direction but. That's an excellent idea I I -- I think that's extremely creative. And if I were you I would take that idea to an engineer and let him go forward would that make millions of dollars. Well I don't know that I can make it in my manager but I think that they practical way to avoid accidents I I really do because. Then he would not hip to do that as how much time you have to let. You're gonna be like -- -- that you've -- Bob -- they're gonna catch you no matter what they're gonna because that's how they're kind. You know and I -- Well I I don't think lights are timed to. To catch you going through a red light or two. You know make it more difficult for you I mean there are rules and regulations. That. Municipalities are required to follow when it comes to the placement of a stop sign the placement of our traffic signal that the length of the of the yellow light and and stuff. But I think the problem is we just becomes so lackadaisical. In our own personal lives and being in a hurry and not paying attention. That when we come to a traffic signal as we approach it. Our mentality today is like you know hurry up and get through it as opposed to let's be cautious. As we approaches. You put something -- -- accurate time but I don't quite honestly it has. Maybe 13. Of the traffic that the -- that is crossing as and you haven't they haven't had much time. And would agree not as good as they have actually done just that that's not right. Yeah well sometimes to the green light. Is coordinated -- the crosswalk. And how long an individual who was press the button has. Four time to -- Safely cross the streets of sometimes green light will be longer than other times if someone is crossing. Yeah but I'm not talking about that I know what you're talking about there but that that that's another thing you're making a left turn. And and you think you can make that I have to turn because you could make a left turn because you've got a green light but it production costs and you better get right away. Exactly that's the law -- Break that -- -- -- from -- -- and great thank you buddy appreciate the call at WB and work about two and a half minutes away from headline news let's say hello to Tim this morning hi Tim. Good morning I live in Baltimore. And the red light cameras are strictly money makers for the government. There it turned out that the number of accidents. Have gone up dramatically in Baltimore because people slam on their brakes. The people behind them don't stop because they think they got enough time to go to the light the first person panics. I got a red -- I got a ticket. I was going to fifteen miles an hour I was in an area of town that I didn't know where a lot of and I was trying to see which way I turned and I -- they went through the red light ticket. I had no recourse because I went through the red light even now I was only going fifteen miles an hour and I want that. Trying to run the light what happened was I was trying to find the right turn left -- -- turn right I was in an area town that I didn't know where a lot. Also it turns out that because there's a camera as the police are not doing their job. If the police started doing it right the ticket for these people going to the red light. This was that. The red light cameras and it's speeding cameras in Baltimore has been strictly put out the opium money makes. It sounds to me Tim liked. I mean I like I don't. Mean to contradict you here but it sounds like you're making excuses because you got a ticket. Now I think it reported it -- 48 hours yeah but -- you're sane you know I was only going fifteen miles an hour. Eight Charlotte Abbott hit yet they keep your camera they give you a picture and make it idiom and that -- -- the speed -- because -- understand what -- what you want it at. If you would go call football more radio stations you'll find out the number of acts that have gone up tremendously in Baltimore because people have been rear ended. Because people slam on the brakes because the lights turn red there's no -- away. -- which means. They were trying to run the red light which is against the law. They are trying to run a red liked what happened there is no consistency in the yellow light high amount of light are different. If they if you look at the large number one at the time that the yellow light was. Was consistent. I would agree with you but Darren -- Tim you here obviously visiting the area they might have an -- ball OK so you -- work and all of that has not shot here's Larry okay. All right Tim thanks for your call I appreciate it W out here I don't agree with you a bit but that's OK it's in my I got a break and I -- you don't provide. We can well -- upset with me its 1130. Fifteen miles an hour. Can't kill anybody at fifteen miles an hour -- Today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks is a twenty dollar certificate for Theodore is original red hots for only ten dollars. Visit any one of their three locations Cheektowaga Grand Island and Williams -- And discover the tradition of the indoors hot dogs go to WB EN dot com click on the my buffalo perks logo. For today's deal of the day. But don't go through. Through the red light. Get it out of second gear honey come on. You know how to drive a stick shift have you ever driven a stick shift -- obviously have that in -- John. Now I haven't. There's been definitive definitive written. John let's go out someday in my car theft at a at a if you've ever driven a stick shift you remember the first time -- left out the clock pitch at. A I I'm surprised that car even made it could head back so -- that yeah. Well you know there was a time when every vehicle was. A stick -- I mean news when did automatic transmission comes into being must must have been in the fifties. Sometimes. But I mean for for a long time every vehicle was a distinction for a and most -- still are. I had to learn on -- stick -- I mean it's not easy to learn to drive and -- it they are alias and let me tell yeah. Four I stalled that thing out so many times. Israel he did. In fact. I remember. My school bus was that it was a -- shifted. Most school buses today I think -- automatic but. When I went to school our school bus was stick shift in. And they had five gears I think I'm pretty sure they have finally had at least four gears. And and maybe they had five. As I remember we had to go up this one -- after making a stop. And he would always put it -- in the first year -- -- And I'm pleased the bus driver good buster there -- name but he was good. We're talking about traffic today driving your car through red lights what do you think -- I think it's got a dangerous. I can't think of many ways to prevent it our last caller Tim seemed to be a little upset because when he was in Baltimore. He didn't seem to know where he was going. He went through a red light he got ticketed for it because he was going fifteen miles an hour eight -- kind of sounded like he felt. He shouldn't have gotten a ticket and and the bottom line is. Whether it's fifteen miles an hour fifty miles an hour you you can still kill a pedestrian you can do a lot of damage from a vehicle. And if you don't think fifteen miles an -- is going very fast. And in a car today. The comparison is not fast compared to the speed limits we have today but if you don't think fifteen miles an hour is very fast if you've ever been in a vote. It always seems like in a boat you're going faster. When you're going to certain speed limit then you aren't a car. A magic going and a -- at fifteen miles an hour and running into a dock. Now if you're a -- you know what I'm talking about. Fifteen miles an hour can do a lot of damage. And he went through a red light and he had to pay a fine. And he didn't like it because he thought it was a money maker. Well. Guess want. If we didn't have the problem. Nobody could make any money. But how else do you penalize people for breaking the law. I can't think of a better way right now. Then to encourage people not to run red lights. Then red light cameras. I can't think of a better way to do it. Now the fine from what I understand if the city of -- Wanda does this. Is fifty dollars. I I think it should be 200. I think it should hit you a little bit I think a fifty dollar fine this is a little slap on the hand. And and not enough to really discourage many people from doing it again. Again my own personal feeling if you're going to have a law and if you're going to try to penalize people then you have to do it. And I don't think fifty bucks today is is a big fine. At all. But I also thing. That if you are going to have red light cameras at intersections. Then you should have a sign. Before the intersection say at least a hundred yards maybe a 150 yards indicating that you are approaching an intersection. That has red light cameras. I just think there should be assigned telling you. No different than there are signs telling you there's a school bus stop ahead or curve ahead and I think the warning is appropriate. And then if you run a red light your own damn fault. Pay the fine. And understand that basically. You're not supposed to do it. If it prevents people. From killing other people. If it encourages people to Obey the law. That lets do it some statistics. Red light injuries and fatalities cost approximately. Seven billion dollars a year. Others say that again. Red light injuries and fatalities cost approximately seven billion dollars a year it's a problem. It's a serious problem. The Department of Transportation says nearly 40% of all vehicle crashes occur at intersections. Well let. That makes sense. And each year red light runners alone cost an estimated 300000. Crashes. 300000. Crashes. Now how would you feel. If your son or daughter got their driver's license and went driving. And someone ran a red light. And broadsided them. Wouldn't you feel like we got to do something. I -- And you can do something. Maybe call 8030930. Or star 930 and share your thoughts. Like Vince did from Amherst high events. Good morning. This delay. Stylized. Policeman's. Eleven years. And it you know we talk about -- please which you know different things. And that. -- it if I can just as quickly is he like up a local. Municipality or or stayed officer. Sure OK okay. In letters and them I said there would -- -- red light cameras he said it will increase accidents at the end sections. Now that it is when you get those statistics. And I don't contact me about in disguise neglect their way though they along. And that was his reaction to a I do what I have gone through the red lights and I -- they use good judgment and say the and I quick take a look at my rearview mirror and decide mayor. And now am you know I've well twice sensing about I -- -- and I carried on my bumper. And it I didn't -- -- and embrace there would have been an accident would -- with those two cases. So I am I'm in hand. And where conservative OK so Barley when he got this conservative we know we -- any -- laws we don't need Kmart taxes. And coming down on that side they would this red light camera I'd say I don't think it would would do the right thing do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In saying that putting up red light cameras will cause more accidents. Then wouldn't you also say putting up a traffic signal causes more accidents. Because you have to Obey more things now than you had to before. -- -- The AC I questioned that comment. Yeah I'll I see and know that know what you're saying. And that. They've just my reaction he's been cap rates at about eleven years. He's in a black -- He's he's he's he's quite expert and getting drunk drivers is -- so that's good like he is he has that in Canada. Six cents and getting drunk drivers. So anyway very a and I don't like the idea -- regulations I don't like the idea of the insurance companies. They're out there there there -- lapping like crazy. I would image from the get the red light cameras then and cut down. Amount of money they have to pay in an accident IC NIC that is the background day idea it's true. Well this is not really more regulations. They're not changing the law. They're trying to find a way. To penalize those who we're doing it -- so it's it's no different than years ago we never had radar. To catch people speeding. And now we do now -- I don't know how many years we've had radar it seems like ever since I've had a license may be right. I I think now. We kind of accept the fact that police officers use radar for speeding but probably when it first came in to beam people felt that's that's not fair that's not right. The action and where these well I am and probe police OK but -- -- of these he places. -- -- And I -- my dead you know and that -- police. Work. A richer and gave -- it. It's speeding. I take those same roads every day and the roads 30 -- I am mostly ground yeah I go forward usually. -- -- -- And abundant and it's sitting and is currently gamers can look back and I cried over yellow line and it's been dead. This I think that pregnant 250 dollars I mean. I don't have a lot of extra money. Yeah why don't I understand that but wouldn't that encourage you then to. Being more cautious and and -- Oh yes and -- and more nervous driving instead of -- and -- aggravated me and have a pleasant experience does not look good. I found some. I'm pretty and I got to go quite -- currently -- is kinda I don't I don't like them. Well you shouldn't watch for the cameras you -- watch for the traffic signal thanks Vince appreciate your call -- WB and I I know what you're saying and -- concern. But. What do people complain about all the time. Traffic people going too fast people not stopping for stop signs people going through red lights. How to we encourage people to Obey the law when their licensed driver. And like I said years ago they didn't have radar now they do for speeding. We kind of accepted it today. I think red light cameras may be a way to go for the future will come back the more your calls on the sandy beach show with Larry hunter. AccuWeather says little accumulation today with a high of 32 tonight partly cloudy windy with temperatures rising from the upper twenties to the mid thirties and then tomorrow. We'll get up close to forty with a little sunshine Sunday mostly cloudy and 43. It is thirty degrees in buffalo from news radio 930 WB EM Larry hunter for sandy beach today. Don't forget the bills' game will be right here this Sunday on WBE NN. Starting to 425. Buffalo and New England. Going at it for the final game of the year let's go back to our callers -- welcome Steve to the program hi Steve. Hi how are you good thanks. My question -- at what point. Do we look at are really at what point would you would all we're doing a punishing your lineup may need train drivers that are. You know where do you draw the line on. Punishing people and I'm what I'm punishment that's too much. Well I don't think fifty dollars is too much to save a life for one. And secondly we're supposed to be training drivers before they actually get their license. One of the problems I have with New York State and most states is that. Over the years rules and regulations change on the highway. There -- years ago where there was never a white line on the far right side of the road. We never had a white line there -- add to the road was the edge of the road and that was it we never had advanced green arrows. There there have been a lot of changes we never had a stop bar we never headlines for people where they should cross. The traffic and safety rules have changed over the years and they continue to change and what I would like to see is a requirement. For New York State drivers to take a written examination. Every ten years to get their license renewed. And if you -- the examination. Then you have to take one of this three hour driving courses it doesn't mean you will lose your license at all what it means is that. There's been some rules and regulations and changes. And obviously you didn't catch up to them and you need to know what they are if everybody knows what the rules are. If everybody understands the regulations. I think it would make our highways safer and I think that's one of the things we could do. Wouldn't you even agree that we can go one step further and have a practical driving catch every certain amount a year would that increase safety. It it probably awarded. I don't know how. If it would really be feasible financially wise because it would probably have to come out of taxpayers' expense. And I don't know how many drivers there are New York State but I'd estimate somewhere maybe between. Fourteen and sixteen million. It it might be kinda difficult to do that why that's why I suggest at least a written exam to understand some of the new regulations. That have come about since the last time you that you took a driver's test. I just think it's better to be pro active then react. Active and match situation and I think that would send a lot more lie. Why I would argue with you at all Steve -- of the proactive part of it I believe in -- percent absolutely I have no problem -- that whatsoever. Gotta run but I appreciate your call this morning at WBE and I'll say Heidi James this morning hey James. Good morning and you run now. Yes I am and so are you. Well look fifty dollars is -- -- at peanut I think what basis do my grandson has got woke up. It's days' -- -- -- during your -- your plate and for 51 days. Well he had a bit continued. Give me your programme -- I don't know I'll take your work. Well I want them to prime that anything's going in -- and I don't think he'll ever make that mistake again what is driving this one Italian at fifty dollars don't mean yet. Anybody that that. -- -- -- -- Sent. Tyler wasn't there I tried to cut it. And it and it didn't cut -- that did that cut because I I took them off the year. And okay all right I just didn't like what he said there. It was. I just felt it was inappropriate for the -- he didn't say anything really bad it just was an appropriate for radio. OK I I'm so so I've got to wait till that comes back right dude you in the pac ten now. Now I'm stuck as they can't take the next Korea will wait for the light come back down for a delayed system. -- fifty dollars is I think very extremely minimal. For a fine. For running a red light I think it should be -- much more than than that that means if you hit somebody hard not the first time chances are they they won't do with the the second time. And the fact that I don't know which her grandson did but the fact that they took away his driver's license. Hopefully. He'll learn from that. We all. Make a mistake when we're driving one time or another we we go faster than we're supposed to. Where were not aware of it we we roll through stop signs constantly. I mean nobody is perfect when it comes to the highway especially me. But one of the most dangerous places to proceed. While you're driving is through an intersection. And most intersections have some kind of rules or regulations when it comes to traffic safety. They designate the right of way it's a stop sign -- yield sign it's a traffic signal. And the purpose of those is to designate the right of way who has the right to proceed. And out of traffic signal they give you Wear yellow light to let you know that the light is going to be read and you should not proceed. And if you run that red light you are not only making it dangerous for yourself but you're putting other lives in jeopardy. And you really have to be conscious of that today especially. If you're the one who just got the green light -- to. Need to be conscious. And make sure that the other vehicles are going to stop before you proceed. It's that time a year when we are festive we sometimes have a little too much to drink. We need to be a little bit more cautious and aware when -- on our highways. I apologize to the remainder our callers who weren't able to get you on because the delayed system. Did not come back. But we will be here on Monday. At 9 o'clock for sandy beach until then have yourself a wonderful and a safe weekend and gosh darn -- drive carefully.

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