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Predictions 2014: Ken Lovett & Jimmy Vielkind

Dec 29, 2013|

with their sense of the coming year in Albany

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB GN 9:30 AM as buffalo as for the middles. And -- It's hard line on news radio 930 that -- and good morning just days ago. We are taking your predictions for that your 2014. And we'd like to work try and figure out just what you think is going to happen in the coming year. Let's bring in two experts we've been talking about to the world of politics and news from a variety -- -- perspectives the one we're bringing in now is the Albany active. In the past you've heard Jimmy -- kind on this program he is with capital New York dot com he covers the opening scene there. In the past on this program you've heard Ken -- here he's the Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News. I don't think we ever had the two of them on together so let's do that now guys thanks for joining us. -- -- theater and the first. Absolutely although I know you've done this elsewhere and on other shows that. No animosity some competition that old friends is -- around talking politics. Let's start with you can what's your big prediction for 2014. Going to be an ugly here. Politically on the same -- you got. The governor -- legislature up for reelection of the governors. Who have built up those numbers it is sort of business -- senators up for grabs and the Democrats want a respectful way. And it won't Republicans won't keep control as much as they can't let that regain the majority outright. And you've got the moment commissioning of -- as. The governor's anti corruption investigation commission -- the governor is hoping will yield some kind of ethics reform act it is not -- legislative agenda could be in jeopardy. And Jimmy what's your prediction. Well I think and that's right it is going to do you -- year. You're going to we're -- -- -- a lot of talk around. Perimeter for most -- current -- and emergency people who -- an interest in pension which being the governor and a mayor elect he urged people -- -- you know. -- -- Bellagio com source -- -- the year more progressive wing of the Democratic Party. And for the first time -- really is that side of the democratic regime. Make your power and the cart path to more moderate or centrist injured well I -- -- -- a lot of friction there and being spewed but it can be good. -- -- You know not -- Donald Trump run for governor -- you can see Republicans line up behind drop back Perino. But caused outrage will be made more interest in Bahrain based on the action period action -- Carl Paladino Buffalo's -- I wanted to keep. Amount to run on the conservative -- -- -- ago. What do you see there can I think you're the one that is set down Mike -- the chair of the Conservative Party -- they usually want that to join a once told me. That my long would have signed off on Conservative Party run. And he's not exactly keen on the idea hasn't rejected that but has totally embraced either. Means the the option open because he knows -- -- as you know has the following in the shape. He doesn't want to alienate you know are as follows especially in they know for sure that -- at the -- election -- county executive is in the race. But yes really. Well I was still running Larry in the sense that. He needs permission first people on the ballot and the one man to give it to -- quite -- Conservative Party chair now. You know obviously it's Paladino convince enough members of the executive committee. That that you -- You know he should get a look cool little home run. And -- -- could even go wrong with this executive committee you're probably will be chairman much longer. But the -- and the best we looked at him. The big enough support among conservative. You know probably won't be a factor but you know don't underestimate -- people bit of the last time. In the end of 2013 here we saw -- local scandal emerged. Three and then another fourth employee assemblyman Dennis -- are coming for. And filing a notice of -- basically saying we'd like to see you in regards to some sexual harassment allegations. Predict how that unfolds guys there -- fusion. -- He might even hear from more people. He's stretching similar allegation against these government. Predicted interestingly she kinda really spoken publicly in his own defense. He did have a very tough time during -- visit the usual capital if he tried to do so that well we're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what we're watching Albany it's not so much -- because it was. Future but what is news or and we speaker Sheldon who -- You know this is urged to be third time this year that has an obligation that program we -- -- Sitting democratic assembly member. Amnesty as whether law could do but how he spent the allegation earlier than they've been so. -- questions what -- -- note Stafford back. The -- there as we heard from the people -- we know anything we didn't know anything. And started. The other plays out but not this year -- -- workable fuel to. We -- sort whether it's just. Many Democrats who try to prepare a decision of a bad apple are elected then but apple from -- Ken do you think that there will be an attempt to not have Sheldon Silver being speaker. I don't. I have built what we know I don't know. But you know I think he's been living under out for the last two years in particular. And I think everyone. Your view is if there's some major issues -- and -- happy after practice and other issues going on in New York City where. The husband of the speaker's chief of Africa named William rap mogul is the husband to be irreparable chief of staff. He was arrested earlier this year in charge who is. Sobering. Five million dollars -- it would separate themselves from the charity headed reporting here. You know who knows what comes out of that central coast is get this week -- Again much like is that they're saying there's no evidence that the speaker has any involvement or knowledge of what was going aren't. But it -- any evidence is that the case that would be a final straws. I think he's gonna tank was positioned right now I think he's strong among the members weaker than stand with those strong. No heir apparent. So. I think you know they'll be -- for the session and I think he'll be an issue in the legislative campaign but he has been in the past. And then from there -- Earlier in the program wanna Barrow local reporters Jeff Kelly from our -- Predicted that buffalo mayor Byron brown will not remain mayor he then went on to speculate and I have to underline that speculate. The idea that perhaps there's some big position in Albany for the mayor and that perhaps that could even be. Lieutenant governor if slash when Robert Duffy moves on and off the Cuomo ticket. Predict how you see that coming out. Well I I certainly don't think that Gupta will be on the ticket again in the fact that you interview. For a job without telling you bought that he's interviewing for a job about that that the treaty but the pretty good way to burn a bridge. The people lieutenant governor. As -- potential successor you know I've heard -- will mayor Byron -- in the mix. I think it's also possible that -- Governor Cuomo will look or woman I think that there are all so. Thought that will occur about whether. It beat governor -- speak about bill Hartley -- legitimate possibility -- running for the president. You actually it's -- that will really colors choice in terms of the lieutenant governor. War or not. I don't know if I would be necessarily agree with that prediction. -- -- -- -- I can what you say I don't think it. Going to be Byron brown I do agree it -- to me that. It would not be Bob Duffy back on the picket. -- the job that he had applied for Rochester. Is that group. You know as they had that group. They stop the Serbs and that -- gonna hold up for another you know years of basically. You know that jobs can be you would stop the waiting for Duffy Irwin C section of the -- term as lieutenant governor's. You know we've heard different names you've heard Byron brown although I don't think that when it's going to be affairs. We've heard tapping local -- to name. It'll depend on which direction the governor looked as though most people think it'll be a woman most people think we'll be someone from -- And I know you guys don't follow buffalo certainly as much -- -- -- Albany and that's not a -- just Albany's your focus. Do you see Byron brown I don't know him running for congress doing doing something other than mayor of buffalo. I certainly. Be an ambitious everything I've known him the state senator here. So I wouldn't be surprised but I don't know I usually aren't afraid that I knew that was his contention. All right closer closing predicts informing you guys and I want to joke is I know you're giving up some of your Sunday -- I must start with you what you see beyond what you mentioned so far. I think it will have been elected I do believe -- -- it be one of the most political years we've seen in a long time and that's saying something. I kept saying the fight for the and that is -- into the death so to speak it's going to be a quote -- And I think the governor. -- -- -- You have a tight race he's gonna wanna bring up those numbers particularly as he -- -- don't want -- to move and and more the other thing if you don't know what other corruption. Arrest and -- -- you -- around the corner and I wouldn't be surprised if there's -- holes -- of those. All right Ken -- thanks for that Ken Lovett is the Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News -- a SUNY buffalo grabbed by the way. Jimmie -- kind you have the last word. Well I I I think it's going to be a -- your current or more popular than -- you speak. Because they think that you'll see a little bit more resolve. On the part of Republicans. Who had in the past been willing to really go along with its agenda -- -- -- your interest in Warren and -- medical I don't know it irritated. It's almost January and say this -- like this is going to be the year but the bill inseparable. I think you're right sadly. We have to agree on that thanks so much -- good step. Thank you vote. That's Jimmy -- kind these days from capitol New York dot com capital with NA. That's a new website part of Politico dot com and they are doing has some really cool stuff in terms of Albany reported. 8030930s. And number enough time between now and to Meet the Press coming -- -- twelve and that we can take just couple more calls. If you have a prediction about the local world of news and politics that would be the time to maybe chime on in with that. And let's go to the phones I'm not sure who I have here but -- you're on the air hello. Hi it's your turn. I feel that not very much is gonna change in a political landscape. Now if you look at. The bias right wing media it's trying to beat up on a cold wall and he can't say his rating -- option becomes more popular he's gonna take a few Democrats up with him. If you look at the national scene with the republic -- That the Democrats Republicans working together. It's compromised compromised compromised so basically you know we're looking at the same old same old the -- are being orchestrated and always do is just. March in the parade. I recognize your voice and I know you called a lot before is this John. Stand by. You almost sound and I'm not accusing them to transit to flesh it out here if you sound kind of depressed and cynical there that. Always believe I if you look at Carl Paladino he got destroyed by Cuomo alleged time there's nothing gonna prop him up and he never got to support from the Republicans even. It's it just. Terrible and then it's hard to big political scene. The only. Big issue that they Republicans have -- are concerned having obamacare. And it's credible way of -- -- by next summer. People forget two weeks later -- on and everything would be just normal. I'm asking you devil's advocate of course but this is coming up on a presidential year. Don't you think that'll change something because we'll have new people running and they'll be bringing forth new issues now. -- bottom line and that is the conservatives have a way of -- each other destroying each other they're gonna have get bush up there they'll probably have a few more obviously you're governor of a New Jersey. Are in their effort like they did wouldn't. -- needed to strike him and wound up with nothing. And -- Quest for power and other powers dinosaurs other than do crazy things immigrant just right -- wrong people. All right very good Stan thanks for joining us all year long. That's -- that stand in Rochester let's bring in one more prediction we'll take a break and come back before Meet the Press at twelve noon. David in Perry's very high what do you see happening in 2014. 22 and a simple wouldn't count package. Good show. Obamacare will settle for their own and do it church who will be seen that so many are. Underinsured people. We're underinsured people get. What they -- in -- -- -- going to be successful and it goes like this supplement federal tax reform. The right now is bill in the committee -- needs. Congressman read. Here my district -- action on TV. Get support for complete reform of taxes. This initial feel okay. Into and we look capital gains and a Korean banks won't. Republican conservative should be really -- And it's -- that appear -- this fear simple transparent. In the future. In the Olympic -- six or she explained that the study millions of dollars private. Coaches and and people. -- donated money to study it. I've heard you mention this before do you really is like we're their predictive mood here do you really think that will gain traction this year. I do it's surprising. He holes on. But that that people will be sure they support this and everything -- actually easier to let slip it in the past. In the current and future. Totally. I don't fear on -- -- tangible. Out of control and we would know that so they can Mike Huckabee. Whom he. Again -- hear that ought to be lucky on this report -- it and there's sea temperatures behind the. So in the poor. 89 senators -- shortly before. And -- movement proved significant already so you know -- it can compete. Over. I'm a long time -- And social liberal fiscal conservative when I isolated from years. You can bet they're returning to -- you know -- and then -- that he looks better and better. -- All right -- it. I'll make a deal with you along the lines of prediction we will try in the years to come to get someone -- really kicked that around and discuss the lot further pledge call this morning though. All right very good that's Steven Perry's work.

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