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Predictions 2014: Art Wheaton & Rus Thompson

Dec 29, 2013|

In labor and politics

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this thing he felt. We are taking predictions from the world of news and politics and a little bit of the economy for the year to come 2014. Forward. -- I'm the worker you're there or now. I'm aren't thinking 2014. Will be a very good cheer for General Motors -- engine plant -- hiring additional people. And also. Buffalo -- you can court records required a very good if you heard 2014. Making aluminum parts for the -- 150. Pickup truck. Are there be -- here. And happy to -- do you that -- we Meghann from Cornell university's. -- -- will be industrial and labor relations will there extension apartment here on buffalo. Let's bring in one final call before we go off to Meet the Press at twelve noon Rus Thompson is here from TE a New York -- New York taxed enough already. The local Tea Party group -- gimme a prediction for 24 team. I don't think that after -- gonna run for governor. I'd I'd think it all may end up staying on conservative line and possibly starting a novel mind. And I don't I I I actually think that Byron brown. Will no longer be an error I think it's very urgent we'll probably end up in the air right spot. I don't know it's going to be in Albany. Or that's going to be someplace else we have to keep an -- what an apple would Ryan hit. As I see something coming on the line with Brian it is no -- going to be in congress. So you pictures scenario and 2014. Where Brian Higgins quote possibly leave congress. And then Byron brown would slide in wanting to run in the special election. Yeah that's good possibility. I think that what that were what really on the agenda and I really think that nobody -- -- -- at all yet. I think if they act is going to be the big -- bringing in more problems. In Cuomo would ever anticipate in the governor's race. All right Russ thanks for timing and we do have to let you go we are out of time bomb at a time. Good stuff that's Rus Thompson from team new York and that will do it for this week and in fact this year's edition of -- -- Have a happy new year we'll be back next week in the first hour of the program congressman Chris Collins we'll take your calls because of its Sunday. It's time to not politics on news radio 930 WB yen. These little things season. Season -- and inside. She moved to. Okay. My games. Being burned out. Be brought to. You know sugar. BA. And today blue Obama. The. Not you.

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