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Predictions 2014

Dec 29, 2013|

with Prof. Bruce Bryski, Artvoice's Jeff Kelly, The Center For Responsive Politics' Dave Levinthal & Financial Planner Richard Schroeder

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard line. And on news radio nine. Here's W. And what a week it is now let's say differently this time what a year it's bandit talked politics. Way to be reviewing the year a little bit in all of our discussion today but we're also looking ahead to 2014. Today is a predictions show. We've got an all star panel we've got a whole bunch of guests lined up we have to analysts and studio and more going to try and figure out as best as we can. What to expect from the world of news and politics. In 2014 thrown from economics is well we have a financial -- standing by we have Dave Leventhal from Washington DC standing by. And in studio together again for the first time we've heard them both on this program before but we've decided to put the two of them side by side has them duke it out. SUNY buffalo state professor Bruce Bruschi is here we've heard him a lot of times with John ensues in the morning show analyzing politics and talking about that sort of thing. And also Jeff -- of our voices here between the three of us and EU and yes we want you to call we're looking for predictions for 2014. What do you think will happen with Obama care with the governor's race race with the economy 8030930s. The number we'd love to have you aboard along the way. Later in the program as well on this is kind of cool have been trying to get him for a couple of -- weeks now. Rob asked to Reno will join us he's the Westchester County executive. There has been talking at least about running as a Republican against Governor Cuomo. We'll talk to him about that and then and the 11 o'clock hour after that. We'll continue our 2014 predictions not with just one Albany reported that you've heard on the program before. Jimmy via kind from capitol New York will be here all along with the New York Daily News is can love it. So it is a jam packed program a lot of fun to have it's kind of like a New Year's Eve party little bit early we'll we'll get it done. And on the way again the number 8030930. Guys thanks for coming on and here but let's start right now with I guess -- -- to my left you picked the first chair so you get to go first Jeff what do you think what's your biggest prediction for 2014. I give -- my second biggest production because I'm not I'm not to have the courage to make my biggest production. But I'll start with a big one okay I'll put it on the line right now. I'm gonna say that by the end of 2014. Areas prison will be our interest the interim mayor of the city of buffalo real. That's for a -- part of that is because Darius has been saying in recent days that he has the votes lined up to be. The next council president in the city of yet unanimous in what year are taking it a staffer I am -- it. For the for the for the change in leadership in the common council there's a reason that he orchestrated. This to an unseeded. Sitting -- council president it's Fontana who did not expect -- to tell. Do you think the reason I think it's because mayor Byron brown will move on to a new office before the end of the year. Before the end of this year before the end of 2014. House you don't have a scoop coming up and then three winners and we hear no no no I can't promise 52 weeks that's it. Really. I don't -- news about your sources tell me what's an hour or at least how you know this one makes you think this. Well there are always every time that there's a vacancy. And upcoming vacancy Byron brown stay in it in a prestigious office. By Aaron Brown's name appears. It is it's cents a circulated as upon you such a secure and as a possible candidate. Happens when. When there was a vacancy for US senator for example. It is already sort of happening. With the pending vacancy in the lieutenant governor's. Slots on the ticket for -- Cuomo -- there is talk that current lieutenant governor Robert Duffy will not it is it is it is an open secret that Bob -- will not be on the take. And so of course -- Brown's name is being bandied about as possible. As a possible lieutenant governor candidate. I think that there are other possibilities to arm which. Which gets to my bigger prediction and I'm not sure of the cars tomorrow we'll -- Coke here before and then our New Orleans the program. Bruce risky SUNY buffalo state communications department classes and Polly's side as well. -- Will -- before we do that react to a Texas that sounds really and. I -- not even heard about that sense but you know the good thing about these prediction shows is that nobody's gonna remember what we seek anyways I am I am absolutely countenance -- Well people in -- we're gonna bring you that. 2014. Were two years out from presidential election. I believe that this'll be the years that Hillary announced she will run for president. And Cuomo will announce that he will not run for president. And I think Chris Christie will also -- So from the presidential. Perspective I think that's what's gonna happen and I think locally. You know with the yeah with campers that I think that if any of these charges are true -- He'll certainly be asked to step -- so much pressure on him to step down that's going to be for inclusion. So both a local into the presidential lastly it's happening. All right now let's talk a little bit about Hillary Clinton Chris Christie. There has been much discussion that Chris Christie while on national polls could be Hillary Clinton. He's also in that may be as conservative as the Republicans usually. Want someone to be when they picked the candidate do you think he'll get to the primary process. -- certainly there's certainly the question at hand I think that down. He one of the things that upset a lot of Republicans was when he embraced President Obama. When they had the disaster in New Jersey and I think that. That left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouse -- -- Republicans. I highly Christie LA can't miss candidate -- like his personality. I don't know with. You know if he has it in him to stick out an entire presidential campaign. But quite frankly. I'm not sure it matters who the Republican. Candidate is I I just don't see. A Republican community. Being elected president in the near future I I just don't see it -- demographics don't add up for me. 8030930s. Number what do you think about these two bowl predictions were starting via program out with. Jeff Kelly and our voice has Byron brown buffalo mayor moves to Albany perhaps Darius -- -- becomes interim mayor. And Bruce -- is just said he he's pretty certain obviously Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton will both announce for president this year react when he decided just. But I think -- I concur well I think its interest -- that at the national level I think Republicans and and the big funders of the of the GOP. Are moving slightly away from the right because these days. They were they're beginning to see that they're they're finding a great success there -- Whereas they have they hoped that in front enough and the success they hope for in funding the Tea Party and using the Tea Party -- vehicle. In fact they're losing elections as a result. But I also agree with -- that it's hard to imagine a Republican winning the presidency especially because I what I imagine the GOP primary. It sort of process to look like four for a Republican candidates. Is exactly what it looked like last time around which is. A big field how big they all know he's up on each other the end they've they've beat the heck out of each other. And it it it's it's ironic isn't it that the Democratic Party at the national level at least has become -- more disciplined party in many ways. Then in the Republican Party which had a reputation for being discipline to ground around one candidate. Before. 8030930s. Number I see the phone lines are starting to ring will take some calls right after this break. -- also bringing some much cameos as the day goes on. It's a big old New -- the eve party movement before New Year's Eve we're taking your predictions for 2014. From the world news and politics it's hard line. And is ready -- 930 WB again. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. And the -- Means. And move. And yeah. It's hard line on who's ready on 930 WV and good morning this is -- -- we're having. New Year's Eve early today we're taking your predictions for 2014. What do you think will happen in the world of news and politics talk to me a little bit about Obama -- presidential elections or what happens on Albany before the next two hours are done. We're gonna put all sorts of predictions on the table and you're certainly welcome to join us. 80309. Birdies and number so far in studio we've got Bruce Bruschi from buffalo state college he has predicted that both Chris Christie. And Hillary Clinton will announce their candidacy for president in the next year. And Jeff Kelly from our forces here he's got an interest in what he predicts that Byron brown might move in some -- possibly Albany. Opening up. -- prison reverend Darius for -- -- who will be City Council president opening up a slot for him as Buffalo's interim mayor. 8030930s. Number you can comment on those or anything else that you've got. On your mind in terms of what you think it's gonna happen coming here. Me it's just a juicy tidbit you've heard what just a lot of times if you're sitting around at the table perhaps -- the Christmas dinner table. You get hearings or get things talking about people saying hey you know wouldn't be interesting F. Those are the kind of things were looking to kick around a little bit this morning 8030930. And number. Now let's go to Washington and bring in some more predictions about what's going to happen there. Dave Leventhal is with us from the Center for Public Integrity. If you listen to John and Susan in the morning show on Tuesday's you -- regular conversation with safety courses and -- guest on this program from time to time as well. But what are they were it. You UB 12014. I thought oh era but I'm gonna say that we're gonna have an immigration bill when he fourteen didn't happen and twenty. Well that happened 2013 it of course hasn't happened for. Decades despite various political entities and politicians -- -- But it may not be comprehensive in May not be everything Democrats want to see. So why now I would say although I think political considerations -- the reason I look at it happened immigration battle. Is quite fourteen Republicans. Are running. Scared they -- poll numbers. They see -- that was also at selections and their support among Hispanics is belittling it's going down. And down and down really -- but what -- -- level what to attribute which was running for election. Scott McCain in 2008 at a relatively strong Hispanic looking to turn out to -- that really really bottomed out in antiquity twelve. With Nick Watney and a lot of -- boost by Republicans ordered now and to put them at a position where they've really really need to our group of people. Who either support. Immigration issues Hispanic but -- he has across the country. That they are -- that represent and that their economic message to an important one of the complete end. The first social message is one as important and make them believe and so look for that he would try to find some kind of resolution. And not the coming from Democrats but coming from Republican group and that -- really going to be and the US House of Representatives where all the action as because if you probably remember -- And it actually felt that -- -- -- Yeah is this that you think will come forward. A joint proposal of resurrection maybe of the Republican democratic bipartisan bill that's out there or is this something brand new from the Democrats. That the Republicans with an eye on the demographics with an eye on the election saying hey we just got to -- him. You're not be surprised if Republicans in the house for going to be the ones who are driving the train your Aaron John -- who want the law. He ultimately is going to be the art than it decide one way or another the trajectory of the legislation going forward. But the senate bill which was very much -- part -- the ability that the involvement of people that Marco Rubio Republican of Florida. -- -- and it was really something that both parties in the end of it all and maturity way to get behind whether that's going to happen quite Atlanta house. Really remains to be seen I would say it might be dubious. But there's going to be something that's gonna happen and until it's part -- it happened pretty quickly. In January and February are other issues like obamacare that it -- being in all the Republicans something else is going to act. To be taken out at bay and a hearing if you all Republicans this may be yet. All right they stick with us I wanna bring -- -- about the State's first risky I was we had a webcam a lot of head -- during your discussion there. He seems to think you're you're spot on especially when you mention Boehner. -- he would delegate Steve just said is that the according thirteen is gonna go down is to do nothing congress I mean if you think about it. Being criticized for not doing anything and I also agree with -- when he says that. I think the Republicans are running scared so they do need to do something that the unit is gonna is gonna help them and and the immigration bill makes some sense to me. It is 30930s number that five words that I think we have to repeat a lot I also agree with state. As far as I don't say that -- much more in the coming years when he 148030930s. The number let's bring in. A caller and by the way phone lines are open if you'd like to join us we'd love to have. John in Rochester thanks for waiting China and not just felt this year but now too high. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well my my prediction is that the media. Which 90%. In the in the you know regret those will continue to cover up. The last week Asia look at what level what Governor Cuomo. But my prediction is that. Number one I think it got me up and movement to increase Joba and -- to -- if is that immigration bill passed. Yeah Republicans. Representatives they observed there. There conservative Republicans and -- like me Republicans. And they are accurate they are -- themselves -- -- gracious they're. Partners a -- that I know before the program. -- -- -- So then how -- Specifically. Specifically the idea media -- let's pick up there. What do you think we're about what John just. It was interesting you've got a working journalist here who you know he's in the -- I teach journalism so we -- he's just at a talk in us. I I think impeachment would take way too much time it's not gonna happen. And and quite frankly there's no reason for to happen. The Republicans are not gonna waste their time with three years left in Obama's. Term two to even think about impeachment -- now they have been Boehner opened -- What do you think Dave about another part of his prediction there -- the idea that the house and the senate could go to the Republicans there was earlier this week that CNN poll. The Republicans are talking neglect and right now they are leaping act act for a lot of money and they have a lot of support. Outside political groups that are very closely aligned with conservatives and -- Republicans who are ready to stand in when he fourteen the system is something that will be fourteen easily the most expensive mid term election. And we've ever seen by a lot it was 3.5 billion dollars and when he and expect that they well exceed four billion -- when he fourteen year. And if you like the colors that are going to be part and parcel of this immigration it is definitely. A double edged sword that the Republicans are go forward with an immigration bill and immigration plan that they are the ones driving forward I apple is going to eliminate some. And some conservatives who -- thought -- -- Republicans that may not be part and parcel and of course yet but it. The party to realize who's coming up with lots and lots of candidates set. -- and -- the challenge does very well established Republican candidates and number of congress right now and a police that would could be Mitch McConnell in in Kentucky. This basing an incredible reelection it over the air he could be looking at the first one. You know is there a hundred million dollar US senate race. In US history in Kentucky not million not 101000400. Million dollars because. I'm Gary talent that is facing in his own party ought to democratic opponent really has is. In backed by pretty much every democratic group that has to -- to -- together. And I didn't plan on holding over the great but I hope you don't have a lot of things you can we get five -- Saudi they've. All right because there's a big thing we have to mentioning just sort of touched on it he said. Republicans and Tea Party. That's obviously as you can get to and yeah we didn't even -- obamacare yet either we're taking predictions -- we have some phone lines open for 803 on 930. What you think will happen and the world of news and politics in 2014. We got a phone lines open and a whole range of experts coming up two more to come after the news it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and. You can find your -- fix it 107 point seven HD two and online at 1077 relates dot com and. Mean. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and little bit early but -- we wanted to first say happy new year we're taking your predictions for 2014. This hour. They go 30930s. Number we'll get some more of your calls and just second but I I'd be remiss if I didn't bring back in Dave Leventhal from the Center for Public Integrity. -- we did an entire segment with you and didn't even really mention obamacare predict what's happening there. It's going to be an issue and very politicized one -- thing I know -- quite fourteen. In particular because you do have a house and the senate vote. Potentially in balance or Republicans it's an issue that absolutely resonates with many conservatives -- an issue that resonates certainly would you party. Epic -- and Tea Party members felt throughout the country that even though they're probably very very weird little -- in the next year. Anything happening in terms of repealing it. It's something that they have a great working you can hear a lot about in terms of messages like say if we went house and the senate we have an opportunity that. The repeal obamacare it's going to be very forward looking. It's gonna be buried perspective but it's going to be something in a report in particular what the -- Michael back not just not gonna happen that there was an app and it would have been quite certain you know before about and it's simply not in the cards -- expected to -- in Port -- but you're still gonna hear about it. Do you predict -- do you predict other programs on top of it changes to it rather than repeal. What question and there are so all regulatory process that's going forward and of course the president many times as he netstat on how many times is the administration. Said one thing and ultimately got another witness so it's going to be a big bat that Republicans. And we hope to really go after Democrats saying this -- stand. -- from the beginning it's still not working well. The Democrats are gonna strike back the gonna say what all the numbers are going up everything's going in the right direction -- -- I think it's great support obamacare itself. Many of the battle it's it's seen both on the Republican side and the democratic side and when he thirteen of the process. It is quite fourteen but as we talked about a little bit before this is an issue that perhaps is going to lose steam at least have the do nothing congress and quite thirteen. Republicans are looking forward some sort of a victory they wanna be able to say well what we just. I'm saying no to everything we are trying to do things for actively with the -- immigration seems to be an exit that that -- absence isn't quite working. All right great stuff thanks for all that -- glad to have you here. What are your same view that's Dave Leventhal -- -- gave them all the way born and bred here now with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington DC. 8030930s. The numbers -- up next will be getting to financial planner Richard Schroeder taking predictions about 2014 and of course I guess he would have some about. The market and the economy maybe some others -- he's right -- corner but first let's bring in another caller 8030930. Your predictions are welcome even if your -- -- Tony it. Are -- one of the only liberals in Clarence. I have no idea. Why I really speak what I believe. It was a very bad day for Chris Christie. Because we want percent of this population lost the unemployment she checks that they needed that robot. And by consumer items integrates. 1% of this population. Besides that they -- -- and I want. They don't even -- Chris Christie yes I have no idea who this man this and I thought that. He. Negroponte that. He fired 6000 teachers in the state. And it took millions of dollars away from education. So and we also used illegally helicopter to -- -- their -- played baseball. He can't have that problem that were taking that helicopter lights just the policy please call eight. Now to talk about that Batman I'm Robin -- talks about immigration bill -- I hi I would like ask mr. Leventhal. It's bad bill does not currently -- pat towards amnesty. What is he talking about doing Republicans -- already said they want to break down. The FBI immigration bill at the -- separate component parts. An amnesty is not one of the proposals that Democrats will never never agreed that I have and up popped an immigration bill. I'm glad -- -- -- the amnesty issue was trying to. -- take a thousand with us right now we had to let him go onto other things -- respects he's been talking a little bit about immigration let's bring him Antonio. Your reaction Tony's saying you're not gonna support Chris Christie is immune from view I think that's probably. Listen to and I think I Tony's makes some good points here I just don't know what the Republicans can ride on one issue I don't know if immigration is going to be -- now. I would like if if they're gonna have any chance I see you think the need to show a little bit more compromising do something with the obamacare. Not threatened to repeal it -- not -- for some election outcome but to put to work with the Democrats. Two were to repeal it to tweak it a little bit. But you know other than that I I just don't think that one issue immigration or any one issue was -- is gonna help. I they have to compromise and obamacare because it is as he continues to become more and more effect on the ground. It's -- going to become essentially repeal -- and it is going to become. More popular because the bigger it gets the more likely it is to actually work and show positive for so I agree that's Jeff. Kelly the editor of our -- Bruce frisky from SUNY buffalo state here as well we're taking predictions for 24 team so far some of those on the table. Jeff says the Byron brown is moving out of buffalo made Albany some other job possibly various prison becomes interim mayor. Bruce says that both Chris Christie and creek Hillary Clinton will announce this year something that Tony Clarence is not so keen on. And Dave Leventhal often Washington says there will no matter what be an immigration bill and 2014. As we do this sort of thing as we try to figure out just what's happening in and around the world of course a lot of it depends on the economy. Let's bring in financial planner Richard Schroeder from Schroeder Braxton invoked in Amherst -- thank -- reporter for the Buffalo News is well way back when. And a guy that I think I have interrupted your Sunday morning on New York Times crossword puzzling Richard. Are finished it I did well today. Okay good. Anything -- hang up bad. No -- wasn't too bad. So I'm gonna give you something outrageous. I'd like outrageous go. All right guys I'm gonna go against my gut because I am mr. wrong on technology all the time. You mentioned the Buffalo News. Back and -- banking in the eighties when my side jobs was to cover the beginnings of the cellular telephone industry. And I remember reading something about cellphones in Japan turning in my Cold War worker and saying. Why in God's name would anybody want a camera on their own. -- that's never gonna take off. So I apparently I don't get it about technologies so my gut says. That according. To our is this electronic currency that we have on the Internet. But my prediction that sometime in 2014. Home page. User currencies is gonna start accepting bitcoin. As as payment. And even written it as the primary form of payment secondary who knows maybe -- Tebow. And the coworkers and it is going to mention a few months. Are you saying like Sears and Home Depot will start taking them. -- it might be something different that I mean I've I've. This somebody who's some some large organization as disenchanted with the US dollar. With being paid to the US federal maybe the oil producing countries they're gonna say well we'll take that corns. They were gonna take euros a few years ago -- -- collapsed that was done so I think somebody might accept that I have no idea. How recordings and why they'll be accepted mean they have no back pain but. Again I've been wrong on this Internet and technologies. And there's enough. Enough people out there innovating -- might become some kind of secondary foreign exchange. And just for those who aren't familiar with what they are and how they work give me a quick. 32 bitcoin primer. I'll do my best good I was just reading that Alan Greenspan doesn't understand them so I don't and understand them either but there's some kind of electronic currency. Developed by a mysterious. Programmer -- work group of programmers Wednesday Japanese sounding name nobody knows who this person is a few years ago. And there's an algorithm floating around on the Internet and if you can crack it you can marring recordings that. And it's releasing a certain number of thousands of -- Over the years people have been invested tens of thousands of dollars and supercomputers to try to mine -- coins. And there's actually a market where people are trading bitcoin one day they're worth 500 dollars of that going the next say there -- a thousand dollars again. I don't understand it. But a lot of people are getting involved and I think people are getting rich -- it. Time magazine right before the beginning of the Christmas season did -- a feature where they similar reporters out to try and -- Everything on her Christmas Lester at least not for family. Using nothing but -- and they certainly weren't accepted in enough places that she could get. A lot of things but there were small things like a glove hero ball there there -- out there they're being used to your your predicting. A bigger usage. Yeah that maybe somebody will start accepting them I know we may be the Internet has democratize. And and we've taken a lot of control away from governments and you know we -- -- worries about the NSA using the Internet to monitor us. But a lot of other ways. Average people and and and groups of people that are not governments have been able him regain control over information. Lot of other the other thing I've been using the Internet so why not finance why why should. Money issue be restricted to governments in my argument is we something's behind them because the government can tax you raised. Raise funds or can borrow. There it is. Richardson about the State's Christmas he's also here and and we're talking you know he wants to ask you something about it. -- Richard did just probably a question that most people have what we see the Dow doing next year. Are alarmed that a lot of women getting their soup because I've found that optimism always works a lot better than pessimism. Because I think the economy is gonna pick up even more in -- a lot more than people are predicting I think you could see the Dow up to anywhere from. 181000 to 20000. At its peak sometime this coming here right now it's for references -- 2500. And before we let you go. Talk a little bit about the local economy yeah we always see people posting politicians talk about cranes on the skyline. Just buffalo turn around his -- turning around. While you are and if they have been most impressed about and I'm an outsider although I've lived here 33 years -- come from the New York City area. And it's been a bit of change -- over the years I'm really impressed with what's been happening on the water -- I know there's a lot of controversy over whether. We should maintain public spaces and green spaces persons condos and development. But that was something you never -- predicted years ago that the waterfront the grain elevator area would actually becomes somewhere that people would go to. I went to a theatrical performance but torn state -- this summer there -- over 800 people sitting by a grain elevator watching theatrical performance one of the largest on the -- all year. I think that's gonna continuing that's gonna help the serial. Jeff Kelly from our ports you -- that's what you've written about that's for sure an -- in will save you just a note of skepticism. The incredible wonderful changes at the -- much of its subsidized subsidized public dollars does not represent in fact. A great news. Like period of some new pool of wealth creation. However it's so it's and I agree with Richard it's I could not imagine that 1520 years ago. One of the arguments that congressman Brian Higgins before I was that. You put the public infrastructure there for sure and it becomes an incentive for the private to either one you guys see the private coming in here eventually. And Jeff let's start with you. The way things work here. Now it doesn't happen without public subsidies. And the fact is we are not. For all the good that is going on. We are not be it's we got our economy doesn't X. We don't export goods right we don't create things and export them and bring wealth back we don't generate wealth here the way we used to. We in fact we export our wealth and it is replenished by the large dose of Albany and Washington DC Richard what do you say. I agree with all that I guess I'm just. Thinking anecdotally. Soldiers and New York City area but back when I went to college my family moved when that was Maryland. Saw I was quite familiar with Baltimore and -- really dark days back in the late seventies early eighties and you were scared going the ball more viewers heard beach water on. They put it on a public money the national aquarium all those things on the waterfront. And development in Baltimore and it still hasn't prom like buffalo much magnified -- a lot of crime poverty. But the development there has really created huge resurgence in this city it was so I was just there last year it was almost -- this year was almost unrecognizable. And and Lou -- limit images that I mean I I agree with Richard iTunes actually being incredibly optimistic and I think and I think that is. I make that prediction for buffalo Western Europe in 2014. Grapefruit and optimism about the reasons. Potential and future he brought an optimism gonna have to vote journalist. Richard thanks for joining us this morning. I welcome ever happening here. -- that's Richard Schroeder financial planner with Schroeder Braxton and Vogt. We're late for our break we can take commercial break gonna try to squeeze a couple more calls here next John in buffalo I know you're on hold. And they get something instinct stay right there we will get you before the top of the hour. More predictions for 2014. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen.

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