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Slick to South; Snow to Stick

Dec 30, 2013|

Tom Paone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's -- right down to the airport weather station on the live line is meteorologist Tom panel Tom good morning. Hatred we're doing OK we understand. It's not too -- south of the city. Or no it's not too bad I mean there's some there's some. Gaelic effects there was powers indicates. -- skating since suffering a weird -- and so coming off Lake Ontario. And Lake -- against. It could be enough certainly to lower visibility at times but it's not really we call it heavy lake effects noted it's. You know we can speak to moderate typical rhetoric now -- not a real big concern in terms of accumulation this morning. We have quite a few road closings and a traffic delays there throughout parts of the southern -- of southern Erie county. Some drool and north central count her on this county police agencies telling -- -- Icy conditions and very hazardous driving. For sure the temperatures you'll probably promised numbers are falling right now into the upper teens to lower twenties. -- -- -- Vietnam default that -- -- on the in the -- actually gonna make for some pretty as a condition of the snow itself was not happy if that's more off a late flights right now. Tom I noticed you used the words right now. Talk about what happens after that what's next. Right now wolf that this -- a fictional they're going on right now again at -- sort of impacting. The -- interior area. But they'll be citing no later this morning and during the afternoon and -- -- even future months something developing this afternoon. But we're watching right now is another strong system that's sort of over the northern plains. And they'll be tracking to the east. I'm overnight stay in tractors Republican turnout tomorrow. And -- but that's gonna do it's gonna bring in general it's no fault. To the interior area home late tonight through tomorrow. By what looks like it's gonna happen is on the southern edge of the storm the -- to become an -- right from the southwest. Which means a good French awfully curious so. In the metro area in this would include like Niagara Falls. North buffalo would eventually into the -- -- talent. But late tonight into tomorrow morning he would be much where it could pick up maybe a quick. -- -- averages nose so the the morning rush hour. Tomorrow could be especially hazardous. You know what to do with this anticipate it would -- a bit. -- tumble what are your prospects for a New Year's -- in downtown buffalo on maybe new Tuesday. When -- itself probably not too much of it is a problem here right in the -- don't come awfully area. New Year's Eve again whatever was left of the lake effect will probably be impacting the southern tier that's where the the biggest the biggest problem is going to be but. It is itself and it's certainly going to be. You know ebitda. The big effect is going to be cold but what we will get to watch out for New Year's Day itself was a column earlier guidance -- adjusting. Another storm is going to be tracking right -- south and that could bring could bring in other generals of all. To the entire area so we're we're we're in a very wintry pattern here. Certainly out of a big country that's what we saw on the previous two years old during cold temperatures. In very it would feel like you know setting up on -- across different. Parts of the area at different times but we're all going get definitely a winner over the next couple of days. Tom thanks for the update brought -- meteorologist Tom hill to the airport weather station.

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