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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Amherst Christmas Tree Disposal

Amherst Christmas Tree Disposal

Dec 30, 2013|

Robert Anderson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been kicking around the idea what to do a deal Christmas tree they're gonna get it -- story and his Bernard what he gonna do. Let's head of the town of Amherst and opened up the WBM live line to Robert Anderson Bob -- highway superintendent. In the time of morning Bob -- Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas thank you. We have been the telling folks who live in buffalo about what opportunities they have. When disposing of their Christmas trees so. We imaginative little town of members you might be wondering when the town might be around -- pic of your trees so. What do folks who live in Amherst need to know about. Starting Thursday. January 2 with a Christmas tree out front. And it will not be picked up by the garbage for three and a half weeks or -- or social pick up. They'll look taken to account also sold in what would be. Ground upturn in the mulch or and recycled. And those brave -- my next question what do you do with the trees you. Grind them up and under people get the mulch or or does that sound. Neither since so we spoke with Apple's facility you know wished year everything. We have free dumping service was what the the mulch and everything just becomes the property of the crimes topsoil which -- the order of the couples so they gonna do -- -- the town for them. They they did pay for it yes well. We we are not charged and -- for dumping their week we can dump their free. Look at it a question I'd like to ask is what the community is due. With -- all these Christmas trees many many years ago you know before you had motion machines but what they do -- all these trees. Years ago everybody -- a -- -- and they were simply taken that the pumps them up buried. In a lot of people of the farm areas I looked out. Which was considered to -- there are myriad reimbursed. When I was growing up that we just burn them. I imagine that I know fishermen and some spots a lot of the sporting good stores. They've actually thrown them in the like they say it's good artificial reef and hopes the fish eventually there too. So there are a lot of different options but town's pretty much of settle on what you guys are doing your typical and you. So yeah. -- problem -- give us any idea how many Christmas trees. Did you pick up on an annual basis is that in the tens of thousands. No I don't think so a lot of people -- artificial trees we've actually seen a reduction in the amount we pick up. I couldn't give you an Roberts is something that I don't -- worry about how many we just make sure we get them all. You know we never thought about the artificial Christmas -- it's OK Bob nice talking with you Merry Christmas happy new leader again. Robert Anderson as the highway superintendent in the town of members.

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