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Bills End on Losing Note; Look Ahead to 2014.

Dec 30, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One more time at the end of the season let's talk Buffalo Bills and specifically bring in the broadcast team John Murphy and mark Kelso here. Brought here by value home center is one speed experience and a winning team shop fast shop Smart shot value -- senators. Murphy Marco thanks for joining us one more time here talk a little bit about yesterday's game we'll start with you -- When you look at the stats themes seemed fairly even what was it that was uneven what turned the tide. Yeah I don't know. You know I don't know that the site was ever turned really speaker -- the effort from the start I think New England. Dominated sort of a line of scrimmage particularly on the offensive side of the ball what they wanted to run the ball -- you know -- it very difficult to weather conditions. They elected to run the ball and they were able to keep it and that's you know I can see that coming because that -- -- evidence spirited defense still there for the -- is going to offense one bit. It didn't play out their way to patriot service that was controlled -- -- there and the children -- -- mode most of today. It marked the bills had a lot of missed opportunities especially on. The patrons fumbled the ball four times what they recovered every one how different. Who began the event of the bills picked up on some of those turnovers. But a problem on one of -- and in existence. That would have been. Might still position that built up and when you have earned a bulk of what they're even. Where are their plots and that turnover ratio than it was very difficult feat no question about that suddenly Garrett one had a career day. And that was disheartening because they have played so well again. Against Iran last week against Miami in and they went into -- knowing what they can and they'll be able to stop the run. That some degree and and today it wasn't happening and those that live and we're out there at all they've blocked at this -- -- linebackers and and that that means that beat Atlanta got to make plays and and that they did not. And consequently that was a result -- -- particularly feel a little bit this year has been. In the return game allowed but earns -- well I'm not blunt than it was double that once they return than the fact that they had opportunities that back well. But earlier in return but but all our eyes and not rap about. And that not exact whereabouts problem and that ultimately let that they under the -- -- Phillies were -- problem to yesterday the bills are like six times but there is an off sides I don't feel a little bit tentative giving doing with a touchdown. Another when the bills are on that half Carolina was a false start pushed him back is this something the team is gonna need to clean up at the going to contend next season. Yeah I think so I think -- -- they've picked out that too they had a real problem a couple of penalties early in the season -- They managed to clean it up as the season went along and that it recur a couple of times now stretches just kind of flopping you know it's it's it's indicative of it seemed that it currently focused and I think it is. And -- and to get in their don't have the numbers probably they probably averaged. Probably seven penalties for being -- yesterday were especially -- Sure now that they've finished the year this time six in ten that's the same record as last year. Mark do you like the direction they're going at least. I think there's a lot of things other innovative happened this year and it was unfortunately it wasn't able and deceit and I don't like seeing him -- -- yesterday because any. -- still -- nicked up a little bit and they want one. Go to exposed in danger particularly those weather conditions but I like -- direction they're going. These seem like they came they really came together Ramirez they're pure rock he -- a question about that what things. After the Atlanta game throttled the sanctioning like. They they've got to come apart at the seems a little bit they held together and I think they they reunified and and I like -- let things that are happening and are some units that they've played particularly well. Throughout the course of the year then and got even stronger the year progressed and I mean they have a nucleus to do so things I think your future years. Is some some real optimism that that hasn't been. As an early -- here in in recent years when you embassies -- but a lot of optimism a couple of players away. For -- for Baylor playoff and edit button and next -- out expect. Mean this opinion without intending to make sure they can do what they didn't -- this past year. And then later pick up free agent here -- there. Have an opportunity to do that but the majority at some of these young players but it some of these guys young guys played is this really really well this year. All right guys thanks for this today and season before that too. -- YouTube and happy new year that's John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills broadcast team. Brought to you all season long by value home centers want speed experienced and a winning team shop fast -- marks -- value home center.


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